The Loving Law of Silence

Dear mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas. Today I want to talk with you about the loving Law of Silence. This comes naturally for many of you, but others are often tempted to talk about people and things when it is clearly best to remain silent. The personality, often called the ego, likes to be in the know and the first to tell others about one thing or another. It revels in revealing secrets. Soul, on the other hand, knows the importance of discretion. The Law of Silence, secrecy, and discretion is similar to the Law of “Do no harm.” We remain silent to keep from harming either ourselves, others, or the work of the Light.

Law of Silence: The Mysteries

Do not be too quick to share your hard-earned mystical beliefs with those who don’t know or respect the mystical path. Jesus tells us that we “should not cast our pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” This means that one shouldn’t give holy things to people who are not ready or prepared to understand what you know. Not only will they belittle your beliefs, but they may also turn on you and make trouble for you as well.

You may be saying that you’d rather not be friends with someone who doesn’t or won’t share your mystical points of view. That is fair enough, except that one should not use spiritual knowledge or teachings as a test for casting people aside. We are here to attract people to the light, not drive them away. It is better that we first try and win others with the quality of our lives before sharing the deeper things they are not yet ready to hear. Please get to know people first, then share as you perceive their readiness allows.

Law of Silence: The Secrets of Others

As mystics grow in spiritual power, they will learn the secrets of others. Sometimes people will tell you things in confidence because they believe you can help them. At other times, your clairsentience will reveal these secrets to you. Under circumstances such as these, be aware that you face a test of whether you can respect the Law of Silence. Let us be plain. If a mystic is not trustworthy, they are only fooling themselves about their level of their spiritual development. The Masters give spiritual power, and they can take it away if we prove unworthy. Respect all confidences unless harm to life is at stake.

Law of Silence: Personal Information

What about personal secrets that aren’t necessarily rooted in metaphysical teachings? These might include facts about your personal life, the number of lovers you have had, political leanings, and the like. These are in a different category altogether. But there is wisdom in respecting the Law of Silence even in this situation. Here is some practical advice. Go slowly and don’t share everything at once. We have a few more important ideas about how to share personal information.

Practice Reciprocity in Sharing

One rarely errs by taking the time necessary to know someone. Start by sharing inconsequential things. If attraction and friendship begin to develop, carefully share a few more things. Even so, keep in mind that sharing should be reciprocal–or equal. It would be best if you only shared as you notice others are willing to share in return.

For instance, if you notice a person isn’t willing to share much information about their personal background, respond in kind and share very little about yours. If a person isn’t willing to share political views, be respectful and don’t share yours. Be especially careful before sharing core values. If a person is hesitant or unwilling to share some of their deeper-held values, don’t share yours either. If you learn that a person would be unfriendly to your mystical values and views, we believe it best not to reveal them until something changes for the better.

Build Trust

Reciprocal sharing is based on trust. As people trust you more, they will usually share more deeply. For most people, trust is built over time. In fact, a big red flag for most relationships is sharing too deeply too quickly. This can be the sign of an unstable emotional person who doesn’t understand the importance of boundaries. Healthy relationships don’t jump from hello to core-value intimacy in the first five minutes. Don’t be impatient. Learn to honor the necessary stages for developing lasting friendships and close relationships, even though you may feel that your heart will burst if you cannot share your feelings more deeply. Give relationships the space they need to evolve as they should.

Law of Silence: Self Protection

The Law of Silence or secrecy is not in conflict with our desire to live open and transparent lives. Mystics should be open and honest people. However, we define an open and transparent life as one where one’s actions speak louder than words. Let your life and actions speak for you. St. Francis of Assisi once said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.” We agree; let your actions speak for you.

Some wonder what and how much we should say to those who question what we believe. We want to remind you that the Law of Silence is here to protect you and others. As an assertive person and a Spiritual Sovereign, you are never obligated to explain yourself to another. If you feel someone is interrogating you more than trying to understand you, go silent and stop defending yourself to that person. It is your right to believe as you wish without resorting to defense or explanation. This is especially true if you believe someone would use what you say to harm you or another.

Lightworkers are not missionaries. We are not seeking people whom we may convert. As mystics, it is enough that we have comfort in our beliefs. We need not force our views on anyone. Further, we believe there is a time and place for everything. If we believe we should share our views with another, we rely on our angels, spirits, and guides to let us know when the time is right.

Law of Silence: Sincere Seekers

Finally, we Lightworkers recognize that Divine Source will send people our way for help and advice. We are here to help such people. If we believe a person sincerely wishes to learn and understand our mystical work, we will share what we know without reservation as long as it does not break confidentiality. We are here to teach those wishing to grow and ascend. When these people come our way, we advise one to go slowly and do more listening than anything else. By observing the Law of Silence, we share as we believe one can receive, grow, and develop.

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