The Mysterious Mystic

Mystics have many mysterious qualities that most don’t know about.

My beautiful mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. We see much goodness in you and all of humankind. Yes, there is much work to be done, but a new and higher vibration has entered your planet. The forces of good are awakening people all about you. Each day, new children of light are being born on this planet. They are not like you! They are specially created to usher the day of ascension. No matter how dark the world may seem you, never forget that the Spiritus Lumine changes darkness into light and evil into good. Light always wins!

Today we want to talk about mystery and secrets. Discernment, or knowing who is ready for the conferral of your knowledge about spiritual matters, is one the more foundational matters a mystical person must learn. While all people are worthy of such knowledge, not all are ready. It is a violation of spiritual law to give people information they are not yet ready to receive.

Secrets help make Mystics a Mystic!

Only a boring person has no secrets! If you have no secrets, your mystical knowledge has yet to expand. Mystics sometimes forget just how unusual they are. Some might say we are a bit odd; and, they are not wrong! Mystics do not keep secrets for secrecy’s sake, we keep them until it is clear they will help another grow in a spiritually appropriate way. Compared to most, only an unusual person (such as a mystic) would wish to develop their intuitive abilities to see and hear beyond the veil, commune daily with the divine, and practice spiritual healing and travel. Because our spiritual transformation spans many years, this all seems normal to us. Honestly, it is not. We have become a strange and mysterious person that most people cannot understand. You are no longer from around here!

Secrets: Transition from Seeking to Practice

Maybe you are just now adopting a mystic lifestyle. But if you think about it, this didn’t just happen overnight. No, your new life is the result of many years (perhaps lifetimes) of searching and gaining personal knowledge and wisdom. Behind the scenes, your angels, spirits, and guides were diligently working to bring you to this step in your growth. Now that you are here, you are transitioning from your mystical seeking stage to that of mystical practice. This includes the mystical practice of keeping secrets. Here is a piece of wisdom you would be wise to follow.

The best mystics live out their beliefs while keeping most of their views hidden. The mystic strives to be one of the best-kept secrets in plain view. Remaining hidden and private does not mean we shouldn’t share our beliefs with others–it means we share appropriately with those we judge are ready for further growth.

Brother Thomas

Don’t Confuse Mystical Secrets with Religion

In many religions, the goal is to convert as many people as possible. There is an assumption that people are lost and need saving. There is also another assumption that people need fixing. Religion seeks to convert, save, and fix people.

Metaphysics reject this sort of thinking. We do not believe people are eternally lost. Most folks are learning the lessons they came here to do. Further, it is a violation of spiritual law to assume that anybody needs fixing (though we all know people we think need straightening out LOL!). Mystical folk respect the rights of others to walk the journey in their own way. Sure, we might offer to lend a helping hand, but we always respect the right of others to decide what is right for themselves.

Mystical secrets are not to be treated like religious teachings–even though they feel special and touch our soul. We mystics are always willing to share our knowledge and practices with sincere seekers and likeminded souls but we do not chase people down. We certainly should never presume that we have been sent to fix anyone other than ourselves. Even for ourselves the truth is this; we seek always to surrender to the teachings of Divine Sources as it is revealed to us.

Some Secrets Need to Remain that way

If you are a church-goer, you probably know some individuals who radiate a deep spirituality even though they don’t say much. This is true of many ministers who outgrow their parishioners. A true mystic usually knows more about spiritual matters under discussion than is wise to speak about publically. This is an important point. Once you begin the mystical journey and start receiving your own personal messages from Divine Source, you will find that much of what you learn greatly exceeds the knowledge of your friends. In many cases, your knowledge will directly contradict their ideas. Your first inclination might be to dive right in and share your new knowledge–thinking it would be helpful and gratefully received. We think this would be an unwise assumption on your part.

When we first awaken, it is only natural that excitement permeates every aspect of our life. We want to share our new knowledge of spiritual communication, healing, wisdom, and giftings with all of our friends and loved ones. Your new work as a mystic is never to try and convince all those about you that you know more than they do. Instead, share only a little and conceal most of what you know. If you cannot do this, then say nothing! Your new work is to discern those who are ready for the next steps of spiritual growth. Unless you are with likeminded mystics, this is always done one-on-one and never publically.

Secrets Respect One’s Level of Growth

Just as there are grades in school that broadly categorize what a person should know, so too there are grades of spiritual growth that we mystics must respect and honor. A student who advances to a new grade should not go back to her friends in the earlier grades and try to bring them all up to her new level of knowledge and ability. So it is with spiritual matters. As you advance, your job is not to go back and “save everybody.” They are on their path and you are on yours. Divine Source will show you when it is time to approach someone–if at all.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Jesus Matthew 7:6

Just because you may live in a country where freedom of religion prevails does not mean that you should use that freedom poorly. One of the greatest teachers of all time, Jesus the Christ, taught in parables to the crowds and saved his deeper teachings for his beloved disciples. We would do well to learn from him. Even the little truth that he did share publicly was enough to threaten the powers of his day to the point where he was put to death. Never assume the good things you are learning will be readily received or accepted. Your new knowledge is just as likely to be perceived as disruptive or threatening.

Secrets: Your Knowledge may not Help Everyone

Speaking about reincarnation, ascended masters, angels, guides, Spiritus Lumine, souls, and the like to ordinary people will not usually confer a respected spiritual status upon you. In fact, the opposite is more likely to be true. Though it may sound counter-intuitive, not every wonderful thing you know is good or helpful to everybody and their present level of growth. Spiritual growth is a personal thing and people have to find their own way. We should not presume to do this for them.

You may think, surely my family will want to know these things. Perhaps you are right–but you may also be mistaken. Even very loving families have limits to their toleration. Some families are not ready to move in new spiritual directions. Spouses who are loving in every other way may offer opposition or feel threatened by your cherished beliefs. Though this may be disappointing to you, the fact that your partner does not want to grow with you in your metaphysical beliefs does not make them any less loving or worthy–unless you push them into a corner and make them feel threatened. Timing is everything.

To bring truth to a person that isn’t ready is a violation of spiritual law. This is because you may actually impede their growth, or set them back further, than if you had patiently waited.

Brother Thomas

Secrets: Withholding versus Lying

Some might say that to hide their true beliefs and feelings about metaphysics from those who are close to them is dishonest and hypocritical. We disagree. It is one thing to withhold information and another matter entirely to lie about something. While we cannot condone lying, there are many things in life we should withhold, or say little to nothing about, until it is an appropriate time. We teach our children about sex, politics, family matters, work, chores, Santa Claus, and a whole host of other things as it becomes appropriate to do so. The same is true about with older people as well. We are under no obligation to share all that we know with someone who is not ready–or someone who might use this information against you in harmful ways

Yes, as we share with people we will most surely make mistakes in judgment, but I encourage you to think long and hard before sharing your deep knowledge and hidden truths. You may ask, but what about this website? Isn’t it revealing deep spiritual principles and truths to people who are not ready? The difference is this. Websites, books, podcasts and the like are at the disposal of the seeker and not the other way around. Seekers deserve information but we do not chase them down! So, the information is here for those who want it and will make the effort to come here. You might even recommend this website to someone–but never be pushy! If they are meant to come here, they will.

Should someone seek answers from you, determine if they are a sincere seeker. If so, answer them. Should you doubt their sincerity or readiness for a particular truth, provide only a general answer. Always be cautious about being the one who seeks or pursues another to share information.

Brother Thomas

Share Secrets at the Appropriate Time

Again, it is one thing if a person comes to you asking about information. It is another matter entirely to share with others who have not asked us for our knowledge. Perhaps it would be wise to remember that the same Divine Spirit that brought you to your present level of knowledge, wisdom, and power is also at work in those around you. The timing of these guides is impeccable and they will certainly let you know when it is time for you to be a designated channel of teaching.

The Secret of Hidden Fullness

Notice what we are not saying. We are not saying that you should not live your truths nor are we saying that you should avoid any of your metaphysical rituals and practices. We are not saying any of this at all. Be a spiritual sovereign and live your faith boldly! At the same time, allow others to be a spiritual sovereign according to their level of understanding until such time as they seem ready for a change.

We opt for hidden fullness. Your hidden fullness is ten times the better teacher than any of your exquisite beliefs.

Brother Thomas

What you do always outweighs what you say. Do your best to never let untimely words about your beliefs to cause pain and suffering to others–unless they try and interfere with what is right for your life. Instead, be content to let whatever knowledge and wisdom you possess make you a better person. Rather than telling people what you believe, let your actions speak for themselves.

Secrets: Let Your Life Speak

Demonstrate your beliefs by kind and compassionate actions. Stand up for the marginalized. Stop judging people who are different than you. Learn how to rid yourself of the drama in your life. Let others have their say without contradicting them. Live and let live. The mark of a mystic is just a surely represented by a life well lived as the things they know and the wisdom they possess.

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