Wondrous Light

Beautiful friends, this is Brother Thomas reminding you of your true nature. You are radiant beings of light inhabiting a body constructed for your soul as an earthly container. This is why we often refer to our friends as Lightworkers! Lightworkers are those who work among us from the level of soul in an earthly form. Your radiant soul unites with the body so it might enjoy life experiences on this earthly plane that cause it to grow and develop more quickly. Though the light has always been with you, some have yet to realize this part of your being. When realization comes, everything changes.

Lifetimes of Hidden Light

It has taken many lifetimes and years of this present life for you to become aware of your radiant presence. Until now, you only knew the personality side of your consciousness. And you have done a good job relying on your mind and physical senses. You have provided for yourself and your family, educated yourself as best you can and known the highs and lows of human love. Though the body and mind can be such a joy, its end is emptiness.

In the back of the mind, there is always a haunting truth that we humans push away. In our best moments, a sad realization comes to our attention that beauty fades, our mind ultimately falters, and our physical body suffers degeneration and decay. Our best moments are fleeting as our thoughts are tinged with realizations that nothing lasts. As lovely and powerful as the body and mind may be, we experience loneliness when we believe this is all there is.

Without Light, Only Emptiness

Life, without Soul realization, is empty and meaningless. Its purpose is limited to the survival of the self, the pleasing of the self through pleasure, and a search for meaning that never comes. No matter what we have or experience, we soon find it is never enough. One never earns enough money, has enough sexual pleasure, or enough thrilling experiences to satisfy the unquenchable hunger and demands of the physical being. When life is lived this way, we are always asking, “Why am I here? What is this existence all about? Why did it have to be this way?”

Light, A Gift of Grace

Through the grace of our angels, spirits, and guides, we are given the grace of slow awakening. As the light of our soul makes its presence known, we come to realize a greater meaning that has been missing. It is like one-half of our life suddenly falls into place. It is not enough that we experience life; we must also understand the meaning behind these experiences. It is not enough to know of the soul; we must come to experience the meaning our soul brings to those who intentionally partner with it. In time, grace reveals the conscious awareness of the living Soul within us and extends an invitation for our physical awareness to partner with it. Before, we had only heard about such things and thought they belonged to the exalted or the realm of saints. Now we find we may experience this life for ourselves.

Many are searching for this light of which we speak. Stop your search and know that it is already within you. It only awaits your conscious invitation. In silence, take time and speak with it. Ask your questions and listen to its replies. Pay attention to the synchronicities of daily life. Notice your nightly dreams. Make friends with those who know about this light. Belief, acknowledgment, intentionality, and faith will bring you great spiritual power.

Shift to Light Awareness

It may take some time to shift your awareness from its reliance on the mind and the physical form. But in time, you will accumulate the knowledge and wisdom needed to be fully aware of your light body presence and how to partner with it. It is time to enjoy your radiant form as much as your physical body. You will find this loving partnership of personality and soul changes you from an earthly slave to a Lightworker being. We on this side welcome you to the additional joy, meaning, and purpose ahead for you.

It was said of Jesus, the master teacher, “In him was life, and this life was the light of man.” May this be said of you and all who realize the radiant life within.

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