The Hopelessness of Human Accomplishment


Mystical friends, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I am one of many watching over those among humankind who are ready to ascend beyond this three-dimensional existence to that of the fifth and greater. We direct this post to all who have come to realize the futility and hopelessness of human accomplishment but do not know what this means.

There comes a time when you suddenly realize what Boot Camp Earth is all about–a training exercise meant to bring you to the point where your higher-self human sentience surrenders to the Spark of the Divine so that it may partner in the work of co-creation. Congratulations! You are now ready for your real work!

Have You Noticed Cycles of Hopelessness?

Perhaps you’ve noticed familiar patterns of human behavior that keep on repeating. Do you feel a heaviness in your inner-being as you witness the cruelty of humankind–a willingness to benefit few at the cost of so many? This heaviness did not happen all at once. It is the result of your Soul observing similar events and results over many lifetimes. Search your Soul and you will know this truth; this is not the first time you have seen the beautiful resources of this planet squandered instead of reducing poverty, clothing and feeding the hungry, or providing simple, decent housing for all of humankind. No, you are seeing the same pain you’ve seen for lifetimes.

Once more, you are witnessing the subdividing of the world’s resources among an amazingly small group of people who care little if billions to starve or worse– as long as they fatten their pockets. Countless times you’ve helplessly watched countries, all over the world, strip citizens of their rights and subjugate them to ruthless leaders, dictatorships, and inhuman corporate structures for financial gain. Your experience over many lifetimes quickly leads you to understand, that inventions meant to cure diseases or make the lives of humankind easier soon become weaponized and used for mass destruction. We could go on and on. The heaviness and despair you feel is what happens when your Soul shows you the hopelessness of the human condition.

Human Sentience Creates Hopelessness

We want you to know what it is you are seeing. You are witnessing what life is like (and will always be like) when worlds are ruled by human and extraterrestrial sentience that as yet, has little or no concept of consciousness on a God-Continuum that exceeds the five physical senses. The truth we want you to know is this: Souls that do not recognize the existence of lives beyond their present five senses always create hellish environments for most of the inhabitants of that dimension.

Souls that have yet to unite their Spark of Source with their Higher-Self sentience will always create worlds of haves and have-nots.

Hopelessness is part of the Boot Camp Earth Program

These earth-matter planes (and there are countless numbers of them across time and space) exist by permission of Source for the express purpose of training and development. As Source builds entire matter-worlds throughout the space-time continuum, it sets aside places to train the Souls that will exist within the dimension. These places exist because It is also the will of Source to unite ITs Infiniteness with the higher-self sentience of humankind and other entities like them. This unequal pairing of strength and power requires long periods of training to prepare the human sentience for union with the Divine. Though the union is never forced, the Soul does not progress until all conditions for union are met.

The Higher-Self Must Come to Recognize Its Hopelessness

The training occuring on Boot Camp Earth requires humans to experience what life is like when it is organized according their systems of creation and doing. Yes, the Spark of the Divine could easily turn the worlds of matter into a heavenly paradise without so much the slightest flicker of an eyelash. This is not ITs desire. Instead, the plan of the Divine Spark is to patiently await for humankind to arrive at an inevitable conclusion.

By itself, the human sentience can create nothing of lasting value. Plainly stated, all governments, religions, educational systems, economic paradigms, and system of laws created by human sentience fail to withstand the test of time. All fall to corruption, chaos, and disarray.

The Soul Experiences Lifetimes of Hopelessness before Awakening

It takes many lifetimes for the unawakened soul to understand and appreciate the conclusion stated above. The vast majority of humankind instinctually believe they are capable of creating sustainable life-systems by themselves without Divine assistence. Even when things fall apart, most continue to think they can reform what is wrong and create a better world. As long as this belief persists, the soul remains asleep.

As one comes to the awareness of the futility of human achievement,  the moment of salvation is close at hand. While it correct that humankind cannot create anything of lasting value–the Spark of the Divine, united with the higher-self of human sentience, can. With this union, anything becomes a possibility–even the miraculous!

Spiritual Masters Break the Cycles of Hopelessness

The Spiritual masters of the God-Continuum send teachers, in every age, to the earth and matter planes to awaken the Souls of those who realize the hopelessness of human accomplishment.

These select Souls perceive the Boot Camp Earth Simulation for what it is–a system that encourages unawakened souls to rid themselves of the notion of their importance apart from union with the Divine.

As souls awaken, new understandings of the old religions and teachings become known to them. Masters such as myself (Brother Thomas) and others draw near to help our students as they arrive at the brink of decision and awakening.

Are You Ready to Discard Hopelessness?

And now a question must be asked of you my dear friend and mystical reader. Have you finally come to realize the futility of this present human existence? No matter your intelligence, finances, educational achievements, or the many connections you have with other important humans, none of these are sufficient for your ascension.

If you genuinely perceive this truth, you are ready for the next step–the awakening of your Soul by uniting of the sentience of your higher-self with the power of the Spark within you!

Hopelessness Disappears as Spark and Sentience are United

This uniting creates an awakened Soul. Some may ask, how is this done? The first uniting happens as the higher-self acknowledges the existence of a world beyond the five senses. It must also request the Universe to send guides and instruction to show it what it must come next. Do not over think this.

There is no need for the “clouds to part” or that you be struck silly by some beam of light. You do not need to see an angel or have an “experience for the ages.” What we are talking about here is a subtle moment that often happens silently. It’s similar to the moment when you realize you are in love with someone or something. There is a sudden inner awareness that tells you this is true and makes you happy.

Stay Alert for Your Next Steps

Spiritual law declares that when prayers are made–help always comes. All prayers and requests for help from the God-Continuum are answered.  It comes with perfect timing and in ways that are appropriate for the one asking. There are no exceptions. Perhaps you will find what you need on this website. There is more than enough material here to bring about your awakening–and then move you to alertness. Maybe you’ll find a mystical path or group to join for a period. The important thing to remember is that the way that is correct for you will appear.

The only advice we give you at this point is to remember that you are a Spiritual Sovereign. Never surrender your will or thinking to follow someone. Many paths and religions are corrupted by human influence. This means they remain subject to the laws of this Boot Camp Earth experience. The correct path respects your right to decide what is accurate and correct. The right way will encourage you to discover and explore the authentic worlds existing beyond your physical senses.

If you understand what we say here, your time on Boot Camp Earth is at an end. Remain faithful in your endeavors to surrender your will to the Spark of the Divine in all that you do. If you desire further help or understanding, I, Brother Thomas, willingly offer my support to all who write or ask.

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