What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know

Mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I come to help the awakened ones–those of you who see the world much differently than you did a few years ago. Remember when your views were much like everybody else? Then, you begin to notice things that others did not. If you think about it, you always saw more about people, places, and things than others. That was normal for you and you assumed everyone was just like you. But they weren’t like you.

Your empathic skills have deepened.  Some of you have wisely hidden this for some time. Perhaps others of you mistakenly talked to others about your “gifts” only to discover they made fun of you or accused you as “working with the devil!” At any rate, you have had to hide your “hidden fullness.” At times, you may have wondered if you were crazy. If any of this describes you, welcome to the club.  You are waking up! The writings of Spiritus Lumine are here to help you fully awaken.  Once you awaken, we want to make you alert! Once alert, we want you to join forces with innumerable forces of light to help Earth transition to a new dimension.

Awakening Comes First

You must first complete the awakening processes. This will require that you accept a new paradigm about the unity of all things. You will learn that they only thing that exists is Source-Consciousness. Everything that you think you see, feel, and experience is nothing more than the Divine Imagination at play. This does not mean that your experiences are not real–only that they are all part of a unified whole of experiences derived from the mind of Source-Consciousness. If you truly grasp these concepts, you will realize that there is only one thinker. If you are thinking– then you must be the One Thinker! This one thing helps place everything in order. For more information, please read The Secret That Changes Everything and Unawakened, Awakened, and Merged Souls.

Deepen Metaphysical Understanding

If you understand the secret that changes everything, your next challenge is to understand what all of this means for you in everyday practical terms. You will need more information to build your mystical life. We recommend that you read the free book Metaphysical Foundations. Each chapter provides you with materials to help you understand your true nature. We especially recommend that you gain a full understanding of the concepts of Spiritus Lumine, Lux Animae, the Soul Complex and Spiritual Pings (also known as synchronicity).

Live According to the Spiritual Laws

Once you are firmly grounded in these mystical principles, it is time to learn or refresh your knowledge of the Spiritual Laws. We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. In the past, we operated according to physical principles and largely ignored spiritual ones. Once you awaken, you will want to know, respect, and live by the Spiritual Laws. All of the laws are important; however, in the beginning, we recommend that you fully understand the concepts of the Spiritual Sovereign and Surrender.

Develop Your Personal Growth and Wisdom

It is one thing to read about the spiritual life and another to live one. Our mystical practices are worthless if they do not bring about positive changes. At this stage we eliminate drama and negativity. Our goal is to work on the best version of ourselves. Our mystical attainment is directly related to the degree that our lives merge with the divine. We achieve cosmic or Christ consciousness as our lives fully merge with the indwelling Divine Spark. For more information, please read How to Effectively Handle Drama, Understanding Your Holographic Aspects to Gain Wisdom and Power, and Developing Your Spiritual Wisdom.

Refine Your Mystical Practices

A full understanding of all of the things mentioned above will bring about your full awakening. Your goal at this point is not to fall back asleep. This will be a temptation since the world about you has yet to awaken. Most of your friends are still fast asleep. You will feel like the person who becomes awake in the middle of the night. Do you go back to sleep or get up much earlier than the rest of the house. The spiritual world is no different. The way you remain alert is to develop a refined set of mystical practices. You will want to know how to ground yourself, protect yourself, practice spiritual travel, and find extra-dimensional guidance. You will also want to know about your angels, spirits, and guides.

Rethink Your Perspective about Earth

There are innumerable mystical practices that will help shape your life as a mystic. Your spiritual journey is not only the result of the work you have done in this life; it is the result your work over many lifetimes. To help you gain an appreciation of this, we recommend that you read our teaching, An Evolutionary History of Your Soul.  At the same time, it is easy to become discouraged as we see the events of the world unfold. It helps to understand the purpose of this world and why we have come here. We recommend that you read our Boot Camp Earth teachings, Ascension: If You Win Here, You Stay Here, The Wisdom of Perfectly Imperfect Experiences, and The Hopelessness of Human Accomplishment.

Devote Yourself to Service

If you understand the writings above and live your mystical lifestyle, you will be imbued with a sense of mission and purpose. You will receive the extra-dimensional help you have been seeking. Your guides will make themselves known. If you would like to know more about guides, we recommend that you read our teaching, Can I Know My Spiritual Guides? Even more important, your guides will point the way for your new life work. Perhaps you will write, teach, or channel the wisdom of higher dimensions.  You will see your life changing for the better as drama falls away and your only desire becomes to live a sacred life of service. That is your true north. We recommend that you read, Blending: The Mystics Way of Serving Others and Practical Mysticism–Doing Shows Who You Really Are.

Keep Ascension as Your Immediate Goal

Finally, we want you to know that this world is experiencing a series of vibratory changes that will soon change the very nature of this planet. To know more about this read, Are You Ready for the New Earth? A mystic points their life towards ascension–or that moment when we no longer need to incarnate as a physical being and transition to our new light body. Let us ready ourselves for the next exciting stage of the spiritual journey.

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