An Evolutionary History of Your Earthly Soul

Evolutionary History of Man

Dear friends, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I am one of many beings of light that have transcended the need for fleshly bodies–though long ago I was like you. As a being of light, one of the things I do is assist all humans among you that are ready to take the important step of transcending from flesh to robes of light. This invitation to ascend follows a long evolutionary process that we believe you should know. Let us begin.

Beginnings of Evolutionary History

Long ago, the Great Ones seeded the newly formed planets with solids, gases, waters, plants, animals and a variety of creatures who would evolve into sentience. Among them, the first humans were avatars, or biologic adaptive devices, for those beings of light who wished to obtain experiences on the newly created worlds. The goal of the Great Ones was to create an entirely new form of life that would eventually evolve into collaborative pairings of the Divine Sparks and the ever-evolving human consciousness.

Evolutionary History: Humanoids as Avatars

These beautiful humanoid creatures had biological resilience, long life spans, and a minimal amount of consciousness to assist in caring for themselves. These creatures were innocent, naked, and unashamed of their lives. They freely roamed the Edenic planetary surface. The Beings of Light enjoyed pairing with the avatars and indwelling Divine Sparks so that they might conduct numerous biologic and botanical experiments. For long ages, all was well, and planet Earth served as a creative laboratory to aid in the seeding of new life forms for other planets.

Even though the Great Ones created humankind and shared a collaborative consciousness, they were always respectful of the right of humanity to choose their evolutionary destiny. However, It was not long before other, more malevolent entities, discovered the location of these sentient avatar beings.

Evolutionary History: Interference from the “Fallen Ones”

These were not kindly entities. They had opposed the formation of the newly created matter worlds and Source’s plan for the eventual inclusion of humankind into an exalted place in the God-Continuum. In their anger, these Fallen Ones sought to wrest control from Source and the Great Ones. For their rebellious actions, they were forcefully removed from their positions of authority on the God-Continuum and expelled from the heavens. They too would become part of a grander celestial experiment.

While it was true that these evil beings could never return to their former glories in the God-Continuum, they soon created a new plan. If they could not rule heaven, they would destroy the Earth (and the other planets as well). They would spare nothing–especially the new humans, whom they hated and viewed as ignorant and undeserving usurpers.

Evolutionary History: The Temptation of Humankind

They began to prey upon the innocent humanoids. Through deception and temptation, many of the former beings of light would mate with the humans–creating a hideous species of evil creatures known as the Nephilim. Others would modify the DNA of the living humanoid avatar beings so that sentience would become prematurely enhanced. We say prematurely because the goal of the Beings of Light was to gradually evolve the sentience of human consciousness as its experiences made them wiser and a more compatable fit with the Spark of the Divine.

In the beginning, the deceived humans perceived the Fallen Ones as liberators. There was a profound sense of awakening and an awareness that they were naked. This excitement soon turned to desperation and shame as they discovered the unexpected consequences of enhanced sentience–a separate sense of individual consciousness. The direct communication link between humanoids and the Great Ones was broken. They also discovered that they were no longer avatars being automatically directed by the Indwelling Divine Spark. Robbed of their innocence, the “Fallen Ones” left them bereft.

Evolutionary History: “The Fall”

In religious literature, this event is called The Fall.  This refers to the fact that the indwelling Divine Sparks of Light no longer assumed guiding control over the humanoid avatars. This is not because it was powerless to do so; rather, it is because the Divine decrees that sentient lifeforms, such as humankind, have the right to make decisions of their own free will. This is true even when a fallen human no longer perceives its Divine Source.

Evolutionary History: “The Fallen” are Temporarily Driven Away

Humanity was defenseless and had no idea of how to care for themselves and make a living. The world became a more difficult place to live as thorns and weeds infested the earth. The ability to easily communicate with animals was all but dimenished. Before long, humans began killing one another as a means of satisfying the urges of their separate selves. In mercy, the Great Ones drove away the evil ones through a series of global catastrophes. Without knowledge of how to manipulate the Divine Light Energies, the human lifespan was significantly shortened.

Since those times, and even to the present, humans have had very little awareness of the indwelling of the Spark of the Divine. Even fewer understand that many of the original “Fallen Ones” still remain upon the planet.  Thes evil beings have built a mighty empire that continues to manipulate, maim, kill, and destroy humanity. Even so, some among the humans have found ways to communicate with the indwelling Divine Spark. Though not as clear as in the beginning, mystics and seers continue to teach these techniques to humankind.

Evolutionary History: Brutish Lifespans

The human condition changed dramatically after the fall. They lived as physical entities with little or no awareness of their higher energies until they crossed from one life to the next. By current standards, these were brutal times. Men and women alike were mostly driven by their physical inborn instincts of fighting, surviving, and procreating. Even so, the Spark of the Divine continued to communicate with humanity in the form of dreams and synchronistic experiences. Shamans, medicine folk, and seers of all kinds begin to emerge and help their tribes find better ways to live.

At no time did Source-Consciousness abandon its plan for humankind and the worlds of matter. Untold numbers of advanced souls, which we call the great masters, have journeyed from the God-Continuum to your planet in order reach and teach humanity. Their message is always the same three things. You are not alone. God is found within. You may reclaim your rightful place of grace, power, and glory.

Evolutionary History: A Hybrid Lifestyle

The next jump in evolution came as men and women begin to strongly consider that they might possess a mortal soul in addition to their physical bodies. Many came to understand that their soul would survive their physical passing. The notion of eternal rewards and punishments helped to evolve understandings of karma and life review. The perception that bodies have a soul is what we describe as the hybrid-view of existence.

Evolutionary History: The Indwelling Spark

Today, more and more people are awakening to the concept of what we call the Lux Animae–the soul complex. In addition to a physical body, all possess an evolved sentience that carefully records all of our thoughts and accomplishments throughout the ages. We call this sentience the higher self. Through trial and error, the higher self gains an accumulated wisdom and understanding that helps it grow and evolve. Finally, all are beginning to learn about the indwelling of the original Spark of the Divine. The discovery of this Spark is like meeting an old friend. The mystical person has not only become reacquainted with the indwelling spark, they speak as well to other divine beings–even the Great Ones of old.

Unlike the past, we now understand that our true nature is spiritual. We are spiritual beings in a physical body–not the other way around. We never die and it is possible to remain in constant communication with our indwelling Divine Spark. To the degree that we surrender our ego and the higher-self to the direction of indwelling Divine Spark, we achieve a level of mystical attainment. Christ, or Cosmic Consciousness, happens as we live in complete surrender.

Evolutionary History: Our Next Big Adventure

Our evolutionary path has been arduous. Many are now ready for the next step in our Spiritual advancement. This is where we shed our physical bodies for a new and subtle energetic form of light.  You who read this are truly blessed for you are among the first. Soon you will be like me (Brother Thomas)–assisting the rest of humanity as all make the jump! Humanity will soon advance further along on the God-Continuum.  Until then, we are preparing for the next leg of our big adventure. The time is soon coming when we carry out our specific purpose as foretold by the Great Angels to our indwelling Spark of the Divine on the day of our Soul’s birth.

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