Use the Golden Robe of Light for Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection

My dear mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas–your elder brother on the God-Continuum. I speak to you as I always do through my dear friend David, who transcribes these messages on my behalf. Both of us want you to know that my words are for all–not just David alone. We write these so that you may awaken to the higher truth about the Unity of All Things. Once awakened, we want to bring you to bright alertness. Today I want to share a message that will extend you spiritual protection from negative influences. We will share a sacred mystical practice for spiritual protection known as The Golden Robe of Light.

Dark Forces Notice when You Spiritually Awaken

Even though you have been awake in human consciousness for some time, most of you have never been much of a threat to the forces of darkness. We do not say this to criticize you–we only mean that it is the spiritually awakened that attracts attention from those forces who oppose the light. Once you fully comprehend The Secret that Changes Everything, your vibration changes. It is like an alarm clock that wakes you up while you remain groggy and not fully alert. It is at this stage of your mystical development that you need our special protection to keep you spiritually safe and alert.

Spiritual Protection: Daily Sacred Rituals

When you first awaken, it is easy to fall back into sleep. It is like waking up in the middle of the night. You awaken and notice that it is dark and early in the morning. Seeing that no one else is awake, your temptation is to return to sleep. Spiritual awakening is like this. Once you awaken and see that no one else around you is awake, it is easy to drift back to sleep. This is a confusing period where you come to realize that you are seriously out of step with the rest of the world. We tell you that this is the time to persevere! Arise, do not go back to sleep! Instead, steady your awakened state by creating daily rituals that your guides will give you–provided you ask.

We encourage you to read widely. Listen to podcasts, videos, and audio recordings as you travel to work to help bring you to greater awareness and alertness. But most of all, begin asking your guides what you should do next–not only to protect you but to grow spiritually as a mystic. One of the best recommendations we can make is for you to set aside time to meditate–both early in the morning and before you sleep at night. Let us describe the rituals we encourage David to do each day.

An Illustration of Daily Rituals

David goes to bed around 11:00 p.m. each evening. From this time until around one a.m., he listens to podcasts about metaphysical teachings as he sleeps. There are so many wonderful subjects to choose from, and soon there will be many produced by Sprititus Lumine as well.

From one until four in the morning, David sleeps uninterrupted. If he awakens, he notes the time on the digital alarm so that David might interpret any messages he receives from his guides via numerology. Around four in the morning, he awakens–but not entirely. It is at this time that David’s guides bring him spiritual downloads. These are spiritual messages from his angels, spirits, and guides that cover a wide variety of subjects. Even though he is still in bed, these messages come before his semi-conscious awareness.

At six a.m., he fully awakens and goes to his living room where he meditates until seven. On his way to work, and as he travels throughout the day, he listens to podcasts, audiobooks, and recorded materials. The day continues with attention to synchronicities and coincidences. We tell him to pay special attention anytime there is an interruption in his day. We tell him that interruptions are usually special messages from we guides. Around ten o’clock in the evening, David begins his evening meditation using headphones that play binaural meditation music. In other posts, we will speak in greater detail about the mystical practice of meditation.

Spiritual Protection: Associating with Like-minded Friends.

Once spiritually awakened, it is not good for the mystic to work alone. We are stronger together than by ourselves. To remain motivated in our spiritual growth, we associate with like-minded people. We encourage you to build a circle of friends who can understand what you are experiencing and going through.

There are many ways to do this. Consider using your phone Meet-Up App to see if there are meet-up groups in your town that discuss metaphysical subjects. If you live in Oklahoma City, consider attending weekly meetings with Sacred Circle Academy.  Think about joining a sacred fraternity, or perhaps you might involve yourself with one more nationally recognized metaphysical groups.

The main thing we want you to remember is that you are a Spiritual Sovereign. Joining a group never includes giving up the right to make your spiritual decisions. At the same time, just because you are a Spiritual Sovereign does not mean that you cannot continue to grow and learn from individuals who are spiritually awake and strong.

Practice Spiritual Protection.

The last thing we will discuss is spiritual protection. We do not want to frighten you. One does not need to live in fear of the dark forces. Believe me when I say that your angels, spirits, and guides are looking out for you. At the same time, it is important to realize that the newly awakened are the most vulnerable to falling back to sleep or becoming discouraged.

The dark forces are not looking to harm you as much as they are seeking to discourage you.

The goal of the negative forces is to cause you to question your mystical experiences and to set them aside as sheer madness! These forces will work hard to create self-doubt. There are many ways in which they operate.

Your religious friends may try to persuade you that you have abandoned the faith. Nothing could be further from the truth! (You have a greater wholeness than they can imagine!) They may also work through friends and family who belittle your new beliefs and mystical lifestyle. Since you are learning about the mystical path, their arguments may sound persuasive. All said and done; these negative vibrations can be an effective means of discouraging the newly awakened.

In many ways discouragement is your first series of spiritual tests to determine if you are ready to advance on the God-Continuum.

Do This Simple Meditation Morning, Noon and Night

We would like to recommend a simple metaphysical practice for your spiritual protection. We call this the Golden Robe of Light. I, Brother Thomas, offer you this protective exercise as something to use throughout your day as a shield from the negativity that may come your way. Use the following meditation and invocation often for protection.

A Simple Meditation for Spiritual Protection

All you have to do is take several moments throughout the day to use your spiritual imagination to bring forth a beautiful, yet protective, golden robe of light. See that the robe is gorgeous, long, and comfortable. It is constructed of protective golden energy that has been sent to you from us of the Seventh Ray–and delivered to you by the powerful Archangel Michael. As you may know, Archangel Michael is the sacred and Divine warrior who protects humankind.

Now place the golden robe of energetic light upon your body and behold that it fits perfectly! As you fasten the robe, remind yourself how it protects you from all harm. Only good can come in, and only good can go out. As you conduct your activities throughout the day, see yourself wearing this beautiful protective robe of energetic light.

A Simple Invocation for Spiritual Protection

Angels, Spirits, Guides, Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray, and Archangel Michael,

I call upon you now for help and protection.

Place upon my spiritual body the Golden Robe of Light.

With this robe, I signify that I am under your sacred protection.

Allow only good energies to come to me and only good energies flow from me.

Let this robe protect me from all intended and unintended harms.

So mote it be.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,


Golden Robe of Light Audio Download

For those of you who would enjoy an extended version–suitable for meditation, we have recorded an mp3 audio for you. Feel free to download, listen, and share this meditation with anyone who is in need of sacred help and protection. We encourage you to listen to it on a regular basis until such time as you continuously know in your consciousness that you are wearing the protective robe.

This audio meditation will be added soon. Please check back.

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