The Mystics Guide to Manifesting What You Want


My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas—your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray. We write to you that your lives may ascend and progress on the God-Continuum so that you may live as we do—no matter the dimension of time or space you may abide. Today we wish to speak about how you might go about manifesting your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual desires.

We remember when we were as you are now. We too had a desire to possess different places and things and have relationships filled with pleasure and meaning. We also remember those beautiful urgings, sent to us from the Spiritus Lumine. These nudges create a hunger for the Soul to partner its will with ours so that you might claim the powers of your full God-Self. Yes, with a proper understanding of manifestation, your tomorrows will be very different from your todays.

Manifesting is the spiritual art of satisfying one’s desires by co-creating one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies with Source-Consciousness.

Manifesting Desires

It is easy for your spiritual guides to know the desires of your heart. They appear to us as colors in your aura which correspond to the thing that you want. And, lest you think it “less spiritual” to desire physical things, we want to say plainly that it is natural, and not at all wrong, to live in matter and desire physical possessions. In fact, it is a cause of great rejoicing that Source has created the physical worlds with all of its many pleasures for you to experience! Your enjoyment of these worlds pleases Source! Just know that the Divine places Souls on the God-Continuum, on earth-like locations, so that Souls will have countless opportunities to explore and satisfy themselves with physical things.

Let us remove confusion and shed some light on how those who follow the mystical path should go about attracting what they desire. The process is simple. Know what you want. Work with natural laws. Make space. Take physical and symbolic actions.

Manifesting: Know What You Want

If there were a Manifesting 101, it would begin by saying, If you don’t know what you want, you’ll probably get something else! Believe it or not, knowing what you really want is probably the trickiest part of the whole manifestation process. Sometimes this is because it isn’t so much a thing we desire as the things that come with the ownership of the thing.  For instance, we may think we want a particular job—but really what we want is the security and financial ability that comes with the situation. The person who knows this may manifest differently than those who do not.

Manifesting: Do Not Skip This Step

Sadly, many people never take the time actually to determine what it is that they really want. They only know that they have a generalized feeling of sadness and missing out on the good things in life. We spiritual guides want you to know that until you can write what you want in a simple declarative sentence, you do not yet know what you want. When you truly understand what you want, you can easily say it.

Yes, it is true that we guides are very good at precisely knowing what you want. We could easily write these sentences for you—but that is why you are here on Bootcamp Earth! You must learn how to do this for yourself. These are your lessons and not ours. Just know this, we stand ready to reward those who do their homework and master these skills! Now, let us give you some hints on how to know what you want.

How to Know What You Want

Generally speaking, a good starting place is to determine whether the experience you want is physical, mental, spiritual, or a feeling. Of course, some of the things you desire contain all of these elements. For instance, a good life partner may provide the physical comforts of touching and sex, emotional support, mental stimulation, and spiritual support! But even that can be written into a simple declarative sentence such as, “I would like to meet a smart, attractive physical partner who loves physical intimacy as much as I do, is emotionally supportive, and cares about not only their Soul but the Souls of others.”

Another trick you might use to know what you want is to complete the following sentence, Wouldn’t it be nice if….were to happen?  We have found that this simple sentence can quickly help you learn what it is that you want as you fill in the blank.  The next thing we want you to know about is working with the Law of Change.

Manifesting: Working with the Law of Change

In a very real sense, your desire to manifest is as natural, healthy, and desirable as any law of nature. It is, in fact, a natural working of the Law of Change–an imposed constant governing the worlds of matter that says that all things are in motion and constantly changing. (For those abiding in the un-manifest worlds, another law is followed—the Law of Stability and Permanence.) Whether you perceive it to be so or not, everything is in motion—a constant cycle of birth, death, renewal, and evolution.

Many atheists and scientists of your planet have observed these changes which occur in the natural order and have mistakenly concluded that this sort of change is the only change there is. We congratulate them for discovering the precision of natural order, but there is more. Source-Consciousness also created another “natural order” for the matter-worlds as well. Souls are permitted to bring about change as the result of Divine intervention and one’s own free will.

Manifesting: Harmonize with Natural Order

Manifesting is exciting once you understand how the Laws of Attraction works. We continue our discussion of natural change by stating that if you wish to manifest successfully, your desires must harmonize with existing natural laws. It happens this way.

  1. First, use your free will to interrupt existing natural laws;
  2. next, interject your will along with the natural law; and finally,
  3. ensure that your change remains in harmony with the natural order.

As an example, let us consider building a garden.

Natural Order: An Example

Before the garden exists, Mother Nature’s natural order is in effect. Perhaps there are grasses, weeds, rocks, trees, and other plant life already inhabiting the space where the garden will soon be. Through creative planning and work, the gardener (what we might call a Spiritual Sovereign) exercises their free will to impose a new order. This requires a brief effort of injecting the gardener’s desire into the existing laws of nature. Perhaps the gardener wishes to have new flowers, plants, rocks, a small stream, and a little walking path.  All of these can be introduced into the natural order.

For the new garden to be successful, however, care must be taken that the new plants can live in harmony with existing natural laws which ensure their nurture and growth. So it is with human manifesting. It too must follow the laws of nature. Lilies will not grow in the Arctic Circle unless an artificial climate is created.

Pay Attention to Natural Laws

Mystics must pay attention to natural laws. These are not always obvious. There are laws of human nature, mother nature, physics, economics, and those who govern health—to mention but a few. The grace of God notwithstanding, manifesting requires that mystics respect existing laws. For example, to manifest additional money, one should pay attention to economic principles, sound business practices, and the like–in addition to the help one will ask from their spiritual guides.  Your guides may lead you to areas which have great potential financially—but you will still need to respect those natural laws which govern an increase in those areas.

Manifesting Requires You to Make Space

Another manifesting principle involves making space. You must get rid of the old to make room for the new. Change is about getting rid of the old. There is an old saying that nature abhors a vacuum. You can make this truism can work for you. For instance, if you want more love in your heart, you must be willing to remove any hatred that may be presently occupying the space.  It is sad that so many of humankind con themselves into believing they will grow in love and kindness while continuing to nurture their hatreds!

A great master once said A man cannot serve two masters. If he serves one, he will hate the other.” This is another way of saying that to have something; you have to give up something. We do this to create enough space for the new energy to abide. As above, so below! What is true in the spiritual worlds works for the material worlds as well.

Clear Out the Old

If you want a new garden, you must clear out the old stuff and replant something new. To make more money, re-evaluate what you are currently doing financially and be willing to make the needed changes. Perhaps you’ll need to stop investing with one group and start spending with another. If you want love or a partner in your life, you will have to make a space for the new person. Can you let go of your past fears involving others? Can you tell your friends that “you are in play?” Will you join a dating site? If you don’t like your present job, are you willing to look for another and set aside your current position?

Will You Recognize Your Answer When It Comes?

We want you to remember this important thing about making space. When the Universe answers your prayers, you may not recognize your answer because you continue to think in old ways and expect your answers to conform to these old ways.  The truth is, your guides will answer you in ways that challenge your present thinking! In fact, you may be tempted to reject answers that come your way. For instance, a job in another city may come before you–and you are tempted to immediately dismiss it because you are insisting upon doing things using your old ways of thinking. It may well be that the masters have a better solution for your life and are testing to see if you are ready for growth by letting go of old ways!

Manifesting: The Importance of Physical and Symbolic Actions

Manifesting requires you, as a Spiritual Sovereign, to take the first steps towards obtaining your desire. The universe awaits a signal that you are serious about your new intentions of co-creating some new thing. Specifically, you do this as you initiate physical and symbolic actions. There are reasons for this.

Take the First Step

It is a spiritual law that spiritual guides do not interfere with your life contract. Beyond a certain point, your guides do not have permission to help you without your authority. However, this changes as you ask for their help by physically demonstrating your intention for making something happen. When you do, the universe steps forward to assist you, and things get interesting!

Manifesting: First Step Examples

Do you want a new person in your life? Take the step of joining a dating site. Keep in mind, that you may well meet your new partner in some other way. The reason you join a dating site is not to restrict how the universe will act on your behalf, but to permit it to help you in any way that it can.  So, keep an open mind about how the universe will act on your behalf—but send a signal to the Universe by taking the first step of action.

Do you want to grow spiritually? Take an action step of reading spiritual materials—such as this website. Sign up for lessons with a spiritual group. Find a local group which meets and studies metaphysical subjects. Again, trust the Divine to guide your spiritual growth and development. Even though you take the first step, if the Divine wants you to move in a different direction, IT will make that known to you. The important thing is that you signal the Universe and take the first physical action.

Manifesting with Symbolic Actions

Many people understand that manifesting in the physical worlds requires physical action. Now, in addition to taking those significant physical actions, use your creative mind to generate a series of symbolic actions as well.

So many do not know the importance of symbolic acts. When we partner with the spiritual worlds, the way we communicate with them is through symbolic actions.

Examples of Symbolic Actions

Using our earlier example, let’s say you want to attract a new person in your life. A symbolic action might be to clean out a drawer in your clothes dresser for your new partner to use. As you take out all of your clothes, tell the Divine that this sign symbolizes your desire for a new person. Maybe you could buy an extra toothbrush! There must be more than a hundred different symbolic things you might do to communicate with the Universe about this desire.

Do you want to grow spiritually? Create a sacred altar.  Make a space in your room that is dedicated to the Divine. Place a small table in a dedicated spot and add holy objects of your choosing to it. Each day when you pass by it, hold your hand to your heart and say a prayer of gratitude for the daily guidance you receive. Symbolically signal the universe of your openness and readiness.

Manifesting: Do Not Tell the Universe How to Do Its Business!

So my friends, though I’ve told you the essential principles of manifesting there is one more concept we should discuss.

Have faith and let the Divine work in your behalf! Tell the Universe what you want, not how to do it!

The writer of this website has a friend who has been looking for a life partner for twenty years. During this time, Divine-Source has brought many people before him—all were rejected. Some were too young. Others were not attractive enough while others were too opinionated. Over the years, many reasons have been given by this man for why these women he meets are not right for him.

The point is, his prayers are being answered—but he does not have enough faith to believe that God is behind it all! He quickly decides to keep on looking and continues to ask the Universe to answer his prayers for another person. This suggests that he has not correctly learned the principle of making space! He has not released his old ideas to make room for the new ones coming before him. We would suggest that when you manifest, you take time to examine what the Universe brings before you carefully. It may well be—if you are willing to make space, your spiritual guides know what is best for you!

Manifesting: The Final Secret

We leave you with this thought.

Each of your desires spring from an even deeper longing to know Source more intimately. At some point in your journey, you will discover that your desires are nothing more than subtle messages from Divine-Source telling you how you might grow even closer to the Spark of the Divine.

It is a great day of initiation and ascension when the mystic arrives at the realization that physical, mental, and emotional thrills alone cannot bring long-term satisfaction or peace—only spiritual attainment can do this. When that time arrives, a new wholeness and balance arrive in the life of the mystic where physical desires and spiritual desires unite for the betterment of ascension and the accomplishment of the Soul’s purpose. In the meantime, consider the things we have told you and let your faith increase as you see the love shown you by the Divine.

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