Vesica Piscis

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your friend who watches over you from the Seventh Ray. I bring you greetings and wish to share with you a secret that has been hidden in plain view since ancient times. I am speaking of the vesica piscis. You see versions of this symbol in your world everywhere. For instance, the logo of an Audi automobile features four interlocking rings. Sometimes jewelry and Celtic artwork will feature repeating vesica piscis patterns such as those found in triskelion knots. Yes, interlocking rings are spiritually significant, but even more important is the spaces between these rings.

Often times, saints are pictured as being in the space between the two rings. We encourage you to imagine yourself in this space. You, as mystic, walk between the worlds of heaven and earth. You are the saint that ties them both together.

Vesica Piscis as Sacred Geometry

Sacred symbols are like visual poetry. Within these esoteric signs is a power to stir our souls with the power of archetypal energies and meanings. A simple geometric shape may connect us to the moment of creation, remind us of the unity of all things, or bring the love of the Creator into our present moment awareness. So it is with the vesica piscis–two overlapping circles of equal size intersecting at the each circle’s midpoint.  This intersection creates an upright oval called a mandorla, an almond-shaped frame.

Vesica Piscis: Ancient Meanings

In ancient times, a single circle represented Source and all creation. It was a perfect representation given that circles have no beginnings or endings and that, in an absolute sense, nothing exists but the Divine. Two rings, however, signify the masculine-feminine god-goddess energies of duality.  The two overlapping circles of the vesica piscis contain additional esoteric meanings. They represent the union of heaven and earth as well as the space between them. As mystics, we walk the middle path between these two domains. The intermediate area represents our present place in the God-Continuum.

vesica piscis example

Vesica Piscis: Christian Meanings

The vesica piscis has a rich history within Christendom. The cross of Christ may be formed in the center oval by creating intersecting lines at the horizontal and vertical intersections. Christians think of the cross as a symbol of Godly sacrifice and love. If one rotates the mandorla, one can easily see the early Christian sign known as the ichthus–or fish. In early Christian art, Saints are sometimes drawn inside of the mandorla oval shape. If you look at our illustration, you will not see the actual external circles, but can easily see the Virgin Mary inside of the vesica piscis.  This was an ancient way of representing the sacred aura of the saint.

Christian Ichthus


Virgin Mary in Vesica Piscis

virgin mary

Vesica Piscis and the Flower of Life

When the ancient vesica piscis symbol is repeated multiple times in a specified geometric pattern, we see the emergence of the seed of life and flower patterns.  Each of these symbols have worlds of mystical meanings associated with them. But for now, we will note that both represent the cycles of creation and that they demonstrate how all things arise from the one. We will discuss both of them at another time.

Seed of Life
Seed of Life

flower of life
Flower of Life

Vesica Piscis: Other Mystical Meanings

Mystics associate numerous other mystical meanings with the vesica piscis symbol as well. Since it draws upon the energies found in powers of three, these meanings appear.

  • Body – Mind – and Spirit
  • Higher Self – Conscious Self – Lower Self
  • The balance between masculine and feminine energies
  • Thoughts – Actions – Emotions
  • Me – Us – You (relationship reminder)
  • For more information, please read our post The Power of Sacred Threes.

Other mystical meanings include:

  • When rolled sideways, the oval becomes a sign for the third-eye, and the Eye of Horus–a symbol of protection, power, and good health.
  • Masons placed the Washington Monument in the center of a vesica piscis on the capitol mall–symbolic of the creation and birth of a new nation.
  • Vesica piscis figures prominently Pythagorean history. It is a holy figure because the ratio of its width to its height is 165:153 or 1.73203—a sacred number. (
  • The Gospel of John notes that Jesus miraculously caught 153 fish. Because of this, some believe that it is the symbol for Jesus Christ (ichthys) which is found in the vesica piscis. (
  • The shape was also said to be found in the Ark of the Covenant. (


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  1. I am so glad my guides led me here to understand what is happening during the ascension process. I recently was shown the vesica piscis symbol in the sky on the night of the planet conjunction ( Uranus and saturn) and have been given mathematical formulas in dream stage which I do not understand . I’m searching for how to proceed and will search within with my guides rather than externally.
    I am an 11/11 born human as well. Pleased to learn from you.

  2. Greetings

    Recently, upon awakening one morning I saw the image in a reflection on my bedroom wall. I didn’t pay much attention to the symbol at the time. However, I looked deeper into the message I got and found your information.

    Thanks for shedding light on this subject.


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