The Mystical Vibratory Circuit

Vibratory Circuit
You are a 100-watt transmitter/receiver.

The physical body is filled with microcrystalline structures vibrating at various frequencies. We activate them as we complete the vibratory circuit through grounding, meditation and mystical practices.

The Spiritual Vibratory Circuit

Our human scientists state that the body at rest produces about 100 watts of power. Through grounding and meditation, the mystic creates a vibratory circuit that allows us to use the human body much like a radio transmitter. Think of it this way. The energy supplied, via the silver cord to the human body, activates the microcrystalline elements. Through grounding and mystical practices, we can close the circuit and activate the transmitter. Spiritus Lumine serves as the universal antenna for the Lux Animae–the transmission device. Depending upon which mystical practice is employed, messages are sent to our angels, spirits, and guides.

The Antenna and the Vibratory Circuit

As we have discussed in other lessons, the Spiritus Lumine is the distribution mechanism used by Source-Consciousness to send its ineffable qualities throughout all dimensions of matter, space and time. Like the internet, it is our direct link to Source. It is everywhere and yet, to most, completely hidden. When we say the Lumine is everywhere–we are saying that Divine information is being distributed everywhere–at every available band and frequency. Some of this information is very high and dense qualities–such as those from the ascended masters. Others, such as traditional religions, are of lesser quality but just as vital for those beginning their awakening process. In meditation, we recommend that you intentionally focus upon a single ascended master. We have written about them in our lessons.

Grounding and the Vibratory Circuit

Grounding is an essential mystical practice. To effectively develop our ability to travel the spiritual realms consciously, we must learn how to close the energetic loops between the Spiritus Lumine, the Lux Animae, and our Higher-Self. While our Lux Animae is always in contact with Source Consciousness via the Spiritus Lumine–the Higher-Self sometimes is not. Just as no current can flow in an electrical circuit if there is a break in the wire, the same is true about soul communication. It must be grounded to “close the energetic loop.”

Mother Earth is Part of the Vibratory Circuit

Many people are unaware that Mother Earth is a living and breathing organism with sentience as sophisticated as you or me. They think of themselves as being the smart thinking one, and mother earth as little more than leftover spewed inert matter from the big bang.  This is not the case at all! Mother Earth is a part of the material cosmos, and she is in communication with all of the other planets and galaxies. She has been tasked by Source Consciousness to serve as the creator of all living beings–including all human bodies born on this planet and be their host while they live here. Additionally, mother other stores the memories of all inhabitants–including us–in her crystalline structure. The frequencies of Mother Earth are designed to resonate with our own. When we ground our conscious physical awareness (tap into) Mother Earth consciousness, we can borrow (or piggyback) with her amazing energies and abilities to commune with the cosmos.

How to Ground to Mother Earth

We have written a lesson for you on this very subject.  Please read Ground Yourself to Mother Earth found in the mystical practices of this website.

Meditate on the Ascended Masters to Complete the Vibratory Circuit

Start with the masters you know–whether it be Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, or some other exalted being. Speak to them as you would a friend and ask them to bring you new teachers that will speed you on your way–not so you may follow them exclusively–but that you might, as a spiritual sovereign, grow and learn as you should. Here are some of David’s guides. Perhaps you might want to learn more about some of them.

  • Angels (Traditional Christian) — Angels are heavenly messengers that are willing to lend us all kinds of help. Entire books have been written about these amazing entities! Angels are willing helpers of humankind and await our call to them. Ask them to whisper guidance in your ears each day and seek their protection–especially the protection of Archangel Michael. Remember, nothing fancy is required–a quick verbal call out is all that is required to invite their help.
  • Brother Thomas — This guide identifies himself as a guide and Master of the Seventh Ray. He serves with Saint Germain, who is also listed in this grouping. Brother Thomas wishes to spread the teachings of the Spiritus Lumine, or the Light of God. Though he works with David to create these lessons, he is willing to work with any and all who wish to seek out his wisdom. As with Saint Germain, he teaches that all human beings (not all beings) are created as spiritual sovereigns who may freely use the Spiritus Lumine to grow and advance spiritually. Reaching Brother Thomas is easy. Just go into a meditative state, focus upon the color violet–or the violet flame–and mentally chant the following mantra, “Spiritus, Lux.” This is short for “God and me” and “God’s light, my light.” This mantra is also an affirmation that we may unite with the Spiritus Lumine to receive Divine wisdom. Try it and see how it works for you.
  • El Morya — Master of the First Ray. He teaches us the principle of following the way of the Divine instead of humankind. We can always call upon him for power and protection.
  • Gaia or Mother Earth — Mother Earth is a living breathing entity and just as conscious as you and me. She has many names throughout the world. I find it helpful to reference her as Gaia-or Mother Earth. Our beautiful mother is the creative force of all material things we experience on earth. While existence springs from Source, Mother Earth is the entity that creates all material homes for sentient and non-sentient beings. Mother Earth’s crystalline structure is also the repository, or library, for the history of all peoples who have lived upon the earth–as well as the repository for this sector of the galaxy. Often referred to as the Akashic Records, this library may be reviewed by permission of our guides and Gaia. As mystics in human form, we need a firm grounding to our Mother if we are to have a completed circuit for the Spiritus Lumine. Mother Earth knows you intimately–and has been following your many lifetimes upon her planet. Call upon her often for wisdom and creativity.
  • Gautama Buddha — The teachings of the Buddha are prolific and profound. One of his central teachings is that human suffering is the result of being overly attached to a person, place, thing, or outcome. Call upon this guide whenever you are suffering and ask for your unhealthful attachment to be revealed to you. Ask as well for help in releasing it.
  • Hilarion — Master of the Fifth Ray. He promotes healing and wholeness as we bring the fullness of truth into our lives. He encourages us to grow beyond our present understandings and to see the unity of all things.
  • Lao Tzu — This master is the founder of Taoism (pronounced Daoism). His writings emphasize the mystery of the Divine and remind us that the ways of Source are well beyond the powers of human comprehension. Perhaps more than all other ancient masters, the writings of Lao Tzu help the mystic to shed the mind and turn instead to the infinite vastness.
  • Lord Lanto — Master of the Second Ray. He is the bringer of wisdom and divine illumination. He also helps in instructing us how to use our words to bring about healing and enlightenment in others.
  • Mother Mary — We are speaking of the mother of Jesus the Christ here. Mother Mary and Gaia embody the feminine energy of nature and the divine. She is an example of a guide we may turn to when we need nurture, comfort, compassion, and the help that only a loving mother may give. She is the one to whom we may pour out the tribulations of our heart–along with its cares and concerns. Call upon Mother Mary whenever you need to develop healing and compassion in your life.
  • Saint Germain — This name is a version of the Latin, Sanctus Germanus, or Holy Brother. He is the exalted Master of the Violet Ray and promotes freedom, purity, wisdom, and ascension. The lessons you are reading are filled with his influence–especially the teachings on Spiritual Sovereignty! Germain calls upon all of us to turn to a life of purity and good works and to free ourselves from the programming and control of the third-dimensional culture. A beautiful mantra, accredited to Saint Germain, that one can recite goes as follows, “I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God desires.” As you say this mantra over and over, imagine yourself surrounded by a healing violet flame that cleanses your aura completely.
  • Serapis Bey — Master of the Fourth Ray. When we need discipline, organization, and help with getting our life together, this is the master to call upon. He bestows order and disciple so that we might regroup and ascend in our spiritual growth. He is the one we call upon when we need to learn new things, and when we need to learn things that seem too hard for us. Like all the masters, Serapis Bey will not do the work for us–but he will surely show you how to do what is needed to put you straight.


We hope this discussion about the mystical vibratory circuit helps to make clear how this process works. In the end, it is more important that you put to work your mystical practices than have complete understandings of the process.  Still, there are those nerdy mystics who want to know! Get to know your ascended masters and make it a point to talk with them daily. Then, spend special meditative time with them to gain even deeper wisdom.

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