The Star Kids

Currently, on the planet, there are four major groups of children–The Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and Diamonds. These children are incarnating from other places–many without karma–so that they may help earth raise its vibratory rate and ascend to the fifth dimension.

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Today we’re going to be talking about a beautiful subject—The Star Kids!

Patti Stice:] Yes, I was told by a medium whom I cherish back at Camp Chesterfield in my first reading that, “You’re the pied Piper for the Star Kids.”

Brother Thomas: I think you are. Patty holds, from time to time, Star Kid Workshops. If these are something you’d be interested in, maybe you could check in with Patty and get some ideas about that—because we have some ideas for you. But for right now, we want to talk about how special your children are.

Patti Stice: Absolutely. They are precious.

Brother Thomas: One of the most special things that can happen to a human being is to have a child–and then to hold that child in your arms, and then watch them grow up and become the person they were meant to be. And also learn what’s going on behind the scenes. There’s the part that you see–but there’s a whole other reason for their being here that maybe you don’t know about. Patty and I are going to tell you about that. Well, let’s begin to talk about the different kinds of children on the planet right now. Patti, where do we start with all of this?

The Indigos

Patti Stice: Well, we start with a wonderful woman, and her name is Nancy Anne Tap, she was here from 1931 to 2012. Nancy noticed, as a very strong medium, auras around people and she noticed that children had an indigo aura.  And this is the rich, sixth chakra, the indigo color that is representative of your third eye. Third eye vision. Seeing beyond through the veil. And, Nancy noticed there’s so many coming through to earth.

The Warriors

So the indigos started probably with President Obama. The Indigos are the warriors. They are primarily aged in their 40’s 50s and the 60s. Even though the nomenclature here is mostly Star Kids. They have been coming for a long, long time.

One of the most exciting things is many people think of Einstein as an Indigo Scout. He has many of the characteristics of the Indigo in that he didn’t talk until he was about four. Some research I have read said that he was downloading information from what we perceive as the other side. And all his, relativity, physics, and science came not only from his own preliminary research but also from his downloads.

Brother Thomas: What we’re saying is that behind the scenes the earth is changing, and its peoples are changing. When you come here to earth, for a period of earth time, they say some 27,000 years of time as you do the precessions of the earth across the sky, there are historical epochs, taking place on earth.  And so, we are in the midst of the new coming age of Aquarius just about full-on into it. 

I liked what you were saying earlier if you could look back at our Neanderthal, you know, you would see a really handsome creature, but it’s not anything like what we see today.

DNA Changes

Patti Stice: That’s correct, our DNA is changing.

Brother Thomas: Our DNA is changing, and it will continue to change. And you don’t even have to believe in any kind of spirituality to know that we are an evolving species and that changes take place in the human genome. We’re saying that as you see this genome change, you’ll also notice spiritual changes, such as the color of auras, the different qualities of different rays associated with the work and so forth.

So these Indigos,  well, I have to tell you, I’m probably one of those.

Patti Stice: Yes, you are.

Brother Thomas: Although I’m a wimpy warrior! I don’t go around with a big bow and arrow and I’m not going to slaughter anybody. We are a kind of a different sort of warrior using the power of spiritual teaching. We make massive changes in people’s lives.

Patti Stice: And think of Edgar Casey. I know our audience probably has at least one, if not many, Edgar Casey books on their shelf. And he also stated that the children that are here and coming in his prophecy are the new kids. They are going to be highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic, possess healing and clairvoyant abilities, and they are.

Brother Thomas: And that’s also everyone who’s listening to our program. That’s your future as well as you live this journey and then take a little bit of time away and come back again. Yes. You’re going to be finding that your future lives are going to be. A little different and then this life because of some things that you’re going to be able to do, both a mental and clairvoyantly and that sort of thing.

Patti Stice: I asked you to consider, just as I go through this for clarity and understanding that most of this awareness started with the Indigos, the warriors, before 1940 to 1970. The warriors set the opening.

The Crystals

The next group identified are called the crystals, which might, my daughter is, she’s going to be turning 40 she’s very gifted. She loves creativity. She’s known who her guides have been from a very young age. It’s the idea when I referenced a coloring, I would say to her, color me something. You want to color what you dreamed about, and there was a big beautiful drawing of an angel. Well, this is what she dreams about. This is so this is your art, that, that exposes what you’re thinking about.


The crystals are the peacemakers. There is, so much there. They’re creative. They have, some of them have very large eyes, magnetic personalities, a strong desire to help others. They’re very affectionate. They love music. They are forgiving.

And, if you can think of one of the most beautiful artists, Akiane Kramarik, and when she was four, she started drawing these beautiful, unbelievably spiritual, breathtaking pictures. In fact, I think there was a movie,

Brother Thomas: I’ve seen that movie. Didn’t she draw the face of Jesus?

Patti Stice: She did that when she was eight years old.

Brother Thomas: And it’s amazing what she drew and just how perfect it is.

Patti Stice: Yes. And it was in that movie to represent Jesus. And the little boy said that’s what he looks like. And they both knew that other people as Crystals, as the pacemakers that have been identified would be people like, Angelina Jolie. Yes, that she’s worked with UNICEF and so much of her journey and Katy Perry, Jenny McCarthy opened up a lot of information about cleansing your environment. Leonardo DiCaprio, so much about, our, our beautiful nature and conservation. And then there’s Malala.

Brother Thomas: Oh yes, Malala, she is a world-famous peacemaker. By the way, I have a funny little joke for you. It goes like this. So, the art teacher says, “Okay, children, let’s draw some pictures.” She comes over to a little boy and says, “What are you drawing?” And the young boy says, “I’m drawing God.” The teacher says, “Nobody knows what God looks like.” The little boy answered, “Give me a moment and you will.”

Patti Stice: Oh, right. I love it. I love it.

Brother Thomas: You know, when you think about the beautiful creativity of the Crystals and what they’re doing, this is the second wave that we’re talking about here. There was a kind of a time where a lot of these students were beginning to become interested in the social sciences and you may notice that there’s a lot of social change going on right now—such as the way that we treat people. We’re calling out a lot of things that were once okay—such as mocking people and making fun of people’s ethnicity and so forth. Because of the Crystals, we don’t do that anymore. These Crystals are coming forward and saying, that it’s not acceptable.

Patti Stice: Right now, many are in their 40’s–although the Crystals could still be arriving. It’s just a matter of the heart journey. Absolutely. They also bring the diversity that broke through in addition to the “Me Too” movement.

The Rainbows

The rainbows are next. Typically they began arriving around 2005. They would be about 15 years of age right now. The Rainbow Children love colors. They love clothes. I know my littlest granddaughter, (she’s not the littlest anymore), changes her clothes constantly. They love working with color, have very high energy, and are very enthusiastic—and then there’s this extra ingredient such as empathy.

For instance, a grandpa sitting in the dark corner who can’t move around very much. I noticed at a gathering that she noticed he wasn’t with the rest of the family. So, she went and sat on his lap and put her little hands around his face. She knew that he was lonely and had this sensitivity to healing and touch.

Brother Thomas: I’m thinking of a rainbow child that I know. This rainbow child has a magnetic personality. You just, you just love spending time with them. They’re adorable. They’re innocent. They love being with you. But I think the thing that I notice about these kinds of children is their sensitivity to others in pain. I watched this young girl tell her mother, “He looks sad. Can I go and just sit by him?” And I mean, she must’ve been all about four or five when she said that.

No Karma

Patti Stice: Yes. And these rainbow children have no karma, Brother Thomas. Nothing to distract on this journey.

Brother Thomas: When you see a pure rainbow child, it is true innocence. And it is true joy and love. And they are happy. I bet everybody has seen some of those kids. They’re wonderful.

Patti Stice: And there are several examples I researched for us today. Jacob Barnett, when he was two, was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. He had difficulty talking and reading. But at 14, as time progressed, he got his master’s. And right after that, he got his doctorate and his IQ is around 170. And, he’s working to disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Brother Thomas: Very smart young man, huh?

Patti Stice: And Jack Andraka, he’s 15, invented a new method of diagnosing cancer. He developed a paper sensor that could detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer.

Brother Thomas: I think I’ve seen this person on TV—maybe Doctor Oz, I’m not sure. But, you’re hearing about these kids who are coming up with easy ways of identifying diseases. One of these children came up with a method for dissolving shopping bags. And there’s technology being developed to neutralize the threat to our environment from many of these children. It’s like they perceive that something must be done to save the planet.

Patti Stice: And many of them are about 14 years old. Just think what they’re going to be when they get a little older,  Brother Thomas.

Bright, Intuitive, and Inventive

Brother Thomas: They’re going to be so bright. They’re going to be so inventive, and all our lives are going to be changing for the better. However, I, let’s hope that they don’t have to fight a lot of people who get in the way of wanting to improve the place.

Patti Stice: Yes. There are people who want to judge, unfortunately—and come to conclusions. You know, I always say? “The world isn’t flat anymore.” Let’s wake up and see some of the amazing, things that are happening.

The Diamond Children

There is one new group and they are called the Diamond Children, They began arriving roughly around 2012–that wonderful year that was a spark of awakening for many! So they are only seven or younger. But the wonderful thing that they have–telepathy!

Brother Thomas: Oh my goodness, they’re already coming in with an ability to do things with their minds that none of us can do.

Patti Stice: They are the purest version of spirit. They operate on love. They are coming with a pure heart–again, no karma. They will be master teachers. They are the ones that are going to teach us.

They are our teachers

I remember when Phyllis, who was the one I referred to as the medium back at Camp Chesterfield, said, “You’re going to be the Pied Piper for the new children.” She also said, “Please understand you are not going to be their teacher. They are going to be our teachers.”

Brother Thomas: I think everybody who works with kids if they’re honest and open, knows that that’s true. The kids teach us every bit as much as we teach them. Some of the things that they teach us are things that we couldn’t teach them. You know, you just, because you can teach a kid how to add, know a historical fact, or a little bit of science doesn’t mean that you’re teaching them the important things. There’s a lot of lessons they teach us that are way more important.

Patti Stice: The other information says that they’re first-timers here on earth. Yes, they are of the highest vibrations. while we are in the third dimension– a very low frequency.

Patti Stice: This is how we know we are in a shift because these are very high-frequency children existing on a three dimensional, low-frequency planet. So, a lot of those children are coming in and being identified–labeled however you want to use the word, with autism.

Brother Thomas: But when you work with these kids, you see something totally different.

Diamonds and Autism

Patti Stice: They’re just very high, frequency. They’re awe, A W E-tistic is what Doreen virtue wrote in one of her books about the Indigo children. They, not all, have the ASD autism spectrum disorder. And there are many different categories that we can identify the children under—but they have special needs to blossom, to have receptive parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. And I hope that we can spread the word today about how parenting would be different on their path.

Brother Thomas: I want to take a moment here to say two things. One of them is to reinforce this last point about the differences of these kids coming in today. As a person who’s been teaching college students for decades, I can say that almost every 10 years we see a big shift. Often when this happens, I’ll hear professors and friends mourn about the kids not being this or that thing–because they’re used to teaching a particular kind of kid. But our job as teachers, and especially as Lightworkers and people of the new age, is not to teach the people of yesteryear—but those that are coming now.

Yes, these kids who are coming to us now are sent to us, by beings external or extra-dimensional to lead us forward into a new age and a different age. This is why we’re having the karmaless children come in. This is why we’re having the telepathic children joining us.

Patti Stice: Imagine these children have such a level of sensitivity that they can go and sit on grandpa’s lap and they know that their energy is telling them they’re lonely, they’re sad. I’m going to hold your hand.

Brother Thomas: That’s right, and they sense it at a very early age, and it’ll only get stronger and more profound one day. The ability to communicate telepathically won’t be considered odd at all. In fact, in some men, most parts of the universe, outside of the third dimension, it is the way it happens. It is the purest form. Of communication because there is no pretense or hiding of feelings and emotions. It comes right through. Think of all the texts and things we send today that don’t communicate what we’re thinking and feeling because we can’t pick up on the nonverbal or the emotional tone—but these kids are able to do it.

Patti Stice: And, if we have a parent that’s observing all of this and seeing all the signs, Oh, we can blossom! We can allow them to blossom, we can encourage them, and they can lead us into this new dynamic future.

Don’t Be Worried about the Differences

Brother Thomas: And, and a word for parents raising your children who are now in junior high, high school, headed to college and so forth. Don’t be so worried about the differences that you observe or compare your kid to what it was like for you when you were growing up. Perhaps you had certain responsibilities that they don’t seem to have, or you had certain attitudes or respect for authority. All those things are important (we’re not saying they’re not) but what we are saying is, is you’re dealing with a different kind of kid and spiritual being that you’re not used to.

Patti Stice: So, we can say there are doubters out there. They do not see the gifts of these children and may deny their whole future and their existence of what they can offer to help us in raising the frequency of planet earth. But these children are the evidence. There is no doubt, Brother Thomas.

Brother Thomas: I believe you, and I would encourage parents to understand that they’re coming in with different gifts than what you had when you arrived on the planet. It is natural and in the order of things.  We are in a way, the lucky ones who have brought these people forth and to watch them come and do what they’re doing. It’s amazing what they’re doing. We’re setting the stage. For new heaven and a new earth.

Governments are beginning to notice

Patti Stice: It is here. And here is another thought. I have done readings on what is happening in China. It’s hard to get the research. But, there was an Omni magazine many years ago, talking about China. Many of these intuitive children are being cared for by Monks who are working with them. There are stories about a piece of paper in a book. They give the book to the child and, and they say, what does the paper say? And they will be able to read it word for word. And these are the children, the Star Children who are now adults, and many of them are still coming.

Brother Thomas: These children are extraordinary. And, I think that there are even rumors about our own government’s awareness of a new form of, empathic communication and empathic intelligence–the likes we’ve never seen before. Some people know about the early experiments of MK-Ultra, where some of our children were taken at a very early age for experiments and training in remote viewing.

Patti Stice: Yes, and it’s happening with adult students in our classes. There’s a whole group that identifies in their dream work as remote viewers.

Brother Thomas: Well, we’re almost to the end of our show, Patty, and I’m so glad that we got to talk about the Star Kids. We want to remind you that we spoke of the Indigos,

Patti Stice: And the Warriors—as well as the Crystals that are the peacemakers. We have, the Rainbows who are so creative and the healers. And then we have the Diamonds who have no karma that are full of joy and love and know things with unbelievable accuracy. Those are the ones that need quiet time. These are the ones that are telepathic. And then there is a high percentage of Diamond Children who are very high frequency living in a low frequency, third dimension world that are often misidentified as an ASD syndrome. But remember Akiane, who made that beautiful portrait of Jesus when she was eight years old. This is a true gift from on high.

Brother Thomas: Don’t forget Greta Thunberg. She has the identified syndrome that you’ve talked about and is already doing amazing things as she advocates for the environment. It’s getting better and we’re being taken care of.

Patti Stice: Absolutely. We just need to realize how valuable these wonderful students are and help to open the door so that they can share their gifts with us.

Brother Thomas: Patti, what a great topic.  We’re going, to talk more about these things in another episode about how to parent these children–because we don’t parent them the way you and I were. These are very, very different types of children.

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