Spiritually Cleansing a House

Now that the new year is here, let’s clean the house! In this post, Brother Thomas and Patti Stice tell you how to properly use the smoke of white Sage to clean your home of all low vibratory energies. Follow their instructions and make your home a place where your energies feel calm and comfortable.

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Brother Thomas: We welcome all of you to Mystical Lodge Radio. We love you all and you all to rise as high as you can this year. We want your vibration to increase, and we wish good things for you. Now that 2020 is here let’s do some work. When the new year comes along, there’s nothing like getting that house in order.

Patti Stice: Absolutely.

Brother Thomas: It’s, it’s that time again. Pre-spring cleaning. It’s still cold. Spring isn’t here yet–but it’s time to clean your house. And we’re going to explain the difference between cleaning your house versus spiritually cleaning your house!  There is a difference.

Patti Stice: There are many different ways. Over the years, I’ve come up with a one-page handout. Brother Thomas, I’d be happy to send this handout to anyone who writes us.

Brother Thomas: Absolutely. We would love to send you this. Send an email to Patti at [email protected]. We’ll remind you again at the end, so you don’t have to take notes. Just listen and be in the flow.

Cleaning Your House with Sage

Brother Thomas: I love this topic. I’ve done this, and I need to do it again since it’s been a while. If you’ve never spiritually cleaned home, or if that is something new to you, we’re excited to tell you how. So, let’s dive right in!

Why Should You Do This?

Patti Stice: We want to remind you that If you have an ongoing illness, recent expressions of anger, huge fights, it’s very important to Sage your home. Sage your entire house to rid it of anger, jealousy, or recent fights. This is especially important to do after divorces, burglaries, and any other bad or traumatic experiences. It is important to do for new homes. You never know what energy has been left behind by the other owners. We recommend that you perform a spiritual house cleansing whenever you feel a presence that spooks you!

Get Rid of Negative Objects

Patti Stice: Be sure to check the back corners of your house for all the old pictures. When you hold on to those things, you may not realize that are stills cords of energy attached to these items. These cords hold on to you and drain your positive energy.

Brother Thomas: Those of us who’ve been through divorces know that our thoughts can bring negative energies into our life. The same is true of physical things as well.

Patti Stice: Right. So, if there are still things going on between you and other people and they’re not resolved, the energy is still there. That’s why it’s best to get them out of the house proper. Yes, we are talking about clearing, surrendering, and releasing. It’s so much more blessed for your soul if you sever those loose ends that are tying you down.

Brother Thomas: We recommend you surround yourself with beautiful, uplifting things that you love, such as flowers, crystals, art, photos of loved ones. Feel the love, light, and positive energy these things bring. On the other hand, if you have broken up with someone, go through the items of our home and get rid of them. You can’t be a high vibrating soul if you are still fighting the old negativity. Old wounds and hate belong to the lower vibrations. We don’t want to go there.

Preparing the Home for Cleansing

Open Doors and Windows

Patti Stice: Next, open all of the doors and every window of the house that you can. We are letting all the negativity out. Open all your cabinets and drawers. If you have a microwave—open it as well. Open the oven door. Open every door to remove all dark entities and negative energies from their hiding places. So, it may take some getting used to having all your drawers open for you more compulsive people. Just remember that you can close them later.

Allow Sunlight and Air to Enter

Patti Stice: Another thing we do is allow fresh air, sunlight, and nature. We want the negative energy to leave and be replaced with fresh energy. Let your house have lots of sunlight and natural white for several days if you can. Fresh air gets the energy moving, and sunlight has a revitalizing and cleansing effect.

A Caution about Ouija Boards

Patti Stice: And we want to tell everybody about Ouija boards! Don’t do it. These boards open portals to things you know nothing about—and let them into your home. Don’t do that. It’s like leaving the front door or garage door of your home open while you are away.

Brother Thomas: (Humorously) It’s like saying, “I’ll leave the door to the house open, and while I’m at it, why not open a couple of windows without screens. Y’all just come in.”

Patti Stice: I cleared a friend’s home who had five Ouija board. Well, she had five that she gave me, and I took them all outside. Then I asked, “Are you sure I have all of them?” I intuited that she hadn’t given me them all. Sure enough, there was another one that she had held back.

Have living plants around the house. You know, some plants add to the positive energy and oxygen of your home. When you clean your house, place a white candle in the center of the home. The candle should be tall enough to last about 30 minutes beyond the time it takes to sage your home.

What You’ll Need

Patti Stice: This is how we do it. So, let’s begin with the things that are needed. You’ll need a white candle with a stand. These are available at dollar stores. You also need a sage or smudge stick.

We enjoy Palo Santo wood. It has a wonderful scent that very nice, but you must wait until the tree passes and dries. Then, it must be blessed.

Brother Thomas: I’m a Sage guy myself. I buy it from a place in New Mexico. It’s a special white sage they import from California. I don’t know how to get to the place in California to get it. It is very aromatic. If you don’t want to go to New Mexico, you can find it on the internet.

Patti Stice: A lot of stores will sell little Sage smudging tools. You can also use Sweetgrass. We place the sage or Sweetgrass in a bowl, or if you’re fancy, I have mine in a lovely shell. You will also need a fan or feather to move the smoke about.

Brother Thomas: I use a turkey feather, and it works well.

Patti Stice: And then you need either sea or kosher salt. You can get these at the Dollar Store as well. You can find almost all these things at the Dollar Store.

Brother Thomas: I haven’t seen Sage before, but I have seen many of the tools at the store.

Preparing Ourselves to Cleanse the House

Patti Stice: Okay, we’ve got all the drawers and windows open, and we are letting fresh air in. We have set the stage. Your house is prepared. Now we must spiritually prepare ourselves for the cleansing by using the G C P A method. This is, this is just an acronym I created years ago.


‘G stands for grounding–that puts you in the zone with Mother Earth.

‘C is for centering. We want to center this beautiful spiritual vessel we breathe by relaxing and breathing in and out. We remind ourselves that we are a spiritual being. Using the power of your spiritual imagination, make an intention to pull the light from above and below into your body.

‘P stands for protection. You may state any prayer of protection. A simple prayer might say, “Only good can enter in, and only good can enter out.” The Lord’s prayer is what a lot of people use. Some bring in Archangel Michael. I spread a white light of protection all around me. Now remember that as you cleanse your house, you’re trying to get rid of negativity, but you don’t want the negativity coming to you. You’ve got to take care of yourself first. So, remember to protect yourself using simple prayers. People, don’t freak out over your protection. State your intention and have faith that you are protected.

So, to review, it’s ‘G for ground, ‘C for centering, ‘P for protection, and ‘A for ‘Aura expansion. I’m expanding this wonderful white light aura all around me–extending it through the house and beyond.

Brother Thomas: All of this will benefit you. I imagine beautiful energy that finds every nook and cranny in my house. It emanates from me and, like water, knows where it needs to go. It finds every place until the house is beautifully lit with spiritual energy.

Now, all of this is happening in the spiritual imagination, but that’s where the cleansing begins.

Call in Your Guides for Help

Patti Stice: We call in our guides to help us. And you’re protected. Then as we enter the house, we ask our angels for protection. We can also as our power animals. Mine is a Buffalo and a peacock. Yes. And what is yours, Brother Thomas?

Brother Thomas: Mine is a Wolf.

Be in a Prayerful Mood

Patti Stice: Be in a prayerful mood. Clear your thoughts. Set your intention that you are clearing the negative energy from your home. Light the smudge stick. Place it in the bowl or the shell and fan the flame. Allow the embers to release smoke.

Cleanse yourself first before walking through the home. Using the feather, fan all around you and everyone who is with you. Bend down to Mother Earth and rise to Father Sky. Visualize a protective cloak enveloping you below your feet and up to the sky. If you have friends with you, do the same for them. Say a prayer of protection for them out loud.

Patti Stice: Okay. Just for efficiency, I’m going to read some of this to us today.

Cleansing the Home

Ask Permission from the House

Patti Stice: Ask for permission from the house before entering within. Look at the aura of the house. If you are not to enter, you will know it. As we enter with our protection, we will continue to follow this list. If we sense any additional energy, we will rely on our discernment about whether we should proceed or as for help from a higher authority. This could include angels, or dominions of the fourth choir of the angelic hierarchy and so forth. Or, you may need to call a Shaman or healer.

Brother Thomas: I’m going to say that for most people who own their own home that you have permission—since it is where live there, and it’s your abode. You will be mostly cleansing your energy and negativity. It is like wiping your cabinets and countertops after a mess!

Patti Stice:  Yes. But sometimes there can be things in your home that have given you a sense of dis-ease, discomfort, or the like. In those cases, trust your body. It will tell you, “Hmm, no, this isn’t right here.” That’s when you may need a bigger power than yourself.

Light a White Candle in the Center of the Home

Patti Stice: Go to the center of the home and light a white candle. Leave the candle burning while you do the ceremony. It should last at least thirty minutes longer than the cleansing ceremony

Candle Blessing

Patti Stice: Light the white candle stating, I bless this house in the name of God the father, great spirit, and creator of all that is. In your own words, give thanks to your spirit guides for your protection. Leave the candle burning until it is complete.

State Your Intention to Remove Negativity

Patti Stice:  Say your intention as you are in the center, out loud, and in a full voice, “All that is for our good stay. All that is not for our good leave now remove all negativity from this place. Only those with love in their hearts may enter this home.” It’s so important that you make this proclamation for several reasons.

One is, believe it or not, are angels, spirits and guides don’t do anything for us unless we ask them. Just like you would never take an ugly picture out of somebody’s house, your guides aren’t going to remove the ugly energy unless you ask. You must ask your guides for help in removing it. Remember, asking is powerful.

Brother Thomas: Yes, and remember, what Patti said. Be aware. You are a high-frequency person, and low densities do not belong where you live. It’s not their home—so don’t let them live there.

Work in a Counterclockwise Motion

Brother Thomas: Now, we are fanning our smoke as we do the walk through the house.

Patti Stice: We will walk in a counterclockwise direction. This means that we walk to the right and close to the wall. Counterclockwise motions are used to drive out and banish unwanted negative energies. Always exit through the same door as you entered.

You start on the top floor and work in a counterclockwise direction. It’s best for someone to lead and open everything—if it hasn’t been opened already. Smudge everything–the closet, the floor, the garage, the windows, ceiling corners, and the mirrors. Please get those mirrors really clean. Don’t forget the sinks and toilets and chimneys. These are openings as well.

Extend from the floor to the ceiling. Smudge every nook and cranny and every open space. If you feel intense energy from a mirror, cover it after you Sage it. Let the Sage soak into the mirror.

Brother Thomas: Now I’m going to say something that I’ve seen with my own eyes, and it happens often enough that I verify it as true. I place my burning sage in a nice abalone shell. Once you light the sage, you let it smolder. You don’t start a big fire and flame it up. Let it smolder. Then I use my little turkey feather to move the smoke about. Here is the thing. As I walk through the house—such as the living area—the smoke will begin to billow and rise over areas where anger and negativity took place. This happens even though it has been weeks later since the angry fight. We think you’ll notice the same thing.

Whenever you see an increase of smoke–that’s an indication of something that needs the Sage. This is one great way of clearing and cleaning your home of all depressing and negative vibes.

Place Crystals around Windows and Corners

Patti Stice: You might place crystals around the windows and corners for safety and protection. We prefer citrine in all our windows.  This limits the negative energy coming through. It’s as simple as that. You get your crystal, hold it in your hands, and say a prayer of protection. Your crystal is now programmed, and you may now leave it in place.

The process will take a while. Take your time and be aware of the energy or any sensation that crosses your skin, hands, thoughts, and such. Allow yourself to perceive things that you normally don’t perceive right.

Exit and Walk around the Outside of the House

Patti Stice: Exit the door that you came in. Turn around and face the entrance. Begin walking in a counterclockwise direction around the perimeter of the house. Continue to state your intention as you smudge the entire perimeter of the home. You may also choose to commit to a second walk, scattering the ashes with kosher salt around the perimeter.

Offer a Blessing of Purification

Patti Stice: When you have done all of this, offer a blessing of purification. Enter the house and stand in the center of the house. You might say, “May those who live in this home, as well as those who enter and leave this home, be filled with light and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you and amen.”

Take a Huge Breath

Patti Stice: And then, of course, whenever you do a ritual or a spiritual ceremony, take a huge breath. Let your spiritual vessel feel your energy release and know that the work is done. Then you should ground once more. Connected with Mother Earth and stretch to Father Sky. That ends the ceremony.

After the Ceremony

Brother Thomas: If everybody who listened to this program did this exercise this week, lots of wonderful light and energy would pervade our homes and do much good.

Patti Stice:  You might ask, what happens after we clear out the negative energy? It’s like when you’re with another person and clear the air between you of any difficulties. Sometimes you need to clear the air. This is the same sort of thing we’re working on with the energies in our home.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Patti Stice:  Also, remember to drink lots of water when you participate in rituals and ceremonies. You need to hydrate. And this is where the dowsing rods come in. You could, after a short wait, go back with the dowsing rods to check for remaining energy. I work with Father Eckhart on the other side. I ask him to please show me the energy that has not cleared in my home. And then, while you’re holding these dowsing rods (you can study more about this on the internet), you can look for any signs of negative energy.

Brother Thomas: Tell us how so you’re going through the house in this counterclockwise motion again?

Dowsing Rods

Brother Thomas: Patti, do you use any rattles or anything, or do you strictly rely on the smoke?

Patti Stice:  I also use dowsing rods. It works like this.

I assisted a wonderful shaman here in Oklahoma City. It was a four-story house constructed in 1902. She performed an exorcism, and I programmed my dowsing rods. She was there with white carnations, and my friend, the healer, had a bowl with the Sage and feather. And then there was me with my dowsing rods to find any negative energy. If you know how to use dowsing rods, they will open and expand when there is negative energy. Usually, the dowsing rods are used to reaffirm positive energy.

Brother Thomas: I sometimes use a natural turtle shell rattle. If I’m with another person, I ask them to rattle as I sage. It seems to be very effective at breaking away negative energy. Okay. So, you walk into the home to the center of the home, and you’re smudging throughout.

Check for Remaining Energy with Dowsing Rods

Patti Stice:  Yes, you hold the rods horizontal to the floor and about six inches apart. I only have two fingers on each of the tubes that hold the handle for the rod. There is a technique to get used to holding them properly.

Personal Spiritual Cleansing

Brother Thomas: Patti, I think we know how to spiritually clear a house. Let’s talk for the few minutes we have remaining on spiritually clearing us.

Patti Stice: There are a few simple things that we can do to continue continually keep our spirits clean. Because we meet people every day, and some of them are in very terrible places in their life that spills over onto us. So, let’s hear about some of your ideas about that.

Violet Flame

Patti Stice: Well, for me, I can sit with my violet flame candle. I recite the violet flame mantra. The short version is

Violet Flame Mantra

I am a being a violet fire.
I am the purity God desires.
I am a being a violent fire.
I am the purity God desires.
I am a being a violet fire.
I am the purity God desires

This mantra releases me into a tunnel of beautiful violet flame light that connects to spirits from Mother Earth to Father Sky.

Chakra Cleansing

Patti Stice: Another thing I do is while I’m in the shower is visualize each of my chakras being cleansed while negativity flows down the drain as I am cleansed. I believe that these rituals are very effective. Another thing one could do is offer simple prayers.

Brother Thomas: To help you raise your vibration, listen to some beautiful music that uplifts you.


Patti Stice:  Meditate. Ring a bell. I have a beautiful Tibetan bell.  Just so you’ll know, Carol Goodwin is going to teach a meditation class next Thursday. She has this just magnificent little bell that has a tone that continues, continues, and continues. It puts me in a beautiful, blessed place. Yes, all these things help cleanse our auras.


Brother Thomas: Last, of all, I recommend that everyone try slow, deep breaths. You know, there’s a breath practice called pranayama. These are intentional breathing exercises. A simple breath is what we call the square breath. Breathe in for a count of four, hold it for a four-count, release it for a four-count, and wait for four counts before taking the next breath. Do this ten times, and you’ll be amazed at how calm and peaceful you’ll feel. Breathwork also helps to cleanse the spirit.


Patti Stice:  You might try holding a crystal. I have one crystal that fits in the palm of my hand, and I can go places with it. I can feel the angels around me while holding that one crystal.

Brother Thomas: Sometimes, I hold magnetite. It is a beautiful kind of silvery stone that you can find at rock shops. I imagine that any negative energy is grounding and flowing into the stone. With that rock, I feel a connection with the earth—like it knows what to do with my negative energy. The earth receives the energy, cleanses it, then recycling it in the way that it does all things. And so, we can allow negative energy to escape from us into Mother Earth, where she uses it for the good of all.

Well, Patti, this has been a beautiful lesson on how to spiritually clear a house. And once again, you’ve offered to send this handout to anybody who will write to you or email you at [email protected]

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