Reflection at the Pond

Good morning my beautiful friends, this is Brother Thomas. This morning I wanted to take you to a beautiful spot. If you listen, you will hear the birds singing in the background. You might also notice that the sky is slightly overcast–but beginning to clear. Recent rains have made everything clean and beautiful. It’s springtime!

Today’s lesson is inspired by this beautiful pond which reminds us of the Spiritus Lumine–the divine light of God. This beautiful pond represents what it is like when you are at peace and rest within. This pond is what we wish life would be like. Notice how quiet and serene it is–there is barely a ripple.

Like you, this pond reflects what it sees. Today, it’s reflecting some dark clouds, an open blue sky, and the world about us–as represented by the reflection of these beautiful homes. There are lessons for each of us in each of these elements.

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds appear to cover most of the pond. Is this true of your life right now? If so, here is a lesson here for you. Like this little body of water, it is possible to remain placid and calm–even though the dark clouds are directly overhead. The secret is to remember to call upon that still small voice–your inner witness. This witness allows you to see the clouds without getting caught up in them. This will give you a clearer sight and allow wisdom to guide your ways.

What do you do when the dark clouds come? Do you reflect anger and rage to those around you? Does the surface of your water become choppy or does it remain placid like this pond? The next time the dark clouds arise, let them be and say, Ahhh, these may be dark clouds–but they will soon pass! By maintaining a state of observant calm, these threatening clouds will surely pass–leaving you none the worst for it!

When we are at peace, we reflect the dark clouds which come before us with the same equanimity as the clear blue and open sky.

Brother Thomas

Clear Blue Sky

The clear and open sky represents those times when things are going just the way we want. But we have a question for you. When the good times happen, how to you react?

Are you tempted to say, What a good person I must be? Do you take credit for bringing all of those good things into your life? Do you pat yourself on the head and congratulate yourself for being a good planner?

Spiritually aware people know that the good times come and go just like the bad times. It’s best not to get too caught up in either of them. A wise soul thanks their angels, spirits, and guides and says Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brother Thomas

Honestly, the good things you experience in life are probably the result of your soul contract more than any good thing you may have done on your own. Remember this and remain humble.

The World’s Reflection

Now notice the beautiful reflection of the homes on this pond. They are lovely–aren’t they? Let’s stop and think for a moment. Who knows what these homes and this pond will look like ten or twenty years from now? Fifty years from now, all of this may be entirely gone or replaced by something else.

Just like you, everything you see in this video comes and goes. The beauty you see here today is temporal. Everything changes–and you will too! Depending upon your soul’s development, change can be either a good or bad thing. Mystics know that change is the reason one comes to the earth in the first place.

The wise soul notices the world about them without becoming overwhelmed or taking it too seriously.

Brother Thomas

The Spiritus Lumine can help you manage your worldly concerns by guiding you toward a calm and serene nature that doesn’t worry so much about all of the things happening around you. We encourage you to carefully read our work on Bootcamp Earth! It will help you put life in perspective. In the meantime, wise souls know that we’re here to witness it all, enjoy it all, and to be a channel for the light of God as long as we are here.

The secret to a good life is to notice what’s going on in the world without becoming too concerned. As we call upon the witness within, we mindfully watch and do our best to let God’s light shine through. This gives us a calm and peaceful center.

Brother Thomas

The Lesson of the Pond

Yes, this placid pond serves as an example of a life that can be yours. You have only to make the Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God, the object of your focus. If you do so, you will free the inner light within and allow your inner witness spring forth. It’s time for you to enjoy peace in the storms, joy that comes from a clear blue sky, and the wisdom you need to successfully handle this world.

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