What’s the point?

Though things may appear hopeless, you are meant to fly high!

Hello my beautiful friends. This is Brother Thomas, your elder brother and guide from the Seventh Ray. I come today so that I might speak with you about the importance of your life, and all lives which live in the worlds of duality. If you could hear the thoughts of humankind as we do, you would immediately notice a sense of desperateness. Those living in misery, more often than not, feel cursed to be alive. Other sensitive souls see the failings and injustices in the world and feel robbed of happiness. So many of you existentially wonder, “What’s the point? What is the meaning of my life? What difference, if any, does my life make?” Let us explore these questions.

To those who ask the existential questions about the meaning of life, we say, “You are right on time!” Your journey to the earth worlds was no accident nor some set of curious coincidences of matter combining itself into consciousness. You are a special creation–an energetic force that was specially set aside from Divine Consciousness. You are a god in the making as you travel the worlds of matter learning first one thing and another. The reason you are asking these questions is that we forces on the God-Continuum above you constantly nudge your embodied consciousness to think of these things. Do not set these questions aside. Instead, call upon your angels and guides for clarity.

Your appearance in physical form upon the Earth is no accident. We remind you, as we have so many times, that you are following a plan created before your incarnation. You and your guides prepared a journey that furthers the evolution of your soul. As you live each day, you will be greatly influenced by your physical sentience which, until now, you identified as your true self. It is time for you to fully understand that this consciousness is only one aspect of your true self.

Your present life is like a pixel in a high definition picture. Life has meaning exactly because your present life is not the whole story of your existence.

Brother Thomas

The Witnessing Force

As you come to awaken, you will notice another force within. This consciousness has an ability to witness the physical sentience you once thought as yourself. This witnessing self is yet another wondrous aspect of who you are–but it is not the whole story. It is a composite of all the sentient memories of your previous lifetimes. Taken as a whole, your witnessing self is a wise being that continually develops as it experiences new things. Your incarnations grow the witnessing self. Even so, there is an even higher aspect within that defines who you are.

Higher than the witnessing self and one’s physical consciousness is the Spark of the Divine. It is a portion of the Creator that was set aside for the creation of your soul. This fractal spark is your connection to the divine and all things eternal. These three wondrous forces, braided together, comprise the Lux Animae. Of the three, the Spark reigns supreme and guides each moment of your existence in co-creating cooperation with your witnessing and conscious self.

The Fractal Spark

This fractal spark, while wholly loving, devoted, and attentive to your present consciousness and higher self, will always follow the Divine plan for your growth and development–even if it means subjecting you to experiences which can be painful and involve suffering.

Your Divine Consciousness has always known your ultimate destiny–to carry out a work worthy of the imagination of a God

Brother Thomas

Yes, even though your true self is most wondrous, it is also true that you often don’t see this beauty because of the numerous perceived difficulties you face each day. But here is the higher truth–it is only your physical sentience that perceives this world as less than perfect. The other parts of your Lux Animae (your soul) fully appreciate that this world is running exactly as it should. This is none other than Boot Camp Earth–the place that trains the Lux Animae in fires that purify. This testing prepares the soul and makes it worthy.

So the next time you feel despondent and down, go within and see a greater picture–one that exceeds your finite pixel. All lives are sublime, even if a single life is not.

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