Vesica Piscis

My dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas, your friend who watch­es over you from the Sev­enth Ray. I bring you greet­ings and wish to share with you a secret that has been hid­den in plain view since ancient times. I am speak­ing of the vesi­ca pis­cis. You see ver­sions of this sym­bol in your world every­where. For instance, the logo of an Audi auto­mo­bile fea­tures four inter­lock­ing rings. Some­times jew­el­ry and Celtic art­work will fea­ture repeat­ing vesi­ca pis­cis pat­terns such as those found in triske­lion knots. Yes, inter­lock­ing rings are spir­i­tu­al­ly sig­nif­i­cant, but even more impor­tant is the spaces between these rings.

Often times, saints are pic­tured as being in the space between the two rings. We encour­age you to imag­ine your­self in this space. You, as mys­tic, walk between the worlds of heav­en and earth. You are the saint that ties them both togeth­er.

Vesica Piscis as Sacred Geometry

Sacred sym­bols are like visu­al poet­ry. With­in these eso­teric signs is a pow­er to stir our souls with the pow­er of arche­typ­al ener­gies and mean­ings. A sim­ple geo­met­ric shape may con­nect us to the moment of cre­ation, remind us of the uni­ty of all things, or bring the love of the Cre­ator into our present moment aware­ness. So it is with the vesi­ca pis­cis – two over­lap­ping cir­cles of equal size inter­sect­ing at the each circle’s mid­point.  This inter­sec­tion cre­ates an upright oval called a man­dor­la, an almond-shaped frame.

Vesica Piscis: Ancient Meanings

In ancient times, a sin­gle cir­cle rep­re­sent­ed Source and all cre­ation. It was a per­fect rep­re­sen­ta­tion giv­en that cir­cles have no begin­nings or end­ings and that, in an absolute sense, noth­ing exists but the Divine. Two rings, how­ev­er, sig­ni­fy the mas­cu­line-fem­i­nine god-god­dess ener­gies of dual­i­ty.  The two over­lap­ping cir­cles of the vesi­ca pis­cis con­tain addi­tion­al eso­teric mean­ings. They rep­re­sent the union of heav­en and earth as well as the space between them. As mys­tics, we walk the mid­dle path between these two domains. The inter­me­di­ate area rep­re­sents our present place in the God-Con­tin­u­um.

vesica piscis example

Vesica Piscis: Christian Meanings

The vesi­ca pis­cis has a rich his­to­ry with­in Chris­ten­dom. The cross of Christ may be formed in the cen­ter oval by cre­at­ing inter­sect­ing lines at the hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal inter­sec­tions. Chris­tians think of the cross as a sym­bol of God­ly sac­ri­fice and love. If one rotates the man­dor­la, one can eas­i­ly see the ear­ly Chris­t­ian sign known as the ichthus – or fish. In ear­ly Chris­t­ian art, Saints are some­times drawn inside of the man­dor­la oval shape. If you look at our illus­tra­tion, you will not see the actu­al exter­nal cir­cles, but can eas­i­ly see the Vir­gin Mary inside of the vesi­ca pis­cis.  This was an ancient way of rep­re­sent­ing the sacred aura of the saint.

Chris­t­ian Ichthus


Vir­gin Mary in Vesi­ca Pis­cis

virgin mary

Vesica Piscis and the Flower of Life

When the ancient vesi­ca pis­cis sym­bol is repeat­ed mul­ti­ple times in a spec­i­fied geo­met­ric pat­tern, we see the emer­gence of the seed of life and flower pat­terns.  Each of these sym­bols have worlds of mys­ti­cal mean­ings asso­ci­at­ed with them. But for now, we will note that both rep­re­sent the cycles of cre­ation and that they demon­strate how all things arise from the one. We will dis­cuss both of them at anoth­er time.

Seed of Life
Seed of Life

flower of life
Flower of Life

Vesica Piscis: Other Mystical Meanings

Mys­tics asso­ciate numer­ous oth­er mys­ti­cal mean­ings with the vesi­ca pis­cis sym­bol as well. Since it draws upon the ener­gies found in pow­ers of three, these mean­ings appear.

  • Body — Mind — and Spir­it
  • High­er Self — Con­scious Self — Low­er Self
  • The bal­ance between mas­cu­line and fem­i­nine ener­gies
  • Thoughts — Actions — Emo­tions
  • Me — Us — You (rela­tion­ship reminder)
  • For more infor­ma­tion, please read our post The Pow­er of Sacred Threes.

Oth­er mys­ti­cal mean­ings include:

  • When rolled side­ways, the oval becomes a sign for the third-eye, and the Eye of Horus – a sym­bol of pro­tec­tion, pow­er, and good health.
  • Masons placed the Wash­ing­ton Mon­u­ment in the cen­ter of a vesi­ca pis­cis on the capi­tol mall – sym­bol­ic of the cre­ation and birth of a new nation.
  • Vesi­ca pis­cis fig­ures promi­nent­ly Pythagore­an his­to­ry. It is a holy fig­ure because the ratio of its width to its height is 165:153 or 1.73203 — a sacred num­ber. (cre​ation​cen​ter​.org)
  • The Gospel of John notes that Jesus mirac­u­lous­ly caught 153 fish. Because of this, some believe that it is the sym­bol for Jesus Christ (ichthys) which is found in the vesi­ca pis­cis. (cre​ation​cen​ter​.org)
  • The shape was also said to be found in the Ark of the Covenant. (cre​ation​cen​ter​.org)


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