Three Ways to Stop Blocking the Light

My dear friends, this is Thomas. Today I want to talk with you about three things that keep the light from shining brightly in you. So many of you pray to be way-showers, teachers, and channels for healing, and we hear these prayers and want to do our best to encourage you in developing these efforts. But the grace of the masters, large though it may be, cannot keep you from blocking the light unless you are ready and willing to do so. Blocking the light is caused by harboring anger and drama, an unwillingness to offer forgiveness, and the lack of a grateful and thankful spirit.

Blocking the Light Revealed in Meditation

We know that many of you set aside periods of time to meditate and go within. You seek to connect with your higher selves and inner guides. Things appear to be going well, and then to your surprise, you notice your mind wandering to past and current events between yourselves and others. Many are discouraged because they have set aside this time to form a sacred connection between themselves and the Divine only to find the interference of profane thoughts based on anger, sadness, or regrets. But here is what you need to know. This is our gentle way of letting you know that there is work you must do to remove those impediments that cause you to keep blocking the light and hindering the Divine from illuminating your way.

Blocking the Light: Anger and Drama

The greatest obstacle that will block all light from your life is anger and drama. Each bit of anger you carry towards another constructs a large barrier wall that serves to blot out any light you might receive. When you participate in the daily dramas of nit-picking and complaining, you are saying to your soul that “No light is wanted here!” Your insistence on holding grudges of long-standing is another way of blocking the light. Holding grudges makes it impossible for the light to bring its healing energies to these troubling aspects of your life. Over time, many of you have gathered an incredible amount of ill will towards any number of people that makes it almost impossible for any Divine light to shine through.

You may say, “But you don’t know what these people have done to me!” My friends, we know! Yes, we know all that has transpired. These are your tests! What did you think you came here for? We are waiting to see if you will pass the test by setting aside your anger and drama so that you might advance your vibration. If not, you will continue living in the shadows of your anger and contempt until you are ready to set it aside for the sake of your growth. Please remember, we love you dearly, and we love the person you despise just as dearly. The negative energy you continue to hold toward your enemies invites the same from them. Hatred in any form blocks light. And this leads us to our second point.

Blocking the Light: Lack of Forgiveness

Another great obstacle to your ability to receive light is your lack of forgiveness. Not only do you participate in daily anger and drama towards others, but many of you also show no willingness to forgive. Worse, many of you cannot extend forgiveness towards yourself. You continue to remember the past with great regret, and your inner conversations are unkind. Some of you have not said a kind thing to yourselves in many years. Can you not see how this is blocking this glorious light from healing your self-inflicted wounds and traumas? If you would only allow yourself the smallest benefit of the doubt, many of you would create a significant opening that would allow the light to heal you forever. You may think that forgiveness is not easy. However, it becomes easier as you understand that you have something waiting for you if you will all forgiveness to take place. The great give that awaits you will cure any outstanding hurts you may have.

Blocking the Light: Lack of Gratitude and Thankfulness

The final blockage to the light that we shall discuss is a lack of gratitude and thankfulness. Despite the things that are going on in your life, it is also true that the Divine light is shining brightly about you. You do not have to be worthy in all things for the light to shine about you. The light shines on all without judgment or blame. Yet, so many of you have not taken the time to count your numerous blessings, nor have you said thank you for the numerous blessings you enjoy each day. It is time to change the direction of your focus. If there were only one prayer that you uttered that would begin to crumble those walls that are blockading the glorious light, it would be a simple prayer of “Thank you!” The development of gratitude and a thankful heart is the quickest remedy for eliminating most of the blockages that keep all good things from flowing in your life.

Remove the Blocks and the Light Will Shine

Yes, the Divine Light shines everywhere about you. It is not something you must beg to receive, nor is it something a holy person must bestow on you. It is as simple as removing the barriers you have build over the years. With proper resolve and a willingness to listen within, this can be easily done. We forgive others not because they necessarily deserve it but because we wish to remove all barriers that keep the beautiful Divine light from shining in our life. Thus, we will learn new ways of interacting with others and spreading positivity not because we have read about the benefits of winning friends and influencing people, but because we know the Divine Light will transform us and lift us to new levels of experience. We encourage you to develop a thankful heart and to give constant gratitude so that you might stay oriented to your wonderful source of power and come to a greater knowledge of IT’s great love for you.

It’s time to take down those walls of anger and drama. It’s time to remove the heavy drapes that keep the healing light away from our broken hearts and relationships. It’s time to lift our eyes towards the heavens and notice the glorious Divine Light that blesses us every single day. Do these things and notice the profound shift that occurs in your life. Notice the rock-solid connection that develops between you and your guides. As I said earlier, we have heard your prayers and await your decision. In the meantime, know that we watch over you and do our best to teach you what you need to know so that we might help you along your earthly journey.

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