Unawakened, Awakened, and Merged Souls

awakened soul

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas–your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray. Today we wish to speak with you about the earthly journey of Awakened Souls and their merging with the Divine.


The word Soul is used in a variety of ways in this day and time. It is often confused with terms like spirit, higher-self, personality, mind, and the self. As we use this term, Soul is the complex or capsule that houses many different aspects of individuality. Specifically, Soul is the house that contains, the Spark of the Divine and the sentience of the higher-self. The Spark of the Divine is that ineffable piece of infinity set aside by Source ITself to partner with the sentience of humankind (and entities like humankind). The Higher-Self is the accumulated wisdom, experience and sentience that has accumulated over countless lifetimes of worldly experiences. The sentience of the higher-self is far more encompassing than the sentience produced by each single physical or biological human.  Besides these two main elements, Soul contains additional features which allow it to communicate with unmanifested Source via the Spiritus Lumine and the human body via the Lux Animae–which attaches to the physical body via the silver cord.

Boot Camp Earth

After the creation of each Soul, it is sent for training and development. One of the Soul’s training grounds is planet Earth–which we affectionately call Boot Camp Earth (BCE)! It is helpful to think of Earth as a sophisticated simulation, created by Source, that trains and prepares Souls for its future experiences. The ultimate goal of BCE is to provide a series of lessons that exceeds that abilities of the human sentience so that it discovers and unites with the Spark of the Divine. Though this sounds simple enough, it takes multiple lifetimes of experience and training to finally convince the Higher-Self that its best efforts are doomed to failure and never succeed over the long term.

Awakened Soul: Four Earthly Journeys

Souls participate in a series of four journeys during their Earthly lifetimes. The first series is dedicated to human existence and survival using one’s wits and intelligence. The second series of lifetimes is devoted to the improvement of Earth through the use of one’s gifts and intelligence.  In the third series of lifetimes, one discovers the existence of the spiritual dimensions and learns to call upon them for help in solving daily problems. In the fourth and final series of lifetimes, the human sentience discovers how to pair, or unite, with the Spark of the Divine.

Three Categories of Souls

In the worlds of matter, there are various states and conditions that mystics use to describe a Soul. The three we choose are

  1. Uninitiated Souls–where the Spark of the Divine and Higher-Self operate independently,
  2. Awakened Souls–where the Spark and Higher-Self unite in cooperation, and
  3. Merged Souls–where the sentience of the Higher-Self is deeply merged with the Spark of the Divine so that the two are essentially one.

Of course, each of these three conditions exists along a continuum. There are various degrees of awakeness and merging among different Souls. Even though there are other states of Soul existence we could talk about, this discussion will focus upon these three states as a useful system of categorization.


The Unawakened Soul

People who are unawakened rely primarily upon their wits and native intelligence. They make decisions based upon established laws, education, economic opportunity and what lends them the greatest personal advantage. The unawakened Soul is the default condition of existence on planet earth. As stated earlier, after the creation of a Soul, it goes for training in the many worlds of matter. Here it experiences many things which cause it to grow and mature. We describe this category as Unawakened because there is little if any, communication between the higher-self and the Spark of the Divine. Each functions independently of the other with the sentience making the daily decisions.

Unawakened individuals hold a steadfast belief in the powers of humanism, rationality, emotional intelligence and the like. Despite the chaotic condition of the world about them, the unawakened remain optimistic in their ability to change what is wrong. Since they have no connection with realities beyond their five senses, the unawakened create worlds of competition where only the strong survive. The human ego thrives in these worlds and reigns supreme until it begins to notice that all created things start to fail. At some point, aided by the Spiritus Lumine, the unawakened Soul begins to see a pattern to these failings and discovers a spiritual law that had been hidden to them. The Law which concerns The Hopelessness of Human Accomplishments says,

Souls that have yet to unite their Spark of Source with their Higher-Self sentience will always create worlds of haves and have-nots. By itself the human sentience creates nothing of lasting value. Plainly stated, all governments, religions, educational systems, economic paradigms, and system of laws created by human sentience will fail to withstand the test of time. All fall to corruption, chaos, and disarray. The only way forward is for the Soul to unite the sentience of the higher self with the Spark of the Divine provided by Source.

The Awakened and Co-Creative Soul

Once the human sentience discovers the higher worlds beyond the five senses, it begins to perceive the hopelessness of human accomplishment. At this point, the sentience portion of the Soul complex becomes open for partnership with the Divine Spark which also inhabits the Soul. Source has been waiting for this moment. This new partnership initiates new understanding, purpose, and power. When this happens, the Soul becomes awake.  Things that were once beyond its ability are now easily obtained. The individual sentience steps back from its insistence on controlling all things.  It realizes that its job is to be the physical eyes and hands of the Spark of the Divine in these worlds of matter. The sentience of higher-self is now under the control of the Spark of the Divine. Its new mantra is, Thy will is my will.

Now that the Soul is awakened, a new way of living takes place. Instead of relying upon the intelligence of the mind, financial advantage, and the like, the Spark of the Divine directs the human sentience in deciding what is to happen next. A mystical way of living begins.

The Merged and Awakened Soul

Perhaps the most significant difference between the advanced souls where we live and the newly awakened Souls that we oversee is the degree of merging between the sentience of the higher-self and the Spark of the Divine. In advanced Souls, the two are combined so closely as to be as one. For those who are fortunate enough to awaken in their Earthly lifetime, your job, for the rest of your existence is to focus upon merging more deeply with the Divine. One of the reasons mystics are historically held in such esteem was the close degree of relationship between their wills and Divine. For masters such as Jesus, literal miracles happened as the sick were healed and people were raised from the dead. As the two spheres draw closer together, people feel the actual presence of Source and the higher-beings that accompany them. Some were so radiant and bright that the people could not look upon their skin.

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