Who takes care of whom?

Trust in Divine Consciousness–not people, places, or things

My dear friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. The dense vibration of the third-dimension where you abide is very similar to living in the depths of the ocean. In the deep waters of the ocean, one cannot always see the brilliant light that shines on the water’s surface. In fact, the notion of a surface separating the water from something else would seem an odd notion to marine life. So it is with the race of humankind presently living on planet Earth. The dense vibrations of your dimension make it difficult for you to see the brilliance of the Spiritus Lumine which shines eternally on the surface of your dimension. That is why we ascended masters seek your mystics–so that we may commune with them and you may learn of this transforming light.

The Light of God Sustains all Life

In the darkness of the ocean’s depths, marine creatures have no idea that sunlight activates photosynthesis and the sea’s phytoplankton. Were it not for these processes, the foundation of life upon the planet as we know it could not exist. The same is true of your existence where so many are unaware of the Divine Light of God which we call the Spiritus Lumine. This God Light, though unnoticed by a large portion of humanity, sustains all things. For the most part, humans believe in the power of their own efforts and have little to no idea about the tremendous and transforming power that is as near as their heartbeat yet hidden from their view.

The Hand of God

Another way we might describe the light of God is to call it the “Hand of God.” God’s helping hand sustains all things. When Jesus walked upon the Earth, he remarked to those who were filled with worries and concerns saying, Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns—and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his lifespan? And why do you worry about clothes? Consider how the lilies of the field grow: They do not labor or spin.… (Matthew 6:27) This beautiful prophet knew what those around him did not, that the Divine Hand of God sustains us all. And more importantly, the Hand of God does not discriminate–it helps all! When the hand of God sustains you, you have all of the help you need.

You are not doing this all alone! Your angels, spirits, and guides are always helping you. There is never a moment when help is not near.

Brother Thomas

Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?

There is an old saying that, “God helps them who helps themselves.” A better saying would be, God helps despite our best efforts at trying to help ourselves in our own ways! Do you make a lot of money? You may be sure that God allows this to be. But never confuse the fact that you have money as a sign of God’s love. Many problems accompany those who have money. Do you make little money despite your best efforts? You may be sure that God allows this condition in your life as well–for your highest good of your soul’s development.

Do not confuse the fact that you have little of the world’s goods to be a sign of God’s dislike for you. Even the prophet Jesus claimed that he had no place to lay his head. Often times Jesus encouraged others to sell all that they had to follow him. The truth is this, whether or not you have much of this world’s goods, you are held in the palm of God’s helping hand–and that is the only thing of consequence.

So many times humans feel as though the weight of the world is upon their shoulders. They worry that if they don’t do something that nothing good will happen to them. The truth is different. Your divine guides are always working and doing their best to help you obtain the best outcome for whatever situation is before you.

Brother Thomas

It is true that we should not fold our arms and do nothing. It is also true that our best efforts are pitiful compared to God’s help. Our job is to follow the leading of Divine Spirit, as best we understand it, and surrender to what it wants for us. Our surrender allows the power of God to work unhindered in our behalf.

Will I Have Enough?

You will always have the “enough” that you and Spirit decided upon before you incarnated upon the earth. No force of your own can change this. The worldly goods you possess are the result of your spiritual agreements.

You may wonder, can these agreements be changed? The answer is yes. Spirit is always willing for you to learn how to better manifest what you want–but there is always a consequence. If you choose earthly riches above spiritual growth, you will not transcend these earthly dimensions. In other words, if you win here you stay here! Generally speaking, it is far better for you to come into agreement with the wealth you thought best before your incarnation than to try and change your contract once you arrive. If your basic needs are taken care of, that is all that matters and it may be time to move on to more important matters.

Is it wrong to want more?

It is never wrong to want more, but it may well be very misguided! As with all things, your motivation is what makes something noble or less so.

Beware of this trap! If you place your trust in people, places, and things, you will believe those things are the basis of your care more than the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. That would be the definition of false hope.

Brother Thomas

Misguided Cause and Effect

Often times, educated people brag about their good life and attribute this to the fact that they did certain things like attending college. This belief places their well-being upon a misguided notion of cause and effect. They have fulfilled their contract and are living its results–nothing more! The reverse is also true. Some claim they have little worldly goods because they did not do one thing or another. This too is a misguided notion. In both cases, the Hand of God is at work helping to fulfill the Soul contract more than anything a person may or may not have done. It is important that we all place our faith in the works of Divine Consciousness to help us fulfill our soul contracts. To understand this is to understand what it means to see the light upon the surface of the waters.

Your Desire for More Happens for a Reason

The wise learn to interpret their desire for more as Spirit’s way of nudging them to go deeper and to seek more of the Divine Light. As this light takes more prominence in your life, you will find greater satisfaction in living a simple life. You will not need as many things to make you happy. In fact, you will probably give away many of the things you now treasure–because you no longer need them to feel satisfied. You will then understand the mysteries of the Living Water that quenches all thirst of which Jesus spoke.

When you recognize the God force behind all of the things you have accomplished, you will be amazed each day how ITs divine love demonstrates ITs care for you.

Brother Thomas

Soul versus Earthly Riches

It is very easy to become immersed in the world’s definitions of success. On Boot Camp Earth, our success is measured by the amount of things you own, the important people you know, your influence and power to get things done, and the money you have available to use. Because all of these things allow a certain amount of physical ease of living, those who do not know the light assume these comforts must be the reason for existence. The awakened person knows a deeper truth.

The experiences we have in this hyper-dimensional holographic matrix are largely set by our soul contract before we incarnate. The contract is developed to help us succeed as souls–not as people.

We are having earthly experiences designed to advance the Soul more than we are having experiences to gain physical well-being. Understanding this deeper principle brings great meaning to your life and order to your day.

Brother Thomas

Happiness before Riches

So many believe that they can only be happy once such and such a thing occurs. They postpone happiness until events such as marriage, graduation, promotions, and the ability to buy expensive possessions, have come to pass. The sad truth is this; the obtaining of people. places, and things rarely satisfy. Once something is obtained we want more. The truth is that all may participate in the gift of happiness whether or not any desired event unfolds according to one’s wishes.

When one stops looking to the world as the source of happiness, a new avenue of spiritual power becomes possible. Many of the worlds greatest avatars had little to no worldly goods. Instead, their wealth was the great well of joy which springs eternally from the Divine Light within.

Brother Thomas

Your Inner Light is Your Greatest Wealth

You have a gift of unspeakable greatness and inestimable wealth. This gift is the Spark of the Divine that lives within the Lux Animae of all humankind. This fractal spark is your very own portion of God living in your physical vessel. There is nothing this Spark cannot do–for it is God! To most people, this spark remains undetected and hidden. Once discovered, it becomes the greatest source of joy that nothing can replace. Have you found this precious wealth residing within you?

The discovery of your inner light changes everything. This is the victory that scriptures says overcomes the world. The inner light gives you the power to be a spiritual sovereign who understands their purpose for living and the power to do it. This inner light allows you to live a miraculous life filled with synchronicities. This inner light helps you transcend the world and ascend on the God-Continuum.

We Leave with Nothing

In the end, we will exit this physical body and take nothing of physical consequence with us. If we have discovered our inner light and done the work of fully surrendering to Spirit, we will be very satisfied to leave this plane with nothing but the fire of our vibration. For the Spirit that we have discovered within is all that we will ever want or need from this point forward.

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