Why You Are Here

Hello, my friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. There is nothing more poignant to those of us on this side than to hear the cries of humankind. So many of you ask Why am I here? Many have given up. Some will come to the point of suicide because they doubt any purpose to their existence. We want to firmly say that You Matter! Yes, there are many reasons you are here. You are a created being composed of your Divine Spark, eternal Soul, and physical body. Each part of this triune being is beautiful and wonderful. All are part of an important plan conceived from the mind of Divine Oneness since the beginning. Yes, you are an exceptional being like none else in the heavens above or the earth below. Today, let us discuss ten reasons why you are here.

A Change of Pace

Believe it or not, the thing that you have come to think of as “you” is a rather recent add-on! You did not originally exist in physical human form. There was a time when you had no soul as well. What do we mean by this?

In the beginning, there was only Consciousness, Awareness, God, the Universe–by whatever name you wish to call it. There were no separate universes, worlds of matter, time, space, or physicality of any kind. There was only the One unified consciousness. Some call this the Ocean of Love and Fullness. Even though this Oneness is still the ultimate condition and state of all things, this amazing consciousness decided to expand ITs infinite fullness. And here we are today with worlds, dimensions, matter, densities, heavens, planets, and creatures, to name but a few.

Though oneness and unity are wonderful, the Great Ocean of Awareness decided the time had come for the Divine to know ITself in a completely different way–by sending infinite tiny expressions of ITself throughout the newly created matters worlds of space and time. That is where you come in!

Brother Thomas

Humankind is a special extension of Infinite Consciousness that has been placed into a Lux Animae or Soul. This partitioning of infinite consciousness provides the Creator with an illusion of separateness. The Oneness had never experienced separateness before and greatly craved it. Not only that, the Great Infiniteness then placed these bodies of light (Souls) into physical bodies. These, in turn, live on the planets. Again, Infinite Consciousness abides within the bodies of light (Souls) which in turn, inhabit physical bodies for periods of time!

Your Existence as Soul

Your existence as Soul, and specifically as an aware human being, is something the Divine always wanted for itself. Oftentimes, the physical awareness portion of the human being assumes that it is all there is. But the truth is our awareness is only a front for the Soul. Our Soul is the front guy for nothing less than Divine Consciousness! All Souls participate in the great masquerade ball hosted by the Oneness of All That Is.

Not all of the Divine Awareness adorns ITself with a Soul body and physical awareness. For instance, angels and archangels enjoy a different existence and awareness. Even so, it is a great privilege that our Souls and physical awareness are permitted to join with the Divine in ITs journey of physical existence and awareness. We are indeed specially created beings that serve the Divine Consciousness.

To Enjoy Experiences

There is another reason we are here–and that is to enjoy experiences. In the Greek and Roman myths, the Gods often come down from the sacred mountains to participate in the experiences of living on earth. Humans often take for granted that everything we do is a unique experience in and of itself. Its the water we live in. Even though we may participate in a familiar activity, there is always something about it that is unique to the experience. In Oneness, there is only beingness. To exist as Soul means our beingness is experiencing growth.

Our Soul grows and becomes wise as it experiences what is set before it. The ability to see, hear, breathe, touch, taste, feel, perceive, and a host of other physical, mental, emotional experiences provides the Divine Awareness with infinite variety.

Brother Thomas

Sometimes humans, relying upon their physical awareness, strive to own and subjugate people, places, and things to its own will and pleasure. But hiding behind all of these things is the craving for experience. We may say that we want a new car, but, behind this want is a desire for a deeper experience. Perhaps we want to go somewhere we have never been before. Maybe we want to experience the comfort and luxury a car might provide. Maybe we want to impress our friends with our ability to purchase something that is costly. It is always the experience, more than the thing, that we want.

Learning and Growth

Part of Soul’s ongoing process is to continue gathering knowledge and wisdom, through multiple incarnations and life experiences, so as to become a more worthy co-creating partner with the Spark of the Divine. The Divine Consciousness could have created a fully prepared Soul for the Spark which was set within the Lux Animae–but that would have defeated the purpose the Oneness had in mind in the first place. No, the Oneness is patiently guiding and awaiting the time when Soul learns the power of emptying all of its leadership to the Divine Spark while fully carrying out ITs will with wisdom and power.

We incarnate to learn specific lessons that will prepare us for our future work. Everything about our incarnation has been planned for our learning. In a very real sense, Earth is an extravagant college where every detail to improving learning has been considered. At Spiritus Lumine, we refer to our earthly experience as Boot Camp Earth.

Earth is a planned environment designed to help each soul learn the lessons that it needs to do the unique work planned for it. Our Soul learns by participating in experiences the Divine places before it.

Brother Thomas

There is no cheating life

There is no defeating or cheating when it comes to life’s lessons. One either learns them or they don’t. If not this time, than another time. If not this lifetime–then another lifetime. Contrary to many Christian beliefs, we cannot learn all that we need to know to be “victorious” in one lifetime. It is a lengthy process.

Like earthly schools, we graduate from one level of learning until the next. Perfection is not required of all experiences in order to pass. Once the bulk of our learning is done, we are permitted to incarnate into situations that allow us to awaken and become alert. Those of you who regularly read these lessons are such people. Awakening is a precious gift–don’t misuse it. It is very possible to fall back into sleep for additional lifetimes.

Trouble and Sorrow

Though it might sound counter intuitive, you have come to earth to experience a wide range of people, places, and things. Trouble, stress, and difficulties are all part of the reason you are here. Think of it from your Soul’s point of view. Before your incarnation, your soul made plans to come to the matter worlds in order to continue its growth. Unlike your physical consciousness, it cares very little about how many possessions you have or how much money you have in the bank.

Soul intentionally selects lessons for mastery that are worthy of its many lifetimes of experience. If you are reading this website, you are not a new soul in need of easy level-one experiences. No, you are an advanced player who needs more difficult challenges. Whatever you may be experiencing now, you may be certain that all things have come your way because your Soul wishes it to be so.

Never confuse earthly troubles as a sign of weakness or failures. I know this may sound strange to some–but many of your troubles happen for a reason beyond the cause and effect world in which you live.

Brother Thomas

They provide you with opportunities to expand your Soul and move further along the God-Continuum. Sometimes when you do your best and cannot succeed, it is important to keep in mind that success and the overcoming of all challenges placed before you are not necessarily what is important from the viewpoint of Soul. It may well be that failure and stalemate are what the Soul needs in order to pass its tests.

To Play a Role for Others

We incarnate in groups. Your closest friends and many of your acquaintances are most often members of your Soul group. Each member of your group pledges to help all of the other members. Not only will they offer solace in times of trouble, but often times they have agreed to be your villain and nemesis! This notion certainly runs contrary to our logical mind and physical consciousness–but it is so. The trouble you experience at the hands of others, most likely, is the result of agreements you made before incaranating.

While karma is a useful concept, we believe a more helpful and accurate concept is that of the contract. We do not suffer because of bad karma, we are only experiencing the results of our pre-incarnational agreements. Jesus did not suffer because of past evils, he suffered because he contracted to come to earth and serve as the master of the Piscean Age.

Brother Thomas

You play roles for others as well. Maybe you are a father, daughter, mother, son, workplace boss, or best friend. The point is, there are deeper meanings and reasons for our significant relationships than we realize.

To Help Others

Similar to our previous discussion about serving as a role for others, we come here to share our light and help others. Your Soul is constantly participating in new experiences, learning from these experiences, and advancing along the God-Continuum.

The old saying is true. One does not really learn something until they actually do the thing and then teach it to others.

Brother Thomas

It should go without saying that we are here, not for selfish reasons, but to leave the world a better place than we found it. The surest way to permanently raise your vibration is to live a life of service. In fact, it is foundational to the life of a mystic.

To Prepare for Your Future

While we live in physical form, it is easy to lose sight of why we came here in the first place. So, we want to remind each person that on the day your Soul was created, a heavenly being whispered your eternal purpose to your newly created Soul. It is imprinted upon the Soul’s DNA.

As Soul, you are on a mission to explore one of the infinite curiosities of the Divine Consciousness. You have been given a God-sized responsibility that requires much training and preparation.

Brother Thomas

Your experiences in the worlds of matter worlds are nothing more than finite lessons and experiences you need in order to fulfill your ultimate mission. Keep the long view ever-present in your mind. Whatever you may be experiencing, either good or ill, is for furthering your Soul’s skills and abilities. Try to view your experiences and surroundings with greater curiosity. Reflect on the necessities of your daily experiences Embrace and do not resist what comes your way.

To Grow Up

When the Divine Creator made your Soul, you were not born fully developed and grown–as so many of ITs creations are. Instead, IT chooses to partner ITs Divine Spark with a created entity that could only develop by reflecting upon the outcomes of Soul’s Ts trial and error based experiences.

Your growth as a Soul advances more quickly as you place the attention of your physical being upon it.

Brother Thomas

There are lessons common to all souls as well as specific lessons designed to help prepare it for its unique mission. No matter the lesson, maturity and advancement along the God-Continuum is the overall purpose of all earthly experiences. Interestingly, and contrary to what many may believe, there is the full expectation on the part of the Divine that Souls will make mistakes and take many detours before it becomes fully anchored in the Divine. The Divine never coerces the Soul to surrender to ITs will. Neither the Divine nor Soul is in a hurry–for both know that Soul will find its way eventually. Even so, the time comes when one’s Soul awakens and has little desire for piddling in experiences that do not directly advance its growth.

To Experience Uncertainty

Before the Divine creator made your soul, you lived in the Ocean of All that Is. There was no separation between you or another–for you were fully merged into the Divine Consciousness. In this existence, nothing is hidden or unknown. There are no secrets and there are no surprises.

As wonderful as this is, there is a certain amount of boredom that comes from never experiencing uncertainty. Souls have the distinct pleasure of perceiving the illusion of separateness and not knowing the outcomes of most of our experiences. Souls live in a world of probability and approximation. This experience is greatly pleasing to the Divine Consciousness and gives contrast to the certainty of knowing everything

To Raise Your Vibration

Your Soul has a unique address on the infinite God-Continuum. This address changes as you grow in wisdom and the ability to manifest the will of your Divine Spark. As we all know, it is one thing to want to be a good person and another thing altogether to exhibit those qualities in all that we think, say, and do. Raising our vibration is basically a function of our willingness to connect with the Divine, surrender to what IT wants, and growing the ability of our Soul to instinctively reflect this Divine will. This may all sound complicated, but it boils down to our willingness to follow the Divine Spark and carry out ITs will via our free will, manifesting, and willingness to be a Spiritual Sovereign.

The three best ways to raise your vibration are to meditate with regularity, become involved in intentional acts of service to those about you, and to hone your ability to see the Divine in all people with your waking consciousness. Though it is simple to get started with each of these three disciplines–there is a deeper complexity that takes practice over many years to make these actions second nature.

Brother Thomas

Sometimes people become discouraged when they hear about the many years it takes to become proficient with techniques for raising one’s vibrations. They needn’t worry. Profound changes occur almost instantly the moment one begins the work of raising their vibration and there are great rewards at each step along the way. So, if you haven’t started, do so right away!

To Awaken

Perhaps the most profound reason you are on earth is to awaken–or to come to the deepening awareness about the unity and oneness of all things. You are here to understand your role as Soul in all of this. Before awakening, you have been a slave of the various programs embedded in the Boot Camp Earth Simulation. You were under its rules and dominion. You saw yourself as a physical being instead of a spiritual being having a physical experience.

As we have written many times, the Boot Camp Earth Simulation is specially designed holo-matrix that teaches and trains Souls. The matrix contains many levels of instruction designed to develop each Soul according to predetermined programs designed before one’s incarnation. The matrix can never be defeated, only transcended.

Brother Thomas

After a sufficient amount of incarnational experiences, Soul is given the go-ahead to awaken. It is not coerced to do so–but may choose to do so if it is ready to assume its role as a Spiritual Sovereign exercise free will responsibly, and practice manifesting for the benefit of all concerned.

If you are reading this website and understand most of what you read here, you are either awakened or soon to be awakened. Do not let the opportunity pass you by. Your Soul has unlimited opportunities ahead once your awakening fully develops into alertness and awareness.

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