Unawakened, Awakened, and Merged Souls

awakened soul

My dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas – your friend and guide from the Sev­enth Ray. Today we wish to speak with you about the earth­ly jour­ney of Awak­ened Souls and their merg­ing with the Divine.


The word Soul is used in a vari­ety of ways in this day and time. It is often con­fused with terms like spir­it, high­er-self, per­son­al­i­ty, mind, and the self. As we use this term, Soul is the com­plex or cap­sule that hous­es many dif­fer­ent aspects of indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. Specif­i­cal­ly, Soul is the house that con­tains, the Spark of the Divine and the sen­tience of the high­er-self. The Spark of the Divine is that inef­fa­ble piece of infin­i­ty set aside by Source ITself to part­ner with the sen­tience of humankind (and enti­ties like humankind). The High­er-Self is the accu­mu­lat­ed wis­dom, expe­ri­ence and sen­tience that has accu­mu­lat­ed over count­less life­times of world­ly expe­ri­ences. The sen­tience of the high­er-self is far more encom­pass­ing than the sen­tience pro­duced by each sin­gle phys­i­cal or bio­log­i­cal human.  Besides these two main ele­ments, Soul con­tains addi­tion­al fea­tures which allow it to com­mu­ni­cate with unman­i­fest­ed Source via the Spir­i­tus Lumine and the human body via the Lux Ani­mae – which attach­es to the phys­i­cal body via the sil­ver cord.

Boot Camp Earth

After the cre­ation of each Soul, it is sent for train­ing and devel­op­ment. One of the Soul’s train­ing grounds is plan­et Earth – which we affec­tion­ate­ly call Boot Camp Earth (BCE)! It is help­ful to think of Earth as a sophis­ti­cat­ed sim­u­la­tion, cre­at­ed by Source, that trains and pre­pares Souls for its future expe­ri­ences. The ulti­mate goal of BCE is to pro­vide a series of lessons that exceeds that abil­i­ties of the human sen­tience so that it dis­cov­ers and unites with the Spark of the Divine. Though this sounds sim­ple enough, it takes mul­ti­ple life­times of expe­ri­ence and train­ing to final­ly con­vince the High­er-Self that its best efforts are doomed to fail­ure and nev­er suc­ceed over the long term.

Awakened Soul: Four Earthly Journeys

Souls par­tic­i­pate in a series of four jour­neys dur­ing their Earth­ly life­times. The first series is ded­i­cat­ed to human exis­tence and sur­vival using one’s wits and intel­li­gence. The sec­ond series of life­times is devot­ed to the improve­ment of Earth through the use of one’s gifts and intel­li­gence.  In the third series of life­times, one dis­cov­ers the exis­tence of the spir­i­tu­al dimen­sions and learns to call upon them for help in solv­ing dai­ly prob­lems. In the fourth and final series of life­times, the human sen­tience dis­cov­ers how to pair, or unite, with the Spark of the Divine.

Three Categories of Souls

In the worlds of mat­ter, there are var­i­ous states and con­di­tions that mys­tics use to describe a Soul. The three we choose are

  1. Unini­ti­at­ed Souls – where the Spark of the Divine and High­er-Self oper­ate inde­pen­dent­ly,
  2. Awak­ened Souls – where the Spark and High­er-Self unite in coop­er­a­tion, and
  3. Merged Souls – where the sen­tience of the High­er-Self is deeply merged with the Spark of the Divine so that the two are essen­tial­ly one.

Of course, each of these three con­di­tions exists along a con­tin­u­um. There are var­i­ous degrees of awak­e­ness and merg­ing among dif­fer­ent Souls. Even though there are oth­er states of Soul exis­tence we could talk about, this dis­cus­sion will focus upon these three states as a use­ful sys­tem of cat­e­go­riza­tion.


The Unawakened Soul

Peo­ple who are unawak­ened rely pri­mar­i­ly upon their wits and native intel­li­gence. They make deci­sions based upon estab­lished laws, edu­ca­tion, eco­nom­ic oppor­tu­ni­ty and what lends them the great­est per­son­al advan­tage. The unawak­ened Soul is the default con­di­tion of exis­tence on plan­et earth. As stat­ed ear­li­er, after the cre­ation of a Soul, it goes for train­ing in the many worlds of mat­ter. Here it expe­ri­ences many things which cause it to grow and mature. We describe this cat­e­go­ry as Unawak­ened because there is lit­tle if any, com­mu­ni­ca­tion between the high­er-self and the Spark of the Divine. Each func­tions inde­pen­dent­ly of the oth­er with the sen­tience mak­ing the dai­ly deci­sions.

Unawak­ened indi­vid­u­als hold a stead­fast belief in the pow­ers of human­ism, ratio­nal­i­ty, emo­tion­al intel­li­gence and the like. Despite the chaot­ic con­di­tion of the world about them, the unawak­ened remain opti­mistic in their abil­i­ty to change what is wrong. Since they have no con­nec­tion with real­i­ties beyond their five sens­es, the unawak­ened cre­ate worlds of com­pe­ti­tion where only the strong sur­vive. The human ego thrives in these worlds and reigns supreme until it begins to notice that all cre­at­ed things start to fail. At some point, aid­ed by the Spir­i­tus Lumine, the unawak­ened Soul begins to see a pat­tern to these fail­ings and dis­cov­ers a spir­i­tu­al law that had been hid­den to them. The Law which con­cerns The Hope­less­ness of Human Accom­plish­ments says,

Souls that have yet to unite their Spark of Source with their High­er-Self sen­tience will always cre­ate worlds of haves and have-nots. By itself the human sen­tience cre­ates noth­ing of last­ing val­ue. Plain­ly stat­ed, all gov­ern­ments, reli­gions, edu­ca­tion­al sys­tems, eco­nom­ic par­a­digms, and sys­tem of laws cre­at­ed by human sen­tience will fail to with­stand the test of time. All fall to cor­rup­tion, chaos, and dis­ar­ray. The only way for­ward is for the Soul to unite the sen­tience of the high­er self with the Spark of the Divine pro­vid­ed by Source.

The Awakened and Co-Creative Soul

Once the human sen­tience dis­cov­ers the high­er worlds beyond the five sens­es, it begins to per­ceive the hope­less­ness of human accom­plish­ment. At this point, the sen­tience por­tion of the Soul com­plex becomes open for part­ner­ship with the Divine Spark which also inhab­its the Soul. Source has been wait­ing for this moment. This new part­ner­ship ini­ti­ates new under­stand­ing, pur­pose, and pow­er. When this hap­pens, the Soul becomes awake.  Things that were once beyond its abil­i­ty are now eas­i­ly obtained. The indi­vid­ual sen­tience steps back from its insis­tence on con­trol­ling all things.  It real­izes that its job is to be the phys­i­cal eyes and hands of the Spark of the Divine in these worlds of mat­ter. The sen­tience of high­er-self is now under the con­trol of the Spark of the Divine. Its new mantra is, Thy will is my will.

Now that the Soul is awak­ened, a new way of liv­ing takes place. Instead of rely­ing upon the intel­li­gence of the mind, finan­cial advan­tage, and the like, the Spark of the Divine directs the human sen­tience in decid­ing what is to hap­pen next. A mys­ti­cal way of liv­ing begins.

The Merged and Awakened Soul

Per­haps the most sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence between the advanced souls where we live and the new­ly awak­ened Souls that we over­see is the degree of merg­ing between the sen­tience of the high­er-self and the Spark of the Divine. In advanced Souls, the two are com­bined so close­ly as to be as one. For those who are for­tu­nate enough to awak­en in their Earth­ly life­time, your job, for the rest of your exis­tence is to focus upon merg­ing more deeply with the Divine. One of the rea­sons mys­tics are his­tor­i­cal­ly held in such esteem was the close degree of rela­tion­ship between their wills and Divine. For mas­ters such as Jesus, lit­er­al mir­a­cles hap­pened as the sick were healed and peo­ple were raised from the dead. As the two spheres draw clos­er togeth­er, peo­ple feel the actu­al pres­ence of Source and the high­er-beings that accom­pa­ny them. Some were so radi­ant and bright that the peo­ple could not look upon their skin.

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