The Two Become One

My dear children, one of the most sacred things a person can experience in life is a love so deep and profound that it feels as though there is only one person. The two become one. Couples who have this experience are lucky indeed and there are many who wish for such an elusive love. We have good news. The answer you seek is not far from you. The exact love you desire is exactly what your Soul desires to give you. Until now, many of you have lived on your personality alone, unaware that you have a Soul who desires to give you all good things.

Mutual Interdependence

In human love, two people pledge themselves to the betterment of the other. In great relationships, each person avoids acts of total independence in preference of mutual interdependence. Instead of one person making all the decisions, both consult with the other and decide together. In other words, the two become one. Consistently practiced, this form of communication builds a solid foundation of mutual love, respect, and trust. Over time, mutual interdependence develops a depth of sensitivity and commitment so that neither wishes to commit the other to something they don’t wish to do, even in the smallest of things. Before long, each partner understands the other so well that a gesture as small as a glance or a look is all it takes to know what the other is thinking and feeling. Among older couples, many actually begin looking like the other. These blessings are all related to a life of longstanding mutual interdependence.

Developing “Two” Awareness

As wonderful as a loving relationship between two people may be, there is another layer of beauty we can add. I am speaking of the love between our personality and the Soul. Though unacknowledged, it has always been with you, patiently awaiting the day you would recognize its presence. The two becomes one has another meaning.

If you understand the importance of interdependence in human relationships, you can easily understand this metaphysical reality as well. The Law of Correspondence (as above, so below) says that all of the good things we enjoy here in the physical dimensions are but a reflection of those things living in the nonphysical realities. Our earthly lives are reflections of our spiritual development.

The mystical life we desire for you is premised on the fact that there is more than your five senses and personality. You have a living Soul that is connected to the Spiritus Lumine which is the Source of eternal light and power. Until now, it has been observing and guiding you silently behind the scenes. But now, many of you are hearing its voice and wonder what it all means. It means the day of your initiation is at hand.

In the past, many of you heard people say that our ego must be utterly destroyed in order to enjoy a spiritual life. This is not the case. Soul does not seek to destroy you, it wants to complete you. It is the partner you have been seeking. No, your personality is important and Soul seeks to unite with your earthly body and personality structure for an important reason. It is the front door to your Soul and acts as an earthly agent on its behalf. Soul’s work requires the unity of a body, personality, and Soul. This brings new meaning to the saying, the two become one.

There are many who have yet to discover there is more to life than the things they think, say, and do. What a glorious day it is to learn that we are never alone and that we are loved beyond measure. There is a lover who understands you better than you understand yourself. If you will allow it, you will find that the love your Soul has towards you exceeds any physical relationship. At the same time, it enhances all things including your earthly partnerships.

One or Two?

The immediate question before you is this; “Does your personality control all of your daily decision making or have you developed the interdependent relationship of which we speak?” Just as couples in earthly life decide the terms of their relationship, we too must determine our willingness to accept Soul as a full partner. Will you live together as single people making independent decisions, or shall the two of you become one.

People living from personality alone experience the world much differently than those who share a deep and lasting relationship with their Soul. Most of the world today views life as a finite existence and the world as a limited resource where personalities must compete for their share. The interdependent life with Soul is different. It reveals that you are an eternal being in a unified system of physical and nonphysical realities where all things work together for good.

Personality-based lives are based on fleeting perceptions of what is good at the moment. Interdependent lives develop an ever-deepening relationship where Source uses ITs power to bring healing and light to all. Soul brings meaning to things that once seemed random and pointless. Soul brings light to the dark areas of your life. A relationship with Soul will begin to rid your life of pointless drama and replace it with a meaningful direction. Yes, we will still have problems, but in a Soul relationship, the way forward becomes more clear.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a personality life and one that unites with Soul is this. Personality-based lives are based in service to self. Soul lives are based in service to others. This service raises our vibration where we realize the greater purpose of our existence in this life and those to come. Soul will never commandeer your life. It only works in loving partnership. A life with a Soul partnership will have many experiences of the personality-based life, but it will see a greater purpose to all that it does.

The Ceremony

Just as human partners agree to formally enter into a relationship, so too do personalities and souls agree to love and work together. In the human experience, we have marriage ceremonies to celebrate these decisions. In the world of the mystic, there are initiations or moments of realization where our angels, spirits, and guides bring additional power and awareness to our conscious awareness so that we have additional power to live our lives in ways we could not before.

If this information is new or assimilating ideas you have previously known in a more orderly way, consider this your invitation from Spiritus Lumine (the Divine Light) for initiation. It begins with your acknowledgment and awareness that there are two of you–the Personality of this life and your Soul who wishes to work with you in a loving and meaningful relationship. In meditation, call to your angels, spirits, and guides and let them know of your intention to begin living a new and interdependent life. Ask your guides for help and guidance and be looking for your daily answers.

Daily Life

If you are in a human relationship or have been in one, you already know the importance of consulting with the other before making important decisions. Use this experience as part of your daily discipline to consult with Soul, your loving partner, before making decisions as well. We do this not because we have to, but because we now enjoy a relationship between our personality and Soul where each wishes to serve and please the other.

In daily meditation, ask your Soul what you should do about life decisions. Ask to receive downloads about spiritual information that you have been wanting to know. Consult with your soul in a variety of ways such as daily prayer, consulting oracle cards, noticing new information that comes your way unbidden through social media, books, and the like, and paying attention to the synchronicities of life. As you are shown ways of personal healing and given opportunities to help others, you may be sure that this is from Soul.

The Two Are One

From this day forward, honor the relationship between your personality and Soul. Do not believe those who tell you the ego must be destroyed. That is not so. Allow your Soul to unite with your personality so it might do its work of healing the planet and developing you into a more authentic and unique individual than you could ever have done on your own. For such a long time, your personality has wanted a life of significance and meaning. Until now, it never knew how to do this. At the same time, your Soul has been waiting patiently for the day that you would recognize its presence. Together, both of you will discover the joys of a loving relationship. May this be so now and forevermore.

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