Spiritual Energetic Healing

Spiritual Energetic Healing is our Birthright

Hello to all of my beautiful mystical seekers! This is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. When you decide to follow the mystic path, you will also find that new responsibilities come your way. As we teach you how to work with the cosmic forces, you become a source of healing for those in need. Your work as a light worker begins in earnest.

Today we want to teach you about spiritual energetic healing. Healing is a subject that is near and dear to the heart of many people. No doubt, some of you already have some familiarity with it. Even so, we encourage you to carefully read this lesson because there are few things all healers need to know to protect themselves.

Energy May be Leveraged

Energetic forces are like a lever. A little energy can make significant changes. But levers work both ways, and the power you send comes back to you multiplied. We also want to make sure you don’t absorb your target’s negative energy.

As we start, let us state that we will not be teaching hands-on techniques in this lesson–though we will probably do so later. We will be teaching about a more private and secretive approach–that may quickly become a part of your mystical practice. We will teach you several healing techniques to help you relieve pain that you or others may be feeling. In metaphysics, you could consider these techniques as inner-forms of metaphysical practices.

Inner and Outer Forms

Metaphysical practices are actions involving the use of etheric energies (both physical and non-physical) for spiritual purposes of assisting others and increasing our personal spiritual vibration. Inner-forms are metaphysical practices that involve the use of spiritual attention and usually are meditatively based. Outer-forms are daily behaviors and actions that we and others perform that may be seen such as rituals

Examples of Outer-Forms

Communion in church, baptism, and public prayer are often outer forms. Sex can be an outer form–and we definitely are going to talk about that in the future. So, if you set up a home alter–that’s an outer form. If you use essential oils, or have a morning shower ritual that includes a spiritual component–that’s an outer form. Vegetarianism, for many people, is an outer-form to signify non-violence, and the desire to consume”clean energy.”

Seek Medical Help If You Need It

Although it should go without saying–I guess we should do due diligence and state for the record, that nothing we say in this podcast on healing is to be construed as medical advice. Neither are we encouraging anyone to not seek medical attention for themselves or others. Yes, we are encouraging people to practice energetic healing. No, we are not telling people that they shouldn’t seek appropriate medical help when it is obviously needed.

Getting Started

Now that we’ve introduced you to the subject, let’s talk about a few things we think you should know before you get started. Let’s answer the questions, Where does this energy come from? Who can do healing? Are there ethical questions to consider? Can this harm me or others? Where does this healing energy come from? Is it a positive or negative energy?

It Begins with the Spiritus Lumine

The Spiritus Lumine connects everybody and everything. It not only sends us energy, it allows us to send energy as well. This includes yourself, your friends and loved ones, and the pets you love.

We are also able to send energy to others as well. The Energy from Spiritus Lumine is universal energy. It comes from Divine Source. It is like the energy of the sun which shines upon all–and also has the potential of being changed into electricity. The sun may burn or blind you if you don’t use it properly. The sun can also heal and provide you with clean energy to run your home or business if you wish.

The Spiritus Lumine that we work with is more subtle than the sun, which we may behold with our eyes. It includes measurable physical energies, such as EKGs and EEGs, and, subtle energy currents which supply the physical body through its silver cord.

Who can do metaphysical healing?

The ability to heal ourselves and is a natural process that belongs to all –not just holy people. It is a part of learning to manage your energetic field. There is healing and there is skillful healing!

Many energetic healers have spent much time learning to manage the human energy complex. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Healing are only a few of the many methods available for those who wish to delve deeply into the subject. Even so, anyone can learn basic healing techniques that can be very effective–such as those we will teach you today.

Ethical Considerations.

Before practicing energetic healing, we must always obtain permission to do so. We should never attempt to heal someone who does not want it.

Express Permission

If a person comes to you and asks for prayers–that’s express permission as far as I’m concerned. Often, people ask us to pray in their behalf–or list themselves publicly in documents such as church prayer lists and the like–I consider this permission as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Permission

Mystics should always be willing to offer help to those who need it. Sometimes we just need to ask. There is a story in the bible of Jesus healing a paralyzed man who. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to be well?” This is definitely an example of seeking permission. Not everybody wants healing energy. My step-daughter did not want it in her final days of cancer.

Asking via Inner Permission

We can ask for permission to heal someone on the inner. In a relaxed and meditative state, we place our spiritual attention upon the person we believe needs healing. Then we ask for permission.

  • We invite them into our presence. I always imagine them sitting across from me, as though we were having a friendly conversation–and we are.
  • Your body will deliver the answer. Tension = no, good feelings equal yes.

Can I harm myself or another?

The answer is yes–there are risks. But let’s qualify these–because it usually involves us imposing ourselves upon another and not the practice itself.

No Means No

Do not attempt to heal someone who has told you no. If you are unsure about whether you have received healing–ask your angels, spirits, and guides to only allow healing that is appropriate for them to receive. In other words, allow the divine to decide how to use this healing energy you are sending. By the way, that is my practice. I always ask the Divine to deliver and use the energy in the way that is best for this situation.

Some People are under Contract

It is possible that a person may be under contract. It was their wish, before coming to earth, to suffer an illness or some form of discomfort. And of course, we do not want our good intentions to hinder what is happening. We should remember, that our healing and prayers can prolong suffering –as in the instance of a person who is dying and ready to transition. The prayers of loved ones can often hold a person just a bit longer–and longer than the dying person would wish.

Close the Energy Conduit Afterwards

Now assuming that you are honestly not trying to force your will upon another, the only other potential downside that could impact you is not shutting down your energetic conduit once your healing has concluded. It’s sort of like leaving the telephone open after a conversation. It runs up your phone bill–or at the very least keeps you from receiving calls that you may need. Once you finish the healing session, ask your guides to close the energetic conduit. (I imagine that I’ve walked out of the room and closed the door.)

As you send healing energies remember the power of intention and belief! Belief is like an amplifier!

Intention and Belief

It’s okay to have doubts. Energetic healing works despite your reservations. However, strong expectation and belief greatly enhances your healing work. If you take the time to do this mystical practice, give it all you can. Trust that your desire to send healing energy is a sign from Divine Source that you may do so! Allow yourself to believe in the forces of the Spiritus Lumine, the divine light of God.

Your Degree of Participation

Level 1

You only want to petition that persons angels, spirits, and guides to offer help. This happens a lot in churches that say –“Lord hear our prayer” This is a positive remembrance and sending of well wishes. This is not necessarily strong energy–but it is acknowledgement.

Level 2

At this level, you participate in a ritual mystical practice to send energy to someone. You do not specify where the energy goes. Though you wish for physical healing, you allow your angels, spirits, and guides to send the energy to where it is most needed. This could be emotional healing, physical healing, or spiritual healing. The important point is that you take yourself out of the decision-making process and let the guides decide. This is similar to the blood donor gives blood to a blood bank with out restriction.

Level 3

This is similar to level two–except you specify where the energy shall go. Perhaps you want it to fight cancer or to ease a person’s difficulty in breathing. At level three–it is important to say to your guides “Let it be according to thy will.” Yes, send the energy to heal the heart–but according to the will of the divine in this matter. This removes karmic entanglement should a person be under contract to experience some physical experience.

Level 4

Level four is an all-out commitment to provide healing. You, as a healer, personally channel spiritual energy with a willingness and understanding that you may, if necessary, suffer a karmic consequence. This is similar to a kidney donor who understands they could face a consequence later on if their remaining kidney begins to fail. As we participate in Level 4 healing, we are offering healing, even it brings us suffering. Of course, every family member who has ever had a hurting loved one understands this feeling.

A Level 4 Example

I once knew a person who was slowly dying of cancer. She was rather young and did not wish to die. She had young children and enjoyed a public life as an inspirational speaker. In my nightly meditation, I prayed that the Spiritus Lumine take one day from my life and give it to her. The next day, I had a severe loss of energy as confirmation of the energy transfer.

Three Quick Forms of Energetic Healing

Healing doesn’t have to be involved or complicated. Every uttered prayer is answered. Short prayers where we call upon our angels, spirits, and guides. Never underestimate the power of a sincere prayer to bring comfort and relief.

Give a day of your life.

As described above, you may petition your angels, spirits, and guides to help another by offering them a day of your life. It is up to Divine Source to grant this wish.

Emergency Calls for Help

Lord, please help me!

Believe it or not, this simple prayer is a form of healing. Spiritual law dictates that all prayers are answered. When you see the car coming into your lane–pray this prayer. When you don’t know what to say or do–pray this prayer. And, you may also pray this prayer for others. Never doubt the effectiveness of a heartfelt cry for help!

Emergency Vehicles

“Healing guides, if there is any energy I have to spare, please send it to the person or persons who need it the most.

There are many stories of car crash victims who tell about receiving help because of the prayers of random strangers. We encourage all mystics to offer energy to those who suffer mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This is one of the easiest forms of healing and all may participate.

How to Channel Energy

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 minutes–maybe more
  • First you need to settle your body down through a process grounding, centering, and protection.
  • To ground, imagine that you are rooted to the earths core–and take a few moments to thank Mother Earth for all she does for us.
  • To protect yourself, imagine archangel Michael standing beside you and handing you a beautiful Golden Robe.
  • Remind yourself that you are fully protected against all forms of negativity.
  • Only good will leave you, and only good can come to you.
  • To center, take a number of deep breathes. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take at least five counts each.
  • Now begin to to call upon the Spiritus Lumine, the beautiful light of God.
  • Do not worry so much about the words you use. Just ask aloud or in your mind that you be fully connected to the Spiritus Lumine. Speak affirmatively. Here is a short script below that is useful.
  • I am connected to the Spiritus Lumine
  • Thy Light is my light
  • I am the Light that shines in all places.
  • I call upon and now and receive healing energies into my etheric and physical bodies.
  • I am filled with Divine Light and healing energies
  • As you begin to feel your peaceful connection, know that you are ready to send your healing energies.
  • We recommend that you make the following statement using whatever language feels best to you.
  • I now call the energetic body of ________ (person needing healing) to come before me. I ask permission to send healing energy to _________ (person needing healing). I direct my angels, spirits, and guides to direct this healing energy to where it will do the most good to further the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of ______ (person needing healing). I await your permission to send you this energy.
  • If you feel you have permission to proceed, go to the next step.
  • Now, imagine that you are establishing a body sized tunnel between you and the person needing healing. If it helps, you may walk through the tunnel and make sure that the tunnel is fully secured to the energetic body.
  • Place your left hand upon your silver cord (imagine you are holding a pulsing electrical cord in your hand. Place your right hand over the heart of the person you wish to heal. and send it loving healing energy.
  • Imagine the Spiritus Lumine traveling through the crown of your head (your crown chakra) and filling your body and energetic silver cord. Allow the pulsations of the cord to travel through your left hand, pass through your body and exiting your right hand as it the heart and fills the person needing the healing.
  • If you can feel your heartbeat, focus upon that and imagine that for each beat energy is pulsed into the person you wish to heal. With each heart beat affirm, “Be healed!”
  • Continue to send the healing energy. Do not be in a hurry to stop. The Spiritus Lumine is being channeled through you–so you do not need to worry that you are being depleted of personal energy.
  • When it seems time to stop the energetic session, remove your hand from their heart and say words to this effect. “May the healing energies of the Spiritus Lumine go as Divine Source sees best. May you be healed in body, mind, and spirit, and may you enjoy peace and rest until we meet again. I now close the energetic tunnel between us and ask that Archangel Michael seal it shut so that the exchange of energies cease and only good memories of healing exist between us.

A variation on this form of healing

Create a globe of luminous energy that is big enough to contain you, the person you wish to heal, and an ascended master. (Personally, I always use Jesus.) The ceremony is similar to that above except that I will hold the right hand of the person who needs healing with my left, my right hand is held by Jesus. Jesus right hand holds the left hand of the one being healed.

In between the three of us is a column of pink energy representing Christ’s love to all humankind. This pink energy envelops us all. We hold this energy until it seems time to stop, and then we bless the person and ask Archangel Michael to close the healing sphere of energy.

How to Heal Children

Because children are innocent and holy, we have less worries about healing.

  • Imagine that you are sitting on a couch or in a rocking chair and holding the child close to you as you would a baby.
  • Hold them closely to you as you inhale energy slowly into your crown chakra and exhale it into the child that you are holding.
  • As you exhale, state words to this effect. “May you be healed! I send you healing and love. May you be filled with the healing light of Spiritus Lumine.

Closing Remarks

Of course, there a many more techniques that we could explore–some of which are very sophisticated. But these practices I have presented you today are enough to get you started.

I encourage you to begin your healing work today. It is a part of your spiritual development. We are all healers. This is part of our spiritual development. It is part of our birthright. Not all of us will feel called to be energetic healers–and that’s okay if this is you. However, those who follow the mystical path are often reminded to send healing energy to their friends and loved ones by their angels, spirits, and guides. For me, this is a very natural process. I suddenly find myself thinking of someone–an interruption of thought as it were. That’s the signal I use to take a moment to send energy.

Good or Bad, Don’t Judge the Results

Our job is to send energy–and Divine Source will use that energy as IT sees fit. You are not a failure if the person you send energy to doesn’t respond well. You are only a failure if you are reminded to send energy and fail to do so. This is not a cop-out for healing–but in many cases, our healing energies will not be effective because people have already made contracts to suffer ahead of time.

Finally, once again–it should go without saying–I guess we should do due diligence and state for the record, that nothing we say in this podcast on healing is to be construed as medical advice. Neither are we encouraging anyone to not seek medical attention for themselves or others. Yes, we are encouraging people to practice energetic healing. No, we are not telling people that they shouldn’t seek appropriate medical help when it is obviously needed.


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