Use the Seal of Solomon for Protection

Seal of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon is an ancient method of spiritual protection created by the Biblical king who was given dominion over all non-earthly spirits through a signet ring provided him by Archangel Michael.

We would like to introduce an ancient form of spiritual protection known as the Seal of Solomon. You may read stories about this famous King in the Holy Bible– the book of 1st Kings. For those into esoterica, numerous online books exist that describe many ritual uses for this symbol.

Importance of Spiritual Protection

Though your frequency be high, it is important to remain mindful of the importance of spiritual protection. There are many entities on the God-Continuum who wish to interfere with the good efforts of lightworkers. If you are new to mysticism, it is absolutely essential to set aside time each day to speak with your guardian angels. Ask them to fold their wings around you and cloak you fully in white light.

Another form of protection is to call upon the Seal of Solomon. Today’s Bible does not discuss this seal. Judaic lore, however, says that Archangel Michael gave King Solomon a signet ring. This gave him dominion over every spirit–including the evil ones. Using the ring, King Solomon commanded the evil spirits to build the famed Temple of Israel. For our purposes, we call upon the Seal of Solomon symbol strictly for the purpose of spiritual protection.

Seal of Solomon: Esoteric Meanings

Though similar, the Seal of Solomon is not the same as the Star of David. The Star of David has two solid overlapping triangles. The Seal of Solomon contains interlaced or interwoven triangles (the symbols of water and fire) set inside of a circle. Notice that the seal forms a hexagram of six points. These six points, along with the space in the middle, represent humankind’s traditional seven energy centers or chakras. These seven spaces also serve as signs for the traditional seven rays of visible light which may be used for soul travel.  You may read more about these mystic rays on our website.

You may also notice that there are four distinct corners to the seal. These represent the elementals of earth, fire, air, and water. The middle space in the star provides the fifth elemental of ether. You may visualize the seal either two- or three-dimensionally for a variety of uses. While the rituals for the seal are beyond counting; however, for our purposes, we only concern ourselves with using the seal as a form of protection.

Using the Seal of Solomon

It is easy to use the Seal of Solomon for protection.  Sit quietly with your hands in mudra position. Close your eyes and call upon your spiritual imagination to visualize yourself sitting in the middle of the Seal of Solomon.

To read our specific details, please read the lesson: Seal of Solomon Protective Meditation. It is found in our mystical practices section on this website.


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