Why are we here?

Why are you here?
Don’t you want to know why you are here?

My dear brothers and sisters in the light, this is your friend and guide Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I assist the ascending ones of humankind who wish to continue their great journey of advancing along the God-Continuum. Even to those of us who live in the Seventh Ray, one of the greatest mysteries we can ponder is the fact that we exist! Think about it. The Creator of all that is gave You and I one of the greatest gifts of all–an ability to explore the great worlds of matter and physical vibration. Yet, as great as this gift may be, we hear the concerns you express in moments of quietness. You ask, Why was I created? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? There is a great misunderstanding of your greatness! The answers to these questions greatly accelerate your ascension. Let us talk about them today.

Why Were You Created?

As we have said in other teachings at this website, all that is belongs to one great unity. Only one thing is going on and that is the out-picturing of the Divine Consciousness. All notions of separation is illusory. In the Divine Consciousness, the Source of All that Is imagined adventures and quests requiring no less than the attention of a God. You and I explore these divine imaginings in Source’s behalf. We are none other than Source itself examining the very consciousness of Source.

There was never a time you did not exist; but, there was a specific moment when the Divine Creator set aside a portion of ITs infinite Self so that IT might create a special soul that is now you.

Brother Thomas

Divine Source takes an infinitesimal part of its infinite being and places it in a Lux Anima–a soul complex. Like the Hero’s Journey, this Lux Animae begins its quest by assuming a hidden identity from the Divine–though it is only a filtering or blindfold constructed for the Lux Animae to give it the illusory appearance of separateness. With this in place we begin our training.

Why Are You Here?

My dear Soul friend, you only ask this question when you travel in bodies of limited physical consciousness. When you live outside of the earth plane, you clearly understand that you must undergo the rigors of physical training so that you might learn to rely upon the light within. But what does this mean?

It is one thing to study tennis and another to play it well. So it is with the journey of our soul. We study, incarnate, learn, then return to perfect ourselves once more.

Brother Thomas

It is one thing to know about spiritual teachings and spiritual power. It is another thing to skillfully embody these teaching upon the physical planes of existence. For instance, you can read books on tennis, study players, and know all of the rules and regulations. It is another thing entirely to play tennis well. So it is with the spiritual teachings. In our nonembodied states, we learn and study. As we incarnate, we test our knowledge against the realities of experience.

What Should You Be Doing?

If you could see yourself as we see you, this would be a very amusing question. For the things you are doing are the very things you are supposed to be doing! Even so, we will answer you seriously. Quite simply, examine the conflicts you may be experiencing–as well as your fears–and you will have your answer.

Study your problems and your fears. Carefully list them. This precious list is the reason why you are now here.

Brother Thomas

Do you have problems with your partner, children, colleagues at work, church and the like? If so, these are some of the reasons you are here. We come to earth in order to face and learn how to overcome problems such as these so that we might resolve outstanding karma. It is that simple. Do you anger easily? Then this is a reason why you are here–to conquer your problem of anger once and for all.

We also incarnate to overcome our fears. Do you have social anxieties or feel insignificant? At times, do you worry that others are better and that you are not enough? When faced with a difficult person or problem, do you crawl into your shell? Humankind often blames parents and family for fears such as these. That is unfortunate for they are the reason you signed up to be here. Make the most of your time and solve these problems.

Do you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or some other personal misfortune? These also relate to your incarnational purposes.

We understand from your point of view that this may not make sense to you. It is often hard to accept that we actually want to face unpleasant things to advance our growth–but it is true. At the same time, we do not want you to ignore the good things you have each day in your life. Do you enjoy your children, grandchildren, partner, sex, good food, music, and adventures? These too were reasons you came to earth. In fact, we would argue that, on balance, you experience far more good and ease than challenge.

How Do We Overcome and Advance?

If it is true that a big part of why you are here is to face your fears and overcome your present problems, you may be asking, “How do I do this?” We have some advice for you.

It Begins With Surrender

The first thing we want you to know is that no problem of karma resolves through earthly solutions alone.

The advancement you seek happens only as you surrender your conscious will to the greater light within. This light is actually your connection to Source Consciousness via the Spiritus Lumine.

Brother Thomas

Another way of saying this is, divine wisdom will tell you what you should do and the way you should go. You who are awakening are now learning this secret and the difference it makes. Let us give you an example of what we mean.

Earthly versus Divine Wisdom

Let’s say that you have communication problems with your partner. You’ve tried all the things you know to no avail. Earthly wisdom says that you might go see a counselor, read books on communication, or seek a communication specialist. Some might go as far as leaving the relationship out of frustration. It happens. To follow this course of action, as described, creates more karma. From our viewpoint, we suggest consulting the inner light within and responding to its wisdom. This wisdom might well suggest some of the things mentioned above. There is a difference however. In the first solution, we did not consult Divine Source and sought to solve the problem in our own way. Solutions given us by the inner guide resolves karma by bringing us what we need as we need it. The test for ascension always begins with whether or not you are willing to surrender your will to the Light within.

Connect to the Inner Light Within

To overcome your earthly karma requires that you learn new ways of connecting to the light within. At first, you may wonder if learning meditation and contemplation techniques are a misuse of time–since there is a learning curve. We answer with an illustration. Let’s say you must take a 1500 mile trip. One person gets into their car and begins to drive. The other person goes to the airport five hours later and then begins the journey. In a very short amount of time, the person in the plane not only passes the car but arrives at their destination well ahead of the car’s arrival. So it is with the mystic methods of connecting to Spirit and Divine Consciousness. The time spent learning the mystic technique of connecting to Source makes it possible to resolve any problems you may be experiencing in this life as opposed to another lifetime.

Winning Does Not Always Mean You Overcome

Finally, we want to remind you that resolving some karmic problem does not always mean that you will win or overcome in all situations. That is a human perspective about success. From our viewpoint, one may also gain great spiritual advancement even if a relationship ends in divorce or a chronic illness never resolves into flourishing health. This is provided, of course, that one learns the important lessons of surrendering to the Divine light within and facing these problems with grace and beauty.


We conclude this lesson by reminding you that no mistake has been made. You are where you should be and encountering the lessons you and your guides thought best for your spiritual development. Your acceptance of this truth will make it easier for you to search for creative solutions through a daily surrender to the Divine Light within.

Learning today’s lesson can be a great turning point in your life and bring ascension that much closer. Perhaps you might hasten this process by making a list in your spiritual journal of any perennial problems and fears you face. As always, call upon your angels, spirits, and guides for help and it is yours.

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