Will you raise my son? An Adoption Story

This Christ­mas, con­sid­er that Jesus was adopt­ed.

Hel­lo mys­ti­cal friends! This is Broth­er Thomas from the Sev­enth Ray. We who watch you on this side of the veil rejoice as we see the hearts and minds of so many of humankind turn to the Christ Con­scious­ness each Christ­mas sea­son. Our lov­ing Source of all that is cre­ates many paths lead­ing to free­dom from Boot Camp Earth. How­ev­er, if those who fol­low the Christ were to actu­al­ly allow His mes­sage to lead them to His greater inner mys­ti­cal truths, the entire earth would soon fill with the glo­ry of Christ Con­scious­ness – quick­ly end­ing this painful sim­u­la­tion! Today’s les­son is a great exam­ple of how we guides work hand-in-hand with our earth­ly chan­nels. We take cur­rent events from our channel’s lives and use them to teach a high­er prin­ci­ple. We hope you enjoy this third install­ment of Christ­mas mes­sages.

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