Your Triune Nature

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I am here for all of you wishing to find the way of liberation from the enslavement of the Boot Camp Earth Simulation. The holographic matrix of the earth is not a bad thing–it is meant to train and develop the souls of humankind. Never was it necessary to spend more than a few incarnations in this holographic simulation. The power of the earthly matrix to enslave is only because of its design that directly appeals to the desires of the egoic-mind which seeks pleasure, accomplishment, ownership of things, and to act as though it is the center of the universe. There is a way out. The way of liberation is to live a fully embodied triune life.

Your Triune Life

You are a triune being composed of the Spark of the Divine, Soul and your physical awareness. When these three elements work together as they should, you will live a fully embodied life that equally serves the Divine, your Soul’s development, and those about you. Contrary to what many spiritual leaders teach, you were never meant to shift your conscience awareness exclusively to the realms of spirit. You live and continually incarnate into a physical vessel for a reason–it is part of the Divine Plan that you do so.

Please do not think those who pay no attention to the physical are more spiritual and awake than others. You were not created to meditate for endless hours and escape your earthly existence. Rather, you are here to live a full triune existence which includes a full measure of physical existence and its pleasures as well.

Brother Thomas

The Three Working Together

Let’s discuss what we mean when we say the three elements should work together. The three elements are not meant to function equally. Ideally, the body serves the needs of the Soul which, in turn, serves the wishes of the Divine Spark. Since the Divine Spark is the guiding principle and authority of all things, the Soul serves ITs wishes and communicates with it via the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. Your physical body, along with its conscious awareness should seek to serve the wishes of your Soul as it, in turn, seeks to physically enact the will of the Divine Spark in the worlds of matter.

The Divine Spark

What we call the Divine Spark is an infinitesimal portion of the larger God-Consciousness that has been set aside for the exclusive use of Soul. We often speak of the power of one’s angels, spirits, and guides. But it should totally boggle our human minds to consider the fact that each of us has been given our very own allotment of God!

This portion, set aside exclusively for our use, fully loves us and is totally dedicated to our growth and development. Through the Spiritus Lumine, the Spark of the Divine remains in total contact with the greater God-Consciousness in the Ocean of All There Is located well outside of the realms of the matter universes and worlds.

Nothing Can Separate You from the Divine

Your portion of the Divine Spark knows all there is to know about you. ITs love for you is beyond comprehension. IT is the Divine Love that so many speak about today as they describe their near-death experiences. This being within is fully loving, nonjudgmental, accepting, and totally dedicated to your well being. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. This allocation of God is an amazing gift of grace and love. Remember what we have said in times of trouble.

Nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God

St. Paul, Holy Bible

The Divine Spark is Accessible

The Divine Spark is fully accessible to our eternal Soul as well as our physical being. The goal of mystical practices is to help us all tap into that eternal portion residing within our Soul complex. Meditations which focus upon the Light of God are especially powerful in opening these God channels. The Divine Spark never relinquishes ITs Sovereignty. Though it is totally dedicated to serving our Soul and conscious awareness, the Spark of the Divine can never be controlled by them–and certainly never used for evil by them. No matter what terrible thing a sleeping human awareness may do, the Divine Spark remains pristine and undefiled. This God portion residing within is always ready to help the Soul who turns, once again, to seeking comfort, solace, and wisdom. This eternal light is the birthright of the Soul.

Eternal Soul

We say the Soul is eternal–but technically, that is a misnomer. Soul has an actual creation date. The Soul can live forever from the creation date forward–or it may choose to merge once again into the Ocean of All that Is.

Think of your Soul as a God in the making.

Brother Thomas

It is the Soul which is made in God’s image. It is constantly learning, growing, and expanding. Just as a baby is not a fully grown human being, your Soul was not created fully developed. It goes through stages of development–such as adolescence–just as children do.

Your Soul was made to be a companion to the God-Spark which resides with it. Your Soul has been given the gift of free will, spiritual sovereignty, and co-creation.

Brother Thomas

The Soul is Free to Learn and Make Choices

It takes much training and development to learn how to properly use and apply these three gifts in all situations. Though the Spark is always a friend that is nearby, the Divine never coerces the Soul to obey or follow ITs will. In time, our Souls learn that it develops more quickly and becomes more powerful as it learns to seek the wisdom of the Divine, listens to ITs wishes and wisdom, and surrenders to ITs will for manifesting in the physical world. Like a young lion that grows more into its created nature, so too our Souls grow into the nature that was meant for them.

One day, figuratively speaking, the will of your Soul will be almost an exact match to that of the Divine Spark. As you might expect, the power of one’s soul increases as it more accurately reflects the will of the Divine. This is not because the Divine is seeking to withhold its power. It is like a new tennis player. The more the new player adopts skills matching professional tennis players the more powerful a player they become. The same is true in the God-worlds as well.

Brother Thomas

As we have often stated, the worlds of physical matter–particularly the Boot Camp Earth Simulation–specifically exists for the training and development of souls. It is our schoolhouse, our university, and our training camp. Once our lessons are sufficiently learned, the keepers of the simulation which we call the Lords of Karma, determine that we are candidates for awakening. When this momentous time arrives, a teacher appears to awaken the student and lead them to their next stage of development.

The Physical Body and Conscious Awareness

The last portion of your triune existence is your physical body and conscious awareness. We have often described the body as a space suit for the Soul. It is the disposable device used by Soul to communicate with the worlds of physical matter. Though this description is accurate, we never intend to demean the physical body or its awareness.

The entire purpose for the creation of Soul is to provide experiences for the Divine in the worlds of matter. The body is vital to this mission. We souls were made to be embodied–though not always in physical vessels. At the beginning of our training, Souls are not allowed to be embodied in an everlasting vehicle–though it is entirely possible to construct them. Instead, we are allowed short trips to discover what life is like and to have discrete lessons and experiences. Later, we are allowed longer lives and the privileges that go with it.

The Advantage of Short Lives

There are certain advantages to short lives. Like short vacations where we seek a specific thing and have a specific experience, so too are short lives. We may experience the life of a musician, carpenter, college professor, and the like. We learn what it is like to be homeless, a king, a man, woman, or refugee. Our short lives allow us to experience specific lessons with targeted experiences.

Though young people may find this difficult to understand, there is a heaviness to life and living. After years of seeing injustices, wars, famines, failing health, sadness, and pain most people find that extreme old age can be as much as a curse as a blessing. We say this because it takes a maturity of the soul to become ready for living in a body for a long and unbroken period of time–which is the destiny of us all in due course.

The Purpose of the Body and Its Awareness

There are many purposes of the human body. These include providing an unbroken chain of other human vessels for souls to inhabit, as well as serving as a vehicle for the pleasures and pains of the physical world. Primarily, the body exists to serve the desires of our Soul. If our Soul is mature and sufficiently developed, our physical existence will be mostly composed of serving others and good deeds. If our soul is lesser developed, we will hardly be aware of our higher nature. Instead, we will carry out the instinctual desires of the physical body and its awareness.

Alert or Not, Lessons Will Be Learned

Whether or not the conscious awareness is attuned to its soul and Spark of the Divine, the guardians of the Boot Camp Earth Simulation ensure that each soul receives the lessons assigned to it before incarnation. We think Boot Camp is an apt description. Some recruits have little to no understanding of what is happening to them in the training process. They become bitter and angry towards those who go about preparing them for the dangers ahead. Others, fully aware of what is happening, play the game differently. This does not make the training any less rigorous–but it helps to ease the mind about all that is happening and why. The same is true for earthly souls.

Live Fully Embodied

We will conclude our discussion of the triune existence by stating that it is the wish of the Divine that all Souls live fully embodied lives.

Don’t live only in your spirit or soul. Live in your body as well. Live fully and harmoniously in all three.

Brother Thomas

Enjoy your physical being and the delights it offers. Let your conscious awareness enjoy each bite of food and each swallow of your favorite drink. Be a sensual person who enjoys all of your physical senses.

Just as the Spark of the Divine loves your Soul, so too should your Soul love each body you inhabit and all that it offers.

Brother Thomas

At the same time, be attuned to the needs of your soul and why it has come here. Honor its need for its physical experiences. Always remember that there are experiential reasons why you are here on earth as well as spiritual ones. Properly understood, all things are spiritual. If you are here to be a musician, fully apply yourself to the craft of music. Whatever your mind and hand find to do, do it with all of your might. Always honor what your experiences have to offer–be they good or ill.

Finally, become the awakened Soul you were meant to be. As we have said, Soul are a Gods in the making. If you are reading this website, you are a candidate for awakening. Spend the time in meditation and mystical practices to connect with that portion of the Divine Spark that was specially set aside to partner with your Soul. Ask it to reveal what is next for you. The times you do this will be the richest times of all.

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