The Secret Power of Four

Four is a sacred number representing not only our 3D universe but time and space as well.

My dear friends of light and life, this is your elder brother in spirit–Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I come to those who seek deeper meanings and know there is more to life than what appears to the eye. I am the one who communicates through the Spiritus Lumine and today I will speak of the hidden wisdom, beauty, and power of the number four. There is an underlying sacredness to this number that many do not perceive–and we want you to know more about it. We will start simply and end with a startle. Let us begin by stating that four is the foundation of physical and spiritual civilization–and of civilizations to come!

Four is a sacred number representing not only your 3D universe but time and space as well. The hypercube universe in which you live is one of an infinity created by Spirit for IT’s good pleasure. Know this, in due time, many of you may very well oversee and rule these universes. Therefore, take heed and learn your lessons well.

Brother Thomas

The Power of Four

While nature loves symmetry, it abhors straight lines–preferring instead the sine and spiral. Spirit, on the other hand, loves all things geometric and orderly. When Spirit and nature work hand-in-hand, new harmonies, such as those found in music, appears. Sinusoidal frequencies when ordered by the creative geometries of Spirit, produce the music of the spheres. This action is the foundational basis of Spiritus Lumine, the Light of God.

The light and sound off Spiritus Lumine orders the God-Continuum and brings healing to the hurt as well as advancement to the seeking soul. The power of four imposes order to nature–allowing humankind and those who live in the worlds of matter to live comfortably.

Four represents the civilizing power of Divine Consciousness for those who wish to abide in nature within the worlds of matter.

Brother Thomas

Four in Numerology

In numerology, four represents completeness and a firm foundation where all four corners are firmly established. Four divided by itself results in one–or the numerological significance of new beginnings. Four is composed of four ones–or the spiritual energy of 11:11 which represents the presence of one’s angels, spirits, guides, and loved ones. These four help you gain new spiritual energies and abilities. Four raised to the power of four equals 256–or the middle C on the piano. For the musically minded, middle C is the basis of scientific tuning that resonates with the human voice.

Whenever one sees numbers and geometries divisible by four, pay attention. Spirit’s presence is near!

Brother Thomas

The Sacred Square

In sacred geometry, the four-sided square represents the totality of the world. The four equal lines of the square arrange themselves at 90-degree angles representing the four corners of the earth as well as its hidden meanings. Oftentimes one will see a circle that has been squared representing the unity of the material and spiritual. Humankind often uses the words, “fair and square” to describe an honest person or thing.

In the world of metaphysics, one cannot grow spiritually until they understand the honesty that is required for living in the material worlds. Until one’s square has become sacred through the surrender of self to Spirit, there is no escaping the Boot Camp Earth simulation. Escape requires that the Spark of the Divine fully controls the Lux Animae. Once this occurs, the four sides of human existence become spiritually square and the soul progresses.

The Four Directions and Seasons

The north, south, east and west winds, all represent the four corners of the earth. But more than that, they represent important stages of spiritual growth for humankind. Soul must fully experience each of these seasons if it is to understand its true nature and purpose.

Any number of lifetimes will be lived in succession so that one might experience each of these “soul seasons.” The resurrection and the life, as illustrated by Jesus the Christ, is the last of those experiences. My friend, should you be experiencing pain and suffering, even though you live a decent and honorable life, it may well be that you have come to the last portion of your soul seasons.

  • North represents winter’s cold and the necessity of all things to die in order to be reborn. Though we speak of the cold north winds, they are our friend and symbolically represent the rest that is needed after a well-lived life. North also represents our guiding star–the star that keeps us on track.
  • South is symbolic of summer. It is a time of warmth and activity. Things grow easily in the summertime. It is a time of ease and plenty both physically and spiritually.
  • East, is often related to the star followed by the wise men seeking Christ. It represents spiritual growth, expanded consciousness, the rising sun, and springtime.
  • West represents the setting sun, autumn, and harvest. It is the symbolic direction of karma where all reap what they have sown.

The Four Stages of Life

The secret power of four also represents the stages of life and living. We like those described by many of the Hindus of humankind and have provided a brief description below. But for now we would like to stress, that mystics find meaning in all stages of life. None are to be shunned nor despised. It should be the goal of all to live exemplary lives in each of these stages. No matter what stage of life you may live in, it is important to live it well and with intention. Interestingly, while life becomes more meaningful and understandable as one ages, it does not become easier. Each stage of life presents the soul with unique challenges. Old age is never an excuse to quit and give up.

  • The Student: birth and those years where one learns and prepares for life,
  • Householder: Marrying, having children, career,
  • The Elder: At this stage, one’s family obligations and career are largely complete. A person has an accumulation of wisdom to share with those who will listen and learn.
  • The Recluse: The person has given up almost all attachments to persons, places, and things. There is only God and unity as one moves towards the end of life.

The Four Worldly Elements

Most mystics are aware of the elements of earth, fire, water, and air. Often, we add a fifth element, ether, to represent one’s psychic and spiritual energies. The work of a mystic is to learn how to utilize these basic elements in the earthly journey. These are the tools that are available to all who journey upon the earth. Though many among humankind complain about the inequity of resources while living upon the earth, all have these basic elements available to them. It is true that all of us have different earthly situations to face, but it is just as true that the same tools have been given to us all to help us along the way.

  • Earth represents all powers and things needed for prosperity and physical comfort. Each of us will be given unique persons, places, and things along the way to help us upon the journey.
  • Fire represents the energy we need to make things happen in our physical and spiritual worlds. Each possesses physical and psychic energies available for use–but we must study to learn how to best use them.
  • Water represents our emotions and the energies that go with them. Emotional intelligence and management are within the control of all humankind–though many claim otherwise.
  • Air represents the powers of our mind–an ability to think and reason. The ability to grow in reason and logic is available to all. One does not need formal training–though it may help. Mystics learn that we have psychic abilities at our disposal as well.

The Hypercube Universe

Finally, there is a deeper wisdom to the numeral four we wish to present to you. It represents the hypercube and holographic nature of your existence. Strange though it may sound, when Divine Consciousness created the worlds of matter, an infinitude of universes came into existence as well. Your universe (Earth, and the infinity suns and planets in your time-space solar system) is one of the untold millions.

These universes exist so that Divine Consciousness might better know ITs infinite self. The way IT has chosen to do so is through the creation of living souls which we call the Lux Animae. This is where you and I come in.

Your True Purpose

Your purpose is not to love the world and everything within it; instead, your purpose is to transcend the world by surrendering to the Divine Spark of God within. This spark will lift you from the darkness and despair of Boot Camp Earth to the Divine Light of Spiritus Lumine. Once you find this light, you will ascend high enough to light and lead the way for others like you who wish to advance along the God-Continuum.

You are being prepared to oversee one or more of these hypercube universes. Yes, on the day your Soul was created, an angel whispered your purpose to that fractal self and the Spark of the Divine. Until now, you have been training in many of these hypercube worlds of matter to prepare you for that time when you oversee your very own universe. This universe will exist to carry out the mission that once existed as a dream of Divine Source. Your Lux Animae is being prepared for this very purpose right now!


We began this lesson by teaching you about the deep spiritual power of the numeral four. Do not let this lesson be lost on you. From this day forward, each time you see a four, or the numerology equivalent of four, on your clocks, liscense plates, and the like, know that we guides are reminding you of your important destiny. No doubt you will see this number a lot in the coming days. And now you know why.

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