Joys of the Mystical Soul

Mystical Soul

My dear mys­ti­cal friends, this is Broth­er Thomas, your spir­i­tu­al friend and con­nec­tion from the Sev­enth Ray who brings you knowl­edge in your sleep, wis­dom in your med­i­ta­tions, and friend­ship from this side of the God-Con­tin­u­um. Today we want to talk about the expanse of a human soul – your human soul. It is much more mar­velous that you can imag­ine and even we can­not ade­quate­ly describe it using the mere words of humankind. The mys­ti­cal soul is a force more pow­er­ful than any can real­ize. Even as a Spark of the Divine, its com­plete ener­gy could nev­er be ful­ly con­tained in any phys­i­cal body.

Just because you live on Earth does not mean you can­not trav­el beyond the stars.

Most of the Mystical Soul Resides in the Spiritual Realms

Most of the ener­getic forces that com­pose your human soul remain on the soul planes and do not abide in your earth­ly form. There is no way the flame of the Divine, or even the spark which was giv­en for your use, could ever fit in a phys­i­cal form. Look around you my friends and behold the glo­ry of the sun, moon, stars, galax­ies, plan­ets, and the vast­ness of space.  Even these are too small a con­tain­er for Source-Con­scious­ness. Source and the ener­gies of the Divine can­not be con­tained.

Mystical Soul: One-Sixteenth of Your Power is Here

The part that you call “You” has been giv­en per­haps as lit­tle as one-six­teenth of your ener­getic strength. My beau­ti­ful mys­tics, we often hear your prayers for help as though you do not have what you need. But that is not so. You can move moun­tains with as lit­tle as one-six­teenth of the pow­er in your pos­ses­sion. As with most things in life, it is not how much you have but what you do and how you use what you have. So it is with spir­i­tu­al pow­er.

Miracles of the Mystical Soul

The unre­al­ized abil­i­ties of your present form are more than enough to man­i­fest, food, cloth­ing, shel­ter, trav­el, and more from thin air. The untapped pow­ers of the mind are pow­er­ful enough for you to remem­ber each of your life­times, com­mu­ni­cate with the angels, com­mune with those who have passed beyond the phys­i­cal veil, and even remem­ber the moment of your Soul’s con­cep­tion as the Angels of Light con­struct­ed your present form using ener­gies bor­rowed from the Spark of the Divine. The Soul forces with­in you allow you to trav­el among the stars while you live upon the earth. This is the pow­er of a real­ized mys­tic. This is the pow­er you are meant to pos­sess.

Parasailing: A Metaphor for the Mystical Soul

Let us offer you a metaphor to use as you con­tem­plate your true form. In your spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion, imag­ine your­self para­sail­ing. If you have nev­er seen a para­sail, these are large kites that one can ride and fly high in the sky as they are pulled by pow­er­ful motor­boats. While fly­ing through the air, there is the safe and won­der­ful feel­ing of con­nec­tion with the boat on the water even as your phys­i­cal form soars high above. The body feels weight­less, peace­ful, and one can see for miles on a clear day. So it is with our Souls.

We mys­tics expe­ri­ence the same free­dom and excite­ment when we are in spir­i­tu­al align­ment! We have the same pro­found feel­ing of ground­ed­ness even as our Spir­it soars high above the earth and stars. We can feel the dynam­ic ten­sion. The Spark of the Divine is the pow­er­ful boat which pulls us this way and that. Like the rope, the sil­ver cord is the ener­getic cord which brings ener­gy to the sev­en spir­i­tu­al bod­ies. Our con­scious atten­tion merges with cos­mic aware­ness ren­der­ing us with peace, calm, and pow­er. Like para­sail­ing, our soul is the kite that car­ries us high­er than the clouds to the very stars above. More impor­tant­ly, the bounds of time and space do not lim­it our Souls.

The Mystical Soul Expands Your Aura

There is one more pro­found thing we want you to know before we close. Your ener­getic field, your phys­i­cal aura, that thing which rep­re­sents the dynam­ic forces of your being, expands as your Soul acquires the abil­i­ty to trav­el in this way.

The size of the aura reveals a mystic’s pow­er. As you ground to earth and extend your con­scious­ness among the stars – your aura extends as well.

Mys­ti­cal friends, with time and prac­tice, your aura becomes brighter and more promi­nent. We guides see your aura in much the same way as you see the light of a flash­light on a dark night from some dis­tance away. We watch the pro­gres­sion of your aura as you become bold­er in your jour­neys.

Blessed ones, we are nev­er far away and we are excit­ed about what is ahead for you. As mys­tics, you will trav­el to many places includ­ing the gold­en tem­ples on the spir­i­tu­al planes and the spir­i­tu­al class­rooms which pro­vide you train­ing between your life­times. You will trav­el through space and time – which only exists in terms of human con­scious­ness. You will search the Akashic record for your­self and oth­ers to learn more about the his­to­ry of this amaz­ing place. As this hap­pens, your spir­i­tu­al pow­er and aware­ness increase your lumi­nos­i­ty. It’s time for you to let your Soul soar and fly. It is the will of the Divine that all should expe­ri­ence the joys of the mys­ti­cal soul.

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