The Importance of Spiritual Imagination

Spiritual Imagination

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray speaking to all mystics who love the Spiritus Lumine–the Light of God. We want to talk with you today about the Spiritual Imagination, why it is essential, and suggestions on how you might to use it to grow your spiritual-mystical abilities.

What is the Spiritual Imagination?

We want you to remember that what we call the human Soul is a combination of the Divine Spark working together with the Higher-Self Consciousness. The human consciousness engages with Soul, using emotional and symbolic language. Dreams are a great example of this process. They usually are rich with symbolic actions that create and resonate strong emotions within a person. The spiritual imagination, as we use the term, can be activated under voluntary and involuntary controls.

The spiritual imagination is that part of the human soul which may be intentionally activated, either by Source or Soul, to call upon the energies of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to create thought forms of words, feelings, and visual images in order to commune with the divine.

Everything is Spiritual Imagination

One of the first questions that budding mystics ask about their experiences is this, “Was this real or did I just imagine and make this up?” The answer is BOTH! As we have said in our other writings, in the absolute sense, there is only one thing going on–Source-Consciousness! Nothing exists except for God, and nothing exists apart from God. The only reason we perceive a “you” and “me” is that Source-Consciousness separated parts of ITs Divine essence to experience life in the material worlds.  Even these material worlds are nothing more than Divine thought. Even now, the Divine (in the form of you) is reading words written by the Divine. There is no real “you” or “me”– only Divine or Spiritual Imagination.

When the mystic uses their spiritual imagination to commune with the Divine, they are only participating in the ongoing (never-ceasing) stream of Divine Consciousness.

Ordinary uses of Spiritual Imagination

Using the spiritual imagination is as natural as breathing. It is so familiar that many have never thought to consider the mystical significance of it all! Here are three common uses.

  1. Nightly dreaming. When we sleep at night, our spiritual imagination becomes involuntarily activated (though some enjoy lucid control). While discussions about dreaming are another subject, let us point out that the Soul is actively a part of these dreams. In the dream state, the soul often travels to different places, communicates with the living and the dead, and performs fantastic actions that are not possible in physical awareness.
  2. Day Dreaming. At times when the attention of a person wanders away, the spiritual imagination creates situations of dreamlike quality.  The mystic often receives spiritual messages in these “light attention” states.
  3. Flow States. These are the times when the mind of a person becomes so involved with the subject at hand that all sense of time, place, and space disappear. The mind is fully absorbed in an experience. Mystical states like this can also be created through guided and unguided meditations.
  4. Intentional Guided Meditation. Mystics can create flow states of their own by communing with the Divine, through a ritual performance of meditation and spiritual exercises. When correctly done, all sense of physical awareness drops away–leaving only the conscious awareness and spiritual imagination at play.

The Importance of Spiritual Imagination

Mystics understand that it is not only possible to actively communicate with the Divine, but it is desirable as well. This is done by the intentional use of the spiritual imagination.

The mystic initiates the communion by intentionally creating a thought form. For instance, they might deliberately build a temple, ocean beach, mountain scene, or bubble in outer space. The purpose of creating these spaces is to set a definite ethereal place to meet with one’s angels, spirits, and guides. At some point, Source-Consciousness takes over the conversation, and the mystic is no longer voluntarily controlling the spiritual imagination. Think of it this way. When you first go to bed at night, you may be thinking of something. Perhaps you are thinking about an earlier conversation or possibly thinking about a trip you are ready to take. Before you know it, your thinking and imagination are interrupted by light dreaming as the soul body begins to engage in ITs spiritual work.

Uses of the Spiritual Imagination

In the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine, there are specific uses of the spiritual imagination which we call Mystical Practices. Other paths may refer to them as Spiritual Exercises. No matter what name you give them, nearly all of the mystical practices require one to utilize the spiritual imagination intentionally. The process is fairly straightforward and simple. It is similar to playing a musical instrument. A bit of warm-up is needed in the beginning. Soon, one is immersed in the playing of the music and thinks less, if at all, about the techniques they are using. The same is true of the spiritual imagination. One begins the mystical practice by intentionally engaging their spiritual imagination until Source assumes control. With a little bit of daily training and discipline, one discovers that they may enter the Source-Controlled state rather easily and quickly. Here are some common uses of the spiritual imagination.

  1. Meeting with your spiritual guides. The imagination is employed to create a place to meet with the guides. After a bit of preparation, the guides appear and give a message.
  2. Distance Healing. The imagination is used to summon healing guides, the person who needs healing, and a sanctuary where all will meet. Healing energy is sent to the person in need by the laying on of hands, or directed spiritual energy.
  3. Meeting with those who have passed. It is easy to use the spiritual imagination to meet with loved ones who have passed. Create a meeting place with your imagination, invite your loved one to join you, begin a conversation–and soon the discussion takes a life of its own.
  4. Channeled writing. The spiritual imagination can be used to channel teaching. The mystic meets with their guides and begins a conversation until the guide fully assumes control of the discussion.
  5. Musical Composition. An excellent musical composer knows that all music is given to them from a source outside of themselves. Through the power of the spiritual imagination, the mystic creates a music studio where they may receive “the music of the spheres.”
  6. Solving Interpersonal Problems. On the inner planes of existence, a mystic might invite a person whom they have difficulties in the physical realms to meet them in the higher-realms. Since there are no interpersonal difficulties at the higher-self levels, we have the opportunities to solve problems more quickly. The use of the spiritual imagination can get this started.
  7. Problem Solving. The spiritual imagination can be used to create a laboratory on the ethereal plane where experts from fields of knowledge may be invited to attend. The mystic may converse with the experts for help and advice.
  8. Reviewing Akashic Records. This is a bit tricky because there are different types of records one may review. One may use the spiritual imagination to create a library on the ethereal planes–then ask to examine one’s Akashic records. As with the other suggestions above, engage the imagination until your Akashic guides appear and take control over what happens next.
  9. Traveling through time. The spiritual imagination can assist one in reviewing past lives, and allow the Soul to travel to times long ago.
  10. Remote viewing and Astral travel. Using the spiritual imagination, one may travel to any place in time or space to observe some person, place, or thing.

These are only ten of the many hundreds of uses a mystic might employ for their spiritual work. All of them work on the same formula. Go to in a quiet place where you may physically relax, center your mind and engage your imagination until your angels, spirits, and guides take over your contemplations.

We offer a final word about ethics. These mystical practices should help others, grow spiritually, and to increase the vibration of the planet. To misuse these exercises is a violation of the spiritual laws and will bring severe consequences upon the one doing so. Remember the rule of threes. That which you do to others is visited upon you no less than three times! Even on the spiritual plane, one must ask the permission of others before they conduct a reading, practice distance healing and the like.

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  1. I am a Shamanic Practitioner and a student of mysticism for my whole life. Thank you so much for this perfect explanation of what I have done, have practiced and continue to study and refine. I am so grateful for your clarity!! Blessings to you and all the beings associated with you!


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