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Have you ever felt like you weren’t from around here? Do you feel as though your homeworld is somewhere else? If so, you are not alone. There are many people on the planet now who have incarnated from other places from around the galaxy. These are the Star Seeds! In this post, Brother Thomas and Patti Stice discuss the Star Seeds–people from other planets who incarnate on earth to help us.

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Brother Thomas: And hello everyone, this is Brother Thomas from

Patti Stice: and I’m Patty Stice from Sacred Circle Academy.

Brother Thomas: We are going to be talking about something mysterious today as we always do on Mystical Lodge

Patti Stice: (Hums Twilight Zone Theme) We’re going to go away far out, way out into outer space.

Brother Thomas: It’s finally time to talk about the Star Seeds–you’re hearing more about them in everyday culture and people are finally admitting– this may apply to me!

Patti Stice: Yes, Brother Thomas. You and I have talked about this.

We aren’t the only ones in the universe

Brother Thomas: I can remember only a few years ago being told we’re the only ones in the universe. We’re the only human beings on this planet called earth. Nobody else lives here, so move along and thank you very much.!

Patti Stice: It’s like saying the earth is flat.

Brother Thomas: Yes, sadly, there’s a whole group of people who want to argue that point. But let’s just say that we are learning more and more that there are millions and millions of planets that have conditions very similar to earth. And we also know that life could evolve in these places.

There is more to earth history than we’ve been told

And we’re also learning from that some of the things that we thought were true about our earth history, like humanity has a history of about 5,000 years isn’t true. Instead, we’re finding evidence of a builder race that seeded the planet, and we’re learning esoterically that this is not the first time this has happened.

Patti Stice: No, this is, according to some readings, this is our fifth time.

Brother Thomas: Yes, this has been going on for a while, and that’s just this planet alone. Many believe that the builder race that we’re talking about actually originated from Ceres, Lyra, and other constellations such as Sirius–the one we call the dog star.

Patti Stice: You know, Galileo was a heretic and put in jail for saying that the earth circles the sun—but we all know the truth now!

Brother Thomas: Yes, we do! Still, I have a Brother-in-law who holds to the believes there’s no evidence that anyone exists but us. There are some people who say, unless I see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, I won’t believe it. I’m waiting for one of these beings to thumps him on the head with an antler or whatever!

Patti Stice: Okay. We’re going to have a nice discussion and begin by explaining how we all got interested in this topic at Sacred Circle Academy. A couple of my students said, do you know about the Star Seeds? And I said, you know, I only have so much brain left. Then another student came–and then another all wanting to know about Star Seeds. And I said, okay! I think when you get touched on the head three times, you should listen. So, I decided to look into this and I am so grateful I did Brother Thomas.

Brother Thomas: Me too, because two years ago, none of this was on my radar.

Patti Stice: Mine, either.

Brother Thomas: I mean, I’ve always believed in lives other than our own—but the specific knowledge and discussable information, not so much.

Are you as Star Seed?

Patti Stice: And, and so I jumped right in, and I’m gloriously happy. I did a class and created a PowerPoint presentation entitled, Are you a Star Seed?

 And with my friend Anne, I created this handout that we’re going to use today outlining the characteristics of Star Seeds. We’ll go through this checklist as we did in our class. So many of the students checked almost all the boxes. Some checked about half of the boxes.

This class opened up the door. And then from that class, we have created a Star Seed Connection.  It is an opportunity at Sacred Circle Academy for all of those who are questioning, searching, seeking like-minded, other Star Seed friends to share their stories with.

 Brother Thomas:  That’s one of the things I love about Oklahoma City. There’s a lot of spiritual searching here. There’s a lot of mystical people, and there’s also a lot of seeking to understand things like the Star Seeds. I think that if you allow yourself to have a reasonable, rational, logical moment, it only makes sense that you must have had many, many, many, existences—far too numerous to count or understand. And they couldn’t have all been here on earth. 

Patti Stice:  Yes. So, let’s open a possibility here.

Dream Fragment

Brother Thomas:  So, before I knew for sure about the Star Seeds, I had a dream fragment. And in this dream fragment, I was on the moon. Though I don’t think much about the moon in my waking state, in this case, it was very clear that I was in a high tower on the moon. It was much like a large airplane tower at an airport. In this case, it was for space travel.

It was a very high place. And, a calamity happened to cause this thing to fall to the ground. I was in this tower.

I believe this was a past life fragment of an incident that happened long ago on the surface of the moon. I’ve never entirely forgotten the vividness of that dream, nor the impression and the coldness in which I awoke from the information I received. And I share it because I suspect I’m one of the millions of people who are having dream fragments just like these– where we weren’t necessarily living on earth. Sometimes, even the dreams seem Earth-like, we inwardly know we aren’t on Earth—but someplace else.

Remote Viewing

Patti Stice:  And students share with me about astral travel. Yes. Remote viewing where they say, I’m not here–I’ve gone somewhere else. Sometimes they say, “I see this warrior type person with different physical features and this huge Emerald gem in the center of their chest.” It’s truly intergalactic.

Star Seeds are gifted in remote viewing. Some describe being on a spaceship and a different planet. Other students report blackouts– they lose time, and then they come back after five minutes saying it felt like two hours.

Brother Thomas:  So, we want our friends to know that if you’re having some of these experiences, you’re not the only one. And, we also want you to know there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe you shouldn’t tell all your friends and neighbors about it, but you can tell us, and we’d love to hear from you if you want to share it with us in an email.

Patti Stice:  There are some awakening struggles with many of the students who identify with the path of a Star Seed. And here again, in my research, sometimes we call them Star Seeds or, all one-word Starseeds. Some refer to themselves as extraterrestrials, Star People, or intergalactic people. There’s no precise language. But, in my comfort zone, the two-word Star Seeds is what I felt resonated with me. What is clear is that we are talking about advanced beings originating from another world, another dimension, a planet, or a galaxy.

Highly evolved souls

 Brother Thomas:  Okay, so that’s the term we’ll use here. It’s also clear they have taken on earthly lives to spread kindness and to assist earth into the golden age. This is the age we are now in the age of Aquarius, of peace and love, understanding technology. They are highly evolved souls. They are not here to study humans, but to assist our societies as we ascend into the fourth and fifth dimensions of the new age.

Patti Stice:  They possess many characteristics of the Lightworkers. And this is what triggered me to step into this understanding. Starseeds, Lightworkers, empaths, H S Ps. That’s the clinical term for a highly sensitive person. All are energetic spiritual beings of a greater awareness than most of the three-dimensional earth.

Brother Thomas:  Yes, they are, and I might point out to some people that I count myself as one of them. In this life, I’ve noticed a difference in the kind of people we are meeting—especially the younger folk. The Star Seeds see the world very differently. Now some might argue that they’re different because we raised them differently. And I won’t argue with all of this. I’m just saying that their very nature and approach to understanding life differs. They’re different and in a good way.

Patti Stice:  They are understanding the kindness and spreading the light and the love to so many.  

Patti Stice:  Just look at the little children. I do Star Kid’s workshops and I’m just so exhilarated by their energy. When we look at their little fingertips, we see little sensitivity dots. We had a Star Seed connection class last night and one of our new members brought her a 10-year-old son. He walked up to one of our students and said, “You’re an air sign, aren’t you?”  It takes your breath away.

Brother Thomas:  The kids are different. There have been forerunners of these people on our planet for a while. What we need to know is that for them, coming to earth is not about ascension. They’ve already ascended. To come here and help us, they had to “descend.” They are coming back to help us by taking a human form like everybody else here. They intentionally incarnate with an express intention of being a helpful and creative force on the planet.

Patti Stice:  Their role is similar to the Lightworker. Yes, we work together to raise the vibration of mother earth and help humanity. This is the mission–to help all the peoples that are ready to ascend.

Brother Thomas:  They bring their energy here as well as a higher frequency of existence. And here’s the thing to keep in mind (for those of you who like to talk about numbers and frequencies), they are expanding the usable range of our continuum. Imagine that you have a band of frequencies that are bounded from low to high. This is where we are now. Then, as these beings incarnate, they expand the continuum even further. Think of what this means for humankind as we study diseases, philosophy, religion, and any number of other things.

Patti Stice:  And here’s a concept. When you study the Lightworkers and the Star Seeds, keep in mind that many of them have had many lifetimes of living as a higher dimensional spiritual being.

They Feel, “Earth is not my home.”

Patti Stice:  Yes, yes. Let’s look at some of these characteristics. The first one is feeling like Mother Earth isn’t your home–and wanting to go back home.   Star Seeds will tell you that it isn’t always easy. They say, “This isn’t my home. I don’t belong here.”

Brother Thomas:  Right? It’s like, this isn’t my place.  There is a sense of homesickness. When I hear some of them speak, it’s almost like, (speaking humorously) a forced movement–like having to move when you didn’t want to move. Circumstances said you will move. And now that you are at the new place– it’s not like the old place and you’re saying, “Oh, this is not easy!”

 Brother Thomas:  No doubt some of our listeners and readers have that same feeling—that they don’t belong here.

Most are aged in the mid-’30s and below

 What would you say the average age was attending the Star Seed class last night?

 Patti Stice:  There were very few that were retirement age. I would say we’re hitting ages 35 and lower.

 Brother Thomas:  Yes, that’s, that’s been my experience too, mid-thirties and below. All seem to have a pretty clear sense that “I have never felt I belonged here.”

Star Seeds feel a call to help

Patti Stice:  And even though this is the case, many of you may awaken with the realization that “I am a Star Seed.” Once awakened, they have this activation and tap into an understanding of their mission—what they are here to do and how they can tap into this special knowledge and wisdom to help all of us.  

Most people have amnesia from one life to the next, but many of the Star Seeds do not. They can activate and awaken with a knowledge of their mission. And now, Lightworkers and the Star Seeds are working together.

Brother Thomas:  Many have already awakened, and they’ve already ascended once. Now, as they come back, they bring new gifts to humankind. Some of the lessons that humanity must learn—they learned long ago. So, they’re here now. All of this is going to help humanity as they raise their children and work with us on one-on-one—just as we do in the workplace. They will lift the tide of humanity in ways we cannot imagine.

Physical Abnormalities

 Patti Stice:  Some report having an extra rib or a vertebra.

 Brother Thomas:  Really? (with humor) It sounds like more back trouble is coming up. Welcome to planet earth!

 Patti Stice:  The physical body of a Star Seed is often an enigma to doctors. It functions differently than everyone else’s, and the medical world struggles to understand it. This may manifest itself in ways as small as a lower than average body temperature. How about that? Brother Thomas, do you have a low body temperature?

 Brother Thomas:  Sadly, I do. What’s normal for me is lower than 98.6 six.

Sensitive Sight and Hearing

 Patti Stice:  They also have a hypersensitive vision, sensitive hearing, and sensitive smelling.

 Brother Thomas:  Patti, at work, there is this guy. I can talk in my lowest softest voice and be rooms away and he still hears me.

 Patti Stice:  Oh, it sounds like we better be careful of what we say about them!

 Brother Thomas:  They have super-sensitive hearing. 

Aloofness and Different Resonance

Patti Stice:  There is a typical understanding that they are cold to the touch. Some of these possess an extra-terrestrial resonance of a different frequency. Oh, I have a story about this.

Every year I teach people how to read Angel cards. I set up one long table with 12 chairs on one side and 12 chairs on the other. This lovely young woman comes at six o’clock– way ahead of time. The class starts at 6:30, and she’s the first one there. She sits down a little bit left from the center on one side of the long stretch of tables. Then everyone else comes in. All the chairs are filled–but no one’s sat on either side of her. So I say to Helena, one of our teachers, do a quick reading. She does and discovers that she’s an extra-terrestrial. The young woman confirms it to her.

Brother Thomas:  Listen, I’ve taught college for many, many years. Once, there was this student in my class—and we all knew that his energy was different—very different. It wasn’t an unpleasant differentness–just different. I knew he was from somewhere else. And, I won’t tell you much more than to say that, “Even extra-terrestrials net to get an education. I mean, if you’re in physical form, you need knowledge, interaction, and socialization. But this person was not from here.

I knew this long before I came into any teachings about the Star Seeds. I suspect there are many people like me, doctors, counselors like you, and others who recognize when we encounter non-ordinary energy.

Have you ever looked at someone and then noticed their face morphing into something different?

Patti Stice:  Oh, yes. We mentioned that. Sit in front of a mirror with candlelight and be in a meditative state zone. Go into that zone. I recall three students who said, “They saw a different face in the mirror.”

 Brother Thomas:  That happens. And sometimes when I see ordinary people at Starbucks, I’ll see one face coming in, then there’s this quick dissolve to another face.

 Patti Stice:  A transfiguration of some kind. Yes. You know, many of us see spirit and angels standing next to us and others. Some of us see ancestors on the other side next to you. Others can see the original Star Seed.

Multiple Existences

 Brother Thomas:  Star Seeds are probably doing multiple existences at the same time. They split part of their energy here and part of it elsewhere. Sometimes they have to take care of business elsewhere, and this explains that time dilation.

Fascination with Egypt

Patti Stice:  Another clue might be that you might be a Star Seed is that you have a fascination with ancient Egypt, Atlantis, or the Lumerian period.

Brother Thomas:  Don’t you remember the first time that you heard of those concepts? I always want to hear more!

Patti Stice:  Yes, me too. And of course, if you’re interested in paranormal or psychic experiences, anything that takes you beyond this ordinary reality is a sign that you might be a Star Seed.

There’s this other aspect about Star Seeds, they instinctively know when someone’s lying.

Easily Detect Dishonesty

Brother Thomas:  Yes, you pick up the intention of the deceit and also sense the shift of lower energy. You realize that “Nope,  this isn’t true!”

Patti Stice:  Yes. Star Seeds also say they don’t have that many friends—but they are fine all by themselves. People’s first impression of Star Seeds is that they are often aloof or cold. However, once they get to know you, they consider you to be one of the most loving people that they know.


Brother Thomas:  Yes. I think that there’s a higher degree of introversion among our Star Seeds than extroversion. They’re not okay with being in a crowd. It’s not that they can’t work with people, but they’re just fine by themselves. They don’t have to be around other people. Yet, when called upon, they exhibit this wonderful energy that is highly conscious and of high vibration.  It feels warm and enjoyable to be in that energy.

Want Society to Improve

Patti Stice:  Star Seeds, from a young age, question the ways of society and feel perplexed as to how others don’t see the mistakes in society.

Brother Thomas:  (humorously) “You guys keep doing this same crazy stuff again and again, don’t you see it?” They critique our society, don’t they?

Brother Thomas:  I see that in some of those people, and another thing I see is, is that they don’t necessarily buy into the societal or cultural teachings of morality that define good, bad, right and wrong, just and unjust in the same way that the culture does, they are very willing to call it out.

Loved by Animals and Children

Patti Stice:  It does. And that leads to this lovely thing about animals.

 Brother Thomas:  Oh?

Patti Stice:  Many say that animals love them.

 Brother Thomas:  I didn’t know that. I don’t think I’ve seen your list before, but do children and babies respond very positively to the Star Seeds?

 Patti Stice:  Yes!

 Brother Thomas:  You’ll see children turning their heads with the big smiles. It’s like they’re seeing stuff that the rest of us cannot.

 Patti Stice:  They just recently crossed over.

 Brother Thomas:  Right? They know what’s going on, but they can’t talk about

Patti Stice:  Star Seeds have an ability to emotionally and spiritually grow much faster than those around you. They have a sense of morality that keeps them grounded even when presented with emotions that are difficult for others to handle.

Patti Stice:  Yes, and I wonder how many of our wonderful Star Seed friends are star Trekkies and Star Wars.

 Brother Thomas:  I wonder about that too. I also wonder if they look at those shows and say, “It’s not like that at all!”

Patti Stice:  Right! Star Seeds have a predisposition to be very telepathic and intuitive. I sense the students that are coming to Sacred Circle as Lightworkers are now expanding to see their roles as the Star Seeds.

Brother Thomas:  This has been a great conversation. I’ll bet many people discovered they are a Star Seed one. I suspect many of our listeners are “Not from around here!” Until now, you may not have understood it—but now you do.

The Star Seeds are here and for a good purpose. They live just like the rest of us, yet they are helping to raise the frequency of planet Earth to the fifth and sixth dimensions. The Ascension is coming, and they are part of it—they are helping.

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