The World is a Reflection of Our Hearts

Dear friends, this is Brother Thomas. In this time of planetary trouble and torment, we want you to know that the stories you tell yourself about the horrible conditions in the world today are only a tiny part of a larger truth. From a physical and mental point of view, we agree that things may look frightening. As Lightworkers, however, we ask our friends to go within and learn the deeper truths behind the trials and travails you see. The world is a reflection of our hearts.

Everything happens for a reason.

Everything, and we mean everything, happens for a reason. Brutal leaders do not exist by themselves. They have power because enough people believe as they do, and they are willing to be the physical representation of an oppressive or evil way of thinking. Look carefully, and you will realize the leadership you see around the world is little more than a placeholder for millions of people who think, believe, and act in a certain way. This does not mean that they represent every person who lives in their country–but a large number of them who continue to support and keep them in power. Thus, the good and evil you see worldwide represent collective good and evil.

The God-Continuum

Many of you know of the God-Continuum. This continuum describes the vibratory rate of all things from the lowest to the highest. Each of us has an address on the God-Continuum. None of us are doomed to stay where we are unless we do not wish to grow. However, the simple truth is that there is no growth on the God-Continuum until each of us faces the evil we carry within and stops making excuses for our actions.

The World Mirrors our Darkness

It is easy to look at the world around us and blame others for its conditions. But it is more likely that our world only mirrors the same darkness we carry within our hearts. We know this is a complicated truth to accept because most of us believe that our vibration is advanced compared to those about us. In most cases, this is not true.

We may claim that we would never kill, maim, or destroy people, places, or things. Instead, we argue that our anger and negativity are much milder and would never allow us to do something like that. Sadly, this is a misunderstanding of how Boot Camp Earth Works.

The brutality that makes it possible for one country to invade another and mercilessly destroy their cities is not the work of one brutish heart alone. It is nothing less than the collective evil and will of all hearts residing within a country–including those whose negativity is considered relatively mild when examined by itself. The components of evil are synergistic–or more than the simple addition of its parts. It is the collective anger that fuels greater evils.

There are lessons we may learn from darkness.

If we are willing, there are lessons to be learned as lightworkers examine the world’s happenings. The state of the world will clearly show us the evil that may reside within us. The question is, Are you willing to examine the brutality that may live within your heart? Are you ready to root out the anger, blaming, shaming, accusing, condemning, lusting, and greedy attitudes you carry?

Be the world you wish to see.

There is a saying, be the world you wish to see. As each person makes additional room for the light and love of our true soul nature, we come closer to creating the world we want. It may be sometime before a majority of the world understands this truth. That is why lightworkers are so important.

In the meantime, as we constantly tell you, though war, perishing, and physical suffering happen everywhere about you, there is a greater truth. None of us truly die, and all of us live our agreed-upon experiences in this world of matter so that our Soul may someday reach its promise after it has sufficiently expanded ITs knowledge and wisdom. Once we finish this round of work we agreed to do, we shed these bodily uniforms and return to our former vibration far beyond this dense one we live in now. There is no sickness, sorrow, or sadness in this place we call home.

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