Whose Planet is it?

Humankind is a benevolent experiment and does not own planet Earth.

Hello, my dear friends. I am Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I bring you information to help you ascend from your present section of the God-Continuum to an even higher vibration where your very thoughts instantly create the world that you want! Your training here in previous progressions of incarnations prepares you for the day when you will join those of us who have immense responsibility for the continued development of sentient beings everywhere in the dualistic worlds–not just Earth. Training, hard and cruel though it may be by your standards and ours, is a vital necessity. Remember, soldiers do not benefit from easy training nor do they benefit from not knowing the facts. Today, we want you to know more profound truths about your biology and the history of your planet.

Don’t Overgeneralize the Evils of the Third Dimension

We do not want you to become discouraged about the information we are about to tell you. We are aware that many of your kind today loudly proclaim that the dualistic worlds, and especially those of your third dimension, are evil and to be avoided at all costs. Though we greatly encourage your ascension, this is a very narrow view that we choose not to adapt. We affirm the Creator’s decree that “all is good!” The third dimension is home to an infinite variety of entities and beings–all who hold unique vibrations upon the God-Continuum. Some are very advanced, and some are less so.

Even though Earth is under the domination of some rather cruel forces, one should not overgeneralize to all of the third dimension.

Brother Thomas

Even as it is possible to do complicated calculations with lower forms of mathematics, so too is it possible to do amazing things using the vibratory properties of the third-dimension. Many advanced beings have learned the secret of immortally and have almost fully mastered the sciences upon which these planes operate! Other spiritually advanced beings prefer to locate their consciousness in these planes as well. One should never judge the third dimension as being inferior to others. As with all things, there are positives and minuses in all choices–including the decision where a being chooses to locate their consciousness.

This is not Your Planet

The vast majority of humankind behave as though this planet belongs to them. They roam upon it, use its resources, make laws about who may live where, and make all kinds of proclamations about which humans can own the wealth and assume command of the billions who live here. It is all very arrogant–but more than that, it is based in extreme ignorance of factual circumstances. What we have to tell you may seem outrageous; but, doesn’t your experience tell you that the truth is always stranger than fiction?

Humankind lives here but does not Own the Earth

The vast majority of humankind behave as though this planet belongs to them. They roam upon it, use its resources, make laws about who may live where, and make all kinds of proclamations about which humans can own the wealth and assume command of the billions who live here. It is all very arrogant–but more than that, it is based in extreme ignorance of factual circumstances.

What we have to tell you may seem outrageous; but, doesn’t your experience tell you that the truth is always stranger than fiction?

Brother Thomas

The planet you call earth does not belong to humankind, any more than a car you let your young teenager drive actually belongs to them. The parent owns the car–not the teenager. The same is true for humankind. There are benevolent and not so benevolent rulers who actually control this planet and oversee you. The notion that this planet belongs to humankind could easily be dispelled in an afternoon if it were the will of those who control it. Let us discuss a short history of Earth’s creation.

Who Created the Earth?

The book of Genesis says that, In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Yes, my friends, this is exactly true as written–but one should not consider it as the entire story. There is so much more. While all things proceed from Divine Source, the agents used by our Creator are vast and mighty. The earth, as well as all planets in your solar system, are intentional creations of the exalted ancient ones whose incredible works demonstrate what you shall one day be able to do as well as you travel upon the God-Continuum. These ancient ones build solar systems and galaxies as you might build homes or cars.

Why the Earth was Created

The original intention of earth was to serve as a specially created laboratory environment for the creation of new life forms of all kinds. Though small and compact compared to other planets, the earth laboratory furnishes the creators, overseen by the ancient ones, with large oceans, land masses, active volcanoes, arctic regions, deserts, minerals, mountains, forests, lakes, and more. You might think of each of these areas as sublime laboratories and incubators for life. These laboratories are perfectly suited for the creation and perfection of biologic life.

More than a playground for Earth’s many creatures, it would be more correct for you to think of your planet as a type of nursery or fish hatchery.

Brother Thomas

As you know, nursuries are places where species of plants and life are created, cultivated, and if successful, shipped to other locations as stock supplies. Regardless of what you think is happening on your planet, this has been the true use that has been going on for millions of years. There is more you should know.

Mother Earth is Sentient

Your Mother earth is a sentient being in her own right. The planet, its contents, surface flora and fauna, atmosphere, and attending moons all belong to her. We describe it as her because in human terms the creative energies are almost always assigned to the feminine. Mother Earth has self-awareness and records all things that happen upon her. Further, her inner crystalline structure allows her to be a library repository of many other solar systems as well. This is one form of the Akashic records that may be accessed by the Mother’s permission.

Like humankind, Mother Earth possesses a unique survival instinct. She is fully empowered by the ancient ones to use her considerable forces to protect herself and remain viable–even should that mean the full extinction of certain lifeforms upon it. Our mother has exercised that option multiple times when her life was in peril.

The great flood, Atlantis, Lemuria, and other extinction events were more than random events–they were direct acts of self-protection and defense.

Brother Thomas

Mother Earth has a Higher-Consciousness

Additionally, there is a higher-level consciousness that controls your planet that is part of a greater hierarchy within the God-Continuum. Even as humans assume new bodies and acquire a sentient life essence each time they do so, Mother Earth does the same. From time to time, a new consciousness assumes control of Mother Earth replacing the former so that it might continue its journey on the God-Continuum. The most convenient times for these transfers happens each time the earth enters a new stage of celestial progressions–such as the new age of Aquarius. With the bestowal of a new consciousness comes a change in vibratory energies. Even now, we are witnessing unparalleled volcanic activity, shifting of the magnetic poles, warming, increase of the Schumann resonance, and other geologic events which signal the change of consciousness as we enter the procession of Aquarias. Let us speak about the part of humankind in all of this.

Earth was Created as a Biological Laboratory

As surprising as it may seem to humankind, many ancient and advanced races use the labs of Mother Earth to create lifeforms for specific purposes. Even as we humans create machines, robots, and artificial intelligence to serve our needs, other races create biological beings for the same reason. Some of these beings, such as humankind, would later become sentient entities.

There are many reasons why advanced extraterrestrial entities create living beings. Some races face extinction and desperately need to change their DNA structures. Others make beings for the sheer joy of biological creativity and research. Others follow the promptings of Divine Source who needs all manners of specialized beings for souls to inhabit as part of their great journey of progressions. Interestingly, all souls inhabiting human bodies are specialized creations. Though appearing to be the result of parental biology, more is happening than meets the eye.

Like wine, there are endless varieties of human beings. Our present species is a cultivar from the work of many ancient races. Though it should go without saying, human beings are certainly not the only sentient life forms in existence and humankind is certainly older than the 5,000 years touted by your strict biblical creationists. The truth of the matter is that humankind is a stew of more than a dozen DNA patterns. This diversity is a source of tremendous strength to your survival and resilience.

The original creators of humankind imagined a hardy worker (slave) that would do its bidding in construction, mining, and other labors. Many of you, no doubt, have heard of the ancient race of the Annunaki who used the earth for millions of years to harvest its gold and other minerals. This inventive race was granted use of the laboratory planet for a period of time and notably created a biologic grid that actually enhanced the earth’s ability to produce massive quantities of gold. A species of humankind was created to assist the Annunaki with their work.

Other races of super-beings contributed to our biological development as well and greatly increased our intellectual capacities to the point where we began to outstrip our original operating parameters. The biblical story concerning the Tower of Babel is a metaphorical narrative about the rise of humankind’s ability to reach and travel to the stars–which was cut short by the ancient masters lest we become more powerful than they without the proper training and development.

So Where are we Presently?

For almost 100,000 years, multiple planets in our earthly planetary system have been controlled by several species of beings who care very little for the inhabitants of the planets they oversee. They monitor the progress of humankind and do their best to divide us against one another so they may continue their harvesting of biological materials unabated.

These extraterrestrial races are well known to the major leaders and powers across the globe who receive huge incentives for remaining silent. They buy access to our governments and corporate structures through many dark and illicit methods. They promise technology and improvement–most of which never reach the general populace. Their main way of getting what they want is to ensure that the highest functioning sociopaths among humankind hold positions of power and authority by providing them with almost unlimited access to power and wealth in exchange for allowing the off-worlders to do as they will. This includes abducting, experimenting, and enslaving members of the general population as well as exerting a net of mind control over the general public that dampens natural psychic abilities.

Interestingly, there are restrictions on these off-world beings imposed by the Ancient Ones to hold these races in check while allowing them access to humankind. One of these restrictions is that humankind must be informed about what is going on and provide permission for them to continue. Most people would be surprised to know that many of our popular science fiction movies and novels fall into the category of “explaining what is going on!”

Disclosure about the control of planet earth has been made any number of times through your popular movies, books, and other cultural media. Most viewers assume these fictions are for our general enjoyment. They are more because they actually partially fulfill the disclosure requirement–without resorting to using sources that most of humankind would consider as “fully authoritative”–such as an announcement from a respected world leader. Often times, authorities allow and even encourage certain whistle-blowers to come forward and tell their story of the secret space program. They know their claims will sound outrageous and receive much ridicule by the general public as well as denial by the powers that be.

Though present humankind has an average life expectancy of 70 years, the ancient ones who presently control our planet can live for millennia. The short game for them is far longer than humankind’s long game. Longer still are the lifetimes of the ancient creators of our solar system who are virtually eternal. Unless the children of Earth receive extraterrestrial help, they will never be about to out think or overthrow these dark forces.

Why do the Ancient Ones allow this to Happen?

You may wonder why these less than generous beings are permitted by the ancient ones to remain in place. There are several reasons. First, humankind is still very primitive. As a species, you are still relatively new–by galactic standards. Your species, while admired, still lacks standing among the advanced races.

Secondly, each day your world leaders demonstrate a willingness to sell out and enslave the rest of Earth’s population for personal gain and aggrandizement. As bad as your captors may be, in many ways they are far more equitable than your own kind would be should they be given total control of you all. In time, the balance of power will shift. In fact, it is swiftly moving towards a tipping point. Keep your eye on new political developments where great evil is uncovered and resisted. It is only just beginning.

Wars behind the Scenes

Never for a moment should you believe that the Ancient ones have been sitting idly by. The very worst of those who want to totally ruin humankind for their own interest now face great oppositional forces–the likes of which they have never seen. Long operating unopposed in the open, these forces made costly assumptions that they could do as they wished with no consequence. To their surprise, there is always a faster gun waiting to challenge the quick draw. So it is with these beings. Large forces of light have decimated large portions of their empire, driven them to great ruin, and placed them on the run–as a karmic penalty for their impudence. The wheels of the Gods may grind slowly, but they also grind exceedingly fine.

Human Ascension

Fortunately, there is another game at hand which helps to deliver humankind from certain ruin–reincarnation. Reincarnation is the machinery of the universe. Rather than fall into eternal slavery, the souls within the worlds of duality have many options and places to land as they make progress upon the God-Continuum. While it is true that planet earth may be occupied for a long time by less than friendly forces, there is a greater truth whereby the recycling of souls allows members of the God-Continuum to access higher vibratory states and transcend these planetary situations altogether.

Know the Truth

We on this side of the veil think it good for you to “know the score” as it were. Do not allow yourself to be overly concerned about this world and those who control it. Despite what is going on, you are still a Spiritual Sovereign who is fully able to transcend this dimension. Even for those who wish to remain in the challenge of the third dimension, we caution you that Earth is not the place you want to live forever nor is your present body the vessel you want to wear forever. In their own way, both are wonderful. However, there are even greater things ahead! Though Earth will continue to serve as a laboratory station for a long time to come, there are many third dimensional opportunities that await all who pass their lessons on Boot Camp Earth.

Continue your training with all of your might knowing that it prepares you for great responsibility. For indeed, all of you are royalty in training! Did you know there are beings who could eliminate your galaxy without so much as blinking an eye, were they not perfectly aligned, composed, and surrendered to the cosmic will? When you consider that so many of humankind cannot withstand the slightest insult without resorting to cruelty and revenge, you can see that the training of humankind has a ways to go.

Yes, much work and training still remain for these souls before they assume the great powers ahead. But for we mystics and the newly awakened, train with all of your resolve that you may prove worthy. And take heart, many lightworkers are definitely moving your planet in the right direction.

In future posts, we will speak with you more about these and other subjects.

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