Why Mystics Should Use Media for Good

Media for Good

Fellow mystics, this is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray.  I bid you welcome and want you to know that we who watch over humankind are excited to see the evolution of Souls that are advancing along the God-Continuum. These are turbulent times for Earth. Though it has always been so, the balance is shifting for the better between the forces of light and darkness. As social communication becomes more prominent around the globe, and our message of hope and change appear, more of humankind choose light rather than darkness. One of the things we want you to know is that it is the very nature of your media to make things appear worse than it is! People feel more afraid and freighted today than ever before. The truth is different. There is more good, light, transformation, and ascension than ever before. Just so you know, even as the media spreads our words of love and kindness, it also causes people to believe that the times they live in are more desperate than they really are!  Wise mystics must learn how to eat a fish while spitting out the bones. So it is with your media. It is essential to learn how to use media for good.

Mystics Should Use Modern Media

We believe your modern media is a tool that mystics should learn to master. Many people imagine that mystics are reclusive people who spend all of their time pondering the Divine in meditation. They think we discourage the use of social media, modern television networks and the like. Nothing could be further from the truth. The dominant social media we have today is nothing more than a blessing given to humankind by the grace of Source! (Believe me when I say that if Source did not wish for media to exist–it would not.) Instead, today’s media exists so that your enlightenment may accelerate and that humanity overall might ascend even more quickly. We say that the proper use of the media is to speed your ascension and then help others do the same. Pray often to your angels, spirits, and guides. Ask them to bring material before you that will lead you to the next step of your ascension along the God-Continuum. If you are already on a mystical path of Divine connection, consider using the social media as a means of teaching others what you know.

How do You Use Media?

As with all things on Boot Camp Earth, today’s modern media can be either a blessing or a curse. Since you are a Spiritual Sovereign, your higher-self human sentience enjoys the ability to make free will choices about how it will use media.  Will you use it for good?

So many think of social media as a place to air their personal views and grievances. They often contribute to a culture of negativity.  We must remind you about the Law of Threes which says, The energy that you send out returns to you at least three-fold. This is no foolish child’s tale. The energy you send out in your posts and social media is amplified and redirected to you–good for good and evil for evil. Have you been feeling dark and depressed lately? It may well be negative energy is returning to you. The opposite is true as well. And while we are talking about the return of power, also remember this. Today’s modern media amplifies energy far more powerfully than times of old. Should something you say go viral across the media, the energy returned to you could be thousands of times more potent than what you sent.

Use the Media for Good and for God

We want you to use media for good! The social media is a potent tool for mystics who wish to share the information we guides give you. Your angels, spirits, and guides are always excited to mentor someone who wishes to share their knowledge with others. There are even guides who work primarily with writers and speakers! If you start using media in this way, it won’t be long before a specially assigned guide appears to help you! In the meantime, we want you to remember this:

As long as your postings come from the merger of your higher-self sentience and the Divine Spark, you may be assured that you are using media for the highest good.

Even so, here are some ideas we wish you to consider.

  1. Keep it positive. The message of a mystic should bring hope to those who are seeking ways out of difficulty and negativity. It is one thing to accurately describe a situation and another thing to revel in the negativity of it. For instance, it is true that all human endeavors are doomed to failure–but it is truer that a consciousness that is merged with the Divine does work of eternal consequence. Stress the latter and not the former.
  2. Share information that is hard to find. Even though there are many places to look, metaphysical principles can be challenging to locate. Do what you can to conveniently gather information that will help a seeker get started.
  3. Explain hard concepts. There are many wonderful books written by wise mystics more than a 100 years ago. Words written in ages past do not always translate easily to a modern reader. Your ability to simplify some complex concept may be just what is needed to help someone on their journey. And, let’s face it. Some metaphysical principles are very dense, deep, and difficult to understand. If you can take complicated concepts and make them simpler–that’s a good thing. As mystics gain more experience on the spiritual path, they often forget how confusing terms and descriptions may be for a new seeker. Do what you can to make information more understandable.
  4. Teach people how to connect with the Divine. As a mystic, you have found unique ways of connecting with Source. Share what you know. Remember, many people have never seriously considered the concept that dimensions of life exist beyond the five senses. Fewer have any idea of how to contact these magnificent angels, spirits, and guides. We encourage you to share how it all works for you and to encourage others to experiment with your mystical practices. Simpler is better.
  5. If you meet with groups of like-minded mystics in your town, use the media to invite new members. There are all kinds of useful apps and tools available to help reach those who may be seeking more information or like-minded people.

We close with this observation. Humankind is now experiencing a communication’s revolution at the precise moment when skepticism of present systems of government, religion, politics, education, and family systems has never been higher. Humankind is looking for new answers and approaches to longstanding questions about the meaning of life and living. Now, more than ever, it is time for all mystics who regularly commune with the Divine to share their incredible knowledge.

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