The 4 A’s of Mysticism

Asleep, Awake, Alert, and Aware

Hello friends, this is Brother Thomas your elder brother and guide from Spiritus Lumine. Today I am going to talk about the 4 A’s of mysticism. These stand for asleep, awake, alert, and aware. An understanding of these important concepts helps you advance along the God-Continuum as you raise your vibration and become more aware of your God-nature. There is a progression to mysticism that is observable to all who travel the God worlds. I hope that by organizing these concepts in this way that you might learn something that’s a little different and more understandable than your past understandings of who you are and what you are here to do.


Speaking from a mystical point of view, to be asleep means that your conscious awareness is caught up in the holographic drama and experience of the Boot Camp Earth experience. It is like watching a movie and completely forgetting who you are. Even more, it is like confusing the movie for your real life. This is the current plight for most of humankind.

Most of the world is asleep and this is where all of us started as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being asleep except for the fact that our reality is limited to worldly and physical experiences which greatly limit or shut-off the awareness of Divine connection.

To be asleep is to depend on the five primary senses of the physical realm while ignoring or being unaware of the realities of the metaphysical worlds.

Brother Thomas

For the unawakened, the world appears dualistic where one’s experiences are limited to the physical world with little awareness of other worlds beyond. Most people have no idea of the existence of realities beyond their multidimensional existence. They relate solely to their physical body–unaware that there is much more to life and living. Even though according to polls, most people will say they believe in angels, if you really quiz them about these beliefs, they don’t really have much to say. For instance, they can’t tell you about an experience they may have had with an angel or tell you who their guardian angel is. The same is true about heaven and hell. Most will say they are not sure if they believe in heaven or hell.

To be asleep is to depend on the five primary senses of the physical realm while ignoring or living unaware of the realities of the metaphysical worlds. But, if one were to stop and think about it, reality is more expansive than this. For instance, our feelings and emotions are extensions of the five primary senses as is our abilities to reminisce, perceive concepts, and reflect on our experiences.  

What we’re saying is this, if you can believe in the extended primary senses and the deeper senses of the mind, it is only a small jump to believe in experiences one might label as extra-dimensional. For instance, our bodies are composed of cells and micro-organisms. These are composed of molecules, atoms, and particles. Before long, we are noticing that particles are aspects of vibration, frequency, and light. All of this is to say that human beings are variations of light vibrating particles moving at set frequencies. The metaphysician continues with this reduction process until they reach the Ocean of God Consciousness—or the Great Unity. This is, as we will later see, the key to waking up!


To be asleep means that you are programmed. And honestly, no matter how awake and alert we may be, all of us are caught in numerous complicated programs that compose the holographic matrix of Boot Camp Earth. It is necessary to have a certain amount of programming in order to function in the earth worlds–so this is not a bad thing. Even so, our families began our programming within moments after we were born. Let’s talk about some of the more prominent ones.

Cultural Programs

All of us are born in a country and that usually means that we carry a certain amount of pride for it. Americans are very proud of their land as are Western Europeans and most nations of the Earth. Our families and friends teach us to believe that our nation is the best. That form of pride is acceptable for those who are asleep but less useful as we awaken.

The awakened soul sees not only the world but the entire universe as their home.

Brother Thomas

Our country programs us further with ideas such as We must fight and die for our nation–regardless of what it does or may have done. We are further programmed to reverence cultural symbols such as flags, anthems, and the like. Have you noticed that flags and patriotic displays are commonly held at sporting and public events that have nothing to do with patriotism? Most people blindly participate and never see this as an oddity or something that is out of place. Of course, it is good to pay homage to one’s country and flag–but another thing entirely to lend blind allegiance.


Another form of programming is education. At an early age, we are programmed (educated) about things and events that others decide is important for us to know. History, literature, and philosophy are all especially fair game. Yet, many never consider that the way in which these subjects are taught greatly influence our belief and values.

Though there are many approaches to the teaching of history, it is most often taught from the cultural viewpoint of victors–in a manner that supports a majority culture. Yet as we know, there are many sides to every historical event. Victors are not always the good guys. What we think we know about history is, more often than not, a sanitized version of events that supports a prevailing culture. Very often, hideous events are glossed over as necessary for the advancement of one group or another. About half of what is taught in most history books is probably true on a factual level.

Religious Programming

Another aspect of our deep cultural programming is related to churches and religious teachings. Don’t get us wrong, we are not anti-religious. Religions can be a good thing if it leads to deeper spiritual states. Some, who are really willing to dig and go for it, discover the mystical thread that ties all religions together. More than a few churches claim their group best understands the truth and is headed for the blessed realms.

Many Christian religions outright say that human nature is sinful and terrible. They note that we’re really lucky that God is willing to have anything to do with us!  We find that many Christian teachings in America obscure the real message of Jesus–who loves all.

To be asleep means that one never confronts the reality that all scriptures are the result of decisions made by ordinary men and women who, at some point, choose what texts would count as sacred. These same people also decided what should be considered as right, wrong, good, bad, moral, and so forth in order to be held in good standing by one’s religious faith.

What about the Atheists?

I often meet people who say, I am upset because my child no longer believes in the church or that they have become atheists. I tell them, well it’s about time–they’re right on schedule! All of us need to decide where we fall on religious matters. None of us should believe because somebody said we should. A spiritual sovereign assumes responsibility for their beliefs—and that’s a good thing. It’s time for all people to decide for themselves whether they will follow a religious tradition or not.

Again, we tell you these things not because we’re anti-religious–but because we want you to wake up and know that just because someone says something is so does not make it so. We also want you to know that part of waking up is your willingness to become a spiritual sovereign who decides for themselves the rightness and morality of all things–regardless of what some religious teachers may proclaim.

The spiritual sovereign decides for themselves what religious teaching is acceptable. Personally, we cannot accept as valid any dogma that brings emotional, physical, or spiritual harm to another.

Brother Thomas

Further, we hold that all are responsible for how they treat others–even if they believe their religion compels them to act in one way or another. Religion is never an excuse for the mistreatment of others.

Entertainment, Politics, Social Media

Another part of the deep programming we all go through relates to our entertainment, political, and social media systems. We put all of them together because we don’t want to spend all day on this notion of being asleep–but we do want you to know that each of these elements keeps the masses drugged and intoxicated.

Entertainment, politics, and social media keep most people stirred up about trivial matters of culture, politicians, actors, and the like. Social media keeps us Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, or whatever your social media affliction may be, over worthless topics. All of this activity eats up our valuable allotment of time and keeps us from thinking about the deeper matters of Spirit and the mystical life. It is possible to spend an entire life caught up in a world of a programmed culture where everything is pre-digested.

95 Percent Programmed

It is estimated that about ninety-five percent of everything you think say and do is the result of pre-programming. When we drive our cars, most of us don’t think about it—we do it automatically. Think about the great amount of decision making that we all make and the default processes that go into it, and we can only conclude that most people are relying upon habituated responses that first started, in many instances, at age five or earlier.  

When we are asleep, we are slaves to our programming. This subjects us to an endless cycle of incarnations–never advancing us on the God-Continuum and certainly never revealing the mystical life that is the birthright of all people. To be awake means to break away from these habituated responses. At some point, we grow frustrated by the default choices that never work out. This causes us to ask questions—which are the most wonderful things in the world! This leads us to the second A—awaken.


At Spiritus Lumine we’ve discussed numerous times our teaching on The Secret that Changes Everything. Even though we tell you about this secret, we cannot guarantee that you’ll understand it. Those that are ready discover its power. If you feel you are close and need help, be sure and write to us. We want to help. I am willing to work with anyone that is willing to wake up.

The secret is simply this, there is only one thing going on—God Consciousness. You, me, and all that exists belong to the Ocean of God Consciousness. As you move from a dualistic understanding of the world to that of unity—you awaken.

Brother Thomas

The Principle of Reductionism

Waking up really isn’t that hard for those willing to persist. It’s a form of reductionism. For instance, our bodies reduce to cells. Cells reduce to molecules and atoms. Atoms reduce to sub-atomic particles. Particles reduce to waves of light containing frequencies and so on. Soon you come to a singularity event. This is not the singularity of the Big Bang but that of God-Consciousness. Soon you discover that there is nothing going on but God-Consciousness. God-Consciousness expresses Itself in an infinity of ways—yet it’s all God-Consciousness.

It’s all Pasta

As an example, when I was in Italy I had a great time eating a wide variety of pasta foods. Italians certainly love their pasta. Now, I don’t mean to insult pasta, Italians, or Italy–I love them all. But it was not long before I noticed that, no matter how you cook it, pasta tastes like pasta! It does not matter if you turn it into linguine, spaghetti, or angel hair pasta. In the end—it’s all pasta! The same is true about God-Consciousness. Once you awaken, you cannot help but notice that everything is pasta—God-Consciousness!

God is all and nothing exists apart from God. God is consciousness. To understand the implications of what that what I’ve just said will change your life. In fact, the very moment you understand this important concept is the moment of your enlightenment. You are God listening to this podcast about God that God created. God writes this blog to be read by God. It’s all God. God is all there is. This has profound implications about human suffering, religious teachings about heaven and hell and thousands of other things.

Are You Saying I Am God?

Now you may well say If I’m God, how come I don’t have all the omnipotent omniscient powers that God has? Our answer is, How do you know that you don’t? Your ego self certainly does not have these powers; but, the True Self that is composed of the Spark of the Divine certainly does! For the longest time, we’ve been identifying with the body—or the space suit we travel in instead of the Divinity which lives inside.

The truth is, we are very lucky to have an opportunity of traveling in the matter worlds where it appears that we have no divinity. This allows us an amazing experience where all things feel new and exciting. Source sends aspects of itself to observe itself. All of this is esoteric to be sure, but it is true nonetheless. One that day when you fully understand the unity of all things, you will find it very interesting how much your world is going to change.

An Enlightened Moment

When it first happened to me, there were no light shows, firecrackers, or angelic choirs with trumpets or drums rolls. It was more like the understanding one gets as the truth of very difficult problem becomes apparent. Suddenly, everything makes sense. That is the moment of awakening. If you have awakened, congratulations! If you haven’t, or if you think you are close, write and let us know how we can help.

Never worry, everything is going to fall into place. There is no need to rush anything. The Eternal Divine (which is the true you) is never in a hurry. Now don’t get me wrong. Just because you wake-up doesn’t mean you understand everything. It’s not like that. It’s one thing to be awake—and another to learn what all of this means. This brings us to our next A—alertness.


Being asleep isn’t so bad except for the fact that all it does is earn you another incarnational ticket back to Boot Camp Earth. Until you pass your lessons, this is your home. If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over and never achieving a different result (the definition of insanity), why not try something different? Once you wake up, you’ll discover the programmed responses you had when you were asleep don’t work any longer. That is what the alert stage is all about–making changes and removing the deep seeded programs of Boot Camp Earth.

Awake versus Alert

Waking up spiritually is similar to waking up in the morning. Just because your eyes are open doesn’t mean that you’re alert! Even though your eyes may be open, it doesn’t mean that you’ve had your coffee yet!

For instance, when you were asleep you could enjoy talking with your friends about how your country is the best nation on earth. You identified with your religious teachings as well as your unique political views. You could look down upon or think less of those who didn’t believe as you. Once you awaken, the old views don’t work so well.

To understand the oneness of all things is to realize that yes, it’s true that you have incarnated in a particular country–but it is also true that you belong not only to the world– but the universe, entire galaxies, and all time-space dimensions!  To understand oneness is to understand that anything that hurts another hurts us all. We cannot assume our once petty roles once we awaken. The choice is clear, make changes or fall back to sleep.

We want you to be alert and that means that you must undo all of those systems of programming that are embedded in you–the programs that account for ninety-five percent of what most people think, say, and do. You cannot be free or a spiritual sovereign as long as you persist operating in the default mode.

Brother Thomas

Sadly, most people have no concept of free will—even though they insist they do. Until one awakens, there is no free will—only one holographic delusion after another. Habituated responses are not free will choices.

Once you awaken and assert your rights as a spiritual sovereign to live as you see fit, you will slowly begin to earn your freedom as you set aside one form of programming after another.

God Connection

There is another aspect to alertness—the ability to connect with the Divine at will. The Divine is always nearby. All of us exist at a unique address on the Divine God-Continuum. As we learn to turn to the Divine and surrender all things to it, our consciousness rises, and we move further along the continuum. There are many inner and outer forms one may use to connect with the Divine. Soon the time comes when the connection is rock-solid, and one becomes fully surrendered to the will of the Divine Consciousness. Even so, it takes time to drop our egoic associations and learn how to surrender.


With alertness comes responsibility. It’s important that you remain alert to the Greater-Consciousness, God, Source, or whatever you wish to call it around you. If you really are paying attention, you’re going to notice that the Divine is always trying to talk with you. Another way of saying this is, the You that is God is asserting ITself into your conscious awareness. The Divine reaches out to you through coincidences, signs, and wonders. These have a metaphorical quality similar to those in your dreams. Nonetheless, with a little practice, you can learn how to interpret the Divine messages. These synchronous Divine messages shape your day and your new life as an awakened God-Being.

A final thing we want to address about the alertness stage is your willingness to practice what you learn. Gaining knowledge at the alertness stage is vital and necessary—but learning was never the point. The point is to use what one learns for the benefit of self and others. It’s one thing to learn something and another thing put it to work. If you believe that you’re supposed to use your intuitive gifts to help someone–then at some point you really need to step out there and start using your gifts.

For instance, if you believe that you’re a healer and you’ve taken Reiki or Healing Touch, then it’s time to start using these healing arts. Until you start doing something, you’re just living in your head. Many of the things you hear about the mystical life cannot make sense until you start practicing what you know. This helps the pieces of the puzzle fit together. This brings us to the last A we will discuss today—awareness.


It is possible to be awake but not alert. Some are awake and alert but not aware. We want you to be all three, awake, alert, and aware. But what does it mean to be aware? Awareness is the state of being that recognizes the God-Spark in all people, places, and things about them.

Like the angels who worship the Spark of the Divine that is within us all, so we too must learn to identify these infinite sparks and worship them as well.

Brother Thomas

To worship this Spark we must recognize that we must work with others, help others as needed, and always seek to better those about us by allowing the light of Spiritus Lumine to flow through us. This type of awareness is the way we raise our vibration and advance further along the God-Continuum.

Moving from Self to Others

In the alertness phase, many focus on their own spiritual development to the point of forgetting that we live and incarnated in these worlds of time-space-matter for a reason. We’re not condemning these people, it’s a necessary part of the process. We’re just saying there’s more. When you begin to put what you learn in your alertness phase to work, you will find that you develop a keen awareness of the others around you.

The Reason of our Existence

It is true that we are here for a reason. As souls, we love the game of thinking that we exist apart from the Ocean of God-Consciousness. We love the feeling of separateness. Like camping out away from the luxuries we enjoy back home, we enjoy our existence in matter states and living in these tent bodies. We souls also enjoy the game which allows us to put all the Divine clues together so that we might unite once again with the God-Consciousness.

We souls also enjoy what it is like to help wake others up to their Divine nature. Yes, we are all one, but not all of us are awake That is why we are here as well—to awaken and help others awaken. So, if you have awakened and become alert, it is now time to find others who are ready for the great awakening! It was never all about you, it’s about the rediscovery of your true nature and helping others like you who discovered their Divine gift as well.


So, today we’ve talked about some wonderful metaphysical concepts. We’ve learned about the four A’s which include being asleep, becoming awake, becoming alert, and increased awareness. There are so many things to teach you about your mystical life at Spiritus Lumine. Please explore our website and read it up and down. Download the free book we have written for you entitled Metaphysical Foundations. We also invite you to listen to all of our Mystical Lodge Radio podcasts. All of this is here for you so that you might wake-up, become alert, and then help others who are just like you.  

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