Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

Heart of Love

But whether or not your awakening has happened, we want you to know that the “you” of your soul triad is just as important as the Spark of the Divine. From the viewpoint of your angels, spirits, and guides, you matter because the Creator considers you a blessed and precious commodity.

Brother Thomas

My dear friends, your guides and masters love when you seek their favor and knowledge. They are more than willing to give and grant what you ask, provided you are willing to do the necessary work. For every step you take, they will take three more. However, one of the things they love just as much is when those who journey in the worlds of matter take the time to befriend their soul. Yes, your soul contains not only the beautiful Spark of the Divine but also the Higher-Self which is the accumulated consciousness and wisdom of all your lifetimes. Finally, there is the present consciousness that is generated from your physical existence. As you can see, there is much for you to learn, know, and befriend. It is good that you love God, but it is just as necessary that you come to love yourself. This trinity of Spark, Higher-Self, and Body Consciousness is a great love story.

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