Uncovering the Light Within

I’m hoping that many of you know about our podcast site–Mystical Lodge Radio. We started the podcast last December. To date, we have created some 85 programs for your listening enjoyment. We believe the podcast is doing well. In less than a year our programs have been downloaded some 5,200 times. More people listen to the shows–and don’t download them. That’s okay–the word is getting out. I’m excited about an upcoming show entitled–Uncovering the Light Within. I hope you’ll click the link and give it a listen. A brief overview of the show is given below.

Show Overview

Just as you have a physical anatomy, you have a spiritual one as well. The Light Within is a mystical part of the self that few people know about and even fewer understand. In this episode of Mystical Lodge Radio, Spiritual Mystic Brother Thomas explains this place of inconceivable power and goodness that is available to all and tells you how to find it. Once you know of its existence–and know-how to find it–you are ready for your next step of growth as a Lightworker. 

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