The Hopelessness of Human Accomplishment


Mys­ti­cal friends, this is Broth­er Thomas of the Sev­enth Ray. I am one of many watch­ing over those among humankind who are ready to ascend beyond this three-dimen­sion­al exis­tence to that of the fifth and greater. We direct this post to all who have come to real­ize the futil­i­ty and hope­less­ness of human accom­plish­ment but do not know what this means.

There comes a time when you sud­den­ly real­ize what Boot Camp Earth is all about – a train­ing exer­cise meant to bring you to the point where your high­er-self human sen­tience sur­ren­ders to the Spark of the Divine so that it may part­ner in the work of co-cre­ation. Con­grat­u­la­tions! You are now ready for your real work!

Have You Noticed Cycles of Hopelessness?

Per­haps you’ve noticed famil­iar pat­terns of human behav­ior that keep on repeat­ing. Do you feel a heav­i­ness in your inner-being as you wit­ness the cru­el­ty of humankind – a will­ing­ness to ben­e­fit few at the cost of so many? This heav­i­ness did not hap­pen all at once. It is the result of your Soul observ­ing sim­i­lar events and results over many life­times. Search your Soul and you will know this truth; this is not the first time you have seen the beau­ti­ful resources of this plan­et squan­dered instead of reduc­ing pover­ty, cloth­ing and feed­ing the hun­gry, or pro­vid­ing sim­ple, decent hous­ing for all of humankind. No, you are see­ing the same pain you’ve seen for life­times.

Once more, you are wit­ness­ing the sub­di­vid­ing of the world’s resources among an amaz­ing­ly small group of peo­ple who care lit­tle if bil­lions to starve or worse– as long as they fat­ten their pock­ets. Count­less times you’ve help­less­ly watched coun­tries, all over the world, strip cit­i­zens of their rights and sub­ju­gate them to ruth­less lead­ers, dic­ta­tor­ships, and inhu­man cor­po­rate struc­tures for finan­cial gain. Your expe­ri­ence over many life­times quick­ly leads you to under­stand, that inven­tions meant to cure dis­eases or make the lives of humankind eas­i­er soon become weaponized and used for mass destruc­tion. We could go on and on. The heav­i­ness and despair you feel is what hap­pens when your Soul shows you the hope­less­ness of the human con­di­tion.

Human Sentience Creates Hopelessness

We want you to know what it is you are see­ing. You are wit­ness­ing what life is like (and will always be like) when worlds are ruled by human and extrater­res­tri­al sen­tience that as yet, has lit­tle or no con­cept of con­scious­ness on a God-Con­tin­u­um that exceeds the five phys­i­cal sens­es. The truth we want you to know is this: Souls that do not rec­og­nize the exis­tence of lives beyond their present five sens­es always cre­ate hell­ish envi­ron­ments for most of the inhab­i­tants of that dimen­sion.

Souls that have yet to unite their Spark of Source with their High­er-Self sen­tience will always cre­ate worlds of haves and have-nots.

Hopelessness is part of the Boot Camp Earth Program

These earth-mat­ter planes (and there are count­less num­bers of them across time and space) exist by per­mis­sion of Source for the express pur­pose of train­ing and devel­op­ment. As Source builds entire mat­ter-worlds through­out the space-time con­tin­u­um, it sets aside places to train the Souls that will exist with­in the dimen­sion. These places exist because It is also the will of Source to unite ITs Infinite­ness with the high­er-self sen­tience of humankind and oth­er enti­ties like them. This unequal pair­ing of strength and pow­er requires long peri­ods of train­ing to pre­pare the human sen­tience for union with the Divine. Though the union is nev­er forced, the Soul does not progress until all con­di­tions for union are met.

The Higher-Self Must Come to Recognize Its Hopelessness

The train­ing occur­ing on Boot Camp Earth requires humans to expe­ri­ence what life is like when it is orga­nized accord­ing their sys­tems of cre­ation and doing. Yes, the Spark of the Divine could eas­i­ly turn the worlds of mat­ter into a heav­en­ly par­adise with­out so much the slight­est flick­er of an eye­lash. This is not ITs desire. Instead, the plan of the Divine Spark is to patient­ly await for humankind to arrive at an inevitable con­clu­sion.

By itself, the human sen­tience can cre­ate noth­ing of last­ing val­ue. Plain­ly stat­ed, all gov­ern­ments, reli­gions, edu­ca­tion­al sys­tems, eco­nom­ic par­a­digms, and sys­tem of laws cre­at­ed by human sen­tience fail to with­stand the test of time. All fall to cor­rup­tion, chaos, and dis­ar­ray.

The Soul Experiences Lifetimes of Hopelessness before Awakening

It takes many life­times for the unawak­ened soul to under­stand and appre­ci­ate the con­clu­sion stat­ed above. The vast major­i­ty of humankind instinc­tu­al­ly believe they are capa­ble of cre­at­ing sus­tain­able life-sys­tems by them­selves with­out Divine assis­tence. Even when things fall apart, most con­tin­ue to think they can reform what is wrong and cre­ate a bet­ter world. As long as this belief per­sists, the soul remains asleep.

As one comes to the aware­ness of the futil­i­ty of human achieve­ment,  the moment of sal­va­tion is close at hand. While it cor­rect that humankind can­not cre­ate any­thing of last­ing val­ue – the Spark of the Divine, unit­ed with the high­er-self of human sen­tience, can. With this union, any­thing becomes a pos­si­bil­i­ty – even the mirac­u­lous!

Spiritual Masters Break the Cycles of Hopelessness

The Spir­i­tu­al mas­ters of the God-Con­tin­u­um send teach­ers, in every age, to the earth and mat­ter planes to awak­en the Souls of those who real­ize the hope­less­ness of human accom­plish­ment.

These select Souls per­ceive the Boot Camp Earth Sim­u­la­tion for what it is – a sys­tem that encour­ages unawak­ened souls to rid them­selves of the notion of their impor­tance apart from union with the Divine.

As souls awak­en, new under­stand­ings of the old reli­gions and teach­ings become known to them. Mas­ters such as myself (Broth­er Thomas) and oth­ers draw near to help our stu­dents as they arrive at the brink of deci­sion and awak­en­ing.

Are You Ready to Discard Hopelessness?

And now a ques­tion must be asked of you my dear friend and mys­ti­cal read­er. Have you final­ly come to real­ize the futil­i­ty of this present human exis­tence? No mat­ter your intel­li­gence, finances, edu­ca­tion­al achieve­ments, or the many con­nec­tions you have with oth­er impor­tant humans, none of these are suf­fi­cient for your ascen­sion.

If you gen­uine­ly per­ceive this truth, you are ready for the next step – the awak­en­ing of your Soul by unit­ing of the sen­tience of your high­er-self with the pow­er of the Spark with­in you!

Hopelessness Disappears as Spark and Sentience are United

This unit­ing cre­ates an awak­ened Soul. Some may ask, how is this done? The first unit­ing hap­pens as the high­er-self acknowl­edges the exis­tence of a world beyond the five sens­es. It must also request the Uni­verse to send guides and instruc­tion to show it what it must come next. Do not over think this.

There is no need for the “clouds to part” or that you be struck sil­ly by some beam of light. You do not need to see an angel or have an “expe­ri­ence for the ages.” What we are talk­ing about here is a sub­tle moment that often hap­pens silent­ly. It’s sim­i­lar to the moment when you real­ize you are in love with some­one or some­thing. There is a sud­den inner aware­ness that tells you this is true and makes you hap­py.

Stay Alert for Your Next Steps

Spir­i­tu­al law declares that when prayers are made – help always comes. All prayers and requests for help from the God-Con­tin­u­um are answered.  It comes with per­fect tim­ing and in ways that are appro­pri­ate for the one ask­ing. There are no excep­tions. Per­haps you will find what you need on this web­site. There is more than enough mate­r­i­al here to bring about your awak­en­ing – and then move you to alert­ness. Maybe you’ll find a mys­ti­cal path or group to join for a peri­od. The impor­tant thing to remem­ber is that the way that is cor­rect for you will appear.

The only advice we give you at this point is to remem­ber that you are a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign. Nev­er sur­ren­der your will or think­ing to fol­low some­one. Many paths and reli­gions are cor­rupt­ed by human influ­ence. This means they remain sub­ject to the laws of this Boot Camp Earth expe­ri­ence. The cor­rect path respects your right to decide what is accu­rate and cor­rect. The right way will encour­age you to dis­cov­er and explore the authen­tic worlds exist­ing beyond your phys­i­cal sens­es.

If you under­stand what we say here, your time on Boot Camp Earth is at an end. Remain faith­ful in your endeav­ors to sur­ren­der your will to the Spark of the Divine in all that you do. If you desire fur­ther help or under­stand­ing, I, Broth­er Thomas, will­ing­ly offer my sup­port to all who write or ask.

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