The Journey to Light Body Identity

Journey of Light

My dear friends and loved ones, this is Broth­er Thomas – your guide from the Sev­enth Ray.  I watch and encour­age those wish­ing to ascend from phys­i­cal den­si­ty into the realms of light. As we have taught you in oth­er posts, the jour­ney of humankind, from its cre­ation until now, has been long and ardu­ous. But the time will come, and for some it already has, when you shall tran­scend the human form into glo­ri­ous bod­ies of light!

The Journey of Light Began as Source-Consciousness

At our high­est and most com­plete form, we are noth­ing more than Source-Con­scious­ness – for that alone is all there is. This goes for you, me, and all that is. Even so, Source began to dream and imag­ine vast uni­vers­es and worlds of mat­ter. As it did so, Divine-Source dis­patched infin­i­tes­i­mal aspects of ITself to expe­ri­ence and explore these new­ly cre­at­ed thoughts. Each of these Source beings is con­nect­ed by the Spir­i­tus Lumine – the Divine Light of God. We who write and read these teach­ings are part of those glo­ri­ous Sparks sent by Source to explore the uni­vers­es of this new morn. Con­sid­er this your invi­ta­tion to join us on this excit­ing jour­ney!

Journey of Light: Assuming Human Form

As aspects of Source explor­ing these worlds of mat­ter, we describe our­selves as Source-Intel­li­gence man­i­fest­ing as vibra­tion and light. We want humankind to know that your true form is not a bipedal phys­i­cal form. Nei­ther is your true form a light body that is mod­eled after the human form as is so often taught.  No, your true form is undif­fer­en­ti­at­ed light! This light may take any shape or form and may trav­el instant­ly to any­place Source so wish­es. Time and space do not bind it.  Even so, to explore mat­ter worlds of great den­si­ty, it became nec­es­sary to cre­ate adap­tive devices to serve as a host for our light form. This is the human body. The whole pur­pose of the human form was to host we beings of light.

Journey of Light: “The Fall”

In the inci­dent which sacred lit­er­a­ture iden­ti­fies as “The Fall,” ene­mies of Source sought to inter­fere with the devel­op­ment of humankind. As a result, the beings of light for­got who they were as they self-iden­ti­fied with the phys­i­cal form. We have all endured many incar­na­tions con­fused and misiden­ti­fied. For­tu­nate­ly for us, the Great Ones sent us Sav­iors and Avatars to help us slow­ly find our way back. That which is called the “Awak­en­ing” is that moment of beau­ty when the misiden­ti­fied momen­tum began to reverse. Instead of see­ing our­selves as a body, we awak­en to our light being self. Awak­en­ing, for most, is a process where we stop iden­ti­fy­ing with the body and come to more ful­ly embrace our iden­ti­ty as beings of light.

Journey of Light: Receiving the Savior

We spoke of the Sav­iors and Avatars sent by Divine-Source through­out the ages. They were nec­es­sary. Long before we reach an awak­ened state, we must come to learn of an eter­nal light that can live in our hearts. This light is the Spir­i­tus Lumine – the Divine Light of God. This is where the teach­ings of reli­gions, philoso­phies, and meta­physics come into play. Though imper­fect, it was enough to slow our way­ward momen­tum. We learned that God, Jesus, Bud­dha, Allah, or Supreme beings could abide and live in our hearts. At this stage of exis­tence, most con­ceive of a dual­is­tic world filled with saints and sin­ners – and we are the sin­ners.

Journey of Light: The Indwelling Spirit

Next, we began to explore what it meant to be led by this Inner Spark. For many Chris­tians, this light is often called the Holy Spir­it. Among the more mys­ti­cal Chris­tians, the Spir­it leads and guides those who sur­ren­der their will to IT. This true, yet incom­plete teach­ing, is more than enough to dri­ve the fol­low­er to the next step. At this point, we con­tin­ue to see the world in a dual­is­tic way – but with a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence. Instead of men­tal­i­ty of saints and sin­ners, we begin iden­ti­fy with Spir­it and set aside our ego.

Journey of Light: Led by the Spirit

For those who fol­low the “lead­ing of the Spir­it,” a new way of liv­ing begins to take place where­by the fol­low­er learns about the per­son­al and lov­ing nature of God as well as the uni­ver­sal law of syn­chronic­i­ty. Tru­ly advanced reli­gious fol­low­ers soon learn to be dis­cern­ing about shar­ing their expe­ri­ences. Most reli­gious folks know less about fol­low­ing the spir­it and more about inter­pre­ta­tions of text and dog­ma – two very dif­fer­ent and dis­tinc­tive things. Though the fol­low­er con­tin­ues to believe in a dual­is­tic world, they strive to com­plete­ly iden­ti­fy with their spir­i­tu­al nature. Even so, the dual­is­tic view­point remains because it con­sists of peo­ple who iden­ti­fy with the forces of light ver­sus those who do not.

Journey of Light: The Expanding Circle

For those reli­gious fol­low­ers who are hon­est and open, the Spir­it with­in soon reveals oth­ers who have “this same Spir­it.” Impor­tant­ly, we expand our notion of who is fol­low­ing “The Path” beyond our own tribe. We learn that the Spir­it is greater than any sin­gle reli­gious teach­ing and is at work among all humankind. Meta­phys­i­cal teach­ings from out­side of the follower’s orig­i­nal source point are wel­comed. Peo­ple at this stage are more like­ly to iden­ti­fy as a mys­tic than a spe­cif­ic reli­gious fol­low­er. This does not mean that the mys­tic aban­dons all notions of reli­gion; rather, It means that they under­stand the pur­pose of reli­gion is to serve as a vehi­cle lead­ing to an expand­ed aware­ness.

Journey of Light: Mysticism

The jump from reli­gious fol­low­er to spir­it-led believ­er, to a mys­tic believ­ing in the uni­ty of all things is a nor­mal and nat­ur­al pro­gres­sion. It hap­pens as a per­son sur­ren­ders to the light with­in and allows IT to guide all their ways. This por­tion of the jour­ney leads to a moment of aware­ness when it sud­den­ly becomes appar­ent that there is no sep­a­ra­tion between the Spir­it and the Fol­low­er. They are the same. It is at this point that the mys­tic aban­dons the dual­is­tic approach in favor of the law of uni­ty. The only dual­ism exist­ing at this point is see­ing a phys­i­cal world regard­ing those who are awak­ened ver­sus those who are not.

The begin­ning of the mys­ti­cal life is based on improv­ing and per­fect­ing our abil­i­ty to com­mune, and even­tu­al­ly merge, with spir­it. Even though we under­stand the law of uni­ty, and that we are spir­i­tu­al beings, it is not a giv­en that we will iden­ti­fy with our spir­i­tu­al light body. How­ev­er, as we come to embrace and under­stand the con­cept of ascen­sion, we see the nec­es­sary of embrac­ing a new point of view.

Journey of Light: Dissociating with the Physical Body

The next step of devel­op­ment hap­pens as we learn to more ful­ly dis­so­ci­ate our iden­ti­ty with our phys­i­cal body. This is not easy for some because of the many life­times embraced an iden­ti­ty as a phys­i­cal being and reject­ed all notions of spir­i­tu­al­i­ty. To ascend requires that we expand our aware­ness to include a dif­fer­ent form of being. Ascen­sion means that we are leav­ing the denser worlds of mat­ter in favor of light and life. In our new bod­ies, we will assume forms that are as yet unknown to us. Besides this one, there are many worlds of mat­ter need­ing help. In our new light bod­ies, we will assume any forms that are nec­es­sary to do the work we are tasked as we work with these souls seek­ing evo­lu­tion on the God-Con­tin­u­um.

Journey of Light: Embracing our Ascended Body of Light

As we con­clude, we encour­age you to spend time in med­i­ta­tions using your divine imag­i­na­tion to explore your “new” life body of light. (It is not actu­al­ly new – it is just new­ly redis­cov­ered!) Imag­ine your­self as fire, vapor, sun­light, col­ored light, and high vibra­tion that has a pos­i­tive effect upon all that it meets. Imag­ine the joy you will expe­ri­ence and the free­dom you will have to trav­el at the speed of thought. This is your future and we are help­ing you move toward it. Call to your angels, spir­its, and guides to assist you in mak­ing the tran­si­tion. Pay more atten­tion to the down­loads we send you in the ear­ly morn­ing times. Though you cur­rent­ly enjoy den­si­ty, it will not be long before the worlds of Divine Light – the Spir­i­tus Lumine is yours.

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