Be a Spiritual Sovereign

Spiritual Sovereign
Being a Spiritual Sovereign requires that you break the chains that hold you back.

The most important change for good that any of us can make is to declare–then follow through–that we are a Spiritual Sovereign. This is the key to awakening.


A spiritual sovereign is that rare person who decides for themselves what is right and true in all matters. They are respectful of other’s opinions, the traditions of society, and prevailing religious views. However, they realize that they, and they alone, are responsible for the choices they make. Their decisions are not made according to enlightened self-interest but upon the leading of Divine Light–as best they understand it.

A Spiritual Sovereign Chooses for Themselves

The biggest con job for most people is the self-deluded notion that they are exercising free will.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in free will.  I just notice that most people rarely use it. Pay attention and you will see that most chose default modes of daily living that are based more on culture than on well-conceived personal beliefs.

People are like the malls you see across America’s landscape. Thes malls are filled with the same stores, selling the same goods, to the same economic class of people. In the same way, most let their religions decide what is spiritual, their pocketbooks what is worthy and important, their education for what is worth knowing, and their political party for what is right for communities.  They live as homogenized clones and not spiritual sovereigns.

Programmed People

You can recognize a programmed person readily. When they complain about something, and they complain a lot, they always blame others instead of assuming personal responsibility. Ask them why they don’t change jobs, and they’ll have a million excuses on why they stay. They blame their husbands, wives, children, parents, finances, poor choices, physical health, as well as a million other reasons why they must continue doing something that sucks their soul from them. A second way of recognizing a programmed person is to listen to the familiarity of what they say. They always agree with their political party. They answer complex questions with simple answers provided to them by authoritative people. You rarely hear anything unique or innovative from them. They are also quick to judge those who they believe don’t follow the rules–believing that rules are more important than people.

This default mode of living is what keeps us asleep. It is designed to keep you from questioning the authorities by keeping you busy chasing material goods and amusing yourself to death. When you succeed in this style of living, your reward will be that you continue living here, lifetime after lifetime, until you perceive the emptiness of it all and decide to do something about it.

Are You Spiritual Sovereign?

Here are some clear signs that you are a spiritual sovereign.

  • You aren’t tribal. You believe in the rights of all people–even those despised by your country. You see people before not national interests. People are more important than countries, laws, religion, rules, and money.
  • “Do no harm” is very important to you. Any law that harms another is invalid. Laws that create classes of people that enslave other social classes are invalid. Religions that claim the right to hurt someone emotionally or physically because they don’t believe in particular texts are invalid. People are not excused from the laws of karma just because they do what the law, their country, or religion tells them to do.
  • You do not follow rules that or vote for laws that favor one group of people over another. You support people’s right to choose what is best for them.
  • You do what’s right more than what’s favorable to you and your situation.
  • You follow Divine Light before all else.

A Spiritual Sovereign Harmonize Energies

The sovereign makes personal decisions based upon a desire to maximize the harmonious energy currents that are fed into the human body via the silver cord. Often referred to as the chakras, these energetic currents help guide the decision making of the mystic. A right decision will feel good, makes sense, and increase one’s spiritual vibratory state.  Poor decisions do not.

 A Spiritual Sovereign Breaks Traditions if Needed

Some people will follow their religion even if it breaks their hearts. I’m sure that on the day when the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery before Jesus, some of them must have felt bad for what they believed was about to happen to her. Surely, some of them must have thought, “It’s a shame we must stone this woman to death—but Moses said it so we’ve got to do it–so it must be done!” So we too, if we are not careful, will do things in the name of our religion and faith—even if it breaks their hearts. And so many will do it without a thought—like telling someone they are going to hell for not doing what they think is right–or even disowning, or threatening to disown, their children when they discover they are gay.

But here’s the deal, sovereigns know we are just as responsible for the harm we do in the name of religion as for intentional injuries and wrongs. No one gets a pass for just following orders.

A Spiritual Sovereign Follows Divine Love

What is the difference between a spiritual sovereign and an ordinary selfish person who does only what they want to do? Spiritual Sovereigns follow divine love. Their interests are not selfish; instead, they are motivated to pursue the highest form of love as they understand it to be. If they give to a beggar, they believe an inner prompting leads them to do so. If they don’t give to the beggar–it is the same reason.  Love of the divine is what motivates a spiritual sovereign.


Divine Source gave humankind the greatest gift of all–free will. It takes courage to use this gift when the culture has already created a default path for everyone. Freedom comes only to those who are willing to break traditions, expectations, religious teachings, and even the law if necessary, to follow a higher calling based upon the mystical divine light.