Why are we here?

Why are you here?
Don’t you want to know why you are here?

My dear broth­ers and sis­ters in the light, this is your friend and guide Broth­er Thomas from the Sev­enth Ray. I assist the ascend­ing ones of humankind who wish to con­tin­ue their great jour­ney of advanc­ing along the God-Con­tin­u­um. Even to those of us who live in the Sev­enth Ray, one of the great­est mys­ter­ies we can pon­der is the fact that we exist! Think about it. The Cre­ator of all that is gave You and I one of the great­est gifts of all – an abil­i­ty to explore the great worlds of mat­ter and phys­i­cal vibra­tion. Yet, as great as this gift may be, we hear the con­cerns you express in moments of quiet­ness. You ask, Why was I cre­at­ed? Why am I here? What am I sup­posed to be doing? There is a great mis­un­der­stand­ing of your great­ness! The answers to these ques­tions great­ly accel­er­ate your ascen­sion. Let us talk about them today.

Why Were You Created?

As we have said in oth­er teach­ings at this web­site, all that is belongs to one great uni­ty. Only one thing is going on and that is the out-pic­tur­ing of the Divine Con­scious­ness. All notions of sep­a­ra­tion is illu­so­ry. In the Divine Con­scious­ness, the Source of All that Is imag­ined adven­tures and quests requir­ing no less than the atten­tion of a God. You and I explore these divine imag­in­ings in Source’s behalf. We are none oth­er than Source itself exam­in­ing the very con­scious­ness of Source.

There was nev­er a time you did not exist; but, there was a spe­cif­ic moment when the Divine Cre­ator set aside a por­tion of ITs infi­nite Self so that IT might cre­ate a spe­cial soul that is now you.

Broth­er Thomas

Divine Source takes an infin­i­tes­i­mal part of its infi­nite being and places it in a Lux Ani­ma – a soul com­plex. Like the Hero’s Jour­ney, this Lux Ani­mae begins its quest by assum­ing a hid­den iden­ti­ty from the Divine – though it is only a fil­ter­ing or blind­fold con­struct­ed for the Lux Ani­mae to give it the illu­so­ry appear­ance of sep­a­rate­ness. With this in place we begin our train­ing.

Why Are You Here?

My dear Soul friend, you only ask this ques­tion when you trav­el in bod­ies of lim­it­ed phys­i­cal con­scious­ness. When you live out­side of the earth plane, you clear­ly under­stand that you must under­go the rig­ors of phys­i­cal train­ing so that you might learn to rely upon the light with­in. But what does this mean?

It is one thing to study ten­nis and anoth­er to play it well. So it is with the jour­ney of our soul. We study, incar­nate, learn, then return to per­fect our­selves once more.

Broth­er Thomas

It is one thing to know about spir­i­tu­al teach­ings and spir­i­tu­al pow­er. It is anoth­er thing to skill­ful­ly embody these teach­ing upon the phys­i­cal planes of exis­tence. For instance, you can read books on ten­nis, study play­ers, and know all of the rules and reg­u­la­tions. It is anoth­er thing entire­ly to play ten­nis well. So it is with the spir­i­tu­al teach­ings. In our non­em­bod­ied states, we learn and study. As we incar­nate, we test our knowl­edge against the real­i­ties of expe­ri­ence.

What Should You Be Doing?

If you could see your­self as we see you, this would be a very amus­ing ques­tion. For the things you are doing are the very things you are sup­posed to be doing! Even so, we will answer you seri­ous­ly. Quite sim­ply, exam­ine the con­flicts you may be expe­ri­enc­ing – as well as your fears – and you will have your answer.

Study your prob­lems and your fears. Care­ful­ly list them. This pre­cious list is the rea­son why you are now here.

Broth­er Thomas

Do you have prob­lems with your part­ner, chil­dren, col­leagues at work, church and the like? If so, these are some of the rea­sons you are here. We come to earth in order to face and learn how to over­come prob­lems such as these so that we might resolve out­stand­ing kar­ma. It is that sim­ple. Do you anger eas­i­ly? Then this is a rea­son why you are here – to con­quer your prob­lem of anger once and for all.

We also incar­nate to over­come our fears. Do you have social anx­i­eties or feel insignif­i­cant? At times, do you wor­ry that oth­ers are bet­ter and that you are not enough? When faced with a dif­fi­cult per­son or prob­lem, do you crawl into your shell? Humankind often blames par­ents and fam­i­ly for fears such as these. That is unfor­tu­nate for they are the rea­son you signed up to be here. Make the most of your time and solve these prob­lems.

Do you suf­fer from chron­ic pain, ill­ness, or some oth­er per­son­al mis­for­tune? These also relate to your incar­na­tion­al pur­pos­es.

We under­stand from your point of view that this may not make sense to you. It is often hard to accept that we actu­al­ly want to face unpleas­ant things to advance our growth – but it is true. At the same time, we do not want you to ignore the good things you have each day in your life. Do you enjoy your chil­dren, grand­chil­dren, part­ner, sex, good food, music, and adven­tures? These too were rea­sons you came to earth. In fact, we would argue that, on bal­ance, you expe­ri­ence far more good and ease than chal­lenge.

How Do We Overcome and Advance?

If it is true that a big part of why you are here is to face your fears and over­come your present prob­lems, you may be ask­ing, “How do I do this?” We have some advice for you.

It Begins With Surrender

The first thing we want you to know is that no prob­lem of kar­ma resolves through earth­ly solu­tions alone.

The advance­ment you seek hap­pens only as you sur­ren­der your con­scious will to the greater light with­in. This light is actu­al­ly your con­nec­tion to Source Con­scious­ness via the Spir­i­tus Lumine.

Broth­er Thomas

Anoth­er way of say­ing this is, divine wis­dom will tell you what you should do and the way you should go. You who are awak­en­ing are now learn­ing this secret and the dif­fer­ence it makes. Let us give you an exam­ple of what we mean.

Earthly versus Divine Wisdom

Let’s say that you have com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lems with your part­ner. You’ve tried all the things you know to no avail. Earth­ly wis­dom says that you might go see a coun­selor, read books on com­mu­ni­ca­tion, or seek a com­mu­ni­ca­tion spe­cial­ist. Some might go as far as leav­ing the rela­tion­ship out of frus­tra­tion. It hap­pens. To fol­low this course of action, as described, cre­ates more kar­ma. From our view­point, we sug­gest con­sult­ing the inner light with­in and respond­ing to its wis­dom. This wis­dom might well sug­gest some of the things men­tioned above. There is a dif­fer­ence how­ev­er. In the first solu­tion, we did not con­sult Divine Source and sought to solve the prob­lem in our own way. Solu­tions giv­en us by the inner guide resolves kar­ma by bring­ing us what we need as we need it. The test for ascen­sion always begins with whether or not you are will­ing to sur­ren­der your will to the Light with­in.

Connect to the Inner Light Within

To over­come your earth­ly kar­ma requires that you learn new ways of con­nect­ing to the light with­in. At first, you may won­der if learn­ing med­i­ta­tion and con­tem­pla­tion tech­niques are a mis­use of time – since there is a learn­ing curve. We answer with an illus­tra­tion. Let’s say you must take a 1500 mile trip. One per­son gets into their car and begins to dri­ve. The oth­er per­son goes to the air­port five hours lat­er and then begins the jour­ney. In a very short amount of time, the per­son in the plane not only pass­es the car but arrives at their des­ti­na­tion well ahead of the car’s arrival. So it is with the mys­tic meth­ods of con­nect­ing to Spir­it and Divine Con­scious­ness. The time spent learn­ing the mys­tic tech­nique of con­nect­ing to Source makes it pos­si­ble to resolve any prob­lems you may be expe­ri­enc­ing in this life as opposed to anoth­er life­time.

Winning Does Not Always Mean You Overcome

Final­ly, we want to remind you that resolv­ing some karmic prob­lem does not always mean that you will win or over­come in all sit­u­a­tions. That is a human per­spec­tive about suc­cess. From our view­point, one may also gain great spir­i­tu­al advance­ment even if a rela­tion­ship ends in divorce or a chron­ic ill­ness nev­er resolves into flour­ish­ing health. This is pro­vid­ed, of course, that one learns the impor­tant lessons of sur­ren­der­ing to the Divine light with­in and fac­ing these prob­lems with grace and beau­ty.


We con­clude this les­son by remind­ing you that no mis­take has been made. You are where you should be and encoun­ter­ing the lessons you and your guides thought best for your spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment. Your accep­tance of this truth will make it eas­i­er for you to search for cre­ative solu­tions through a dai­ly sur­ren­der to the Divine Light with­in.

Learn­ing today’s les­son can be a great turn­ing point in your life and bring ascen­sion that much clos­er. Per­haps you might has­ten this process by mak­ing a list in your spir­i­tu­al jour­nal of any peren­ni­al prob­lems and fears you face. As always, call upon your angels, spir­its, and guides for help and it is yours.

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