Joys of the Mystical Soul

Mystical Soul

My dear mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas, your spiritual friend and connection from the Seventh Ray who brings you knowledge in your sleep, wisdom in your meditations, and friendship from this side of the God-Continuum. Today we want to talk about the expanse of a human soul–your human soul. It is much more marvelous that you can imagine and even we cannot adequately describe it using the mere words of humankind. The mystical soul is a force more powerful than any can realize. Even as a Spark of the Divine, its complete energy could never be fully contained in any physical body.

Just because you live on Earth does not mean you cannot travel beyond the stars.

Most of the Mystical Soul Resides in the Spiritual Realms

Most of the energetic forces that compose your human soul remain on the soul planes and do not abide in your earthly form. There is no way the flame of the Divine, or even the spark which was given for your use, could ever fit in a physical form. Look around you my friends and behold the glory of the sun, moon, stars, galaxies, planets, and the vastness of space.  Even these are too small a container for Source-Consciousness. Source and the energies of the Divine cannot be contained.

Mystical Soul: One-Sixteenth of Your Power is Here

The part that you call “You” has been given perhaps as little as one-sixteenth of your energetic strength. My beautiful mystics, we often hear your prayers for help as though you do not have what you need. But that is not so. You can move mountains with as little as one-sixteenth of the power in your possession. As with most things in life, it is not how much you have but what you do and how you use what you have. So it is with spiritual power.

Miracles of the Mystical Soul

The unrealized abilities of your present form are more than enough to manifest, food, clothing, shelter, travel, and more from thin air. The untapped powers of the mind are powerful enough for you to remember each of your lifetimes, communicate with the angels, commune with those who have passed beyond the physical veil, and even remember the moment of your Soul’s conception as the Angels of Light constructed your present form using energies borrowed from the Spark of the Divine. The Soul forces within you allow you to travel among the stars while you live upon the earth. This is the power of a realized mystic. This is the power you are meant to possess.

Parasailing: A Metaphor for the Mystical Soul

Let us offer you a metaphor to use as you contemplate your true form. In your spiritual imagination, imagine yourself parasailing. If you have never seen a parasail, these are large kites that one can ride and fly high in the sky as they are pulled by powerful motorboats. While flying through the air, there is the safe and wonderful feeling of connection with the boat on the water even as your physical form soars high above. The body feels weightless, peaceful, and one can see for miles on a clear day. So it is with our Souls.

We mystics experience the same freedom and excitement when we are in spiritual alignment! We have the same profound feeling of groundedness even as our Spirit soars high above the earth and stars. We can feel the dynamic tension. The Spark of the Divine is the powerful boat which pulls us this way and that. Like the rope, the silver cord is the energetic cord which brings energy to the seven spiritual bodies. Our conscious attention merges with cosmic awareness rendering us with peace, calm, and power. Like parasailing, our soul is the kite that carries us higher than the clouds to the very stars above. More importantly, the bounds of time and space do not limit our Souls.

The Mystical Soul Expands Your Aura

There is one more profound thing we want you to know before we close. Your energetic field, your physical aura, that thing which represents the dynamic forces of your being, expands as your Soul acquires the ability to travel in this way.

The size of the aura reveals a mystic’s power. As you ground to earth and extend your consciousness among the stars–your aura extends as well.

Mystical friends, with time and practice, your aura becomes brighter and more prominent. We guides see your aura in much the same way as you see the light of a flashlight on a dark night from some distance away. We watch the progression of your aura as you become bolder in your journeys.

Blessed ones, we are never far away and we are excited about what is ahead for you. As mystics, you will travel to many places including the golden temples on the spiritual planes and the spiritual classrooms which provide you training between your lifetimes. You will travel through space and time–which only exists in terms of human consciousness. You will search the Akashic record for yourself and others to learn more about the history of this amazing place. As this happens, your spiritual power and awareness increase your luminosity. It’s time for you to let your Soul soar and fly. It is the will of the Divine that all should experience the joys of the mystical soul.

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