Your True Form is Fire

The Fire

My dear friends, we con­tin­ue bring­ing you the hid­den knowl­edge that you long for and seek. The say­ing is true. “Those who seek shall find.” “Knock, and the door shall be opened.” Would you like to know your true appear­ance? We do not mean that bipedal human being you see in the mir­ror. You have been liv­ing in human form for so many life­times that you have come to believe that this is your nat­ur­al state erro­neous­ly. Even when you trans­late from this dimen­sion to the next, many of you con­tin­ue to hold on to your human forms because that has become a new nor­mal for you. To grow spir­i­tu­al­ly is to be remind­ed of the truer things. We want you to behold your­self as we do.

Your true form is FIRE! You are flames of undu­lat­ing ener­gy deriv­ing from the Spark of the Divine giv­en to you on the day of your Soul birth. Yes, you are a crea­ture of Divine-Soul Fire.

Ancient Fire

Across the ages, ancients spoke of this fire. The bush Moses saw burn­ing in the desert was none oth­er than the pure form of his guide sent by the God-Con­tin­u­um. On Pen­te­cost, flames of fire appeared above the heads of the apos­tles as they spoke in Jerusalem. These flames were the forms of their guides help­ing them that day.

Folklore Fire

The kun­dali­ni, resid­ing in the human sacrum, is a fire that burns intense­ly as it climbs upward to the crown chakra. Peo­ple say emo­tions, such as love and hate, are firey. A “bright light” or cre­ative fire describes peo­ple of keen intel­lect. To “be on fire,” is a com­mon way of describ­ing a mes­mer­iz­ing speak­er. Painters place flames of fire around Saints, such as the Divine Moth­er – the Vir­gin of Guadalupe. Yes, these ener­getic areas are none oth­er than your very own Spark of the Divine – the Fire of God.

You are a Being of Fire

The spark of the Divine is your true form. You are beings of firey light! Do not be deceived; this spark is no insignif­i­cant thing. When humans think of sparks, prim­i­tive flints and stones come to mind. The spark with­in you is pow­er­ful beyond mea­sure! Your fire cre­ates worlds, uni­vers­es, and suns – bright suns – even more mas­sive than your famed Antares! The light in you is more pow­er­ful than fis­sion or fusion. It is the very pow­er of Source-Con­scious­ness – set aside to cre­ate a new and com­plete being with God-like pow­ers! Source, through the God-Con­tin­u­um, trains all Souls to use the fire respon­si­bly. The force is that great. That is why you are here on earth. That is why I (Broth­er Thomas) and oth­ers in the God-Con­tin­u­um care­ful­ly watch and over­see your train­ing.

You are Learning about Fire

Fire is the gift of the Gods! As Soul, you are no mere inert object. You are learn­ing to con­trol pow­er beyond mea­sure! You are now in a spir­i­tu­al nurs­ery that lov­ing­ly and care­ful­ly pre­pares you for your future great­ness – but that time is end­ing. Those learn­ing their lessons receive even greater wis­dom – allow­ing them access to even more of their infi­nite pow­ers.

Fire in Your Awakened State

We have giv­en you lessons on awak­en­ing, but wak­en­ing is not the same as alert­ness. Soon, if not already, you will real­ize your true God-Source nature. The God-Con­tin­u­um is with you now to nour­ish the seeds of your new knowl­edge so that it grows and becomes more pro­found. Your new chal­lenge is to set aside your iden­ti­ty with the human form and embrace your true iden­ti­ty as a crea­ture of Soul Fire.

Fire: Next Steps

As your awak­ened state deep­ens into alert­ness, take the first steps of respon­si­bil­i­ty by accept­ing the true fact of your God-Nature. In your med­i­ta­tion, fig­u­ra­tive­ly place a crown of Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign­ty upon your brow and receive your coro­na­tion. As a new­ly ordained spir­i­tu­al sov­er­eign, the time of let­ting oth­ers direct you about what is right and true has served it pur­pose. As Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign, you alone decide what the path shall be going for­ward as you obey the eter­nal Spark of the Divine – the Holy Ghost Fire – with­in you.

The Knowledge of Fire Brings New Wisdom

The very moment you place the crown upon your head, mas­ters from the Source-Con­scious Con­tin­u­um rush to your side. The help you shall receive is not as before. It is the help a new king or pres­i­dent receives as they assume their new role of office. It is the help that wise beings offer to col­leagues. It is the knowl­edge­able coun­sel from the great and pow­er­ful ones resid­ing fur­ther away on the God-Con­tin­u­um.

Do not doubt the real­i­ty of this aid. Books, read­ing mate­ri­als, arcane knowl­edge, hid­den secrets, friends, dreams, visions, and med­i­ta­tions sud­den­ly shall appear every­where about you. Read, lis­ten, exam­ine, and con­sid­er these new ideas as you main­tain your sov­er­eign­ty.

If you are read­ing this text, new­ly sprout­ing seeds rep­re­sent­ing your ascen­sion await your deci­sions for a new direc­tion. We ask you to read this les­son many times. We encour­age you to spend time in med­i­ta­tion with these thoughts. Seek guid­ance from your angels, spir­its, and guides con­cern­ing the appro­pri­ate use of your new­ly awak­ened spir­i­tu­al pow­ers.

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