The Law of Surrender

Law of Surrender

Hel­lo, dear mys­tics! This is Broth­er Thomas – your guide from the Sev­enth Ray.  When you see and hear mes­sages such as ours, you may won­der, what dif­fer­ences are there between my world and yours! What does it mean when I say that my world exists fur­ther along on the God con­tin­u­um than yours? While it is true that there are many dif­fer­ences between our dimen­sion­al worlds, the most sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence is that all who live here iden­ti­fy ful­ly with the Law of Sur­ren­der.

The law of sur­ren­der says that to move for­ward on the God-Con­tin­u­um, one must learn to con­tin­u­al­ly improve their abil­i­ty of sur­ren­der­ing to the true self – fol­low­ing that Spark of the Divine giv­en to us all on the birth­day of our Souls.

Law of Surrender versus Doing What We Want

Before one may ful­ly under­stand what it means to sur­ren­der to the Divine, one must expe­ri­ence the free­dom that comes from “doing what we want” or, doing our will instead of Divine will. We must do this until we under­stand the dif­fer­ence between Divine out­comes ver­sus the true con­se­quence of our actions. We know this sounds rather odd to some, but it is true nonethe­less. Let us explain fur­ther.

Source-Con­scious­ness dreamt of some­thing that only the Vast­ness could imag­ine. This dream so cap­tured ITs imag­i­na­tion that IT was will­ing to split a part of ITs infi­nite self to go, explore, and ful­fill the dream. That Spark of the Divine is you! You, as Soul, are now on a Divine mis­sion to explore and ful­fill this dream of Source-Con­scious­ness that, as yet, does not exist. At some point, how­ev­er, You will bring this dream into full Source-Con­scious­ness real­i­ty. When this hap­pens, it will be as momen­tous as when IT said, “Let there be light!” But let us talk more about sur­ren­der ver­sus fol­low­ing your own will.

In the scheme of Cos­mic Source-Con­scious­ness, dream ful­fill­ment is all but instan­ta­neous. From Soul’s point of view, it is a long and ardu­ous jour­ney. As Source-Con­scious­ness set free a Spark of ITs self, IT blessed Soul as a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign and gave it free will to accom­plish ITs will as IT sees fit. There is much to learn in these first jour­neys of Soul. Just as a young man or woman learns the respon­si­bil­i­ties of inde­pen­dence when they go away to col­lege, so too, must Soul learn the respon­si­bil­i­ty of ITs auton­o­my. The Soul must learn the dif­fer­ences between out­comes that arise from fol­low­ing Source and those that occur from pur­su­ing its inter­ests. And here we are!

Law of Surrender and Other Foundational Laws

Soul in its many incar­na­tion­al expe­ri­ences of Boot Camp earth, and places sim­i­lar to this dimen­sion and plan­et learns many valu­able lessons includ­ing the Law of Cause and Effect (kar­ma), the Law of Cre­ation (attrac­tion), and the Law of Divin­i­ty (what it means to be a spir­i­tu­al sov­er­eign). It also learns about the Law of Free Will – and how to use it respon­si­bly. Final­ly, Soul learns that ITs place on the God-Con­tin­u­um is direct­ly relat­ed to ITs will­ing­ness to hon­or ITs Spark of the Divine in ser­vice to oth­ers. This is known as the Law of Sub­mis­sion. Learn­ing about each of these laws is a foun­da­tion­al require­ment of all souls.

Law of Surrender: Two Questions

Depend­ing upon how you answer the fol­low­ing two ques­tions, you who read this mes­sage today are ready to make an impor­tant leap of spir­i­tu­al growth.

  1. Will you con­tin­ue using your free will as a pri­ma­ry means of sat­is­fy­ing your human urges? Or,
  2. Will you com­mit to sub­mit­ting your phys­i­cal vehi­cle in ser­vice to oth­ers as the Spark of the Divine so leads?

The Divine is very patient and under­stands that you should not leave your present address until you feel cer­tain you are ready for a move. For some, leav­ing a com­fort­able address on the God-Con­tin­u­um feels dis­com­fort­ing. It is like the col­lege stu­dent who feels accus­tomed to her dor­mi­to­ry and feels anx­i­ety know­ing she must find a place of her own to live upon grad­u­a­tion – even though an excit­ing adven­ture awaits her! It is worth the move.

The more you iden­ti­fy with the Spark of the Divine, the more your false cul­tur­al pro­gram­ming falls away – leav­ing you with your authen­tic self. As you learn to lis­ten to the Spark of the Divine with­in you, you will find a new hunger con­sum­ing you. This new desire com­pels you to move for­ward with the Divine plan giv­en you on the day of your Soul’s birth!

Law of Surrender: Your Path Forward

Your path for­ward is this. Get all of your world­ly human affairs in order so that you may lis­ten and fol­low the will of your Divine-Spark. Find ways to rid your­self of point­less dra­ma which mires you in pain and suf­fer­ing. Your Source-Con­scious­ness will send angels, spir­its, and guides to show you how to do this if you sin­cere­ly wish it to be. Ask for help, and it will come. Fol­low the lead­ing of your Divine-Spark in ser­vice to oth­ers. Though you may not ful­ly under­stand this now, you already pos­sess enough gift­ing to help oth­ers. These things will set you on a path of ser­vice to oth­ers.

The path of ser­vice is the mys­ti­cal path­way that leads you to where we reside. A com­mit­ment to fol­low the Divine-Spark, wher­ev­er it may lead is your tick­et out of Boot Camp Earth and the slav­ery of this present matrix.

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