How to Offer Spiritual Help

Spiritual Help

Mystical brothers and sisters, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray. We continue our discussion of spiritual ascension so that your vibrational frequency might increase. One of the significant differences between you, our children, and we, your guides, is knowing how to offer spiritual help. Your spiritual guides stand ready to provide spiritual help each moment of the day. It is a spiritual art form. Though the time may seem a long ways off for you, we know the time will not be long before many of you will be lending aid and comfort to mortals, such as yourself, as part of your assignment on the God-Continuum. Let us begin by teaching you some of the fundamentals of lending spiritual help.

The Foundation of Spiritual Help is Grace and Mercy

One of our wisest teaches said during his time on earth, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Spiritually motivated help is rooted in mercy and grace. To show grace is to extend favor towards someone that is not earned nor deserved.

To help someone who suffers, regardless of their circumstances, is to show mercy. Though suffering is sometimes self-inflicted, as a conduit for the grace and mercy of Source, the mystic gives to all without blame or judgment. At other times, suffering is the result of larger forces such as health, decline, economic conditions and the like. No matter the situation, the heart of a mystic is rooted in the love of the Divine which results in actions that are driven by grace and mercy.

To give spiritually is to give with no thought of receiving anything in return. It is the willingness to be a channel of Divine energy that Sources passes through us using the Spiritus Lumine. In a very real sense, the mystic gives nothing. It is Source who provides everything and the mystic is only a vessel that distributes ITs gifts. Spiritual help is a physical action that unites our Spark of the Divine with Source-Consciousness–enabling us to experience our Godness.

Spiritual Help: Allow Others to Make Mistakes

To help as we do, you must be willing to allow others to make mistakes–even serious ones. The Divine Creator decrees that all human Souls shall exercise free will and responsibility for their choices and actions. This is also known as the Law of Spiritual Sovereignty. Though it is hard to watch people make mistakes, the Divine understands that souls will make numerous mistakes as they undergo training on how to use their God-Energies responsibly.  That is why worlds, such as yours, exist.  It is not easy to watch others make mistakes–but they do not grow unless they do. We can undoubtedly advise people about potential harm,  but as a general rule, we should be cautious and respect the Law of Spiritual Sovereignty.

Spiritual Help: Don’t Give Unsolicited Help or Advice

To be more like the angels, spirits, and guides of the God-Continuum, be careful about offering help or assistance that is not explicitly requested. Humankind, it is not a spiritual gift to advise those who do not want it! There is often a fine line between helpfulness and interference. What you may perceive as being helpful may be regarded as unwanted interference by another. It is part of Soul’s development to learn when and how to ask for help and advice. Offering unsolicited advice communicates, whether we know it or not, that we do not believe another person can adequately solve their problems. Intended or not, this is a form of disrespect since the Spark of the Divine exists in everyone. All who wish are able to follow the leading of the Divine Light of Source.  Having said this, there are exceptions to the “no advice unless solicited” rule.

Exceptions to the Advice Giving Rule

  1. You have been asked to lend advice or assistance,
  2. You are responsible for raising or overseeing a minor,
  3. You are responsible for the work of others,
  4. The actions of another directly impact you,
  5. You have a standing agreement with another to offer help and aid,
  6. You are expected and empowered by the legal system to take specified courses of action,
  7. It is clear that the actions of another will bring imminent physical harm to oneself or another.

Spiritual Help: Know When to Remain Silent

My developing mystics in training, there are times when one needs to remain silent. This is especially true when people are in the throes of trouble, pain, and anguish.  If someone has lost a loved one, it is usually best to sit and hold a space for that person than to offer your spiritual views and insights. When people suffer from decisions they have made, it is not the time to offer your viewpoints on possible solutions–however tempting it may be. Remember, there is a time and place for everything–this includes pain and suffering. It is one thing to ask someone how we may be of help, and another to interrupt a needed cycle of grief and pain. Related to this is the importance of listening.

Spiritual Help: Be a Good Listener

Listening is one of the most important things we mystics can do to share the Divine Light. Notice we said, listening, not speaking! Believe it or not, people grow as they share their views with you. When people have an opportunity to talk with you, it gives them a chance to process and form opinions about what they think and feel. This is vital for emotional and spiritual growth. Listen more than you speak. Hold the space for those who suffer. This means that you let your presence show that you care more than your words. Each day, we guides hear your thoughts, prayers, and requests. We listen and do not interfere. We know that you come to understand the Divine Plan as you speak with us. So it is with your friends. Listen to what they have to say. Do not feel the need to correct them with your superior understanding. Let them grow by allowing them to speak their truth in their way. When the time is right, the Divine will surely change them as it has you.

Spiritual Help Gives Only What is Needed

Keeping all of the things we have spoken about in mind, the greatest gift of all is learning to give only what is needed. Sometimes, when people see a problem, they give more help than is needed. While appearing generous, other problems result. People grow as they solve their problems. Giving people money, resources, and things they have not earned does not lead to growth or problem-solving abilities. It often holds people back spiritually.

We are not saying that you should not give gifts to your friends and loved ones. Nor are we saying that you should not offer help to those in need. We are only saying that you best help people by giving them enough for their immediate problems. We want to remind you about the Law of Spiritual Sufficiency. To review, Divine-Source always provides us with the tools and resources we need to solve any problem that is set before us. Keep this in mind, and you will find that often it is better to help someone recognize the resources that are already in place and given to them by Source.

Spiritual Help Doesn’t Enable Bad Behavior

A final thing we wish to discuss is what you call enabling or reinforcing bad behavior. When lending help, it is always good to question whether or not you might be making a situation worse by lending help that encourages a person to remain on a destructive path. Sometimes it is best to deliberate before offering any substantial support. Notice that we use the term “substantial help.” We are not saying that you should not give money to those in need, nor that you should deny help to a hungry or homeless person. Some problems are so large and serious that the few dollars you offer may be all that is keeping someone alive. Keeping people alive or out of harm’s way is not the same thing as enabling bad behavior.

Before we close, we caution you about overthinking the concept of enabling. My friends, in a very real sense, all shortcomings of humankind are the result of reinforcing and enabling behaviors. If we guides refused to help anyone, on the basis it might enable bad behavior, few among humankind could advance on the God-Continuum! This is a problem of the human race, not just those facing addictions or other serious problems.

You Grow Spiritually as You Lend Spiritual Help

Learning how to help others is a quality we want you to develop. Your ability to do well at this is a sign that you are ascending spiritually. Consult with your angels, spirits, and guides for help. By asking for help from the God-Continuum, you signal a willingness to surrender your way of doing things to the Divine Will. Know that we stand ready to help you.

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