Ten Things Mystics Do

Hello friends, this is Brother Thomas–your friend from the Seventh Ray. I send you greetings and warm wishes from the home of the Violet Flame. We always encourage you to deepen your knowledge and spiritual practice so that you might learn how to be the best version of yourself. As we awaken you and others, it is important to stop doing things that keep your vibrations low–and start doing those things that increase your frequency. In this post, I want to suggest ten things all mystics can do to raise their vibration and increase their effectiveness as a mystic.

Pay Attention to Dreams

All of the great mystics pay attention to dreams. This is a specialized avenue for receiving the guidance you need. Sadly, so many people won’t take the time to become acquainted with this rich source of wisdom. There is no need to buy expensive books to interpret your dreams. All any need do is write down their dreams and then ask for guidance concerning its interpretation. It really is that simple. We always help you understand the teachings we send you.

Keep a small writing pad near your bed and write down a few sentences about your dreams as you awaken. When you see your scribbles the next day, the dream will come back. Yes, it does take some discipline to do this–but it is well worth it. You really won’t disturb your sleep by doing this since most of us naturally awaken after dreaming.

Brother Thomas

Some people make a big fuss about the interpretation of dreams. We say keep it simple. For the most part, dreams are not to be taken concretely–but symbolically. If you are dancing, interpret what dancing means to you–in the context of your dream. Notice your feelings. Intense feelings such as joy and anger are the angel’s way of using boldfaced print or typing in all caps! Your dreams utilize your emotions to emphasize its overall purpose.

In time you will become more familiar with the different types of dreams. These include dreams that teach lessons, problem-solving dreams, soul travel dreams, and past life dreams–to name but a few. With time and patience, a mystical person comes to easily interpret their dreams–and often the dreams of others.

Connect with the Universe Each Day

You may think it odd that we should remind everyone to connect with the Universe each day. Sadly, so many people cram their day with so many things and make no time for being alone with the universe. But we want to gently remind you of this. Just because you fill each moment of time with good things–even spiritual things–does not mean you are growing spiritually!

We cannot be nourished if we allow our ego-nature to control every single minute of our time. Everyone needs solitude and quiet time. The difference between a mystic and everyone else is the time they set aside time for spiritual practice. As with many valuable things, a life of power and spiritual achievement comes only as we make time for spiritual practice.

Brother Thomas

The point of connecting with the Universe is to affirm the oneness and unity of all things. This is more than citing mere affirmations–it’s allowing yourself to relax into a stillness where your very being comes into a harmonious understanding of this glorious truth. No matter how many times you may have done this, it feels as fresh as the very first time you made this discovery.

This connection time also helps us with the development of our ability to maintain present moment awareness. Here, we learn to notice in real time our blessings of our embodiment. In the beginning, we experience small moments of awareness. These grow until we find that our minds don’t wander into the past or future as much as before. The present moment becomes enough and we feel a constant sense of gratitude and joy for that which we presently experience.

Finally, we connect to remind ourselves of why we are here and what this place is all about! We affirm our spiritual purpose and our part in participating in the Boot Camp Earth experience. Even though we know that we choose to incarnate for physical experiences, that knowledge escapes us when trials come our way. Connecting with the Universe helps us regain our perspective.

Practice Affirmations

So many times you have heard us say You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. This is true. But it is also true that part of your physical experience has a nature called the ego that often blinds you to the True Self. This egoic-self often engages in negative and damaging self-talk. The ego blames you for not being a better person. It chides you when you make honest mistakes. It is a source of blaming and shaming. To keep this egoic self one must recite mantras and affirmations.

Sometimes if you want to be enthusiastic you must first act enthusiastic–even when you don’t feel that way! Affirmations and mantras reset the vibration of the egoic-self, along with its negativity, and converts negative energy into positivity. This allows us to use the power of the body to change our attitudes and emotions.

Brother Thomas

Think if it like a mother and her newborn baby. When the child cries out early in the morning, the mother may not feel like getting out of bed to respond. But as she attends to her little one, a happy bond forms between them as they share time together. So it is with our vibration. As we make a physical effort through mantras and affirmations, our mental and emotional bodies come into positive alignment as well. Affirmations are a useful way to set one’s physical intention to positivity.

Study affirmations. Write your own or find some that you like. But most of all, state affirmations through out the day. Record them on your phone. Play them back as you go about your day. Increase the speed of the playback and let them zip through your head. So much good comes to you as you practice affirmations.

Allow the day to come to you as much as you come to the day

One of the age-old questions we hear is this, should I let God do it all or should I take control? If I start planning, won’t I just get in God’s way? The answer is not eitheror–it’s both-and. The angels, spirits, and guides never tell you how to live your life or spend your days. Instead, they nudge you to make decisions that are right for you. And here is a secret, plan your day–but be open to interruptions as they come. These interruptions are Divine Spirit’s way of guiding you.

Put Spirit first, people next, then make your plans to take over the world!

Brother Thomas

Remember, the universe is mindful of you and knows that you are a helper soul. It will bring people before you that need your attention and love. If you are too busy following your prepared schedule, you’ll miss what the Universe has in mind for you this day.

At the same time, go about making your plans. Be intricate with what you intend to do and how you intend to go about it. As long as you are open to making any changes the Universe may bring before you, all will be well. This is the true law of manifestation.

Find the Spark of the Divine in Others

It is true that once you awaken, you cannot help but notice that most people are deeply asleep. It is at this point that our first challenge comes. Will we create categories of us and them? Will we see others as less deserving because they are asleep? If so, we have fallen asleep once more ourselves!

There is a greater purpose to our awakening and it is this, to see the God-Spark in each person that we see. Not only should we see it, but we greatly desire to fan this spark into a flame so that the sleeping soul awakens.

Brother Thomas

Seeing the mystical Spark of the Divine in each person is a fundamental mystical practice. It is worthy of creating a daily affirmation–“I see each person I meet in the same way as the Divine!” This practice allows you to see beyond the illusion of work, family, friends, and do on, noticing how each serves the universe as we serve others.

As we see the spark of the Divine in others, judgment falls away. For instance, some might say that working in a coffee shop is lowly work. The universe sees a friendly person willing to set each person they meet on their way with a smile and a cup of coffee. This ability to see others as the Divine sees them is a high spiritual practice.

We encourage all to turn interactions with others into a “Tea Ceremony” where each portion of the interaction is purposeful and meaningful. Smile as you come before each person. Greet each person you meet with a heartfelt statement. Show concern to each person by looking straight at them. Practice patience, affirmation, agreement humor, friendliness, warmth as you spend time with them. And finally, thank each person for something before you go.

Raise Your Vibrations

We all live on the God-Continuum. Our goal is to raise our frequency and constantly change the address where we live. One day, we shall dwell where our guides live. When that day comes, our guides will have moved even further still. The way to increase our vibration is to learn ways of becoming an embodiment of love.

One way we grow in love is to practice gratitude. Thank all of your spiritual team for every thing that you have–even the troubles you don’t understand (for our troubles are part of our training and learning as well). Show your gratitude by saying thank you often. Thank those who open a door open for you or serves you at lunch. Thank your boss, your coworkers and assistants. Let no day escape in which much thanks and gratitude has not passed your lips!

Finally, listen to good music. Read good material. Hang out with people of high vibration. Seek the good in all things. Pray often and speak often with your guides. Say blessings on others when you are alone as a form of spiritual practice.

Mystical Practices

Mystical practices are the intentional rituals we include each day to help us connect with the Divine and raise our vibrations. Mystics assiduously build in practices into the day. We can easily create these rituals such as blessing each new day, cleaning ourselves in the morning shower, praying before meals, and the like.

Inner forms of mystical practice might include watchfulness of synchronicities, meditation upon sacred geometric shapes, mantras, chants, connection with spiritual guide work and the like. These things may require us to spend time in silence and contemplation.

Outer forms of mystical practice might include hidden and explicit uses of spiritual gifts such as healing, giving spiritual readings, outreach, forms of light work, and the like. These are usually the more visible things we do as lightworkers. If you are a healer, be willing to offer healing to those you meet. Mystics use their gifts to help others–but they don’t have to call attention to it. They just do what they can top help others.

Developing Knowledge

Just because we have the ability to receive wisdom from our quiet times with Spirit does not mean that we shouldn’t continue to improve our knowledge and understanding of metaphysical principles and practices. There is no need to constantly reinvent the wheel. Reading and learning from those who have gone before us makes it possible for us to grow faster and mature more quickly.

We may not realize it, but much of the wisdom we have today was not readily available only a few decades ago. As the worldwide web and social media has progressed so too has our ability to learn from the masters who were once only available via word of mouth.

The time you spend building a base of quality websites, YouTube channels, social media pages, DVDs and books rewards you handsomely with knowledge and spiritual growth. Develop a thirst for learning and spend some time each day advancing what you know about developing a rich inner life.

One last thing we encourage you to do is participate in study groups–either in person or online. It is true that you can teach yourself many things without relying very much on others. But it is also true that you grow even faster as you associate with people who have the same interests as you. Find a group and hang out with them. Don’t expect perfection from them but be open to new experiences and growth.

Trust Inner Guidance

Most people that you will meet do not know how to reliably seek inner guidance. Of those who believe that they do, many resort to sacred texts or teachings they have learned from a trusted religious leader or teacher. Some even follow their own hearts and dictates–this is not the inner teacher. The inner teacher is the Divine Light within that is linked all the way back home to the Unity of All There Is.

Perhaps one of the greatest distinguishing marks of a mystic is their simple trusting faith in Divine guidance. Once we learn how to obtain it, we find that we constantly seek our guides for wisdom. Notice that we used the term “Once we learned how to obtain it.” It does take some time to learn how to seek and reliably receive inner guidance.

A great Jewish teacher once said “Seek and you shall find.” The same is true for inner guidance. You must first seek. But the good thing is this, once you learn how to find this guidance, you may come again and again to this source of wisdom and well-being.

Brother Thomas

Our ability to find guidance and act upon it as conscience dictates makes us a Spiritual Sovereign. The Sovereign decides for themselves what is good, bad, right, and wrong, based upon their willingness to trust and act upon inner spiritual guidance. No doubt in the beginning one will make mistakes in knowing how to interpret the information once receives. In time, however, all learn how to listen and follow this inner voice to find the inner freedom and liberation they seek.

Help Others

Normally, we are not very reductionistic at Spiritus Lumine but we believe in this truth. In the end, there are two orientations to life–service to self or service to others. It need not be either-or. As one grows in service to others, we also grow in wisdom and spiritual power. Therefore, it is important to use both your gifts and what you know to help others.

Even though you may know all the teachings found within this website, and perhaps thousands of others, it is a waste of time if it does not help others. Better to use the little you know to help others than know everything and help no one.

Brother Thomas

At the same time work hard to get the drama out of your personal life and learn to live peaceably with others. Be servant oriented. There is a purpose for each of our lives that is to help others discover the light within as they develop their inner purpose.

We hope these ten thing things will stimulate you to live your best mystical life. Divine Source selects Mystics to show others a better way to live by discovering the source of the Inner Light within. One thing we want mystics everywhere to know is this, the angels of people you do not know will thank your angel, spirits, and guides–as well as your own Divine Spark within–as you live these principles and teach others as well.

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