Your True Form is Fire

The Fire

My dear friends, we continue bringing you the hidden knowledge that you long for and seek. The saying is true. “Those who seek shall find.” “Knock, and the door shall be opened.” Would you like to know your true appearance? We do not mean that bipedal human being you see in the mirror. You have been living in human form for so many lifetimes that you have come to believe that this is your natural state erroneously. Even when you translate from this dimension to the next, many of you continue to hold on to your human forms because that has become a new normal for you. To grow spiritually is to be reminded of the truer things. We want you to behold yourself as we do.

Your true form is FIRE! You are flames of undulating energy deriving from the Spark of the Divine given to you on the day of your Soul birth. Yes, you are a creature of Divine-Soul Fire.

Ancient Fire

Across the ages, ancients spoke of this fire. The bush Moses saw burning in the desert was none other than the pure form of his guide sent by the God-Continuum. On Pentecost, flames of fire appeared above the heads of the apostles as they spoke in Jerusalem. These flames were the forms of their guides helping them that day.

Folklore Fire

The kundalini, residing in the human sacrum, is a fire that burns intensely as it climbs upward to the crown chakra. People say emotions, such as love and hate, are firey. A “bright light” or creative fire describes people of keen intellect. To “be on fire,” is a common way of describing a mesmerizing speaker. Painters place flames of fire around Saints, such as the Divine Mother–the Virgin of Guadalupe. Yes, these energetic areas are none other than your very own Spark of the Divine–the Fire of God.

You are a Being of Fire

The spark of the Divine is your true form. You are beings of firey light! Do not be deceived; this spark is no insignificant thing. When humans think of sparks, primitive flints and stones come to mind. The spark within you is powerful beyond measure! Your fire creates worlds, universes, and suns–bright suns–even more massive than your famed Antares! The light in you is more powerful than fission or fusion. It is the very power of Source-Consciousness–set aside to create a new and complete being with God-like powers! Source, through the God-Continuum, trains all Souls to use the fire responsibly. The force is that great. That is why you are here on earth. That is why I (Brother Thomas) and others in the God-Continuum carefully watch and oversee your training.

You are Learning about Fire

Fire is the gift of the Gods! As Soul, you are no mere inert object. You are learning to control power beyond measure! You are now in a spiritual nursery that lovingly and carefully prepares you for your future greatness–but that time is ending. Those learning their lessons receive even greater wisdom–allowing them access to even more of their infinite powers.

Fire in Your Awakened State

We have given you lessons on awakening, but wakening is not the same as alertness. Soon, if not already, you will realize your true God-Source nature. The God-Continuum is with you now to nourish the seeds of your new knowledge so that it grows and becomes more profound. Your new challenge is to set aside your identity with the human form and embrace your true identity as a creature of Soul Fire.

Fire: Next Steps

As your awakened state deepens into alertness, take the first steps of responsibility by accepting the true fact of your God-Nature. In your meditation, figuratively place a crown of Spiritual Sovereignty upon your brow and receive your coronation. As a newly ordained spiritual sovereign, the time of letting others direct you about what is right and true has served it purpose. As Spiritual Sovereign, you alone decide what the path shall be going forward as you obey the eternal Spark of the Divine–the Holy Ghost Fire–within you.

The Knowledge of Fire Brings New Wisdom

The very moment you place the crown upon your head, masters from the Source-Conscious Continuum rush to your side. The help you shall receive is not as before. It is the help a new king or president receives as they assume their new role of office. It is the help that wise beings offer to colleagues. It is the knowledgeable counsel from the great and powerful ones residing further away on the God-Continuum.

Do not doubt the reality of this aid. Books, reading materials, arcane knowledge, hidden secrets, friends, dreams, visions, and meditations suddenly shall appear everywhere about you. Read, listen, examine, and consider these new ideas as you maintain your sovereignty.

If you are reading this text, newly sprouting seeds representing your ascension await your decisions for a new direction. We ask you to read this lesson many times. We encourage you to spend time in meditation with these thoughts. Seek guidance from your angels, spirits, and guides concerning the appropriate use of your newly awakened spiritual powers.

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