What’s really going on?

It’s not just the Corona Virus aka COVID-19 that is spreading across the planet, it’s a new energy that has begun to sweep your world. I am Brother Thomas, your friend from the Seventh Ray, to tell you more about what is happening in your world.

Every now and then, Gaia, known to you as Mother Earth receives communications from her Lords, Masters, and Spirit Guides–even as you and I. She, too, is an energetic force that lives upon the God-Continuum whose vibration is continuously rising. With it comes new initiations that impact all who inhabit and live upon her. When Mother Gaia receives a spiritually energetic initiation, all who live upon her will receive it as well–and suffer or enjoy reward as befits their station upon the God-Continuum.

By your own law of attraction, you know that you attract what you are rather than what you want. This universal law is as true for the souls of heavenly stars and planets as it is for the humankind living upon them. Even as humans grow and evolve–so, too, does our beloved Gaia. As a human species, we choose to live short lifetimes upon the planet as an evolutionary means of raising our vibration and consciousness. We play a short game. Mother Gaia knows each of us and is willing to host each of us as we learn the lessons that only Boot Camp Earth can provide.

Mother Earth- plays the long game and lives according to celestial lifetimes. Lords and Masters of interplanetary galaxies oversee her evolution. Gaia’s vibration raises as she successfully raises the vibration for the forces of life upon her. By human terms, this process is a slow one. Even so, there are tipping points that signal that a new initiation and an advancement of evolutionary consciousness by our Mother Gaia. Increased vibrations often mean that a global cleansing must take place upon Gaia’s surface so that there is harmony between her and those who live upon her.

There have been changes before. The so-called flood of Noah was an initiation of Mother Earth whereby she relieved herself from the influence of the Nephilim–a rebellious sect of extra-dimensional beings who used her as a planetary base for perpetrating evil–not only upon the inhabitants of her surface–but other nearby planets as well.

Your scientists have evidence of pole shifts showing previous rotations of Gaia from North to South and points in between. Each time this happens, life upon the surface radically changes. What your scientists do not know is the reason this occurs. They will offer a scientific one, but the truth is this, each time these shifts have happened, it is always so that Mother Earth might increase her vibration by ridding the planet of evil influences–whether they be from Atlantis or elsewhere. Whenever Gaia’s vibration begins to rise, the old forces that are upon her do their best to oppose her. But they are no match. For when the will of those who oversee Gaia decide that she should evolve to a higher state, no force can stop it. There will be much opposition–but it is doomed to failure. This brings us to the present state of your planet.

There are those who have grown quite bold–believing that they, not Mother Gaia, are in charge of all that happens on planet Earth. They have become quite powerful and oversee the significant sources of economic and political power and hoard much of the world’s valuable resources. They seek only to enslave and rule. Their thirst for power exceeds what any can imagine. As Gaia’s vibration increases, they seek, as they always do, to repress or stop any changes from taking place, which would oppose them. In their mind, the COVID-19 microbe will stop the forces of opposition.

This pandemic is the result of an intentionally created bio-weapon devised to depopulate planets and destroy ways of life and living quickly. The particular scenario you are experiencing serves as a demonstration to the visible rulers of your planet of what happens if one does not obey these invisible overlords. And by the way, Earth is only a small laboratory test for a much larger plan involving another planetary body that is not all that far away–as light-years go.

The darkness always believes it will win. It relies upon material forces of power–never understanding that there are forces far greater than that. But fear not. Mother Gaia has more powerful friends. Not only does she have friends upon the surface of this planet, but she also has Angels, Spirits, and Guides of her own who are far more powerful than these so-called overlords. Gaia’s new energetic shift will soon destroy and drive these would-be tyrants away. They are no match for the forces of light who watch over her.

These are interesting times, indeed. You will see many people succumb to the virus, the collapse of a global economic system, and a new way of thinking evolve upon the planet. If you are reading this, please know that you have embodied at this precise time so that you might be a helper and guide to those who are suffering as the forces of light and dark collide. Though you should be cautious, do not worry about your safety. You are here to anchor the light, offer help and comfort, and to welcome people to the new age that is to come.

The long awaited shift is here. All we can do is ride it out anchored in our knowledge of what is really going on behind the scenes and offering our gifts to those about us who are in the midst of change they did not expect.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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