Understanding Your Holographic Aspects to Gain Wisdom and Power

holographic aspects
Each Per­son You Meet is an Aspect of Your­self from Cen­tral Cast­ing

Dear mys­ti­cal friends, this is Broth­er Thomas of the Sev­enth Ray. I am one of the many enti­ties on this side of the God-Con­tin­u­um who watch and assist the awak­en­ing souls of humankind. What a joy it is to see the glow­ing auras of the new­ly awak­ened. From where we are – it is like unto spring­time when new flow­ers come into bloom. So it is with Earth at this glo­ri­ous moment. The winds of change are ush­er­ing a high­er vibra­to­ry state upon your plan­et that is awak­en­ing humankind by the thou­sands. Soon it will be the hun­dreds of thou­sands – and even mil­lions. You are among the first to awak­en and there is much work to do!

Today I want to bring you a high teach­ing that may be dif­fi­cult to real­ize as true. If you faith­ful­ly read and prac­tice what we teach today, you will soon be ready to be a first respon­der of awak­en­ing human­i­ty. The truth is this. For rea­sons we shall soon explain, you have nev­er had an argu­ment, ill-feel­ings, anger, or faced the need to for­give anoth­er per­son.  Instead, the peo­ple you think you see and com­mu­ni­cate with each day are only holo­graph­ic aspects of your­self! To say it anoth­er way, the dra­ma that you so des­per­ate­ly need to remove from your life, to spur your awak­en­ing, lies with­in your­self and not oth­ers. There are no oth­ers – only holo­graph­ic aspects of your­self!

Remove Drama to Grow in Spiritual Wisdom and Power

My awak­en­ing friends, the first true test of your awak­en­ing is the abil­i­ty to live your truth in such a way as to remove point­less dra­ma, neg­a­tiv­i­ty and argu­ments. Life will always have its trou­bles; but, the first test of alert­ness is your will­ing­ness to remove and no longer par­tic­i­pate in the dai­ly neg­a­tiv­i­ty of life. Remem­ber this, unless your vibra­to­ry state increas­es from where it was when you first awak­ened, you will most cer­tain­ly drift back into sleep – los­ing all of your spir­i­tu­al gains.  Awak­en­ing is a vibra­to­ry thresh­old that you cross. To remain awake, you must raise your vibra­tion.

The only thing that solid­i­fies your spir­i­tu­al growth and pow­er as a mys­tic is your abil­i­ty to sur­ren­der to the inner teach­ings of Source-Con­scious­ness. If you are able to do so, two things will begin to hap­pen. First, your per­son­al vibra­to­ry rate increas­es. Sec­ond­ly, dai­ly dra­mas and neg­a­tiv­i­ty, which held you cap­tive and asleep, dis­solve and dis­ap­pear.

In your new­ly awak­ened state, Divine-Source wish­es to cre­ate a pos­i­tive spi­ral with­in you. Your vibra­tion increas­es as per­son­al neg­a­tiv­i­ty decreas­es. This, in turn, cre­ates an even high­er vibra­to­ry rate with­in you – and the cycle begins anew.

There is Only You and Your Holographic Aspects

Now let us refer to the pic­ture at the top of this teach­ing.  Did you won­der why we choose this illus­tra­tion? Imag­ine all of the peo­ple you know and have ever met stand­ing in front of you. Here is the high teach­ing we want you to real­ize ful­ly. These peo­ple are not sep­a­rate from you. They are you and you are them! Until now, you have may not have real­ized this. Peo­ple are three-dimen­sion­al rep­re­sen­ta­tions of your per­son­al­i­ty and being. They serve as holo­graph­ic aspects of your char­ac­ter.

Each “so-called per­son” you encounter each day in your life rep­re­sents poten­tial bless­ings to embrace or neg­a­tiv­i­ty that needs atten­tion and heal­ing. The peo­ple you see are like the mar­bles a first-grade teacher might use to teach her stu­dents about addi­tion and sub­trac­tion. They are rep­re­sen­ta­tive of con­cepts that are hard­er to imag­ine with­out some form of phys­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion. So it is with the peo­ple around you. They are phys­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tions of your psy­che.

Your agree­ment to par­tic­i­pate in this three-dimen­sion­al world of mat­ter affords you an oppor­tu­ni­ty to see, in three-dimen­sion­al space, those aspects of self you must heal. They will be rep­re­sent­ed by each per­son who comes before you. To under­stand this teach­ing is to grasp one of life’s most pro­found lessons. It is the foun­da­tion of self-mas­tery.

Holographic Aspects Represent Deeper Truths about Yourself

To recap, it is the con­di­tion of humankind to for­get the spir­i­tu­al truth about the uni­ty of all things. Instead, we believe that we are sep­a­rate from every­body and every­thing. This is not true. There is only one con­scious­ness and you are it! One of the many rea­sons the worlds of mat­ter exists is so that Source may observe its many facets in three-dimen­sion­al space. Thus, in this holo­graph­ic world, each per­son is like a chess piece that rep­re­sents one aspect of the game as a whole. In like man­ner, each per­son you meet is a unique facet of your per­son­al­i­ty that you may choose to love or heal.

A Short Holographic Forgiveness Exercise

One of the ways to heal aspects of your­self that you do not like is to stop blam­ing oth­ers and start for­giv­ing your­self. Under­stand­ing the truths we’ve out­lined makes for­give­ness a more nat­ur­al process. It is usu­al­ly eas­i­er to for­give our­selves than anoth­er. The sim­ple truth is this; there is no need to for­give any­one but your­self! There are no oth­ers to for­give – only an unwill­ing­ness to accept some aspect of our­selves, rep­re­sent­ed by anoth­er, that brings us pain.

A Short Holographic Meditation

Here is a short med­i­ta­tion that takes only a few min­utes to do. It chal­lenges you to exam­ine those qual­i­ties with­in your­self that you do not like.  See­ing them in some oth­er indi­vid­u­als reminds you to bring them for­ward for heal­ing.

  1. Think of some per­son that irri­tates you. Keep things sim­ple. There should not be too much neg­a­tive charge, or out­right hatred, asso­ci­at­ed with this indi­vid­ual.
  2. As you think of this per­son, review those qual­i­ties you do not like.
  3. Say words to this effect, either in your mind or aloud.  I see the fol­low­ing neg­a­tive qual­i­ties in (name the per­son you are think­ing about). Be detailed and thor­ough about those things you do not like.
  4. Now, remind your­self that this per­son is only a three-dimen­sion­al phys­i­cal holo­gram rep­re­sent­ing some aspect of your per­son­al­i­ty that you do not like. This is the part of you that needs heal­ing ener­gy.
  5. In your own way, call to God, Source-Con­scious­ness (how­ev­er it is that you con­ceive of a Pow­er greater than your­self).
  6. Con­fess to this High­er Source using words to this effect. Divine-Source, I know that the per­son I have brought before you is noth­ing more than a phys­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of myself that needs heal­ing. I call upon my angels, spir­its, guides, as well as the Spark of the Divine with­in my Lux Ani­mae for help in heal­ing and accep­tance.
  7. Now, take a moment of time to talk to your­self inward­ly as you would a young child. Express a will­ing­ness to accept and for­give your­self of those unde­sir­able char­ac­ter­is­tics and traits.  Con­sid­er using words to this effect. Divine Source, thank you for bring­ing me an object les­son which shows what I must heal. With your help, I will  for­give myself for not lov­ing and being accept­ing of who I am. I ask the Spark of the Divine with­in my Lux Ani­mae to restore my abil­i­ty to com­plete­ly accept myself for as long as I encounter this three-dimen­sion­al reminder – even as I con­tin­ue to grow and improve in Spir­it.

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