Why don’t we remember past lifetimes?

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To grow spiritually, learn to glimpse the highlights of past lifetimes.

Mystical seekers, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. In this time of earthly turmoil and confusion, I bring clarity and integration to those of you who focus upon the light within, also known as the Spiritus Lumine. Great peace comes to those who allow the sideshows of earth to go on without them. Instead, we encourage you to focus upon your spiritual development so that you might transcend this plane altogether and join us on the God-Continuum where we are. But even as we extend our hands to you, so you must extend a helping hand to those you know who struggle and seek to ascend. One way for you to grow spiritually is to learn how to assimilate past life experiences into your present conscious awareness. Most of humankind can only recall the events of this present lifetime; however, it is possible to remember past lifetimes. Let us speak to you about this.

Leakages of Past Lifetimes

First. we want to remind everyone that you actually do remember past lives. Whether you realize it or not, all of us participate in dream fragments that contain actual moments from our past lives. Have you ever told someone about a dream that seemed very real? Perhaps you recall many of your present-day friends doing one thing or another in another place or context. This form of dreaming, along with the characters and situations within them, is a very natural way that our guides bring us past life memories. These special past life fragments are presented to our unconscious so that we might utilize its knowledge and solve present-day problems and situations.

Though dreams and meditations are often not as clear as our present waking memory, we are fully capable of training ourselves to recognize the fragments of past lives as they occur in dreams and meditations. Dream recall is an important mystical practice and we will devote more time to this subject in future posts.

Your past lifetimes are safely stored away.

Another thing you should know is that all memories of your past lives are safely stored away. Mystics often refer to this as the Akashic record. The Holy Bible refers to this as the Great Book–or the Book of Life. Akashic is a term that is often thrown around and misunderstood. Each of us have an Akashic record that is unique for us. It is stored in the Lux Animae, or the soul capsule. It contains the continuous memories of all the lifetimes that one has lived as well as all moments on the other side of life.

Your Akashic record is available to you as you learn the mystical practices for accessing it. As with anything, practice makes one more proficient. There are other Akashic records as well. Mother Earth has her own records stored in her crystalline core. These extensive records detail all of the historical events of earth, and all that have lived upon it. Mother Earth is also a repository of information for many of the other planets in this sector of the universe.

Past Lifetimes: You can’t handle the truth!

It is actually a great blessing that humankind does not yet have the ability to fully remember all past life events. If one considers the difficulty an average person has in forgiving others for trivial offenses, imagine the problems we would face were all to remember every painful slight and misgiving! The pain and sufferings that all endure in a single lifetime are hard enough without multiplying it a thousandfold! Again, it is a great blessing that we do not remember everything.

A more efficient way to Solve Past Karma

Fortunately for us, there is a more efficient way to solve our problems from past lives and that is to parcel them out over multiple lifetimes. Rather than solving all of our problems at once–we agree to take on a few at a time and work on them. Though it appears that we arrive in our present incarnation as a blank slate, this is not entirely so. Our physical forms have been biologically hardwired to present us with talents and abilities as well as physical and emotional predispositions. Also, we are guided by our higher selves to meet people, places, and things so that we might begin the process of accomplishing our life purposes. This process is a very effective means for souls to advance and grow. Later on, as we evolve and our physical life spans become longer, we lose many of the advantages of short multiple lifetimes.

Fresh Starts Bring Fresh Perspectives

We all have met idealistic young people and jaded seniors. For most, the longer one lives, the less likely they are to face personal problems with a new perspective. Most humans become more habituated and predictable the longer they live. One way of countering this predisposition is by using the multiple lifetime technique.

In one lifetime a person might adopt the habits of a scientist and solve problems using logic and reason. In another lifetime, these same problems might be solved using a theological, psychological or social science approach. All might be valid ways of solving a particular difficulty–yet all would produce different outcomes. As souls mature over many lifetimes, it develops an ability to see countless ways of handling worldly living and issues of good, bad, right, and wrong.

You Only Need the Highlights of Past Lifetimes

As we said earlier, mystics constantly refine their abilities to recognize dream snippets and access the Akashic records. Interestingly, there is no real need to review an entire lifetime in our conscious waking state. The highlights work just as well. It is similar to watching a review of the major scoring drives after a football game is over. There is little need to see all plays–the highlights will interest us the most. So it is with the lessons of past lives.

Let’s say that you wonder why you have a fear of heights–a highlight or two would be all you need to understand this phobia. Perhaps you wonder why you don’t get along so well with a person in your present circumstances. Most likely, that is the result of unfinished business of another life.

Mystical Practices brings Recall of Past Lifetimes

It is very possible to learn mystical techniques of accessing the Akashic record or highlights of past lives. We will detail some of these in future posts. But for now, we will provide general details. One way involves keeping a dream journal. Another way is to practice particular meditative techniques.

Dream Journal

A dream journal is where one writes down as many memories as possible from their dreams. At first, most people don’t remember much. With intention and practice, one will begin to remember most, if not all, of their dreams.

Before sleeping at night, instruct your unconsciousness to awaken after a major dream cycle–which should occur two or three times each evening. Once you awaken, jot down a few things you remember about your dreams. A word or two will suffice. Once you’ve done that, instruct your unconscious mind to awaken you again after the next dream cycle. When you fully awaken the next morning, look over what you wrote and see if you can recall the dreams in more detail. Do this often enough and soon you will be recalling nearly all of your major dreams.

Meditation Technique

A second technique for accessing past lives is to practice guided meditation. You can create your own meditations or find any number of them on the internet. (We have included one for you in the attributions section of this lesson.) The skillful meditator, once they have grounded, centered, and protected themselves, directs their consciousness to the Akashic records. A useful technique as you do this is to pose a question in your mind, then direct your consciousness to find your “doppelganger” (former self) in a previous lifetime. This doppelganger will present you with the past life highlights that are most helpful. This is an easy and exciting technique to learn.

As we ascend, we essentially have unbroken memory

As we ascend further on the God-Continuum, we gain more and more access to our previous lives and memories until, at some point, we remember everything in a continuous unbroken stream. Once we reach this state, all of our past mistakes and misconceptions of others are understood in the context of spiritual growth and advancement. No longer do we harbor malice or anger towards ourselves or anyone. In fact, we easily reunite with those we once considered as arch enemies in perfect friendship. We realize that in many cases, each of us agreed to play the roles of villains, bullies, cruel friends, and abusers to each other. At other times, we understand that we needed these cruelties to help strengthen us for our adventurous journey ahead.


Many of the problems we face today are a continuation of those we faced in previous lives. By paying attention to our dreams and mystical development, we gain the ability to glimpse the highlights of those incarnations which are most beneficial for our personal growth.

As we increase our ability to forgive and solve problems through the power of the light within, our guides allow us to learn more about our past. For the time being, we cannot rush our advancement on the God-Continuum. Your angels, spirits, and guides will give you only what you are able to handle in the present moment. However, each of us can learn how to forgive more easily and live more generously. If we are willing to do this hard work and pay attention to our mystical development, we will learn more about the realities of Boot Camp Earth which puts all of our “so-called” injustices into perspective. As we grow spiritually, our angels, spirits, and guides increase what we may know of our past lives. One day, all will see our past in a continuous stream and have full access not only of our lives–but others as well.

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