Stay Centered

Stay Centered

To all of my friends who realize the Spark of the Divine within them, this is Brother Thomas–a lightworker of the Seventh Ray. Today I want to remind you of the main work of a mystic–to Stay Centered!  Our job is simple; we keep our minds centered between heaven and earth and show up to our family, friends, workers, and neighbors as the best version of ourselves that we can be. I know, it doesn’t sound very glamorous does it?  Glamorous is not always in our job description!  Let’s look at each of these, shall we?

An idealistic person lives with their head in the clouds. They have pointless expectations about what life should be. A practical person loses sight of the Divine in their determination to make their daily bread. The best version of ourselves brings the love of the Divine into the realities of the ever present moment.

Stay Centered Between Heaven and Earth

Many believe that mystics are spiritually naive and idealistic. Their notions of us envision people who live in caves and convents–away from the petty activities of human life. May this never be true! No one, much less a mystics, can be of help to another who is not fully available and grounded in the present moment. Since we have chosen to live in a world of matter temporarily, we approach every aspect of our life as something that matters.

Stay Centered in the Present Moment

We mystics live in the very heartbeat of life. We do not avoid life’s troubles–we seek to overcome them by the power of the Spiritus Lumine, that light of Source-Consciousness that permeates all things.  Mystics embrace what comes to us without judging it as good or bad.  Since we do not believe in coincidence, we think there is always a reason for the things that come our way.

Stay Centered and Call for Help

We view the stream of life much as we would a movie.  We bought a ticket for the film of our choosing. The events of each day happen because of previous agreements we made to test the strength of our resolve to live life in the Light of Divine Order. Staying centered with our minds between heaven and earth, we call upon the best of two simultaneous dimensions. We have the wisdom of heaven’s angels, spirits, and guides to advise us as we try and meet the material needs of whatever shows up.

Stay Centered and Surrendered

We mystics are blessed with the ability to be in constant contact with Source-Consciousness. Because of this, we understand that every event that comes before us tests our willingness to obey the Law of Surrender. This law says that we only move forward on the God-Continuum as we improve our ability to follow the Spark of the Divine in all things.

Staying Centered is the Life of a Mystic

As we obey the Law of Surrender in all things, we find our lives becoming more centered. A centered life means we no longer find ourselves pulled by the extremes of life’s drama–and all that entails.  Instead, our lives become more peaceful and our ability to communicate effectively with the God-Continuum increases as well. Our lives become a positive spiral of listening for guidance, following the Spark of the Divine, becoming more peaceful, and receiving more wisdom.  As this process repeats itself hundreds of times, obedience to the Divine becomes our natural response. This process further opens the mystic’s ability to discover even more of the mysteries that are available in the journey of the God-Continuum.

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