Spirituality and The Empowerment Dynamic

The Empowerment Dynamic

Struggles with your fellowman is the same as struggling with the Divine. The people you hate are just as surely divine as you. If you want to grow spiritually, stop the drama and stop it now.

The Empowerment Dynamic

The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*) is an organized way of studying human interpersonal conflict organized by David Emerald and Donna Zajonc. Its conceptual framework is simple and includes a creator, a challenger, and a coach. These roles are a more positive way of studying the victim,  persecutor, and rescuer concepts first put forward by Stephen Karpman in his conceptual framework of the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT). If all of this sounds a little too difficult–it isn’t.  Here is an easy way to remember this dynamic.

  • The Persecutor is the person who is thought to be the cause of the trouble. They are easy to identify as the fighter in the fight. They are usually the person believed responsible for something that has happened to a person, place, or thing. Sometimes a persecutor is not a person but something more impersonal such as a disease, economic downturn, and the like.
  • The Victim is the person doing the complaining and judging. They believe the persecutor has harmed them and they deny any responsibility for what has happened to them–and take little responsibility, if any, for making it better.
  • The Rescuer is sometimes called an enabler. This person tries to make everything better. They are a fixer. They believe they will be liked because of their good deeds in making everything better.

We present The Empowerment Dynamic because it represents a very concise way of understanding human struggle while offering ideas for peacemaking at the same time. We encourage you to go to the Power of Ted website and to study these powerful concepts. All who successfully learn the basics of avoiding the roles of persecutor, victim and rescuer roles–and replacing them instead with the roles outlined by David Emerald–will eliminate at least 90% of the negativity in their lives. Minimizing conflict is foundational to spiritual growth.

The Empowerment Dynamic and Spiritual Growth

Let’s be honest. Mystics struggle in their interpersonal relationships just like everybody else.  We are not immune to the crazy-making people in our lives any more than the next guy. Do not think that the ascended masters, such as Jesus the Christ, was afforded any less of life without interpersonal struggle than you. They too struggled as they lived with people who did not understand them. In fact, the more spiritual you become, the greater the gap between you and ordinary people. The wider this gap, the more skills you will need to manage any conflict that may arise. If you live on the planet, you must learn to get along with those around you. Conflict makes or breaks a spiritual person.

If you believe yourself to be advanced as a mystical and spiritual person, yet have continual drama in your life with other people, you are misguided. You still have much growth ahead of you. You cannot hate others while claiming to love Source. We are all one. To hate another is to hate that aspect of Source. It is as simple as that!

Getting Rid of the Drama

If you wish to grow spiritually, you must find ways of neutralizing the drama in your life.  The Empowerment Dynamic is an excellent way to do this. You may not be able to stop drama from presenting itself to you, but you can certainly learn how to stop making things worse and creating more negative karma. The people, places, and things in your life that causes you grief and drama are here for a reason. They are your spiritual tests. Will you pass them and ascend or will you continue in low vibration?

It is all well and good to read each of the lessons in the Metaphysical Foundations series published on this website; however, change will be slow, if at all, as long as you hold on to hate, negativity, and drama. Studying metaphysics will change your life for the better, provided you follow the teachings. And as you follow these teachings, don’t forget to explore things like The Empowerment Dynamic so that you may learn how to live peaceably with all!

The hallmark of a profoundly spiritual person evidences itself as the lofty ideas of Divine Light translates itself into the harsh practical worlds of negative people!

Spiritual Intelligence

There is an intelligence to spirituality. To be spiritually intelligent, one must be able to successfully apply, in real life, the lofty principles they have learned. It is never good enough just to understand the esoteric principles–for that is no different from the many religions around us. Spirituality is not about swapping one set of uncompassionate ideas for another that is based on hidden knowledge. It is about taking the information you gain and translating it into Divine Love to every person you meet–as best you are able. The mystical forms we practice is not about achieving magical superpowers. It is about transforming our lives and those about us.  It is to make us effective lightworkers.

Elements of Spiritual Intelligence

Mystics should be working towards these things.

  • From our point of view. we no longer have enemies. We may not associate with everyone we know, but we no longer hate or count anyone as an enemy.
  • We stop judging, blaming, and shaming–and especially so in private. To do so removes us from the role of persecutor and victim–the basis of two-thirds of all conflicts. Instead, we focus upon the improvement of our spiritual energies.
  • Assume everyone has the potential for positive change. We reconsider our willingness to reassociate with any who are not presently in our lives that allow Divine Love to make them better.
  • Find ways to rid yourselves of pointless drama. We abandon tooth-and-nail fights that serve only to prop up our petty egos.
  • Notice the frequency, duration, and intensity of our disagreements. We learn techniques to lower each of these elements until conflict becomes a rarity for us.
  • Make it a point to study peacemaking and techniques such as The Empowerment Dynamic. Mystics understand that the way we treat our fellows demonstrates love for the Divine.

It is our experience that a complete understanding of the lessons included in the Life as a Mystic series does much to bring the knowledge one needs to make significant progress in reducing daily life conflicts.  As you learn more about why you were created, who you really are, and The Secret that Changes Everything, you will come to see that most of the things you once valued served only to keep you asleep. Much drama naturally falls away as one becomes more fully awakened–but not all. Part of the awakening process is to learn effective ways of setting aside human-ego, so the Lux Animae shines like the heavens!

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