The Law of Surrender

Law of Surrender

Hello, dear mystics! This is Brother Thomas–your guide from the Seventh Ray.  When you see and hear messages such as ours, you may wonder, what differences are there between my world and yours! What does it mean when I say that my world exists further along on the God continuum than yours? While it is true that there are many differences between our dimensional worlds, the most significant difference is that all who live here identify fully with the Law of Surrender.

The law of surrender says that to move forward on the God-Continuum, one must learn to continually improve their ability of surrendering to the true self–following that Spark of the Divine given to us all on the birthday of our Souls.

Law of Surrender versus Doing What We Want

Before one may fully understand what it means to surrender to the Divine, one must experience the freedom that comes from “doing what we want” or, doing our will instead of Divine will. We must do this until we understand the difference between Divine outcomes versus the true consequence of our actions. We know this sounds rather odd to some, but it is true nonetheless. Let us explain further.

Source-Consciousness dreamt of something that only the Vastness could imagine. This dream so captured ITs imagination that IT was willing to split a part of ITs infinite self to go, explore, and fulfill the dream. That Spark of the Divine is you! You, as Soul, are now on a Divine mission to explore and fulfill this dream of Source-Consciousness that, as yet, does not exist. At some point, however, You will bring this dream into full Source-Consciousness reality. When this happens, it will be as momentous as when IT said, “Let there be light!” But let us talk more about surrender versus following your own will.

In the scheme of Cosmic Source-Consciousness, dream fulfillment is all but instantaneous. From Soul’s point of view, it is a long and arduous journey. As Source-Consciousness set free a Spark of ITs self, IT blessed Soul as a Spiritual Sovereign and gave it free will to accomplish ITs will as IT sees fit. There is much to learn in these first journeys of Soul. Just as a young man or woman learns the responsibilities of independence when they go away to college, so too, must Soul learn the responsibility of ITs autonomy. The Soul must learn the differences between outcomes that arise from following Source and those that occur from pursuing its interests. And here we are!

Law of Surrender and Other Foundational Laws

Soul in its many incarnational experiences of Boot Camp earth, and places similar to this dimension and planet learns many valuable lessons including the Law of Cause and Effect (karma), the Law of Creation (attraction), and the Law of Divinity (what it means to be a spiritual sovereign). It also learns about the Law of Free Will–and how to use it responsibly. Finally, Soul learns that ITs place on the God-Continuum is directly related to ITs willingness to honor ITs Spark of the Divine in service to others. This is known as the Law of Submission. Learning about each of these laws is a foundational requirement of all souls.

Law of Surrender: Two Questions

Depending upon how you answer the following two questions, you who read this message today are ready to make an important leap of spiritual growth.

  1. Will you continue using your free will as a primary means of satisfying your human urges? Or,
  2. Will you commit to submitting your physical vehicle in service to others as the Spark of the Divine so leads?

The Divine is very patient and understands that you should not leave your present address until you feel certain you are ready for a move. For some, leaving a comfortable address on the God-Continuum feels discomforting. It is like the college student who feels accustomed to her dormitory and feels anxiety knowing she must find a place of her own to live upon graduation–even though an exciting adventure awaits her! It is worth the move.

The more you identify with the Spark of the Divine, the more your false cultural programming falls away–leaving you with your authentic self. As you learn to listen to the Spark of the Divine within you, you will find a new hunger consuming you. This new desire compels you to move forward with the Divine plan given you on the day of your Soul’s birth!

Law of Surrender: Your Path Forward

Your path forward is this. Get all of your worldly human affairs in order so that you may listen and follow the will of your Divine-Spark. Find ways to rid yourself of pointless drama which mires you in pain and suffering. Your Source-Consciousness will send angels, spirits, and guides to show you how to do this if you sincerely wish it to be. Ask for help, and it will come. Follow the leading of your Divine-Spark in service to others. Though you may not fully understand this now, you already possess enough gifting to help others. These things will set you on a path of service to others.

The path of service is the mystical pathway that leads you to where we reside. A commitment to follow the Divine-Spark, wherever it may lead is your ticket out of Boot Camp Earth and the slavery of this present matrix.

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