The Changes Ahead

You will sense and feel the changes before you consciously become aware of them.

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. We on this side know that many of you suffer from worries and anxieties. That is because change is coming to your planet–and the uncertainty of change always brings unrest. Yes, you will sense and feel these changes in your physical vessel long before you become consciously aware of their physical fulfillment. Many of you will actually behold the fulfillment of the prophecies and testimonies spoken of by almost all of the worlds religions. Even for those who eschew no religion, the psychic archetypes of global change are well in place. We write to let you know that you should put your heart at ease. The changes ahead are for the good!

The Awakening is Happening

Already, many of you are awakening and coming “online” as it were. As this happens, you join the millions of lightworkers around the world who receive the nightly downloads preparing you for your new work in the age to come.

The awakened souls are now receiving nightly downloads in the dream state. These transfers of knowledge and wisdom are preparing our disciples for their new roles in their ascended state.

Brother Thomas

Have you noticed a difference in your dreams? Do you see places and locations that you’ve never seen before? Does it seem as though you have a life that parallel this one? If so, that’s a huge clue for you to pay attention! You need do nothing to request or receive these nightly downloads. The masters know all of the awakened as well as those to come. None shall be overlooked and their instructions come to you whether you are aware or not.

Pay Attention to Dream State Teachings

For those who can notice the activity of their dream states, ask your angels, spirits, and guides, to permit the witness of your higher-self to become more firmly linked to your semi-conscious awareness of the dream state. Clearly state your intention for this to happen and reinforce this request each night as before you go to sleep.

The activation of this witnessing portion of your Lux Animae allows you to behold the activity of the more significant part of your spiritual being which is in training and remains hidden to your conscious being behind the veil of conscious thought.

Brother Thomas

Your ability to behold this activity dramatically strengthens the connection between your light and spirit bodies. Soon you will be witness to the grand dress rehearsal that is taking place at this very moment in these frequency regions that are so to come in the holographic worlds of 3-D matter.

Lucid Dream Participation

Some of the more advanced among you may utilize your abilities to consciously join your consciousness to your light body as it conducts its work through lucid dreaming. In this state of awareness, you more fully participate in the light body training and bring much needed information and awareness to the waking holographic experience of consciousness. Your sharing of this information brings added purpose to your fellow lightworkers who sense but do not fully understand the changes ahead.

The greater energetic portion of your Lux Animae (soul complex) is presently participating in the final stages of simulation training for its new work in the ascended worlds of the God-Continuum.

Brother Thomas

Spirit-Matter Light Body Training

What are these trainings of which we speak? We guides are using specially prepared simulations and technology that allows the higher-self consciousnesses from those we select to learn how to travel at will to anyplace within the holographic universe at the speed of one’s will and thought. Yes, many on this side of the veil can manifest instantly–but that is something different.

We are teaching our disciples to manifest within the 3-D holographic worlds immediately. These abilities are the stuff of alchemy and the basis of ancient lore.

Brother Thomas

Many who presently live within your worlds would use these powers maliciously to enslave others. That is why we do not allow them to possess these powers. Additionally, we are preparing our disciples for new lives of merged consciousness.

Merged Conscious Existences

These merged consciousness existences are the next phase of your spirit-matter evolutionary journeys. In this phase, you will permanently merge elements of your spirit-matter consciousness. Once you pass your simulation training and your transformation is complete, you will exist as an even higher energy complex with those on the God-Continuum who have similar assignments as you. The powers your energetic complexes will command are beyond reckoning for those who presently exist in the third dimensions.

Upon ascension, your consciousness will be merged with a new energetic collective. In your new assignment, you will know what it is like to be part of an omnipotent being complex impacting entire universes with you unique work

Brother Thomas

Lords of Karma

Some of you will be selected to merge with the Lords of Karma who help guide the souls of those training in the holographic 3-D boot camps worlds. Soon, your roles will change from student to teacher! One’s training becomes perfected indeed once they become a teacher. As Lords, your collective will ensures the complete and steadfast testing of those electing to work and travel within the worlds of matter.

Angelic Corps Raise Consciousness

Others of you will serve in angelic corps designed to further and better the collective condition of all souls existing in the lower matter-worlds. You will be the ones leading souls towards the light. You will comfort in times of sadness and sorrow and be the agent which transforms all evil into good as each soul seeks its highest evolution.

Technological Collectives

Still others of you will merge with collectives who allocate sciences, technologies, music, art, culture, and the teachings to each of the lower worlds. All who work and travel in these worlds need the training you will provide as they participate in the thousands of experiences which give life meaning in the worlds of matter. You will bring fire to the primitives and string-theory to the worlds of advancing technology. You will be the link between the technological records of all things stored in the universal akashic record and those who desire to innovate and create on the earth like planets. It will be you who inspire in daydreams, inspirations, and moments of clarity.

Builders of Universes

Still others of you will join in the creation and refurbishing of dead and dying universes. Yes, even though Divine Consciousness is infinite, there is no waste or want in any of the matter universes. There are new worlds to create, new sentient lifeforms to develop, and unique flora and fauna necessary to make planets who have gone to waste spring back to new life. The ability to experience life requires worlds and universes. Many of you will create–first in simulation and then in actual worlds of matter.

There are infinite numbers of merged consciousness beings existing in the dimensions beyond the holographic 3-D worlds in which you will soon permanently abide.

Brother Thomas

Training will Soon End and Transformation Begins

In the meantime, take your holographic earthly training seriously. Though it may seem like the dead days where little work is done before school lets out for the summer, these last days are important for your growth and development as soul. Be watchful and alert as you receive your finishing touches before leaving for your next assignment. Soon you will graduate and your present conscious awareness will fully merge with your assigned spirit-matter collective. When that occurs, all will become clear as you receive new evolutionary assignments.

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