An Evolutionary History of Your Earthly Soul

Evolutionary History of Man

Dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas of the Sev­enth Ray. I am one of many beings of light that have tran­scend­ed the need for flesh­ly bod­ies – though long ago I was like you. As a being of light, one of the things I do is assist all humans among you that are ready to take the impor­tant step of tran­scend­ing from flesh to robes of light. This invi­ta­tion to ascend fol­lows a long evo­lu­tion­ary process that we believe you should know. Let us begin.

Beginnings of Evolutionary History

Long ago, the Great Ones seed­ed the new­ly formed plan­ets with solids, gas­es, waters, plants, ani­mals and a vari­ety of crea­tures who would evolve into sen­tience. Among them, the first humans were avatars, or bio­log­ic adap­tive devices, for those beings of light who wished to obtain expe­ri­ences on the new­ly cre­at­ed worlds. The goal of the Great Ones was to cre­ate an entire­ly new form of life that would even­tu­al­ly evolve into col­lab­o­ra­tive pair­ings of the Divine Sparks and the ever-evolv­ing human con­scious­ness.

Evolutionary History: Humanoids as Avatars

These beau­ti­ful humanoid crea­tures had bio­log­i­cal resilience, long life spans, and a min­i­mal amount of con­scious­ness to assist in car­ing for them­selves. These crea­tures were inno­cent, naked, and unashamed of their lives. They freely roamed the Edenic plan­e­tary sur­face. The Beings of Light enjoyed pair­ing with the avatars and indwelling Divine Sparks so that they might con­duct numer­ous bio­log­ic and botan­i­cal exper­i­ments. For long ages, all was well, and plan­et Earth served as a cre­ative lab­o­ra­to­ry to aid in the seed­ing of new life forms for oth­er plan­ets.

Even though the Great Ones cre­at­ed humankind and shared a col­lab­o­ra­tive con­scious­ness, they were always respect­ful of the right of human­i­ty to choose their evo­lu­tion­ary des­tiny. How­ev­er, It was not long before oth­er, more malev­o­lent enti­ties, dis­cov­ered the loca­tion of these sen­tient avatar beings.

Evolutionary History: Interference from the “Fallen Ones”

These were not kind­ly enti­ties. They had opposed the for­ma­tion of the new­ly cre­at­ed mat­ter worlds and Source’s plan for the even­tu­al inclu­sion of humankind into an exalt­ed place in the God-Con­tin­u­um. In their anger, these Fall­en Ones sought to wrest con­trol from Source and the Great Ones. For their rebel­lious actions, they were force­ful­ly removed from their posi­tions of author­i­ty on the God-Con­tin­u­um and expelled from the heav­ens. They too would become part of a grander celes­tial exper­i­ment.

While it was true that these evil beings could nev­er return to their for­mer glo­ries in the God-Con­tin­u­um, they soon cre­at­ed a new plan. If they could not rule heav­en, they would destroy the Earth (and the oth­er plan­ets as well). They would spare noth­ing – espe­cial­ly the new humans, whom they hat­ed and viewed as igno­rant and unde­serv­ing usurpers.

Evolutionary History: The Temptation of Humankind

They began to prey upon the inno­cent humanoids. Through decep­tion and temp­ta­tion, many of the for­mer beings of light would mate with the humans – cre­at­ing a hideous species of evil crea­tures known as the Nephilim. Oth­ers would mod­i­fy the DNA of the liv­ing humanoid avatar beings so that sen­tience would become pre­ma­ture­ly enhanced. We say pre­ma­ture­ly because the goal of the Beings of Light was to grad­u­al­ly evolve the sen­tience of human con­scious­ness as its expe­ri­ences made them wis­er and a more com­pat­able fit with the Spark of the Divine.

In the begin­ning, the deceived humans per­ceived the Fall­en Ones as lib­er­a­tors. There was a pro­found sense of awak­en­ing and an aware­ness that they were naked. This excite­ment soon turned to des­per­a­tion and shame as they dis­cov­ered the unex­pect­ed con­se­quences of enhanced sen­tience – a sep­a­rate sense of indi­vid­ual con­scious­ness. The direct com­mu­ni­ca­tion link between humanoids and the Great Ones was bro­ken. They also dis­cov­ered that they were no longer avatars being auto­mat­i­cal­ly direct­ed by the Indwelling Divine Spark. Robbed of their inno­cence, the “Fall­en Ones” left them bereft.

Evolutionary History: “The Fall”

In reli­gious lit­er­a­ture, this event is called The Fall.  This refers to the fact that the indwelling Divine Sparks of Light no longer assumed guid­ing con­trol over the humanoid avatars. This is not because it was pow­er­less to do so; rather, it is because the Divine decrees that sen­tient life­forms, such as humankind, have the right to make deci­sions of their own free will. This is true even when a fall­en human no longer per­ceives its Divine Source.

Evolutionary History: “The Fallen” are Temporarily Driven Away

Human­i­ty was defense­less and had no idea of how to care for them­selves and make a liv­ing. The world became a more dif­fi­cult place to live as thorns and weeds infest­ed the earth. The abil­i­ty to eas­i­ly com­mu­ni­cate with ani­mals was all but dimenished. Before long, humans began killing one anoth­er as a means of sat­is­fy­ing the urges of their sep­a­rate selves. In mer­cy, the Great Ones drove away the evil ones through a series of glob­al cat­a­stro­phes. With­out knowl­edge of how to manip­u­late the Divine Light Ener­gies, the human lifes­pan was sig­nif­i­cant­ly short­ened.

Since those times, and even to the present, humans have had very lit­tle aware­ness of the indwelling of the Spark of the Divine. Even few­er under­stand that many of the orig­i­nal “Fall­en Ones” still remain upon the plan­et.  Thes evil beings have built a mighty empire that con­tin­ues to manip­u­late, maim, kill, and destroy human­i­ty. Even so, some among the humans have found ways to com­mu­ni­cate with the indwelling Divine Spark. Though not as clear as in the begin­ning, mys­tics and seers con­tin­ue to teach these tech­niques to humankind.

Evolutionary History: Brutish Lifespans

The human con­di­tion changed dra­mat­i­cal­ly after the fall. They lived as phys­i­cal enti­ties with lit­tle or no aware­ness of their high­er ener­gies until they crossed from one life to the next. By cur­rent stan­dards, these were bru­tal times. Men and women alike were most­ly dri­ven by their phys­i­cal inborn instincts of fight­ing, sur­viv­ing, and pro­cre­at­ing. Even so, the Spark of the Divine con­tin­ued to com­mu­ni­cate with human­i­ty in the form of dreams and syn­chro­nis­tic expe­ri­ences. Shamans, med­i­cine folk, and seers of all kinds begin to emerge and help their tribes find bet­ter ways to live.

At no time did Source-Con­scious­ness aban­don its plan for humankind and the worlds of mat­ter. Untold num­bers of advanced souls, which we call the great mas­ters, have jour­neyed from the God-Con­tin­u­um to your plan­et in order reach and teach human­i­ty. Their mes­sage is always the same three things. You are not alone. God is found with­in. You may reclaim your right­ful place of grace, pow­er, and glo­ry.

Evolutionary History: A Hybrid Lifestyle

The next jump in evo­lu­tion came as men and women begin to strong­ly con­sid­er that they might pos­sess a mor­tal soul in addi­tion to their phys­i­cal bod­ies. Many came to under­stand that their soul would sur­vive their phys­i­cal pass­ing. The notion of eter­nal rewards and pun­ish­ments helped to evolve under­stand­ings of kar­ma and life review. The per­cep­tion that bod­ies have a soul is what we describe as the hybrid-view of exis­tence.

Evolutionary History: The Indwelling Spark

Today, more and more peo­ple are awak­en­ing to the con­cept of what we call the Lux Ani­mae – the soul com­plex. In addi­tion to a phys­i­cal body, all pos­sess an evolved sen­tience that care­ful­ly records all of our thoughts and accom­plish­ments through­out the ages. We call this sen­tience the high­er self. Through tri­al and error, the high­er self gains an accu­mu­lat­ed wis­dom and under­stand­ing that helps it grow and evolve. Final­ly, all are begin­ning to learn about the indwelling of the orig­i­nal Spark of the Divine. The dis­cov­ery of this Spark is like meet­ing an old friend. The mys­ti­cal per­son has not only become reac­quaint­ed with the indwelling spark, they speak as well to oth­er divine beings – even the Great Ones of old.

Unlike the past, we now under­stand that our true nature is spir­i­tu­al. We are spir­i­tu­al beings in a phys­i­cal body – not the oth­er way around. We nev­er die and it is pos­si­ble to remain in con­stant com­mu­ni­ca­tion with our indwelling Divine Spark. To the degree that we sur­ren­der our ego and the high­er-self to the direc­tion of indwelling Divine Spark, we achieve a lev­el of mys­ti­cal attain­ment. Christ, or Cos­mic Con­scious­ness, hap­pens as we live in com­plete sur­ren­der.

Evolutionary History: Our Next Big Adventure

Our evo­lu­tion­ary path has been ardu­ous. Many are now ready for the next step in our Spir­i­tu­al advance­ment. This is where we shed our phys­i­cal bod­ies for a new and sub­tle ener­getic form of light.  You who read this are tru­ly blessed for you are among the first. Soon you will be like me (Broth­er Thomas) – assist­ing the rest of human­i­ty as all make the jump! Human­i­ty will soon advance fur­ther along on the God-Con­tin­u­um.  Until then, we are prepar­ing for the next leg of our big adven­ture. The time is soon com­ing when we car­ry out our spe­cif­ic pur­pose as fore­told by the Great Angels to our indwelling Spark of the Divine on the day of our Soul’s birth.

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