Why Mystics Should Use Media for Good

Media for Good

Fel­low mys­tics, this is Broth­er Thomas, your friend and guide from the Sev­enth Ray.  I bid you wel­come and want you to know that we who watch over humankind are excit­ed to see the evo­lu­tion of Souls that are advanc­ing along the God-Con­tin­u­um. These are tur­bu­lent times for Earth. Though it has always been so, the bal­ance is shift­ing for the bet­ter between the forces of light and dark­ness. As social com­mu­ni­ca­tion becomes more promi­nent around the globe, and our mes­sage of hope and change appear, more of humankind choose light rather than dark­ness. One of the things we want you to know is that it is the very nature of your media to make things appear worse than it is! Peo­ple feel more afraid and freight­ed today than ever before. The truth is dif­fer­ent. There is more good, light, trans­for­ma­tion, and ascen­sion than ever before. Just so you know, even as the media spreads our words of love and kind­ness, it also caus­es peo­ple to believe that the times they live in are more des­per­ate than they real­ly are!  Wise mys­tics must learn how to eat a fish while spit­ting out the bones. So it is with your media. It is essen­tial to learn how to use media for good.

Mystics Should Use Modern Media

We believe your mod­ern media is a tool that mys­tics should learn to mas­ter. Many peo­ple imag­ine that mys­tics are reclu­sive peo­ple who spend all of their time pon­der­ing the Divine in med­i­ta­tion. They think we dis­cour­age the use of social media, mod­ern tele­vi­sion net­works and the like. Noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth. The dom­i­nant social media we have today is noth­ing more than a bless­ing giv­en to humankind by the grace of Source! (Believe me when I say that if Source did not wish for media to exist – it would not.) Instead, today’s media exists so that your enlight­en­ment may accel­er­ate and that human­i­ty over­all might ascend even more quick­ly. We say that the prop­er use of the media is to speed your ascen­sion and then help oth­ers do the same. Pray often to your angels, spir­its, and guides. Ask them to bring mate­r­i­al before you that will lead you to the next step of your ascen­sion along the God-Con­tin­u­um. If you are already on a mys­ti­cal path of Divine con­nec­tion, con­sid­er using the social media as a means of teach­ing oth­ers what you know.

How do You Use Media?

As with all things on Boot Camp Earth, today’s mod­ern media can be either a bless­ing or a curse. Since you are a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign, your high­er-self human sen­tience enjoys the abil­i­ty to make free will choic­es about how it will use media.  Will you use it for good?

So many think of social media as a place to air their per­son­al views and griev­ances. They often con­tribute to a cul­ture of neg­a­tiv­i­ty.  We must remind you about the Law of Threes which says, The ener­gy that you send out returns to you at least three-fold. This is no fool­ish child’s tale. The ener­gy you send out in your posts and social media is ampli­fied and redi­rect­ed to you – good for good and evil for evil. Have you been feel­ing dark and depressed late­ly? It may well be neg­a­tive ener­gy is return­ing to you. The oppo­site is true as well. And while we are talk­ing about the return of pow­er, also remem­ber this. Today’s mod­ern media ampli­fies ener­gy far more pow­er­ful­ly than times of old. Should some­thing you say go viral across the media, the ener­gy returned to you could be thou­sands of times more potent than what you sent.

Use the Media for Good and for God

We want you to use media for good! The social media is a potent tool for mys­tics who wish to share the infor­ma­tion we guides give you. Your angels, spir­its, and guides are always excit­ed to men­tor some­one who wish­es to share their knowl­edge with oth­ers. There are even guides who work pri­mar­i­ly with writ­ers and speak­ers! If you start using media in this way, it won’t be long before a spe­cial­ly assigned guide appears to help you! In the mean­time, we want you to remem­ber this:

As long as your post­ings come from the merg­er of your high­er-self sen­tience and the Divine Spark, you may be assured that you are using media for the high­est good.

Even so, here are some ideas we wish you to con­sid­er.

  1. Keep it pos­i­tive. The mes­sage of a mys­tic should bring hope to those who are seek­ing ways out of dif­fi­cul­ty and neg­a­tiv­i­ty. It is one thing to accu­rate­ly describe a sit­u­a­tion and anoth­er thing to rev­el in the neg­a­tiv­i­ty of it. For instance, it is true that all human endeav­ors are doomed to fail­ure – but it is truer that a con­scious­ness that is merged with the Divine does work of eter­nal con­se­quence. Stress the lat­ter and not the for­mer.
  2. Share infor­ma­tion that is hard to find. Even though there are many places to look, meta­phys­i­cal prin­ci­ples can be chal­leng­ing to locate. Do what you can to con­ve­nient­ly gath­er infor­ma­tion that will help a seek­er get start­ed.
  3. Explain hard con­cepts. There are many won­der­ful books writ­ten by wise mys­tics more than a 100 years ago. Words writ­ten in ages past do not always trans­late eas­i­ly to a mod­ern read­er. Your abil­i­ty to sim­pli­fy some com­plex con­cept may be just what is need­ed to help some­one on their jour­ney. And, let’s face it. Some meta­phys­i­cal prin­ci­ples are very dense, deep, and dif­fi­cult to under­stand. If you can take com­pli­cat­ed con­cepts and make them sim­pler – that’s a good thing. As mys­tics gain more expe­ri­ence on the spir­i­tu­al path, they often for­get how con­fus­ing terms and descrip­tions may be for a new seek­er. Do what you can to make infor­ma­tion more under­stand­able.
  4. Teach peo­ple how to con­nect with the Divine. As a mys­tic, you have found unique ways of con­nect­ing with Source. Share what you know. Remem­ber, many peo­ple have nev­er seri­ous­ly con­sid­ered the con­cept that dimen­sions of life exist beyond the five sens­es. Few­er have any idea of how to con­tact these mag­nif­i­cent angels, spir­its, and guides. We encour­age you to share how it all works for you and to encour­age oth­ers to exper­i­ment with your mys­ti­cal prac­tices. Sim­pler is bet­ter.
  5. If you meet with groups of like-mind­ed mys­tics in your town, use the media to invite new mem­bers. There are all kinds of use­ful apps and tools avail­able to help reach those who may be seek­ing more infor­ma­tion or like-mind­ed peo­ple.

We close with this obser­va­tion. Humankind is now expe­ri­enc­ing a communication’s rev­o­lu­tion at the pre­cise moment when skep­ti­cism of present sys­tems of gov­ern­ment, reli­gion, pol­i­tics, edu­ca­tion, and fam­i­ly sys­tems has nev­er been high­er. Humankind is look­ing for new answers and approach­es to long­stand­ing ques­tions about the mean­ing of life and liv­ing. Now, more than ever, it is time for all mys­tics who reg­u­lar­ly com­mune with the Divine to share their incred­i­ble knowl­edge.

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