Understanding Your Holographic Aspects to Gain Wisdom and Power

holographic aspects
Each Person You Meet is an Aspect of Yourself from Central Casting

Dear mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I am one of the many entities on this side of the God-Continuum who watch and assist the awakening souls of humankind. What a joy it is to see the glowing auras of the newly awakened. From where we are–it is like unto springtime when new flowers come into bloom. So it is with Earth at this glorious moment. The winds of change are ushering a higher vibratory state upon your planet that is awakening humankind by the thousands. Soon it will be the hundreds of thousands–and even millions. You are among the first to awaken and there is much work to do!

Today I want to bring you a high teaching that may be difficult to realize as true. If you faithfully read and practice what we teach today, you will soon be ready to be a first responder of awakening humanity. The truth is this. For reasons we shall soon explain, you have never had an argument, ill-feelings, anger, or faced the need to forgive another person.  Instead, the people you think you see and communicate with each day are only holographic aspects of yourself! To say it another way, the drama that you so desperately need to remove from your life, to spur your awakening, lies within yourself and not others. There are no others–only holographic aspects of yourself!

Remove Drama to Grow in Spiritual Wisdom and Power

My awakening friends, the first true test of your awakening is the ability to live your truth in such a way as to remove pointless drama, negativity and arguments. Life will always have its troubles; but, the first test of alertness is your willingness to remove and no longer participate in the daily negativity of life. Remember this, unless your vibratory state increases from where it was when you first awakened, you will most certainly drift back into sleep–losing all of your spiritual gains.  Awakening is a vibratory threshold that you cross. To remain awake, you must raise your vibration.

The only thing that solidifies your spiritual growth and power as a mystic is your ability to surrender to the inner teachings of Source-Consciousness. If you are able to do so, two things will begin to happen. First, your personal vibratory rate increases. Secondly, daily dramas and negativity, which held you captive and asleep, dissolve and disappear.

In your newly awakened state, Divine-Source wishes to create a positive spiral within you. Your vibration increases as personal negativity decreases. This, in turn, creates an even higher vibratory rate within you–and the cycle begins anew.

There is Only You and Your Holographic Aspects

Now let us refer to the picture at the top of this teaching.  Did you wonder why we choose this illustration? Imagine all of the people you know and have ever met standing in front of you. Here is the high teaching we want you to realize fully. These people are not separate from you. They are you and you are them! Until now, you have may not have realized this. People are three-dimensional representations of your personality and being. They serve as holographic aspects of your character.

Each “so-called person” you encounter each day in your life represents potential blessings to embrace or negativity that needs attention and healing. The people you see are like the marbles a first-grade teacher might use to teach her students about addition and subtraction. They are representative of concepts that are harder to imagine without some form of physical representation. So it is with the people around you. They are physical representations of your psyche.

Your agreement to participate in this three-dimensional world of matter affords you an opportunity to see, in three-dimensional space, those aspects of self you must heal. They will be represented by each person who comes before you. To understand this teaching is to grasp one of life’s most profound lessons. It is the foundation of self-mastery.

Holographic Aspects Represent Deeper Truths about Yourself

To recap, it is the condition of humankind to forget the spiritual truth about the unity of all things. Instead, we believe that we are separate from everybody and everything. This is not true. There is only one consciousness and you are it! One of the many reasons the worlds of matter exists is so that Source may observe its many facets in three-dimensional space. Thus, in this holographic world, each person is like a chess piece that represents one aspect of the game as a whole. In like manner, each person you meet is a unique facet of your personality that you may choose to love or heal.

A Short Holographic Forgiveness Exercise

One of the ways to heal aspects of yourself that you do not like is to stop blaming others and start forgiving yourself. Understanding the truths we’ve outlined makes forgiveness a more natural process. It is usually easier to forgive ourselves than another. The simple truth is this; there is no need to forgive anyone but yourself! There are no others to forgive–only an unwillingness to accept some aspect of ourselves, represented by another, that brings us pain.

A Short Holographic Meditation

Here is a short meditation that takes only a few minutes to do. It challenges you to examine those qualities within yourself that you do not like.  Seeing them in some other individuals reminds you to bring them forward for healing.

  1. Think of some person that irritates you. Keep things simple. There should not be too much negative charge, or outright hatred, associated with this individual.
  2. As you think of this person, review those qualities you do not like.
  3. Say words to this effect, either in your mind or aloud.  I see the following negative qualities in (name the person you are thinking about). Be detailed and thorough about those things you do not like.
  4. Now, remind yourself that this person is only a three-dimensional physical hologram representing some aspect of your personality that you do not like. This is the part of you that needs healing energy.
  5. In your own way, call to God, Source-Consciousness (however it is that you conceive of a Power greater than yourself).
  6. Confess to this Higher Source using words to this effect. Divine-Source, I know that the person I have brought before you is nothing more than a physical representation of myself that needs healing. I call upon my angels, spirits, guides, as well as the Spark of the Divine within my Lux Animae for help in healing and acceptance.
  7. Now, take a moment of time to talk to yourself inwardly as you would a young child. Express a willingness to accept and forgive yourself of those undesirable characteristics and traits.  Consider using words to this effect. Divine Source, thank you for bringing me an object lesson which shows what I must heal. With your help, I will  forgive myself for not loving and being accepting of who I am. I ask the Spark of the Divine within my Lux Animae to restore my ability to completely accept myself for as long as I encounter this three-dimensional reminder–even as I continue to grow and improve in Spirit.

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