Developing Your Spiritual Wisdom

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My dear lightworkers, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray speaking to you today about the topic of Spiritual Wisdom. The Dragon’s Eye symbol we share with you in the graphic above represents the decisions we make each day between good and evil. The ability to choose well is the very definition of what it means to be a spiritually wise mystic.

We are concerned about a way of thinking that is becoming more prominent on your planet. This way of looking at the world says one idea is just as worthy and valuable as another. It argues that, since the capital ‘T truth of any matter cannot be fully known, then it follows that all ideas are little more than competitive thoughts of equal value. Mystics should never fall for this type of nonsense. Though you may appear wise to your friends, it is not a sign of spiritual advancement to believe this way. Just as light is ordered into a spectrum of frequencies ranging from low to high, so it is with the worthiness of ideas. Some thoughts and actions are nobler than others. The very work of a mystic is to develop an infallible sensitivity that reliably ascertains those thoughts, words, and activities leading to ascension versus those that do not. How might we do this?

Our actions are driven by our egoic nature or the Spark of the Divine. As we develop the artform of consulting with Source, we ascend on the God-Continuum.

It is Spiritual Wisdom to Develop the Art of Harmlessness

The first rule we ask you to adopt is, “Do no harm!” Mystics perfect the art of harmlessness! We say harmlessness is an art because it takes great skill to learn how to accept all peoples apart from their ways of thinking. Even we, in our location on the God-Continuum, must continuously look for ways of guiding our students without inflicting judgment or harm to the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies. As we guide you in your lessons, we too must perfect our ways of loving you while, at the same time, showing you the unworthiness of many of the things you say and do. Like you, we first developed these skills while living on the earth.

Do not worry if harmlessness is a hard lesson for you to master. It was for us too! Look to the Spiritus Lumine (Divine Light) to show you how to avoid those actions which involve cruelty, judgment, belittling, mocking, or threatening others. Remember, it is one thing to judge or weigh the quality of a thought or action and another to judge the human who thinks or acts in less advanced ways.

It is Spiritual Wisdom to Develop Impeccable Honesty

Another thing mystics must do is develop an impeccable sense of honesty. Like harmlessness, honesty and truthfulness are artforms.  The more truthful we become, the more we realize that there is more to do. In your world, one is thought an honest person even when they lie multiple times each day. Some in your culture believe dishonesties are necessary–perhaps even desirable. The truth is, humans lie because they do not have faith that Source will provide or protect them should they tell the truth. My dear friends, we promise that you will be more honest if, every time you are dishonest, you require yourself to correct your mistake and admit your dishonesty!

To start developing this honesty artform, determine to tell the factual truth in all things or say nothing at all! Telling the truth is a giant step towards ascension–it means we are trusting Source no matter the outcome.

If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t make one up as though you do. Admit to the boundaries of your knowledge. When you forget to do something, tell the truth and admit it. If you are running late to an appointment, acknowledge your forgetfulness or misjudgment about the time and ask for forgiveness. Should you be asked to do something you don’t want to do, speak plainly and say, “I would rather not do that.” Don’t make up a contrived reason! Strive to be truthful about who you are and what you have done. Don’t exaggerate nor falsely diminish your abilities. But most importantly, if you have been dishonest, go and make things as right as you can. Righting past wrongs and making personal amends helps one to ascend on the God-Continuum.

We are not advocating a gratuitous or radical honesty that harms yourself or others. It is a form of spiritual wisdom to use your prerogative as a Spiritual Sovereign to decide whether or not to tell people your personal opinions and thoughts. However, if you choose to share your thoughts and feelings, do so with gentleness, respect, honesty, and humbleness.

It is Spiritual Wisdom to Consult with the Divine

As we stated to you in a recent post entitled The Law of Surrender, ascension is very much related to sublimating the egoic human will to that of the Divine. This too is a form of spiritual wisdom. Learning to follow the Divine-Spark within us is also an art form. Like the vesica pisces, the mystic strives to maintain a consciousness anchored between heaven and earth. We stay centered. Our crown chakra opens to the heavens and our root chakra goes deep into Mother Earth. As we mystics develop our abilities to communicate with Source-Consciousness, we make decisions which move us forward on the God-Continuum. Naturally, we have help in this regard because the Universe is always trying to get our attention to help us out. To learn more, we encourage you to read our book chapter: Spiritual Pings.

In the end, The Divine gives Spiritual Wisdom to all seeking its guidance. The messages we receive from Source comes from those on the God-Continuum that are infinitely wiser than we. To become wise, we must refine our ways of communing with the Divine and heeding its advice.

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