Spiritual Law as Oracle

Spiritual Oracle

Dear ones, we have spoken to you about spiritual laws and, over time, we will do so again as we continue to share our wisdom with you. The more you pay attention to these laws, the smoother life flows. Attention to the spiritual laws paves the way for soul ascension. As with most things, there are two ways of understanding these laws–general and specific. For instance, it is one thing to know, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” and another to understand the law of compound interest. The same is true of spiritual law. First, we learn the general principles, then we conduct a deeper dive of its hidden meanings. If you continue your mystical studies, you will, over time, gather even more esoteric meanings about the power of these laws. At this point, humankind has no idea how about how profound these laws are. The alchemy within them is the literal power to move mountains. Today we offer a mystical practice (spiritual exercise) to help the spiritual seeker contact the Spiritus Lumine (via the God-Continuum) so they might receive even more benefit from these laws. To do so, we will combine the power of the spiritual oracle with each of these laws.

What is the Spiritual Oracle?

In your culture today, many think of the Oracle as more of a methodology than an intelligent spiritual force. Today’s Oracle is reduced to divintation tools such as cards, runes, rods, and the like. It is more than that! The Oracle is part of the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. The Lumine exists to transmit the creator’s ineffable qualities such as consciousness, essence, intelligence, and impartial beingness–and distributes them across the infinite planes of existence. As such, it acts as the voice of Source-Consciousness who responds to all of those who seek IT. The Oracle is one of many communicative aspects provided by Source through the Lumine. It exists, much like a beacon, to assist spiritual seekers in deepening their connections with the Divine. The Oracle is also an aspect of the God-Continuum and obeys The Law of Spiritual Aid. This law states that All prayers and requests for help are answered by the God-Continuum.

Power of the Spiritual Oracle

Fellow seekers, it is always good to seek help and guidence from the Divine. It is our Divine birthright to speak with our creator. The Oracle is one of the ways we do that. The Oracle is an ancient practice used by mystics to make inquiries of the Divine through the spirit which we call the Spiritus Lumine. It is a time-honored way of seeking wisdom and truth. Use the Oracle to receive descriptive information rather than prescriptive. Rather than telling you what is going to happen, the spiritual oracle will suggest why something is happening to you.  The practice of consulting the spiritual oracle helps one to better understand the hidden forces shaping your experience.

In the Holy Bible, we read of priests using the methodology of Urim and Thummim.  These were dice-like objects attached to the breastplate of the high priest. Today, a popular method is to consult Tarot and Oracle Cards. While many are fearful about consulting these cards, it is misplaced. The cards are an earthly way of connecting with the sacred wisdom of your very own higher-self. Yes, we help you select the cards, but we do not force our will upon anyone. We respect that you are a Spiritual Sovereign.

A Simple Methodology for using the Spiritual Oracle

It is simple to use a spiritual oracle. While there are many methods for doing so, we suggest cards. You are very lucky to have hundreds of lovely oracle card decks available for your use. They are widely available and cost very little. Some of you have constructed your own cards using the wisdom we provide you in your studies. That is very wise of you. Pose a question, either in writing or in your mind, and ask your angels, spirits, and guides to help you find an answer that will help you gain the understanding you need. The person asking the question shuffles the cards and selects one or more cards by drawing them randomly or using a predetermined process. The querent studies and interprets each of the chosen cards–relating these meanings to the question at hand.

Spiritual Law Oracle Cards

Attached to this lesson is a PDF of the twenty-two spiritual laws we want you to know. Open the PDF you will see each of the laws and their meanings inside of a three by five index card box. Using the lines as a guide, cut out each of the cards. For those who like to use thicker card stock, obtain Avery Label #5338 Index Cards from your local office supply. Place the Avery Sheets in your printer and, once printed, you will have a beautiful set of oracle cards. We provide a spiritual exercise using these cards below.

Mystical Practice: How to Use the Spiritual Law Oracle Cards

  1. Download, print, and cut out each of the spiritual oracle cards. Here is a link. 23 Spiritual Laws Cards
  2. Hold the oracle cards in your hand close your eyes and say a quick blessing. You may use this blessing or one of your own. “Dear Angels, Spirits, and Guides, please bless these spiritual oracle cards containing the sacred spiritual laws. May these cards, and the laws they represent, bless all who consult them. May these cards be used only for good and to bless.  Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. Amen”
  3. Quickly look at each of the cards and scan the messages.
  4. In your mind, form a question about a present concern. If you wish, write your question on a piece of paper or in your spiritual journal.
  5. Close your eyes and shuffle the spiritual oracle cards in your hands. As you do so, ask your guides to help you select the laws that are most germane to your question.
  6. By random selection, or whatever procedure you think best, choose three Spiritual Law Oracle Cards.
  7. Spend time with these three cards and determine how each of them relate to your issue of concern.
  8. Seriously consider the message of each card and trust the messages you receive from your guides about their interpretation.
  9. One last thing to remember is this. Over the next several days you will continue to receive additional information about your question as Spirit brings more resources, people, places, and things to your aid. Each time you receive additional information, remember to give thanks. We encourage you to read more about his on our lesson about Spiritual Pings.

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