Stay Centered

Stay Centered

To all of my friends who real­ize the Spark of the Divine with­in them, this is Broth­er Thomas – a light­work­er of the Sev­enth Ray. Today I want to remind you of the main work of a mys­tic – to Stay Cen­tered!  Our job is sim­ple; we keep our minds cen­tered between heav­en and earth and show up to our fam­i­ly, friends, work­ers, and neigh­bors as the best ver­sion of our­selves that we can be. I know, it doesn’t sound very glam­orous does it?  Glam­orous is not always in our job descrip­tion!  Let’s look at each of these, shall we?

An ide­al­is­tic per­son lives with their head in the clouds. They have point­less expec­ta­tions about what life should be. A prac­ti­cal per­son los­es sight of the Divine in their deter­mi­na­tion to make their dai­ly bread. The best ver­sion of our­selves brings the love of the Divine into the real­i­ties of the ever present moment.

Stay Centered Between Heaven and Earth

Many believe that mys­tics are spir­i­tu­al­ly naive and ide­al­is­tic. Their notions of us envi­sion peo­ple who live in caves and con­vents – away from the pet­ty activ­i­ties of human life. May this nev­er be true! No one, much less a mys­tics, can be of help to anoth­er who is not ful­ly avail­able and ground­ed in the present moment. Since we have cho­sen to live in a world of mat­ter tem­porar­i­ly, we approach every aspect of our life as some­thing that mat­ters.

Stay Centered in the Present Moment

We mys­tics live in the very heart­beat of life. We do not avoid life’s trou­bles – we seek to over­come them by the pow­er of the Spir­i­tus Lumine, that light of Source-Con­scious­ness that per­me­ates all things.  Mys­tics embrace what comes to us with­out judg­ing it as good or bad.  Since we do not believe in coin­ci­dence, we think there is always a rea­son for the things that come our way.

Stay Centered and Call for Help

We view the stream of life much as we would a movie.  We bought a tick­et for the film of our choos­ing. The events of each day hap­pen because of pre­vi­ous agree­ments we made to test the strength of our resolve to live life in the Light of Divine Order. Stay­ing cen­tered with our minds between heav­en and earth, we call upon the best of two simul­ta­ne­ous dimen­sions. We have the wis­dom of heaven’s angels, spir­its, and guides to advise us as we try and meet the mate­r­i­al needs of what­ev­er shows up.

Stay Centered and Surrendered

We mys­tics are blessed with the abil­i­ty to be in con­stant con­tact with Source-Con­scious­ness. Because of this, we under­stand that every event that comes before us tests our will­ing­ness to obey the Law of Sur­ren­der. This law says that we only move for­ward on the God-Con­tin­u­um as we improve our abil­i­ty to fol­low the Spark of the Divine in all things.

Staying Centered is the Life of a Mystic

As we obey the Law of Sur­ren­der in all things, we find our lives becom­ing more cen­tered. A cen­tered life means we no longer find our­selves pulled by the extremes of life’s dra­ma – and all that entails.  Instead, our lives become more peace­ful and our abil­i­ty to com­mu­ni­cate effec­tive­ly with the God-Con­tin­u­um increas­es as well. Our lives become a pos­i­tive spi­ral of lis­ten­ing for guid­ance, fol­low­ing the Spark of the Divine, becom­ing more peace­ful, and receiv­ing more wis­dom.  As this process repeats itself hun­dreds of times, obe­di­ence to the Divine becomes our nat­ur­al response. This process fur­ther opens the mystic’s abil­i­ty to dis­cov­er even more of the mys­ter­ies that are avail­able in the jour­ney of the God-Con­tin­u­um.

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