The Elohim, Jesus, and Metatron

Fellow Lightworkers, This is your friend and elder brother, Brother Thomas. I think it is time that you learn more about a very mystical and mysterious topic. I’m speaking of the Elohim, Jesus, and the angel Metatron.

Actually, I could talk with you endlessly about each of these entities, but today I want to give you an overview of these extremely wise and influential spiritual leaders. What you read today will probably be very different from the religious teaching you’ve had because they come to you from a mystical understanding as opposed to religious tradition and sacred scriptures. As always, when I talk with you about things involving spirit and soul, I encourage you to use your discretion and discernment.

If you hear something that resonates or sounds familiar in your heart, even though you’ve never heard it before, this could be a sign that it’s supposed to be for you. But if our message doesn’t resonate or makes you uncomfortable, it is probably because it is not time for you to accept this message.

We have no agenda. We give you our teaching from the Spiritus Lumine, the light of God. If it works for you, that’s great. If it doesn’t please know that we wish all good things for you and we are not trying to make you believe anything that makes you uncomfortable or is something you do not want to receive.

The Elohim

So, let us talk about the Elohim. For those of you who are students of the Bible, you have probably heard the name Jehovah and the name Yahweh. Normally we think of these as names for God because are presented as such in our English Bibles. They are from the Hebrew of course, but many of you may not know that they are less individual names than designated names of a group of entities known as the Elohim. much more other than their names.

Yavey Hovey

The actual name for the Elohim that I would like to introduce today is Yavey Hovey. Yavey Hovey are powerful names based on the merger of Yahweh and Jehovah. Yavey Hovey together represents powerful syllables with an ability to invoke great and mighty things in your life. They are not magical in the sense of ritual magic that you hear so much about nowadays, they’re even more powerful than that. They are specifically vibrations designed to attune your heart to the Divine. These syllables are at the very foundation of creation and our worlds.

What is Yavey Hovey?

But what is Yahvey Hovey? It is the name of a collective of beings that are powerful beyond our wildest imaginings and beyond all our comprehension and understanding. There is no way the finite human mind could ever conceive of the power these beings possess. Compared to us, they are infinite.

We are their creation. Yavey Hovey describes this collective of beings known as the Elohim. The Elohim, mentioned briefly in the Bible, are a race or entity of beings that is created by God. Or however you like to think of God, the Great Creator, Divine Consciousness, All That Is, Source.

Some people think of Yavey Hovey as God. And it’s understandable that they would think of this or Bible often presents them as God, Lord God. They are not God. They are creations of God, much like the angels, and many other things in the universe. But they have been given, as creations of God, enormous and amazing power and authority to represent the Lord God of Hosts.

They are our Creators

The Yavey Hovey, or the Elohim, are our creators. They oversee untold millions of universes, millions of planets, uncountable races of individuals and beings in all the planets. They created everything that you and I perceive in these worlds of matter.

They are God, as far as we are concerned for Yavey Hovey created us all and they are our creators. They have the unusual ability to create life. But more than that, they have the power to make and sustain living souls, which is where you and I come in. We are beings in the physical form, but we have an eternal soul as well. Our soul is who we really are. It’s our true nature and our true being. These bodies we live in are only uniforms, our clothing we wear while we go through our time here on what I call the Boot Camp Earth, or other planets that we may be assigned so that we may learn particular lessons and have particular experiences.

Now you know about the Elohim and the creators who made us. They are powerful beyond all measure. They have given us life and they bring us along. Not only do they create us, but their responsibility is to cultivate and develop us. They assign our souls from body to body and from place to place. We are being created and cultivated all at the same time. It’s a fabulous concept and it is a mystical concept that is difficult to master, but once you understand it, it begins to make sense.

We are the children of the Elohim.

What are we to do with all of this? Well is to help you understand where you came from and your cosmology, to get more understanding. You are, the children of the Elohim. You are created so that you may grow and become like the Elohim. At some point, you will rise to Ascension from where you currently are, this Boot Camp Earth, and you will be allowed to move even further on the God continuum.

You may serve the Elohim in ways that they have in mind for your growth and development. At another point far too distant for us to conceive, we will and shall become like them–creators of living souls, creators of untold races of beings. From the Universe, we came and to the Universe, we will create.

The Prophet Enoch

Now let’s change the topic for a moment and talk about a very special being. This very special being was once known as the prophet Enoch. As mentioned in our Bible, there’s even a book that has not made it into the Canon of many Christian Bibles called the book of Enoch. Is a mysterious book, a wonderful book. You can find it on the internet and you should read it. But though you read this book, only a mystic can truly understand the true nature of this marvelous being. The Bible states that Enoch did not die. He was taken. What does that mean? It means that he was allowed to advance along the God-Continuum the Elohim had in mind rather than experiencing another physical death as all men do.

The Angel Metatron

Enoch, like all of us, had already gone through multiple lifetimes of living, learning, growing, and advancing. Finally, he had gone about as far as anyone could go while living on this Boot Camp Earth. His lessons were learned, and the Elohim decided he could assume another form. In this instance, he became the angel we call Metatron. For those of us who are awakening and marked for Ascension, Metatron is one of the most amazing angels.

Let me tell you about Metatron. There’s far more to tell than we earthly mystics can know. What we do know is very inspiring. As an angel, Metatron is neither male nor female. It is an energetic entity that helps the Elohim. Metatron is our helper and protector as well. No doubt. You have heard of angels such as Michael, Gabriel, and others. Metatron is one such angel, but Metatron’s creation is rather unusual in that he was recreated from his physical form as Enoch to the new creation of an angel.

Who is Metatron?

When you read in the New Testament about Jesus being fed by angels; Metatron is the angel of which they speak. When you read about Jesus suffering in the garden of the Gethsemane and being comforted by angels, Metatron is the angel they are talking about. Metatron is the angel that ministers to those who are awake and teaching, the chief angel of the Lightworker. What is Metatron’s duty? Too numerous to mention! But for those of us who gaining wisdom in this lifetime, let us just say that if you are awakening and ascending, Metatron knows about you, and Metatron is there if you would like to call upon him.

What does he do?

What does he do? He offers protection as we receive our downloads. There are so many beings that would like to give you messages nowadays. Metatron assures that you hear the right messages. Metatron creates the time, the place, and the message that you are ready to receive and makes sure that you’re able to download and assimilate it. That is an amazing thing.

You, who have been receiving new messages far too great for most of your friends to understand, the ones that you don’t tell people about, the ones you wonder about, no doubt they’re coming to you from this glorious angel known as Metatron. Metatron is the angel for the Lightworker. Metatron is an angel who protects you so that you can grow.

Metatron is Leading You to Ascension

Think of it this way. Your time as being in human form may be fast closing to an end. For many of you, this will be your last lifetime. And from now on, the willingness to come to the earth will be to serve as a helper or being of light. You will be here to help others. You will not be here because you have karma to overcome. You will be here to help administer the karma to other people, to help them grow and develop. You may well be a Lord of Karma. You may well be a messenger or guide as well. Not as powerful as Metatron, but nonetheless appropriate for your stage of development.

Metatron is the one that helps us in these liminal times. Liminal means that we’re not human much anymore, but we’re not yet ready for the next step. We are in between the worlds, and we need a special guide. We need special help. Metatron is your guide. Metatron is the angel that will help navigate from this world to your next assignment, where you will be taught further by other angels and guides.

Metatron: A name you can call upon for help.

Metatron is a name you may call upon. So at night, before you go to bed, ask Metatron to bring you messages in your sleep to take you to the rounds while your body’s at sleep, while your mind is unconscious. There you may go to the realms of light and be taught the messages you need to know the inspirational messages, the words of life that will help you transition from this life to your next assignment when the time is right.


Now I want to talk to you about Jesus. Jesus is a very special creation too. He was fully God and fully human. He was one of the very first of humankind to achieve God-Man status, though certainly not the only one. There have been others.

Wwhether you’ve ever cracked open a Bible or not is not important. Jesus is here for you. Its not even important if you’ve never heard about Jesus, the Divine will help you when you are ready. The Divine has so many names, so many guides, and many ways of reaching. But if you are open, try calling out to Jesus in your mind and meditations. You might be surprised at the help he will give you.

Jesus is our guide and example. Now I know many of you may feel a bit nervous as we talk about Jesus, because you may say I don’t believe in him. There’s just so much about Jesus that isn’t as presented to you. In fact, most of what we know about Jesus these days is greatly misrepresented. Jesus is a guide, but what makes him a special guide for all of us is that he was once like us.

Fully God and Fully Man

And then he reached the Ascension to where he was both fully God and fully, man. Now let’s talk about this for a moment. You and I are souls inhabiting a human form. As a human, you have a mental awareness or consciousness. There are those that will tell you this consciousness is an evil thing. They call it your ego and insist that you must crush your ego.

You do not have to crush your ego.

This is not true. Your goal is to be like Jesus who was fully God and fully man. The reason Jesus, you, and I exist in these worlds of matter is to fully experience them. This allows our God and creator through the Elohim to expand and better know ITself. God loves experiences and loves to pair with humankind in experiencing them. Yavey Hovey wants to experience life through you. You have been created for this reason. Let no one ever convince you that you are unimportant. You are the vehicle whereby Yavey Hovey experiences the world.

Fully God – Fully Man

Let no one criticize you for your thoughts because, in time, our thoughts will be totally synched with those of Yavey Hovey. Let no one criticize you for your actions. One day your actions will perfectly mirror the will of Yavey Hovey. But for now, you are where you are because it is appropriate for you to be there at this time.

Accelerate your growth.

You can greatly accelerate your growth. You can greatly accelerate your thoughts. And that is where the angel Metatron comes in. This is the angel that helps those who are ready to ascend grow in their being to become fully God and fully man. Metatron will help raise your vibratory state so you may move on to the next level of service that the Elohim have in mind for you. Jesus and his teachings can serve as your guide and Metatron can help bring you the lessons you need to become Fully God and Fully Man.

Hearing the Right Voices

There are many voices in the world today. Most of them chaotic telling us to do this or that thing based on our fears. Though the negative voices exist, Jesus who was fully God and fully human teaches us how to listen to the voice of the Divine creator, the voice of the Elohim, which will lead us even further someday to the voice of the Creator.

Jesus, Metatron, and others can help you escape Boot Camp Earth These guides will help you become fully God and fully human. When you begin to realize the relationship between your human consciousness and the Divine that these beings are trying to bring about you are heading towards your ascended state.

The Divine wants to be your willing partner.

The Divine is not trying to take you over. It does not want to take over your ego. Instead, it is trying to partner with you in a loving relationship, much like you do with the person who is nearest and closest to you. This partnership will over you a complete and immersive love. In this relationship, you will not lose any of your humanity. You will only gain your divinity. And once this happens, you are marked for Ascension.

None of the things you hear about a vengeful, wrathful God in all of the sacred texts out there are what this relationship is about. Let us not listen to that anymore. We need only listen to the love that is in our hearts. As we learn to make more room for this loving voice, we serve it more and more. Soon, you will find that your mind is consumed by this loving relationship that originates in the heart and causes you to be both fully God and fully man.

I know these mystical teachings can sound strange and different to many of you. Yet, I hope you find them useful. If there’s anything that I can do to help you, please let me know. These are the wonderful teachings of Spiritus Lumine. I wish you all good things. May you grow in light and love until you become Fully God and Fully Human.

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