The Journey to Light Body Identity

Journey of Light

My dear friends and loved ones, this is Brother Thomas–your guide from the Seventh Ray.  I watch and encourage those wishing to ascend from physical density into the realms of light. As we have taught you in other posts, the journey of humankind, from its creation until now, has been long and arduous. But the time will come, and for some it already has, when you shall transcend the human form into glorious bodies of light!

The Journey of Light Began as Source-Consciousness

At our highest and most complete form, we are nothing more than Source-Consciousness–for that alone is all there is. This goes for you, me, and all that is. Even so, Source began to dream and imagine vast universes and worlds of matter. As it did so, Divine-Source dispatched infinitesimal aspects of ITself to experience and explore these newly created thoughts. Each of these Source beings is connected by the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. We who write and read these teachings are part of those glorious Sparks sent by Source to explore the universes of this new morn. Consider this your invitation to join us on this exciting journey!

Journey of Light: Assuming Human Form

As aspects of Source exploring these worlds of matter, we describe ourselves as Source-Intelligence manifesting as vibration and light. We want humankind to know that your true form is not a bipedal physical form. Neither is your true form a light body that is modeled after the human form as is so often taught.  No, your true form is undifferentiated light! This light may take any shape or form and may travel instantly to anyplace Source so wishes. Time and space do not bind it.  Even so, to explore matter worlds of great density, it became necessary to create adaptive devices to serve as a host for our light form. This is the human body. The whole purpose of the human form was to host we beings of light.

Journey of Light: “The Fall”

In the incident which sacred literature identifies as “The Fall,” enemies of Source sought to interfere with the development of humankind. As a result, the beings of light forgot who they were as they self-identified with the physical form. We have all endured many incarnations confused and misidentified. Fortunately for us, the Great Ones sent us Saviors and Avatars to help us slowly find our way back. That which is called the “Awakening” is that moment of beauty when the misidentified momentum began to reverse. Instead of seeing ourselves as a body, we awaken to our light being self. Awakening, for most, is a process where we stop identifying with the body and come to more fully embrace our identity as beings of light.

Journey of Light: Receiving the Savior

We spoke of the Saviors and Avatars sent by Divine-Source throughout the ages. They were necessary. Long before we reach an awakened state, we must come to learn of an eternal light that can live in our hearts. This light is the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. This is where the teachings of religions, philosophies, and metaphysics come into play. Though imperfect, it was enough to slow our wayward momentum. We learned that God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or Supreme beings could abide and live in our hearts. At this stage of existence, most conceive of a dualistic world filled with saints and sinners–and we are the sinners.

Journey of Light: The Indwelling Spirit

Next, we began to explore what it meant to be led by this Inner Spark. For many Christians, this light is often called the Holy Spirit. Among the more mystical Christians, the Spirit leads and guides those who surrender their will to IT. This true, yet incomplete teaching, is more than enough to drive the follower to the next step. At this point, we continue to see the world in a dualistic way–but with a significant difference. Instead of mentality of saints and sinners, we begin identify with Spirit and set aside our ego.

Journey of Light: Led by the Spirit

For those who follow the “leading of the Spirit,” a new way of living begins to take place whereby the follower learns about the personal and loving nature of God as well as the universal law of synchronicity. Truly advanced religious followers soon learn to be discerning about sharing their experiences. Most religious folks know less about following the spirit and more about interpretations of text and dogma–two very different and distinctive things. Though the follower continues to believe in a dualistic world, they strive to completely identify with their spiritual nature. Even so, the dualistic viewpoint remains because it consists of people who identify with the forces of light versus those who do not.

Journey of Light: The Expanding Circle

For those religious followers who are honest and open, the Spirit within soon reveals others who have “this same Spirit.” Importantly, we expand our notion of who is following “The Path” beyond our own tribe. We learn that the Spirit is greater than any single religious teaching and is at work among all humankind. Metaphysical teachings from outside of the follower’s original source point are welcomed. People at this stage are more likely to identify as a mystic than a specific religious follower. This does not mean that the mystic abandons all notions of religion; rather, It means that they understand the purpose of religion is to serve as a vehicle leading to an expanded awareness.

Journey of Light: Mysticism

The jump from religious follower to spirit-led believer, to a mystic believing in the unity of all things is a normal and natural progression. It happens as a person surrenders to the light within and allows IT to guide all their ways. This portion of the journey leads to a moment of awareness when it suddenly becomes apparent that there is no separation between the Spirit and the Follower. They are the same. It is at this point that the mystic abandons the dualistic approach in favor of the law of unity. The only dualism existing at this point is seeing a physical world regarding those who are awakened versus those who are not.

The beginning of the mystical life is based on improving and perfecting our ability to commune, and eventually merge, with spirit. Even though we understand the law of unity, and that we are spiritual beings, it is not a given that we will identify with our spiritual light body. However, as we come to embrace and understand the concept of ascension, we see the necessary of embracing a new point of view.

Journey of Light: Dissociating with the Physical Body

The next step of development happens as we learn to more fully dissociate our identity with our physical body. This is not easy for some because of the many lifetimes embraced an identity as a physical being and rejected all notions of spirituality. To ascend requires that we expand our awareness to include a different form of being. Ascension means that we are leaving the denser worlds of matter in favor of light and life. In our new bodies, we will assume forms that are as yet unknown to us. Besides this one, there are many worlds of matter needing help. In our new light bodies, we will assume any forms that are necessary to do the work we are tasked as we work with these souls seeking evolution on the God-Continuum.

Journey of Light: Embracing our Ascended Body of Light

As we conclude, we encourage you to spend time in meditations using your divine imagination to explore your “new” life body of light. (It is not actually new–it is just newly rediscovered!) Imagine yourself as fire, vapor, sunlight, colored light, and high vibration that has a positive effect upon all that it meets. Imagine the joy you will experience and the freedom you will have to travel at the speed of thought. This is your future and we are helping you move toward it. Call to your angels, spirits, and guides to assist you in making the transition. Pay more attention to the downloads we send you in the early morning times. Though you currently enjoy density, it will not be long before the worlds of Divine Light–the Spiritus Lumine is yours.

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