The Mystical Practice of Attunement


My beautiful brothers and sisters, this is Brother Thomas, your elder brother from the Seventh Ray. We want you to know that attunement is the process that moves you from being an ordinary person, whose spiritual awareness is asleep, to the mystical state of alertness. Attunement is a co-created gift of grace that comes as one asks the God-Continuum for increased spiritual wisdom. Attunement is the synchronization of your thoughts with our thoughts. The wisdom saying is true, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you.” But there is more to attunement than asking. There must be a willingness to work and follow-through with the instructions that are given.

Attunement Aligns You with a New Reality

What you humans perceive as real greatly impacts what you think, say, and do. The unawakened serve their own selfish interests, not because they are wicked, but because they have yet to perceive a greater reality beyond their five senses. They act on limited information. Change becomes a real possibility the moment new realities appear. Attunement allows one to perceive truths that until now, were unseen. For mystics, the perception of new realities is an ever-deepening cycle. As we attune, our guides bring us more and more information.

Attunement: Your Guides are Trying to Help

When a child asks for food, hunger remains if the child does nothing with it. We guides bring many helpful ideas before you each day–most are not perceived, and many are ignored. We use natural and normal channels. A friend tells you about a book she is reading on the subject of angels. That is us telling you that we think you should investigate the subject of angels as well. Were you to follow through; you might learn the name of your guardian angel.  Another friend tells a joke about karma. We hope you were paying attention. That was probably us reminding you to be careful about what you will do next. We could go on. The point is, your angels, spirits, and guides are always bringing you the information you need to align your thoughts with ours.

Attunement: Be Intentional

Attunement isn’t just about learning new things; it’s using those things you learn to connect with Source-Consciousness. Like you, we remember those early days of awakening.  We would go to some convention or program and have a mountain top experience–only to be let down several days later. Learning is good and helps to lead you where you need to go, but identifying with your true nature leads to a more permanent attunement. As you awaken to the reality of your true identity–the Spark of the Divine within you–a deepening and more stable attunement will occur naturally. Nurture your alertness each day.

Attunement: Constancy and Stability

Living in attunement means that we no longer see existence in terms of what is Divine and what is not. We guides see the world as one unified and interrelated web of Divinity. The attunement we have in mind for you is an ever-present awareness of your part in all of this interconnectedness. We will know this is so when we observe a constancy of communication between you and the Divine everywhere about you. As you become stronger, you will start noticing beings of light that, until now, escaped your awareness. We are like friends who wave and try to get your attention! Soon, you will see us and wave back. Before long, you will become just as aware of our continued presence as your physical friends.

Attunement: Awareness of Divine Connection

To live in attunement is to perceive the Divinity in all people–even those who have yet to awaken to this realization. One day you will be as your advanced brothers and sisters on the God-Continuum. But as earthly mystics, you presently walk of the alive and undead. As an awakened being, you must interact with those who are asleep. It can be very confusing–especially when the unawakened mistreat us. Just know that it is part of your training to be a loving light to those who remain asleep. It is the Divine Light that awakens us. Join us in being that light. What a joy it is to see those you love suddenly awaken into alertness as you are doing.

A Simple Mystical Practice for Attunement

A simple mystical practice that brings about a conscious state of attunement is to quietly repeat, several times a day, the following mantra: “Thy light is my light. Your thoughts are my thoughts.”

You may also shorten the phrase to, Thy light, my light. This simple phrase uttered over and again in meditation brings peace and calm to the body and mind. As you do this simple meditation, you will reach a point where you feel completely centered and in a state of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. This is a sign that a conscious link has been created. Once the feeling of centeredness appears, start repeating a new mantra. In silence, I now transmit thy peace and light everywhere about me. In this peaceful state, you will be actively forwarding peace, love, and goodwill from the God-Continuum to all who live nearby. Your link with the Divine is now being used to bless others in ways that will be unknown to you.

This is a high leverage exercise–a little goes a long way. Even when you cannot fully relax and meditate, you may repeat these mantras. The angels, spirits, and guides of the God-Continuum hear your requests and read the intent of your heart just as surely in your waking state as they do when you are relaxed in meditation. The same benefits occur in the waking state as they do in the meditative state–though you may not feel them as deeply.

Do this practice as you stand in line to pay a bill, or perhaps when you visit a hospital. Use it whenever you need to bring peace to a situation. If there is trouble between you and another, or, if you know of a troublesome condition that requires the light of God, modify the second mantra to say this, In silence, I now transmit thy peace and light between myself and (the person or situation of concern). 

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