The Mysterious Mystic

Mys­tics have many mys­te­ri­ous qual­i­ties that most don’t know about.

My beau­ti­ful mys­ti­cal friends, this is Broth­er Thomas from the Sev­enth Ray. We see much good­ness in you and all of humankind. Yes, there is much work to be done, but a new and high­er vibra­tion has entered your plan­et. The forces of good are awak­en­ing peo­ple all about you. Each day, new chil­dren of light are being born on this plan­et. They are not like you! They are spe­cial­ly cre­at­ed to ush­er the day of ascen­sion. No mat­ter how dark the world may seem you, nev­er for­get that the Spir­i­tus Lumine changes dark­ness into light and evil into good. Light always wins!

Today we want to talk about mys­tery and secrets. Dis­cern­ment, or know­ing who is ready for the con­fer­ral of your knowl­edge about spir­i­tu­al mat­ters, is one the more foun­da­tion­al mat­ters a mys­ti­cal per­son must learn. While all peo­ple are wor­thy of such knowl­edge, not all are ready. It is a vio­la­tion of spir­i­tu­al law to give peo­ple infor­ma­tion they are not yet ready to receive.

Secrets help make Mystics a Mystic!

Only a bor­ing per­son has no secrets! If you have no secrets, your mys­ti­cal knowl­edge has yet to expand. Mys­tics some­times for­get just how unusu­al they are. Some might say we are a bit odd; and, they are not wrong! Mys­tics do not keep secrets for secrecy’s sake, we keep them until it is clear they will help anoth­er grow in a spir­i­tu­al­ly appro­pri­ate way. Com­pared to most, only an unusu­al per­son (such as a mys­tic) would wish to devel­op their intu­itive abil­i­ties to see and hear beyond the veil, com­mune dai­ly with the divine, and prac­tice spir­i­tu­al heal­ing and trav­el. Because our spir­i­tu­al trans­for­ma­tion spans many years, this all seems nor­mal to us. Hon­est­ly, it is not. We have become a strange and mys­te­ri­ous per­son that most peo­ple can­not under­stand. You are no longer from around here!

Secrets: Transition from Seeking to Practice

Maybe you are just now adopt­ing a mys­tic lifestyle. But if you think about it, this didn’t just hap­pen overnight. No, your new life is the result of many years (per­haps life­times) of search­ing and gain­ing per­son­al knowl­edge and wis­dom. Behind the scenes, your angels, spir­its, and guides were dili­gent­ly work­ing to bring you to this step in your growth. Now that you are here, you are tran­si­tion­ing from your mys­ti­cal seek­ing stage to that of mys­ti­cal prac­tice. This includes the mys­ti­cal prac­tice of keep­ing secrets. Here is a piece of wis­dom you would be wise to fol­low.

The best mys­tics live out their beliefs while keep­ing most of their views hid­den. The mys­tic strives to be one of the best-kept secrets in plain view. Remain­ing hid­den and pri­vate does not mean we shouldn’t share our beliefs with oth­ers – it means we share appro­pri­ate­ly with those we judge are ready for fur­ther growth.

Broth­er Thomas

Don’t Confuse Mystical Secrets with Religion

In many reli­gions, the goal is to con­vert as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble. There is an assump­tion that peo­ple are lost and need sav­ing. There is also anoth­er assump­tion that peo­ple need fix­ing. Reli­gion seeks to con­vert, save, and fix peo­ple.

Meta­physics reject this sort of think­ing. We do not believe peo­ple are eter­nal­ly lost. Most folks are learn­ing the lessons they came here to do. Fur­ther, it is a vio­la­tion of spir­i­tu­al law to assume that any­body needs fix­ing (though we all know peo­ple we think need straight­en­ing out LOL!). Mys­ti­cal folk respect the rights of oth­ers to walk the jour­ney in their own way. Sure, we might offer to lend a help­ing hand, but we always respect the right of oth­ers to decide what is right for them­selves.

Mys­ti­cal secrets are not to be treat­ed like reli­gious teach­ings – even though they feel spe­cial and touch our soul. We mys­tics are always will­ing to share our knowl­edge and prac­tices with sin­cere seek­ers and like­mind­ed souls but we do not chase peo­ple down. We cer­tain­ly should nev­er pre­sume that we have been sent to fix any­one oth­er than our­selves. Even for our­selves the truth is this; we seek always to sur­ren­der to the teach­ings of Divine Sources as it is revealed to us.

Some Secrets Need to Remain that way

If you are a church-goer, you prob­a­bly know some indi­vid­u­als who radi­ate a deep spir­i­tu­al­i­ty even though they don’t say much. This is true of many min­is­ters who out­grow their parish­ioners. A true mys­tic usu­al­ly knows more about spir­i­tu­al mat­ters under dis­cus­sion than is wise to speak about pub­li­cal­ly. This is an impor­tant point. Once you begin the mys­ti­cal jour­ney and start receiv­ing your own per­son­al mes­sages from Divine Source, you will find that much of what you learn great­ly exceeds the knowl­edge of your friends. In many cas­es, your knowl­edge will direct­ly con­tra­dict their ideas. Your first incli­na­tion might be to dive right in and share your new knowl­edge – think­ing it would be help­ful and grate­ful­ly received. We think this would be an unwise assump­tion on your part.

When we first awak­en, it is only nat­ur­al that excite­ment per­me­ates every aspect of our life. We want to share our new knowl­edge of spir­i­tu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion, heal­ing, wis­dom, and gift­ings with all of our friends and loved ones. Your new work as a mys­tic is nev­er to try and con­vince all those about you that you know more than they do. Instead, share only a lit­tle and con­ceal most of what you know. If you can­not do this, then say noth­ing! Your new work is to dis­cern those who are ready for the next steps of spir­i­tu­al growth. Unless you are with like­mind­ed mys­tics, this is always done one-on-one and nev­er pub­li­cal­ly.

Secrets Respect One’s Level of Growth

Just as there are grades in school that broad­ly cat­e­go­rize what a per­son should know, so too there are grades of spir­i­tu­al growth that we mys­tics must respect and hon­or. A stu­dent who advances to a new grade should not go back to her friends in the ear­li­er grades and try to bring them all up to her new lev­el of knowl­edge and abil­i­ty. So it is with spir­i­tu­al mat­ters. As you advance, your job is not to go back and “save every­body.” They are on their path and you are on yours. Divine Source will show you when it is time to approach some­one – if at all.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, nei­ther cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they tram­ple them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Jesus Matthew 7:6

Just because you may live in a coun­try where free­dom of reli­gion pre­vails does not mean that you should use that free­dom poor­ly. One of the great­est teach­ers of all time, Jesus the Christ, taught in para­bles to the crowds and saved his deep­er teach­ings for his beloved dis­ci­ples. We would do well to learn from him. Even the lit­tle truth that he did share pub­licly was enough to threat­en the pow­ers of his day to the point where he was put to death. Nev­er assume the good things you are learn­ing will be read­i­ly received or accept­ed. Your new knowl­edge is just as like­ly to be per­ceived as dis­rup­tive or threat­en­ing.

Secrets: Your Knowledge may not Help Everyone

Speak­ing about rein­car­na­tion, ascend­ed mas­ters, angels, guides, Spir­i­tus Lumine, souls, and the like to ordi­nary peo­ple will not usu­al­ly con­fer a respect­ed spir­i­tu­al sta­tus upon you. In fact, the oppo­site is more like­ly to be true. Though it may sound counter-intu­itive, not every won­der­ful thing you know is good or help­ful to every­body and their present lev­el of growth. Spir­i­tu­al growth is a per­son­al thing and peo­ple have to find their own way. We should not pre­sume to do this for them.

You may think, sure­ly my fam­i­ly will want to know these things. Per­haps you are right – but you may also be mis­tak­en. Even very lov­ing fam­i­lies have lim­its to their tol­er­a­tion. Some fam­i­lies are not ready to move in new spir­i­tu­al direc­tions. Spous­es who are lov­ing in every oth­er way may offer oppo­si­tion or feel threat­ened by your cher­ished beliefs. Though this may be dis­ap­point­ing to you, the fact that your part­ner does not want to grow with you in your meta­phys­i­cal beliefs does not make them any less lov­ing or wor­thy – unless you push them into a cor­ner and make them feel threat­ened. Tim­ing is every­thing.

To bring truth to a per­son that isn’t ready is a vio­la­tion of spir­i­tu­al law. This is because you may actu­al­ly impede their growth, or set them back fur­ther, than if you had patient­ly wait­ed.

Broth­er Thomas

Secrets: Withholding versus Lying

Some might say that to hide their true beliefs and feel­ings about meta­physics from those who are close to them is dis­hon­est and hyp­o­crit­i­cal. We dis­agree. It is one thing to with­hold infor­ma­tion and anoth­er mat­ter entire­ly to lie about some­thing. While we can­not condone lying, there are many things in life we should with­hold, or say lit­tle to noth­ing about, until it is an appro­pri­ate time. We teach our chil­dren about sex, pol­i­tics, fam­i­ly mat­ters, work, chores, San­ta Claus, and a whole host of oth­er things as it becomes appro­pri­ate to do so. The same is true about with old­er peo­ple as well. We are under no oblig­a­tion to share all that we know with some­one who is not ready – or some­one who might use this infor­ma­tion against you in harm­ful ways

Yes, as we share with peo­ple we will most sure­ly make mis­takes in judg­ment, but I encour­age you to think long and hard before shar­ing your deep knowl­edge and hid­den truths. You may ask, but what about this web­site? Isn’t it reveal­ing deep spir­i­tu­al prin­ci­ples and truths to peo­ple who are not ready? The dif­fer­ence is this. Web­sites, books, pod­casts and the like are at the dis­pos­al of the seek­er and not the oth­er way around. Seek­ers deserve infor­ma­tion but we do not chase them down! So, the infor­ma­tion is here for those who want it and will make the effort to come here. You might even rec­om­mend this web­site to some­one – but nev­er be pushy! If they are meant to come here, they will.

Should some­one seek answers from you, deter­mine if they are a sin­cere seek­er. If so, answer them. Should you doubt their sin­cer­i­ty or readi­ness for a par­tic­u­lar truth, pro­vide only a gen­er­al answer. Always be cau­tious about being the one who seeks or pur­sues anoth­er to share infor­ma­tion.

Broth­er Thomas

Share Secrets at the Appropriate Time

Again, it is one thing if a per­son comes to you ask­ing about infor­ma­tion. It is anoth­er mat­ter entire­ly to share with oth­ers who have not asked us for our knowl­edge. Per­haps it would be wise to remem­ber that the same Divine Spir­it that brought you to your present lev­el of knowl­edge, wis­dom, and pow­er is also at work in those around you. The tim­ing of these guides is impec­ca­ble and they will cer­tain­ly let you know when it is time for you to be a des­ig­nat­ed chan­nel of teach­ing.

The Secret of Hidden Fullness

Notice what we are not say­ing. We are not say­ing that you should not live your truths nor are we say­ing that you should avoid any of your meta­phys­i­cal rit­u­als and prac­tices. We are not say­ing any of this at all. Be a spir­i­tu­al sov­er­eign and live your faith bold­ly! At the same time, allow oth­ers to be a spir­i­tu­al sov­er­eign accord­ing to their lev­el of under­stand­ing until such time as they seem ready for a change.

We opt for hid­den full­ness. Your hid­den full­ness is ten times the bet­ter teacher than any of your exquis­ite beliefs.

Broth­er Thomas

What you do always out­weighs what you say. Do your best to nev­er let untime­ly words about your beliefs to cause pain and suf­fer­ing to oth­ers – unless they try and inter­fere with what is right for your life. Instead, be con­tent to let what­ev­er knowl­edge and wis­dom you pos­sess make you a bet­ter per­son. Rather than telling peo­ple what you believe, let your actions speak for them­selves.

Secrets: Let Your Life Speak

Demon­strate your beliefs by kind and com­pas­sion­ate actions. Stand up for the mar­gin­al­ized. Stop judg­ing peo­ple who are dif­fer­ent than you. Learn how to rid your­self of the dra­ma in your life. Let oth­ers have their say with­out con­tra­dict­ing them. Live and let live. The mark of a mys­tic is just a sure­ly rep­re­sent­ed by a life well lived as the things they know and the wis­dom they pos­sess.

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